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  1. If NO looses U got $ 3 QB's that can B Fritztragic & the GOAT who I hate ! I'l give him his props tho ....
  2. As 2 Y the Jets need a competent QB with all the pieces around him 2 make the offense lethal...
  3. Dude not saying he's Canton material , but he's better than Hac & Petty...
  4. Lars I agree ! Any given Sunday who knows ??? Bortles reminds me of Fritztragic 1 game 300 plus yards next game 4 picks . I'll hit U next week , Jags will go 2 Gillette & struggle 2 score 10 its . The Refs will pull out every ancient rule N the books 2 apply 2 the Patriots if needed...
  5. We passed on DeShawn Watson last yr @ # 6 pik , we passed on Dan Marino 4 Ken O'brian ! Guyz I'm telling U Mayfield is gonna B the 1 . Looks how the other oversight picks turned out .........................
  6. I'm C ing the same thing . We need 2 build around his strong suit if the Jets get him ...
  7. I don't think Darnold or Allen will B there 4 the Jets . What is critical is if the Jets don't trade up , what will the Broncos do ? I know a lot of U guys R against it but Mayfield mayB a consideration . Compared 2 Hac @ least he can make a completion ...
  8. Well said !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. If Hac had accuracy issues he shouldn't have been picked up anyway ! It's like Scottie Pippen buying a private jet that doesn't fly ....
  10. If Titans score 14pts their lucky...
  11. Happy Anniversary Joe Namath!

    I understand ur point , " No I N Team ", but history can't B reversed !