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  1. Correct. Not your fault somebody else wasn't willing to pay what you did for something. If you buy Springsteen tickets for $1000 and then the resale market for the same seat is $300, it's not Springsteen's fault you paid $1000 for the ticket. You're not a two year old. You shouldn't believe every word somebody tells you. Especially a for profit entity.
  2. ...and its the buyer's responsibility to come to his own conclusion. When a jeweler tells you that an engagement ring is an investment, doesn't mean you should believe them. They are 100% right. PSLs are indeed bought and sold in the future. I am sure there has been at least one sold above cost. When a person with money meets a person with experience, the one with experience ends up with the money and the one with money leaves with experience.
  3. 1. The atmosphere sucks because we've sucked for a very long time. That takes a drain, and when you play in a massive stadium will be apparent. Our home win percentage over the last 3 years is 33%. Atmosphere was pretty good when Decker caught that TD vs the pats. If we start 4-1 next year and have a week 6 game at 430 vs the steelers, it will be loud. 2. You are allowed to think that the stadium could be better AND still believe that it isn't an absolute dump. To be honest, while it lacks character, I generally find it comfortable and relatively short lines. Good food & drink selection. And I guess my response to people who complain about the 300s being in the stratosphere is: Prior to metlife we had most likely the best upper deck seating in the league. now its more league average. upper deck at new england is a mile away. jacksonville. new orleans. etc. it sucks for people who had great seats, but it was also the best situation in the league for many years. its also naive to think as stadiums have moved to a club culture (to maximize profit) that two new york teams sharing a stadium wouldnt do the same. 3. A PSL is not an investment. Discretionary spending is not an investment. If you bought a PSL with the intent to flip it you are an absolute idiot. Especially seeing as it had a guaranteed terminal value of $0 (as they will eventually move out of the stadium). Do not buy sports tickets, jewelry, clothing, etc with the sole intent of flipping. it will almost certainly end up being a disappointment.
  4. i *think* but could be mistaken - you'd be able to talk your way into a yellow pass, as lupz indicated....i don't think you'd be able to talk your way into a green pass. and if you could i would imagine the time to do so would be now (i'd imagine they will be more and more stingy the better darnold looks in hopes of new sales)
  5. Lee should be in the top 3 on this list. Adams should be on the list if only because he is playing at an all-pro level at 22 years old. no way people could've expected him to be this good
  6. people underestimate how hard it is to get a top qb in the draft, for two reasons: -you need to be, really, REALLY, bad. we've been *SO* bad and havent had a top 2 pick in decades...last two years were bad. 2014 was terrible and we had the 6th pick. 2007 we were atrocious and had the 6th pick. 2005 we were atrocious and had the 4th pick. you need to be terrible AND have other teams steal some wins to get a top 2 pick. I doubt the giants end up there. odds say they win a few more. you go 4-12 theres no shot of a top 2 pick. -there needs to be a qb worth taking! lets look at the past 10 drafts (before this one): -2017: Trubisky? Top 2 pick but would you really spend a #2 pick on him? i wouldn't. and don't say mahomes and watson - when players get past the 10th pick it means nobody thought they would be crazy good...if they did, they'd trade into the back half of the top 10. russell wilson scenario. -2016: Goff and Wentz. You werent top 2? (like 4-12 san diego)...good luck. nothing for you. -2015: winston and mariota: you go 3-13 (like Jax did)? not enough. -2014: Blake bortles? in hindsight you spending a top 3 pick on him? -2013: first two qbs off the board were ej manuel and geno. lol. -2012: luck and rg3: one was a disaster. the other great, but the rams went 2-14 and didnt pick #1 -2011: cam. only one qb there. -2010: bradford. only one qb. most would say he wasnt worth it -2009: stafford. sanchez and freeman werent worth 1s. -2008: matt ryan slipped to 3. but youll never see that again. the game has changed too much. so to recap: -last 10 drafts, only 5 of them had WORTHWHILE qbs go in the top 2 (goff/wentz, winston/mariota- MAYBE, luck, cam, stafford, matt ryan) -there were years where even if you only won 3 you still werent in the top 2 this is why, when you get the #2 pick AND have a qb there thats worth taking, you have to take it! also, it is SO early in the 2019 process - check out this article if you want to go down the glory road http://grantland.com/features/a-hierarchy-hypocrites/ if you don't want to search, its a mid october article from 2012 citing how teams should "torpedo for geno": Meanwhile, in last week’s column, a reader wondered what this year’s “Suck for Luck” quest should be called, offering us “Torpedo for Geno” (for Geno Smith, the likely no. 1 pick). My readers sprang into action and sent in a slew of suggestions, including Whiff-for-Smith, 0-and-Sixteen-O for Geno, Submarino for Geno, The Human Geno Project, Gen0 and 16, Droppin’ a Steamo for Geno, Geno-schneid, Petrino for Geno and The Geno Tank-a-reno. The three best ideas in reverse order … 3. “Pacino for Geno” Explained by Steve from Hoboken as “A tribute to someone who was once great like the Cleveland Browns, but now completely mails it in.” Solid. 2. “sh*tty for Smitty” My favorite idea (suggested by multiple readers), only I can’t really see Peter King and Chris Berman using this one. What a shame. 1. “Geno-Schneid” The most common suggestion was actually “Geno-Cide,” which we’re avoiding for obvious reasons because it crosses every line and about 10 other lines beyond all the other lines. But “Geno-Schneid” (first suggested by Haverhill reader Ernie Bassi) — now that’s comedy! And it actually works! Should Jacksonville and Kansas City start printing “Geno-Schneid” T-shirts right now, or should they wait a few weeks?
