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  1. The black unis are amazing silence yourself
  2. Yep, although I thought I read only 15 teams are - so I’m guessing we will be one of them
  3. AVT was as close to a "sure thing" as you could get and we desperately needed a legit guard. I'm cool with the trade. I'm not really sure if we "won" the trade because we gave up a lot, but I also don't care. I'm happy with AVT.
  4. The problem is, even if Wilson is bad, it seems like a terrible prediction. If the Jets didn't get the top pick two years ago, they aren't getting it this year. Also, the article is terribly written. For example, the description for the Bears, who will be picking #2 according to this guy, is basically - "The Bears and Jets are similar, but the Jets have more talent around Wilson than the Bears have around Fields" - Oh. Makes sense. ESPN sucks huge bags of d*cks
  5. I could definitely see him getting hurt and I agree completely about ball placement and just accuracy in general. The accuracy has to improve in a big way. I also agree that none of these guys should be skipping pre-draft workouts. They get a lot of bad advice and they are also just basically kids. And if he gets hurt, it will come after he has his most promising game, in typical Jets fashion. And then Mike White will get hurt in 2 quarters and we will be staring at Flacco for 10 weeks.
  6. You're losing me with the athletic stuff. Wilson has plenty of athleticism to play the position. Plenty. In fact, I would argue the best thing he did last year was avoid pass rushers, both inside and outside of the pocket. He's very mobile and elusive and is a bit faster than he gets credit for. His issues last year were a lack of quick decision making and inaccuracy. He has to get better at making quicker decisions in the pocket and delivering the ball accurately, where the receiver can run in stride after the catch. His athleticism is fine.
  7. I think that was yesterday and he was fine - he was back out there today - unless he got banged up again?
  8. I'm just not obsessed with the body type thing. If he's really gained 10 pounds he's now maybe five pounds lighter than Patrick Mahomes (and an inch shorter). Would I rather have a bigger guy, all things being equal? Sure. Also, I'm assuming Rodgers would go #1 overall if teams had a do-over on the 2005 draft.
  9. Hmm. Ok. I remember most people thinking his first preseason was pretty good. I only watched one preseason game last year because I was traveling, so I'm not someone to ask.
  10. Even after the allegations came out, a number of folks on here were eager to downplay the severity of what has been alleged. A lot of people don't care. If Watson comes back in 2023 and throws 40 TD passes, Browns fans will love him to death.
  11. I worry about his durability, as well. But I think you hit the nail on the head. His issue is he is in love with holding onto the ball and extending plays and that gets a lot of guys killed. He was better at getting rid of the ball quicker at the end of the season, so I hope to see him continue to improve in that area in year 2. I think the thing about his size is overrated - he's basically Aaron Rodgers in terms of body type.
  12. Have you seen him lately? Looks bulked up to me.
  13. I think you can point out alarming signs, but you also have to be cognizant of the numerous examples of good preseasons that amounted to nothing and bad preseasons that ended up being false alarms. Ironically, Zach Wilson himself, from just last year, is a good example of the former. On the flip side, you have guys like Leon Washington, who according to Eric Mangini, struggled mightily in his first camp with the Jets but then out of nowhere had a kickoff return for a TD in one of the preseason games that year and went on to have a nice rookie year. Of course you also have guys like Russell Wilson who were amazing right away and dominated camp from the get go. There are a lot of examples and counterexamples to go around, I'm sure. For me, the biggest thing would be growth. You want to see that a guy is better than August than he is in June and better in November than he is in September.
  14. I suppose it depends on what you are referring to - Didn't Zach Wilson have a good preseason last year - good enough, in fact, that he had people predicting he'd win offensive rookie of the year? Conversely, wasn't Jamar Chase dropping everything under the sun last summer?
  15. the only way they have any meaning to me is if we get the sense that his teammates and coaches genuinely have a lot of confidence in him, and of course, that he has legitimate confidence in himself. These guys all have the talent. Very few ever develop the confidence to go out there and ball. the reports of Wilson “struggling” or “being efficient” based on 8 passes in OTAs are mostly meaningless.
  16. The key is to only do it when you have to.
  17. A playoff mandate for this team seems pretty silly. Is it impossible this team shocks us and makes the playoffs? No, but I'm not sure how any reasonable person can expect or demand it. I think winning 8 games is a reasonable goal. Most teams have to walk before they can run. People will bring up what the Bengals did last year, but that is obviously a pretty big outlier and remember that Burrow missed the last 5 games of 2020, so the Bengals were probably a couple of games better than their record that year.
  18. I don’t feel bad for the Browns franchise itself, which failed to do due diligence before making what now looks like a very reckless trade. i do, however, feel for that fanbase, which has been as tortured as any during the SB era.
  19. Maybe. It's not my favorite policy. But I also haven't looked carefully at any statistical link between snap counts and injuries. I could see being swayed if the link was overwhelming. Unfortunately, I suspect the reality is that injuries are largely random. The Jets need good luck for a change, more than anything else. Also, I think QW is a good player, but not a gamechanger. I don't see this being a huge deal one way or another. The Jets have a lot of decent to good DL, but no one that is proven to be elite. I don't think a strict rotation hurts them that much, unless QW (or maybe JJ?) suddenly emerges as a truly dominant player.
  20. Agreed, but this doesn't explain the alarming number of injuries the Jets had at the beginning (or even, before) the season last year. More broadly, the Jets have had an unusual and decisive number of injuries over the last couple of seasons. I get why they are looking hard at trying to minimize them.
  21. Who is "you" - players or coaches? I could definitely see this argument applying to players (playing tentatively, taking plays off, etc), but I don't see how Saleh instituting a snap count would lead to significantly more injuries. I find that hard to believe.
  22. My impression is the Jets are (understandably) obsessed with minimizing injuries after the past couple of seasons of ridiculous injury totals, but I agree that this is kind of dumb.
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