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  1. I think once you get to the NFL, you get judged by what you have accomplished. They are all on the same playing field in terms of what they have actually done on an NFL field. Projections are projections. I think all three can be good, but chances are 1 or more will disappoint
  2. It’s hard to see a worthwhile QB agreeing to be traded here in this era of player empowerment until we can establish some level of competency. the correct approach for the jets is to draft and develop a talent pool and culture on their own. Especially at QB - the Jets need to figure out how to find and develop a young QB or they will never be what we really want.
  3. Agreed The offense wants to be balanced and they have talked about that. Also, you don’t try to trade for a #1 WR all offseason and then draft Garrett Wilson at 10 overall if you are planning to be 3 yards and a cloud of dust
  4. Right - I’m talking overall historical tends, but yes, I would like to see an updated look And yes, recently, there haven’t been many. You are absolutely right. But I don’t think the last ten years are magical either. This stuff all fluctuates. My theory with young players is that you identify guys with traits you like and you try to develop them. Give them 2-3 years of the best coaching and resources you possibly can and decide if they are your longterm answer at the position. wilson will probably not work out here, but I don’t think his rookie season is a death spell and I do think he has legit talent and is surrounded by an interesting young roster. He has a better chance than Darnold did.
  5. Mawae isn’t saying sh*t to Becton Becton would sit on him, killing him instantly or simply eat him or both
  6. Why? What realistically separates them right now? All had disappointing rookie seasons on bad teams but have plenty of talent.
  7. To my knowledge, there is no statistical evidence that an NFL QB’s rookie season is a significant predictor of future longterm success or failure. the reason is quite interesting - it’s because most of ALL QBs bust or disappoint, at least to some degree, and the rookie year doesn’t sway things very much in the long run. Too many examples of guys who sucked at first but got good AND examples of guys who got off to hot starts but either cooled off or were ruined by injuries. Those examples add up, making the average rookie year somewhat of a statistical wash in the long run. I would expect the same is true at most positions. There was a study that was brought up on this board a while back that looked at this
  8. I easily prefer it! the jets almost never live up to expectations better to go in quietly and sneak up on teams
  9. Wasn't fireman Ed like 8 when he supposedly rooted for the dolphins? When I was 8, I would have told you I like any team that wears green, including the teenage mutant ninja turtles.
  10. Is there a radio play by play guy who isn't a homer? Seems to be par for the course.
  11. It’s all about making quicker decisions. He struggled with that quite a bit, especially earlier in the year. His height is fine. He’s the same height as Aaron Rodgers. The biggest issue with his frame is getting hurt, but he’s clearly bulked up, so we’ll see how that works for him.
  12. Nonsense. For the simple reason that Zach Wilson has only played 12 complete games as an NFL QB. Rookie years should be taken with some amount of salt. Christian Hackenberg, who couldn't even get on the field as a second round draft pick, was on the "worst QB ever trajectory." If he looks like he did at start of year 1 in year 2, then we can talk.
  13. Possible, but debatable and not necessarily indicative of a QB's future trajectory. Most rookie QBs struggle and many struggle mightily. Wilson showed flashes of brilliance. If he can become more consistent, he can be a good player. If he can't, he won't. Obsessing over his rookie statistics really isn't particularly helpful. Also, with respect to the situation, the Jets were playing with 4th string WRs and backup OLs by the end of the season. Wilson played several games without Corey Davis, Elijah Moore, and Jameson Crowder. Braxton Berrios was his best WR in his best game of the season.
  14. No, no, no. they are affiliated after the fact by way of their accusations. They didn’t know each other beforehand. That’s the point.
  15. I think the fundamental point that a lot of the Watson defenders are still not fully grasping is that, when a guy has 22 (unaffiliated) accusers, it’s hard for most rational people to not think that there is at least some truth to the accusations. And then you remember that Big Ben initially got suspended for 6 games (which was subsequently reduced to 4) with (two?) accusers and you wonder how the NFL would sell less than 6 games to the public.
  16. You mean to tell me that podcast hosts aren’t objective observers?!?!?!?
  17. LMAO you are such a Fields fanboy (hint - we have no clue what Fields is, either) funny stuff
  18. Not sure how most of this is relevant to my point - which is that the conventional wisdom regarding college QB prospects is largely unreliable. further, I doubt very many jets fans would have actually drafted Wilson over Lawrence, despite some claims to the contrary. Lawrence was always the golden boy and he had as disappointing a rookie season as anybody. Also, “worst starting QB I’ve ever seen type trajectory” is pretty silly after a handful of games (5 complete games pre-injury?), even for a Wilson skeptic.
  19. Wilson oozes talent. He has a big arm, a very quick release, and is hella mobile (the most underrated part of his game). whether or not he ever develops into a good stater for the jets remains to be seen. History tells us the Jets are not the team to get the most out of a prospect like Wilson. Statistics tell us that most QBs don’t become longtime starters and most highly touted QBs coming out of college are disappointments (at least to some degree). The numbers aren’t in our favor. On the flip side, Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh, and Zach Wilson have nothing to do with this franchise’s awful and embarrassing history of futility. There’s always a chance this time is different. The talent around Wilson gives him a much better chance than Darnold ever had. I’ll remain cautiously optimistic that Wilson can at least be competent. And, if not, I think Mike white has a puncher’s chance, as well.
  20. Fiends was actually the guy I wanted to take at 2, but all things considered, I’d rather be Wilson right now than Fields
  21. If Lawrence was the only "ready to go" QB, then that only further emboldens how worthless the conventional wisdom is on these things. It's just really hard to evaluate college QBs and project how things will go at the next level. We also simply know very little about these QBs after 1 season in which they all played in different circumstances. Years 2-3 are decisive.
  22. Nothing worse than being hyped up before you’ve won anything. We should be better, but let’s hold off on comparisons to the Bengals until we can win a divisional game.
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