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  1. Well deserved. Harbaugh is a terrific head coach. The only thing I hate about these awards is the timing. It just feels awkward announcing him as COY less than a week after his historically dominant 14-2 team (top 10 DVOA of all time) spit the bit at home against a wildcard team.
  2. So, we weren't "serious" Super Bowl contenders when were were up 17-6 on Indy in the first half of the 2010 AFC title game? What about when we were kicking the ball back to Pittsburgh after cutting the lead to 24-19 in the 2011 AFC title game?
  3. I just don't see any team trading for that contract and are they really just going to cut him and eat money? I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. Once the media started the typical sanctimonious routine, it was only a matter of time
  5. Eh, I don't know. This sounds like a lame excuse to me. People get arrested all the time for battery, resisting arrest, etc. without video evidence.
  6. If unsubstantiated crap went away, the whole system would collapse
  7. I will be extremely angry if we pass on either CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy for any defensive player
  8. I need more WRs than this, but that wouldn't be a bad 1st round at all
  9. I remember being pissed about Vinny getting the job. whoops
  10. Maybe, but this WR draft class is deep AF. I think we could easily find Darnold two long term weapons in this draft.
  11. Jeudy or Lamb falling to us would be amazing.
  12. Good point. Hopefully he does.
  13. Like, there are times when I contemplate trolling people and defending Macc on here for half a day, but then I remember how hard that would actually be for me.
  14. I get the sentiment, but you really have to see how the season goes and how the team responds to different types of adversity. What if they go 10-6 but miss the playoffs? 9-7? What if Darnold gets Ebola and they go 8-8, but win their last 8 games with a backup QB that Douglas signed? I think we need to see a greatly improved roster and team. Beyond that, I want to see what they actually do before determining job status for 2021.
  15. That contract is so bad. holy jumping f*cking Jesus was Macc a terrible GM or what?
  16. Way to throw the guy giving you and your dudes cash under the bus!
  17. Out of guys who could realistically be there when we pick, I am very interested in Wirfs. My dream scenario is to have either Lamb or Jeudy still on the board when we pick, but unfortunately, I don't think that will happen.
  18. The few Baker fanboys on here are going to hold onto that idea as long as they possibly can. That's just what it is - they love the idea of Baker - the short guy with a chip on his shoulder who tells everyone how tough he is, grabs his crotch, and is too much of a badass to use coach speak or sports platitudes when addressing the media. At the beginning of the year, Baker was ready to take the league by storm. He had one of the best collections of WRs and running backs in the league and was playing for a guy he loved. He was inspiring a young team to greatness. He was the King of the North. Then, he regressed in every major statistical category, completed less than 60% of his passes, and posted a whopping 3.9 interception percentage (yikes). Now, suddenly his WRs are overrated and the fact that he had one of the best running games in the entire league is somehow not particularly relevant. It is sublime silliness, but you just have to enjoy the ride. Personally, my favorite part of the playoffs are the Mayfield commercials.
  19. I have no desire to go 9-7. I want to win the division and get a bye and I want to build a team that can compete for that status year in and year out. I'm just pointing out that the difference between being a 7-9 team and a wildcard team (which is where the most optimistic people had us before the start of the year) is surprisingly small. Also, I think a huge reason that we have never been able to build a perennial contender is that we have always had unsustainable QB play. Even when we have been good in recent times, we have either had veteran QBs with a limited window (Vinny, Fitz, Favre) or bad QBs (Sanchez).
  20. The guy threw the ball 59 times, was behind the entire game, and his team scored a whopping total of 12 points. Also, let’s find a game where Darnold gets 59 pass attempts first.

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