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  1. Can't complain about running it on 3rd and 1. Also, Kearse looked like he got the first.
  2. Brutal. Definitely somewhere in my top 10
  3. According to Paul Dottino, this isn't true. The Giants weren't taking a QB. They probably would have taken Chubb.
  4. Sanchez never had the ball in his hands down 19-24. The Jets were down 24-10 after getting stopped on 4th and goal from the 1 (on the Tomlinson run up the middle). Then, they tackled Big Ben in the end zone for a safety after a botched snap, to make it 24-12. Then, Sanchez drove them the length of the field and hit Cotchery to make it 24-19. Then, the Jets kicked off to the Steelers with just under 3 minutes left (ish) and Pitt got two first downs to seal the game.
  5. Desperately need Q and Anderson back to have any semblance of a competent offense.
  6. I like him, but he's a free agent at the end of the year. Even if you decide he's one of the guys you want, why trade for him now?
  7. Fair. The Jets offense still has very little talent without their top two WRs. Very little.
  8. I'm not sure what people expected with Enunwa and Anderson out. When Kearse is your most talented receiver on the field and you are playing one of the best defenses in the NFL, you have a serious problem.
  9. In general, the idea is to hang on to your good young players.
  10. We are suddenly super banged up, but I like the idea of seeing more of Cannon going forward.
  11. People still talking about Dez Bryant
  12. Plenty of holes on the team. Tons of cap space. Too early for this, anyway.
  13. Two firsts to put a lunatic WR on a team that is clearly rebuilding (and probably going to have a new QB next year)?
  14. Precisely. He's a nice player, but he doesn't play an impact position. Positional value has never been more relevant than in today's NFL. It's a passing league (actually, a short passing league). You need good QB play, an above average offensive line, good pass-catching weapons, and a 4th quarter pass-rush.
  15. I’m not crowning them, I’d just take their roster over ours. Neither team is close to being ready to contend for anything. The Browns also have a historically bad head coach.
  16. Last drive was pure garbage time
  17. No Thanks. I have no interest in going position by position. I don't think that is a good methodology for assessing the overall talent of a given NFL team because the true overall talent difference between NFL teams is very small, in general. IMO, what makes the difference is the # of blue-chippers/near blue-chippers. IMO, they have more. The Browns have the best offensive skill positional player (Landry) and the best defensive player (Garret) between the two teams. I also think they have a better offensive line than us. So, in summary, I think they are better in the trenches on both sides of the ball (i.e. they are better where it counts) and have the best single offensive weapon between the two teams. Bingo. This is Cleveland's biggest problem. We are talking about physical talent tho . . .
  18. I don't agree. I think the Browns have more players close to being blue-chip guys. Leaving the QBs out of it, if I had to pick one of the two rosters, I would take Cleveland's.
  19. Landry is better than any WR we have and Garrett is more talented than any defensive player we have. I don't agree with you, but it's certainly debatable and I could see arguments either way.
  20. I personally didn't think that was PI on Anderson. I want to watch a league in which that is not called pass interference
  21. Even with Cleveland, they have more physical talent than we do
  22. To be fair, it's not where his keen was down that matters, it's where the ball was when his knee was down.
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