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  1. Sounds like an excuse to me.
  2. Happy Father’s Day to all of the fellow dads on here. Hope y’all are getting to see or talk to your kids
  3. Sure but comparing Becton to a guy who has never taken an NFL snap, let alone had a decent NFL season, seems pretty absurd.
  4. It’s interesting to me that Becton gets no credit for having a very good rookie year on here.
  5. Maybe most fans would i wouldn’t. Rex has 2 winning seasons in 8 as a head coach. He just wasn’t as good as he thought he was
  6. But how do we troll if he looks like a typical OL? I'm confused
  7. Wilk was 6 years ago. Woody owned the team six years ago. This is a silly contention - The truth is, the Jets have had very few really good young players worth breaking the bank for.
  8. Why would the Jets pay Fant big money after one good year? They just signed the guy . . . Also, I guess you forgot Wilkerson, who got over 50 million guaranteed and then proceeded to do nothing?
  9. I like Fant, but he’s an average run blocker and he’s had one good year. He also got close to 30 million from the Jets (and 13M guaranteed) when no other team was offering him anything similar (to my knowledge). I think the Jets would be wise to wait for an encore performance before coughing up the big bucks.
  10. Rex got fired after 4 straight non-winning seasons, which is more than Bowles (3) or Gase (2) had here before getting canned.
  11. Awfully hard not to be a bit skeptical about Becton at this point
  12. Wilson and Saleh deserve to be at the bottom of these lists until they prove otherwise
  13. The black unis are amazing silence yourself
  14. Yep, although I thought I read only 15 teams are - so I’m guessing we will be one of them
  15. AVT was as close to a "sure thing" as you could get and we desperately needed a legit guard. I'm cool with the trade. I'm not really sure if we "won" the trade because we gave up a lot, but I also don't care. I'm happy with AVT.
  16. The problem is, even if Wilson is bad, it seems like a terrible prediction. If the Jets didn't get the top pick two years ago, they aren't getting it this year. Also, the article is terribly written. For example, the description for the Bears, who will be picking #2 according to this guy, is basically - "The Bears and Jets are similar, but the Jets have more talent around Wilson than the Bears have around Fields" - Oh. Makes sense. ESPN sucks huge bags of d*cks
  17. I could definitely see him getting hurt and I agree completely about ball placement and just accuracy in general. The accuracy has to improve in a big way. I also agree that none of these guys should be skipping pre-draft workouts. They get a lot of bad advice and they are also just basically kids. And if he gets hurt, it will come after he has his most promising game, in typical Jets fashion. And then Mike White will get hurt in 2 quarters and we will be staring at Flacco for 10 weeks.
  18. You're losing me with the athletic stuff. Wilson has plenty of athleticism to play the position. Plenty. In fact, I would argue the best thing he did last year was avoid pass rushers, both inside and outside of the pocket. He's very mobile and elusive and is a bit faster than he gets credit for. His issues last year were a lack of quick decision making and inaccuracy. He has to get better at making quicker decisions in the pocket and delivering the ball accurately, where the receiver can run in stride after the catch. His athleticism is fine.
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