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  1. This made me spit out my coffee
  2. Pinnock being ahead of him on the depth chart is all you need to know
  3. Good luck only suspending this guy 4 games. There will be outrage.
  4. Right - agreed. Soliciting a minor would be a game-changer
  5. He had a good rookie year and played a fraction of one game in year 2. I don't see how any one could possibly argue that he is a bust, right now. He certainly has the potential to bust in the future.
  6. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the suspension will be 6 or more games. accusers are doing interviews again. Watson has a summer of scrutiny ahead.
  7. It seems like a concerted effort to avoid injuries, but it's definitely something to watch for. Not sure who to believe with this stuff. There seem to be conflicting narratives.
  8. Way too many people do. Also, it's worth pointing out that we usually suck when people expect us to be good. Although, I guess we usually suck in general . . .
  9. Good. I want everyone picking us to finish last. I'm hoping for more super early mock drafts that have us picking in the top 2-3.
  10. Agree, but kicker is a pretty isolated problem. The poor choices on kicker have little to do with Boyer. Obviously, they should have just kept Folk and Myers.
  11. The big issue with specials in recent years has been the lack of quality depth on the roster. The Jets roster has largely been terrible compared to the rest of the league, so the bottom of the roster has also been relatively terrible. I think Boyer does an ok job. He has also made it to his third different Jets coaching staff, so his reputation must be decent.
  12. I'm not planning on reacting to any firsthand accounts of individual plays during OTAs, BUT I am very happy that they are on the field. Just one step closer to the season! No injuries, please.
  13. as a guy who loved both coming out of college, I think Wilson has higher upside as an overall WR. But it’s hard not to feel safer betting on Moore who we’ve all seen flash in a jets uniform already
  14. That could definitely happen. but it sure would be nice to get one of these young QBs to work out and have a couple of years of competitive play with a QB on his rookie deal.
  15. I think once you get to the NFL, you get judged by what you have accomplished. They are all on the same playing field in terms of what they have actually done on an NFL field. Projections are projections. I think all three can be good, but chances are 1 or more will disappoint
  16. It’s hard to see a worthwhile QB agreeing to be traded here in this era of player empowerment until we can establish some level of competency. the correct approach for the jets is to draft and develop a talent pool and culture on their own. Especially at QB - the Jets need to figure out how to find and develop a young QB or they will never be what we really want.
  17. Agreed The offense wants to be balanced and they have talked about that. Also, you don’t try to trade for a #1 WR all offseason and then draft Garrett Wilson at 10 overall if you are planning to be 3 yards and a cloud of dust
  18. Right - I’m talking overall historical tends, but yes, I would like to see an updated look And yes, recently, there haven’t been many. You are absolutely right. But I don’t think the last ten years are magical either. This stuff all fluctuates. My theory with young players is that you identify guys with traits you like and you try to develop them. Give them 2-3 years of the best coaching and resources you possibly can and decide if they are your longterm answer at the position. wilson will probably not work out here, but I don’t think his rookie season is a death spell and I do think he has legit talent and is surrounded by an interesting young roster. He has a better chance than Darnold did.
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