  7. thats fake news. shaun ellis, kris jenkins, sione pouha were all established veterans on the DL. pace and scott were on the back end of their prime and just got mega-deals. david harris was entering his prime. bryan thomas was a veteran revis was on his way to the HOF with or without rex. kerry rhodes was a mangini player. jim leonhard was a free agent. give me a break that he inherited a middle of the pack defense. he got top of the line players at 3 positions and had two pro bowlers entering the primes of their careers thanks to mangini.
  8. Yes. playoff wins are good. more than zero playoff wins is better than zero playoff wins. as i said, rex had 2 good seasons followed by 4 bad. final 4 years: 26-38: .406 bowles 3 and change years: 21-31 .404 also, if we are gonna get nitpicky (and again, i dont support bowles) - but the reality is, rex inherited a FAR better team than bowles did. he had a top 3 offensive line in the league for 2 seasons. and none of them were thanks to his development, but rather established talent in their prime (or very good players on the back end of their prime)
  9. while i disagree with that statement, perhaps this fact accentuates the point for you: Since bowles was hired in 2015, 43 times teams have been in the red zone on 4th and 8 or fewer, in the 4th quarter, trailing by 20 or more. 41 of those times, teams have elected to go for it. 2 of those times, they havent. BOTH TIMES WERE TODD BOWLES (the dolphins game in 2016 was the other game). of course, the following week in new england, we kicked a field goal down 41-0 in the 4th quarter vs new england.
  10. saying rex was terrible =/= bowles is good. i flew to jax to watch that atrocity in person. i am not a happy camper myself.
  11. the worst part about bowles is the same thing that was the worst thing about rex: it is so obvious that the league is going in the absolute opposite direction of their philosophy, and we have to wait it out for the owner to cut bait. to me, the biggest problem with bowles remains in-game management. yes, the talent isnt there. yes, he hasn't developed talent. those are issues. but the problem is: if we ever get the talent, his decision making will doom us in games that actually matter. AND WE KNOW THAT RIGHT NOW. which is why you can't bring him back regardless of record this year. look at who win super bowls. coaches with poor game management decisions do not. (Hello, dan quinn) if the jets were in the super bowl in the situation the eagles were in last year, 4th and 5ish late in the game in their own territory, bowles 10 out of 10 times punts. that is the biggest problem. his philosophy will never change.
  12. what you should miss: -how half of the league (if not more) is fully embracing statistics, which has led to aggressive decision making. the good coaches in the league go for it on 4th and 1ish in plus territory at the start of the game. the bad ones still dont. what you should not miss: -defensive oriented coaches who do not understand game management and had 3-4 games a year where his team straight up didnt show up.
  13. this is dumb. i don't like bowles but do you not remember: 2011: losing 3 straight to end the year at 8-5 2012: 34-0 at home vs san fran, 30-9 vs miami, butt fumble game 2013: 49-9 @ cincy, 37-14 @ buf, 23-3 vs miami 2014: the whole season. bowles isn't good. but neither was rex. yes he had 2 good seasons. 4 were very bad.
  14. at a point where 8-8 is the best case scenario @jax den indy min: best case 2-2 @chicago @ miami buf NE: best case 2-2 @ten @buf hou gb @ne: absolute best case 3-2, would be shocked though realistically, were only gonna be favorites in at max 5 games (den- maybe, indy- maybe, buf- definitely, @buf - possibly, hou - if they continue their downward spiral) could absolutely see us going 4-12. prob will end up somewhere in between. 6-10 is my guess
  15. im not upset at all with the way darnold played. these things will happen, and hes gonna be great. im upset the coaching staff continues to make the same mistakes year in and year out. there are a lot of great qbs who have been held back by coaching incompetence
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