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  1. Eh, Gase wasn't a good head coach and was a poor hire, but all indications are that Gase won a power struggle with Macc, resulting in him getting fired. If Gase got along with Macc, Macc survives until at least the offseason after the 2019 season.
  2. This is overstated. Forgetting about Wilson for a second, there is this very strange trend of misrepresenting what Mike White actually did on this board that is misguided. White had two complete starts and a third game in which he had a really nice opening drive before getting hurt. In his two complete starts, he was awesome in one game (although he threw two picks and had another one dropped) and terrible in the other. He also exhibited a troubling trend over the course of his very limited playing time. Consider that he threw 8 interceptions in 132 pass attempts - meaning that a whopping 6.1% of his NFL passes to date have been intercepted, which was among the worst in the league over the duration of his starts (For comparison, Wilson's interception percentage last year was 2.9). Now, to be fair, he's only played two complete games - So there is a sample size issue. I imagine he would be able to get the picks under control with more playing time, like Wilson did. But, at the end of the day, there is a pronounced lack of data, so we are all projecting. The big thing that White did better than Wilson right out of the gate is make quick decisions and deliver the ball accurately. This is huge and I think it helped Wilson to sit and watch the Bengals game. But we can't mention the Bengals game without also mentioning the Bills game, aka the "other" Mike White game. You Mike White people seem to be living off the glory of one game and projecting from there - a very dangerous practice in the NFL.
  3. I hear ya. A few years of peak greatness > 15+ years of "pretty good" - I have made a similar argument with regards to Terrell Davis being one of the best running backs ever. I think Doc's reign of dominance simply wasn't long enough to trump what Seaver did, however. It's really sad that he got hooked on cocaine. He had all the makings of a varsity athlete.
  4. Eh, again, debatable. The 2011 Pats were one of their weaker SB squads (squeaked by the Ravens in the AFC title game on the missed chippy). SF had a legit defwnse and running game that year - I would have given them a shot.
  5. When they made the trade and gave him the huge bag, I just assumed that they had been given a hint by the league that he wouldn't be suspended more than X amount of games. If he's actually suspended for an entire season (this remains to be seen), the Watson trade becomes one of the worst trades in NFL history. It was already fairly rich for a QB with two torn ACL's on his record (which nobody talks about), but now you are talking about a team with a legit playoff roster/window having given up major assets for a QB that can't play until 2023? Not good.
  6. I'd be curious to hear the argument for Doc over Seaver. That's a bold take.
  7. I'm guessing half a season at minimum, at this point.
  8. Debatable. SF could have won the SB with him in 2011 if their punt returner didn't muff two punts in the NFC Championship game against the Giants.
  9. In all seriousness, I wonder how many NFL fans considered Kyle Shanahan to be a “genius” after he was 6-10 and 4-12 in his first two NFL seasons. I’m sure the experts here would have wanted him extended
  10. 8 wins is a reasonable goal and would constitute a significant step in the right direction (doubling last season's win total, probably "in the hunt" to start December).
  11. This seems impossible. the starting QB missed his first 4 passes in OTAs
  12. Stop trying to introduce factual details into this thread. It hurts the “sky is falling” narrative that so many crave
  13. I think Florio made a great point - Watson made a HUGE tactical mistake by not settling most of these cases when he had the chance.
  14. Even if this were true, it works both ways - Fitz had his best season throwing to Marshall and Decker. But it's probably not true for Decker and debatable for Marshall. Decker's two best seasons were arguably 2012 and 2013, when Peyton Manning was throwing to him. Meanwhile, Marshall had 6-7 good to great seasons (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015). Fitz was the QB for one of them.
  15. quite a career this guy managed to have
  16. This made me spit out my coffee
  17. Pinnock being ahead of him on the depth chart is all you need to know
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