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  1. Ho me lady for I love tight skin. Athletic knee bender..? Suppose it can’t hurt. For as long as she flows well laterally.
  2. All good, neither caught any wind of the trade in the works since the senior bowl.
  3. In all fairness, his team was sh*t. As were some teams he played against. There is a curve there. 56% all considered... had no help this past year. The year before, he had a little.
  4. Yeah I was a little hot under the collar. My apologies..haha but I still have to stand by it. Soft. Got steamrolled the week(s) after that.
  5. Honey Badger to sign w/Texans

    Agreed, not the end of the world, but a lot to be done. OL, QB, Sackmen, offensive skill. TE.. We should be able to hit our needs. With a heady draft !
  6. We kinda need a player on the line like Nelson as it stands today . Unless we can find one pure like him later. But I doubt it
  7. Honey Badger to sign w/Texans

    The proof will be in the performance pudding.
  8. Which dancer on the defense is he?
  9. Honey Badger to sign w/Texans

    How is he not a huge upgrade on Skrine? Hope I’m wrong.
  10. Honey Badger to sign w/Texans

    If he’s 100%..... well, I guess he’s just not, and no longer will be.
  11. Honey Badger to sign w/Texans

    +1 and it’s over... haha no, but obviously there’s an issue/doubt there. Expected a bigger contract... if there weren’t lingering issues regarding.
  12. Honey Badger to sign w/Texans

    So who are we paying the $ to ????
  13. Players play, they don’t dance like a bunch of faggots.