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  1. Breaking: Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas are 1-0 in 2022-2023
  2. update: Robert Saleh is 1-0 in 2022-2023
  3. HC: Not happening GM: Payton to Cowboys
  4. I’ve had the Jets at 7-10 for awhile and I’ll stick with that, knowing nothing else
  5. No excuses either way, IMO. if he was meant to be the guy, this will be a great story about overcoming adversity and all that. And if not then . . . Not.
  6. PCL Sprain - same injury as last year (he missed 4 games, but there was speculation that he probably could have only missed 3)
  7. It’s definitely plausible. but I strongly prefer Jimmy G: 1) coming from a very similar offense and has familiarity with some of the coaching staff 2) Former Patriot - might enjoy haunting his old team 3) plenty of big game experience
  8. It doesn’t really matter how Saleh feels or acts, since Zach Wilson hasn’t had an MRI. It’s all speculation until then.
  9. So . . . the best case scenario is “two seasons - two PCL sprains” franchise QB?
  10. agreed I meant “past this year”
  11. Maybe, BUT: Even if Zach Wilson is as terrible as you think, that doesn’t really explain why the starting defense apparently looked like poop to start the game (against a number of second stringers, btw) - which is something that happened in quite a few games last year, as well. Wilson has rightfully taken a lot of bullets over the past year, but it bears repeating that the Jets basically had the worst defense in the league last year. I think the fundamental problem with these “Minshew or Jimmy G can save us” takes might be that our former defensive coordinator head coach is in over his head.
  12. Agreed but I’m in a fire everybody/burn New Jersey down type of mood
  13. He’s probably out for the season and possibly done being an NFL starter, especially if Douglas/Saleh get canned. Do you really have to pile on tonight?
  14. Saleh is quickly approaching my least favorite jets coach ever. He really needs to be right here.
  15. This place will be so depressing once the inevitability of a Joe Flacoo 2022 campaign sets in.
  16. Ahhh - another glorious year to be alive and rooting for the green and white!
  17. 2015-2017 happened because of a player we drafted in 2018!!! Genius! I think the depression of rooting for this team is clearly affecting us all. Lol
  18. slimjasi


    He has weapons in Carolina
  19. Sure, why not? anyone but Flacco
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