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  1. 5 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    How does Eli compare to a HOF guy like Curtis Martin in terms of career accomplishments?

    Similar - but I would argue that Curtis Martin was easily a top 3-5 NFL running back for several years and Eli was never close to being a top 3-5 NFL QB in any single season of his entire career. 

  2. Just now, jetstream23 said:

    And will be watching the Super Bowl from his sofa.

    A lot of great players will be watching the SB from their couch. 

    I have some concerns about the longevity of Jackson’s play style, but at the end of the day, he was excellent this year and is 19-3 as a starter. 


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  3. 6 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

    I heard Bill Polian on NFL Radio on SiriusXM this morning.  He predicted that the 3 QBs are all gone by #6.  He said, "there's a lot of talk that San Diego will go QB at #6."

    Most people don't see Miami passing on Tua at #5, especially since they have several more picks in both the 1st and 2nd rounds to get the OLinemen and defenders they need.

    I think Polian could definitely be right. That's just the way it is in recent times. 

    The QBs are always the hot commodity. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, bitonti said:

    take it from someone who writes 2000 words every week on the NFL offensive line: 

    top shelf WR like Mike Evans, Nuk Hopkins or Julio Jones make more of an impact on who wins the game than any sort of amazing offensive line

    a guy that Sam can throw the ball to in 50/50 coverage and he still bodies out the CB1 to make the catch

    they do not have that player and Jets fans forget what it looks like 

    You know who has an awesome line? the Eagles. They didn't have enough weapons, especially at WR down the stretch. The Ravens have a great line, again they fell behind and their bums like Willie Snead didn't get separation. 

    Line is important, don't get me wrong. But there is no "extra second" in the NFL to be gained. Sam (or whoever) is going to have to make decisions in 2.5 seconds or less.  this is a passing league and the Titans ground and pound "works" every 10 years or so. Most of the time its going to be a high powered offense leading the way and most of the time there needs to be WR1 production. 

    the Jets already have a 3rd down slot guy in Crowder. But Robby's going to walk.

    if there's a sick run on OL and they are looking at a Deandre Hopkins style WR at 11 or OT 4, they should take that WR and hopefully find the linemen in rd 2 and 3 

    In fact they might need 2 Wr when this draft is all said and done, that's how bad the WR need is if you actually look at the roster 

    This is all fair and if they let Robby walk, they will absolutely need to pickup two premiere WRs and the FA market is thin. 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Agreed. I think post-FA is going to tell use exactly where we need to go with the first round pick tbh. I’m not sweating it too much. WR or OL should be there.

    Exactly. If the top OL prospects are gone by 11, that makes it very likely that either Lamb or Judy is on the board. The same thing is true the other way around. 

    There are ten spots ahead of us. You figure 3 QBs (Burrow, Tua, Herbert) and Chase Young are absolute locks to go in the top 10. That leaves 6 slots ahead of us with Becton, Wills, Wirfs, Lamb, Judy, Simmons (S), Brown (DT), Okudah (CB), and Kinlaw (DT) still on the board.

    Hence, we would have to get incredibly unlucky to miss out on all of Becton, Wills, Wirfs, Lamb, and Judy. 


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  6. Just now, Augustiniak said:

    i think the BAP philosophy finally needs to incorporate need.  it's still hard to envision a scenario now where the jets don't stay at 11 and do anything but take the best OT.  they have 3 picks on day 2, they can address wr, cb and either rb or OL again.  i would be very upset if mccagnan were drafting b/c we'd watch other teams stock up on offensive talent while we took DTs and cbs.  

    I'd love it if we got a good OT prospect, so I basically agree. 

    The only thing I will add (as I have done elsewhere) is that it depends on what happens in FA

    For instance, if we sign 2-3  good OL pieces in FA and let Robby go, I am going to probably want a WR at 11. 

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  7. Just now, Patriot Killa said:

    It’s valid but I just hate how he cherry picked 16’s class. Easily the worst. Was not a good way to exemplify his point.


    There's no doubt that WR is a saturated position, but it's still an impact position (along with QB, edge rusher, corner, and offensive tackle). So, if you think Lamb/Judy are studs and you need a WR, you take one of them!

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  8. 10 hours ago, Biggs said:

    That's the other side of this.  The HOF has been watered down to the Hall of very good.  There are plenty of less than great players who are in the HOF.  Eli had an amazing career.  There have been a handful of teams that have won lots of SB.  Most teams sniff it once or twice in 25 years.  Winning two SB is a huge achievement.

    I was lucky.  When I was a young teenager the Mets, Jets and Knicks all won Championships.  I thought that was normal.  I'm 65 now and I know that's not normal.  It's extremely rare and should be cherished.

    This is a good point. 

    Even if you are someone (like me) who wants only great/dominant players to get into the HOF, the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of compiler/"good player for a long time" types who have already gotten in. 


  9. 1 hour ago, UnknownJetFan said:

    Only if top OTs Thomas, Wirfs, and Wills are off the board should they then look next to these 2 WRs. Long term we have to rebuild this oline and JD likely will take that over the sexy picks of WR, Edge etc. 

    In a vacuum, I agree. But in reality, it also depends on what happens in FA and what he thinks of 2nd/3rd round WRs vs. 2nd/3rd round OLs. 

  10. 1 hour ago, nico002 said:

    Neither of these guys to me are worthy of top 15 picks. They don’t fit the prototype. A top 10 receiver needs to be 6”3+ and posses that rare combination of physicality and speed. Moss, Johnson, Edwards, Green, Fitz, Jones etc. This needs to be your safety blanket not just a dangerous weapon. 

    Where did you get this from? 

    FYI, Belichick is on record as saying that he thinks that shorter WRs have a key advantage over taller guys: They tend to be much better at maintaining their balance when getting jammed at the line. 

  11. 3 minutes ago, Rhg1084 said:

    If Miami decides they’re not drafting a QB this year they can have a draft that looks something like this. Talk about an instant rebuild! Then next year the can go after either Lawerence or Fields. 


    The problem is that they can’t count on picking at the top of the draft again, so they can’t count on getting Lawrence or Fields. 

    IMO, they need a good young QB to get anywhere anyway, so they should probably use the number 5 overall pick to make that happen.

    You have to strike while the iron is hot  

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