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  1. Well, clearly the Mangold-Brick era by itself proves that "never" is the wrong word. Perhaps it usually doesn't work this way, but we ought to strive to make it happen again.
  2. I want a young, talented OL that we can trot out there for the next 5-7 years. I'm not interested in giving up a 3rd round pick for a 32 year old who hasn't played since 2018.
  3. This is a good point. Even if you are someone (like me) who wants only great/dominant players to get into the HOF, the fact of the matter is that there are plenty of compiler/"good player for a long time" types who have already gotten in.
  4. Tbh, without SB III, I don't see how he comes close
  5. In a vacuum, I agree. But in reality, it also depends on what happens in FA and what he thinks of 2nd/3rd round WRs vs. 2nd/3rd round OLs.
  6. Where did you get this from? FYI, Belichick is on record as saying that he thinks that shorter WRs have a key advantage over taller guys: They tend to be much better at maintaining their balance when getting jammed at the line.
  7. I'm pretty sure this is wrong because I was told Darnold isn't good because he's from California and everyone from there is soft. For realz.
  8. My gut says Lamb, but both are elite WR prospects. I will be doing handstands if either is there when we pick (and then subsequently raging when we inevitably pass on him)
  9. The problem is that they can’t count on picking at the top of the draft again, so they can’t count on getting Lawrence or Fields. IMO, they need a good young QB to get anywhere anyway, so they should probably use the number 5 overall pick to make that happen. You have to strike while the iron is hot
  10. Hah. i would say Darnold was our most valuable player last season (compare the offensive production with and without him) but not the best overall. There’s a reason Adams was 1st team all-pro this year.
  11. This is why half the board wants to trade our best player.
  12. that’s fair He was a gamer, but I wouldn’t say he was “phenomenal” against the 49ers in the second title game. That defense mostly beat him up. The Giants won that game because of 49er punt returner muffs.
  13. 4 time pro-bowler just isn’t enough for me. I want hall of famers to have been elite at their position for an extended period of time. I don’t want pro-bowls (which are popularity contests anyway), I want all-pros. Also, the fact that Dan Marino doesn’t have a ring and Eli has 2 only emphasizes how poor of a metric Super Bowl rings are for assessing QBs. Dan Marino is a top 5 GOAT and Eli is . . . Not. I just have a high standard for the hall of fame. But Eli was a good QB and what his teams accomplished in the playoffs can never be diminished.
  14. That sounds like a lot for a guy who wants to get paid
  15. Right, because he was solid for a very long time. That is a testament to his durability. But what people are saying is that he was never dominant and/or "great" on a consistent basis. He never was close to being a top 3 QB in any given year. Week in and week out, he was anywhere from decent to good, but was rarely great. Basically, he was a good QB for a very long time, but he wasn't a great one.
  16. I never hated him and I rooted for him in the first Superbowl against the Pats. I do think the NY media overrates him dramatically because of the two rings. Week in and week out, he was never a great player. But he had two iconic playoff runs and you can certainly never take that away from him.
  17. I completely agree, and personally, I wouldn't vote for Manning for this basic reason. To me, a hall of famer has to have been among the very best (top 3-5ish) at his position for a significant period of time. Manning arguably never had a single season in which he was a top 3 QB. Having said that, he is 100% going to get in.
  18. I’d like to resign him and pair him with a young WR from one of our first two draft picks
  19. Harrison is the other guy I was thinking of. Not crazy about anyone else.
  20. The 09 Jets had a better defense than the Titans, but not quite as good of a running game. (Although, it was very good) The 49ers are better than than the 09 Jets. They have a running game that is just as good or better, a much better defensive line and natural pass rush, and a much better QB.
  21. And he’s playing second fiddle to Hill and Kelce, who demand so much attention on every single play.

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