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  1. He's not what he once was but he's still incredibly efficient. The guy threw 4 interceptions this year. 4
  2. Best: 1) Darnold to Anderson for 92 yards against Dallas (and, in general, the beating Dallas upon Sam's return) 2) Blowing out the Raiders 3) Basically ending Pittsburgh's season. Worst: 1) The ghosts game 2) The Dolphins loss 3) The Bengals loss
  3. If I'm a WR, I'm not sure how attractive playing with Josh Allen in bad weather games is, but I agree with the general premise.
  4. I’d say sign both, if possible. Cooper, Anderson, Crowder, and Herndon/Griffin are a nice set of targets for Darnold. That would let us use at least two premium picks on OL. If that’s too expensive, I would agree that Cooper > Anderson.
  5. This must be wrong because I was told the Giants have the best fan base in the city
  6. I like being able to make food and drinks and whatnot. I also love being able to check in on multiple games while the Jets are on commercial. But I have had some amazing experiences at NFL games in person, so I respect what you are saying.
  7. Yep. I have had NFL ticket for the past 3 seasons and I have noticed more and more empty seats in stadiums across the entire league. Honestly, the NFL experience is just a lot better at home.
  8. Remember that the Rooney Rule is supposedly why the Steelers brought Tomlin in for an interview and he blew them away and got the job. I'd rather have these guys get a "token" interview then no interview at all.
  9. I almost expect the Lions to take a QB. I have no idea about the Redskins. At a minimum, I think 3 QBs are getting drafted in the top 10 and four would not surprise me at all.
  10. I think you are forgetting Crowder (he'd be a good slot guy on a lot of teams), but I completely agree with all of this. People still underestimate how bad our offensive line is. We averaged 0.7 rushing yards before contact per attempt. That is insanely bad. We need a minimum of 3 new starting OL. At a minimum, I think we need to replace both guards and one of the tackles. I think Robby is a nice WR, but we absolutely need another good young WR to complement him.
  11. Haha, cool The point is that there was merit to sticking with Pennington beyond 2004. The Jets didn't know he was going to get hurt again in 2005 and were Doug Brien choking away from going to the AFC Championship game with him at QB.
  12. I would normally agree with the draft approach, but I think this roster is too thin for us to devote a mid round pick to a QB in this draft. I want multiple OL and WR prospects
  13. If Darnold can be good enough for us to become a perennial contender with the right pieces around him, I can live with this. If not, well . . .
  14. Not sure. I think we have the potential to build a good team but I could easily see it going sideways. I'll obstain for now.

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