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  1. Correct. Not your fault somebody else wasn't willing to pay what you did for something. If you buy Springsteen tickets for $1000 and then the resale market for the same seat is $300, it's not Springsteen's fault you paid $1000 for the ticket. You're not a two year old. You shouldn't believe every word somebody tells you. Especially a for profit entity.
  2. ...and its the buyer's responsibility to come to his own conclusion. When a jeweler tells you that an engagement ring is an investment, doesn't mean you should believe them. They are 100% right. PSLs are indeed bought and sold in the future. I am sure there has been at least one sold above cost. When a person with money meets a person with experience, the one with experience ends up with the money and the one with money leaves with experience.
  3. 1. The atmosphere sucks because we've sucked for a very long time. That takes a drain, and when you play in a massive stadium will be apparent. Our home win percentage over the last 3 years is 33%. Atmosphere was pretty good when Decker caught that TD vs the pats. If we start 4-1 next year and have a week 6 game at 430 vs the steelers, it will be loud. 2. You are allowed to think that the stadium could be better AND still believe that it isn't an absolute dump. To be honest, while it lacks character, I generally find it comfortable and relatively short lines. Good food & drink selection. And I guess my response to people who complain about the 300s being in the stratosphere is: Prior to metlife we had most likely the best upper deck seating in the league. now its more league average. upper deck at new england is a mile away. jacksonville. new orleans. etc. it sucks for people who had great seats, but it was also the best situation in the league for many years. its also naive to think as stadiums have moved to a club culture (to maximize profit) that two new york teams sharing a stadium wouldnt do the same. 3. A PSL is not an investment. Discretionary spending is not an investment. If you bought a PSL with the intent to flip it you are an absolute idiot. Especially seeing as it had a guaranteed terminal value of $0 (as they will eventually move out of the stadium). Do not buy sports tickets, jewelry, clothing, etc with the sole intent of flipping. it will almost certainly end up being a disappointment.

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