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  1. Pittsburgh has had a lot of trouble stretching the field with some very talented WRs, so I'm sure they are getting antsy for the rook. It would make the Steelers game a little extra fun.
  2. E Moore had the really bad drop week 1 on what was like a 50 yard play early in the game Corey Davis dropped two absolute dimes - including one in the Denver game that was going to be a 40-50 yard play and another big first down in the Philly game also, two of Wilson's picks were off of CD's hands. He didn't have a great year last year.
  3. Decent chance we get his first career start
  4. Oh not this again. we went through these last year. I believe one of his 8(?) drops was on Zach Wilson. we can go drop for drop, if you’d like.
  5. He’s getting his mind and body right GB at the earliest
  6. He’s actually becoming one of my favorites for the same reason. people talk about him like he’s a bum. He’s not a #1, but he’s a useful WR with great size and speed.
  7. Davis caught a 66 yard TD last week - a play we don’t win without. And I think he has one drop on the season?
  8. Maybe pick a lane, my dude Are we dunking on E Moore or Zach Wilson here?
  9. Who cares that one of our three best WRs might not play?
  10. You have to figure we are getting Cincy's very best effort. Tricky game for me to really have a good handle on.
  11. very interesting agreed no excuses. Jet up motha****as
  12. Garrett Wilson did have a game-winning touchdown catch and had over 100 yards of receiving.
  13. Didn't Flacco throw a pick six in one of his only preseason drives? LOL I don't think 5 preseason passes means very much either way.
  14. You did. But I responded to the first post I read of yours without reading any others, mainly because it jumped off the page to me for how absurd it was. Sorry. lol
  15. Ok, but using the word "drops" to describe all of the incomplete passes was obviously misleading and absurd. The guy has one drop in two games.
  16. Preach. This is why, even if Zach busts, you don't stop drafting QBs. We need to find a good young one who can be our guy for a decade plus. It's the best way to field a contending team year in and year out. If you just look at our division, we are the only team who can't seem to draft and develop a good QB who stays here for the long haul. Chad looked like maybe he could be that guy before his body started breaking down. The Dolphins dominated the division in the late 80s with Marino, the Bills dominated in the early 90s with Kelly, then the Pats dominated for two decades (!) with Brady. Now the Bills have Allen again and the Dolphins have Tua who is better than people think. When are we going to find our guy?
  17. I'm fine not eating before noon, but I tend to stay up late sometimes, so I have trouble not snacking late.
  18. ouch. is it just about weight loss or is there more to it? I fast before noon every morning (only eat between noon and 8 pm) and I find that hard enough. And tbh, I have been cheating lately.
  19. Interestingly, that is the best reason to write him off, or at least, be highly skeptical. But actually, most of his loudest critics on this board didn't want to draft him in the first place and were out on him after 3 or 4 starts.
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