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  1. Right, so what does it tell you that they didn't want to pay him the big bucks? Bad Blood? What if they just don't think he's that good? Is that possible? Nah, not gonna help. Gonna lead the campaign against it, actually.
  2. That doesn't make sense. If they thought he was really good, they would fear that he would go to another team (perhaps a better organization?) and tear sh*t up. They obviously don't think he is going to do that.
  3. Then why do you want to pay him like he is?
  4. Right. His career record is 26-30 tho.
  5. Not arguing that. I'm just pointing out that they preferred this to just paying a guy who is 4 years younger and (according to you guys) easily better. I trust their opinion on their own franchise QB more than any of ours, incompetent or not.
  6. I've never been impressed with him when I've seen him play. He's a meh player to me. He's played in a QB friendly offense and compiled some nice stats, but he's physically meh and I get the impression Jay Gruden doesn't love him. That game that always sticks out to me is the Giants game at the end of the 2016 season. Had a chance to clinch the division at home against a team that had nothing to play for - played like crap.
  7. Not happening this year. Either we are going to sign a veteran the fanbase can live with or we are drafting a QB in the first round. Mac knows the jig is up if he doesn't get a quarterback.
  8. Loved him enough to trade for a guy 4 years older than him and then let some other team (likely) make him the highest paid QB in the league.
  9. Correct, they basically never hit the market . . . What does that tell you? Something tells me we have different opinions of what Cousins' "stature" is.
  10. I would be all for it if I thought the 29 year old in question was actually a stud. But I just don't.
  11. Yeah, something tells me that they didn't think he was worth anywhere near what he wants to get paid . . . Again, they didn't love him as much as you guys do.
  12. How about . . . I don't know . . . drafting a QB in the first round?
  13. Almost being the operative word. Good luck getting another career year out of Case Keenum. The beauty in drafting and developing your own guy is that you could conceivably be a contender for the next decade. (Obviously, you have to get the right guy and develop him the right way, so it's much harder to pull off - But it is always what I would prefer)
  14. Eh, it would be compared to drafting and developing our own guy.
  15. Compared to the contract he's about to get? Small potatoes. Again, if they were committed to him, they would be negotiating a 4-5 year deal with him instead of a guy who is 4 years older than him.
  16. We aren't going to be worth a **** until we get better at that stuff. The short-term quick-fix is what this organization always goes for and it never works out in the end. I'd really like to see us do it the right way this time. No overpaying for above average quarterbacks. Go find (and develop) a guy who has the potential to be very good to great for a long time. And if fail? Try again and draft your next guy.
  17. And guess what? The Brees example doesn't even entirely work. Why not? Because he was coming off of a major injury (If you recall, Miami's team doctors wanted no part of him, for example).
  18. This is a faulty argument. The solution isn't to forgo drafting and developing QBs (This is always the best approach long term, if done correctly). The solution is to get better at drafting and developing QBs
  19. Nah, big money, but short term. Not a major commitment. Commitment is in the years. A major commitment would be making him the highest paid QB in the league over 5 years - something that one team will be doing in a matter of months . . . and half of this board wants that team to be us.
  20. That's one way to put it. Another way to put it would be that they love said game manager (he's 33, btw) MORE than they love the immortal captain Kirk.
  21. Yea, sorry, I don't buy that. As I wrote above, teams don't let stud QBs even get to free agency, let alone actually sign with another team, without injury concerns. You can explain it away with Redskin incompetence. That's a fair assessment. My take is that they know him better than anyone else in the league and they don't love him . . . and I happen to think they are right.
  22. We'll see. I'm not a Cousins guy and I don't think he is anywhere near as good as a lot of you guys think he is. Washington's stance on him is very telling to me. How many teams have ever let a stud QB even get to free agency, let alone actually sign with another team, without major injury concerns? Think about it. They obviously don't think he's all that. Now, you wanna blame it all on Washington's incompetence? Meh, ok. That's your prerogative. Personally, I think there's more to it than that. As I wrote earlier somewhere on this message board, when they asked Jay Gruden at his end of season press conference about Cousins, his face told me all that I needed to know . . .
  23. Yep. Washington definitely thinks Cousins is a top 10 QB. Definitely. Why else would they trade their 29 year old stud for a 33 year old check down Charlie? Just a a thought.
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