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  1. Zach would have to throw to him accurately lol. Love Zach but he bullsh*ts on throws sometimes..like he’s moving to fast or something
  2. How’s Falcons front 4? Is there a possibility that Grady Jarrett destroys our O line this week?
  3. You can’t when your #1 keeps dropping the ball. Keelan also just got back this game right? Who’s the other deep threat? Mims? Yeah they hate him. Remember the first 2 games was no crowder no Cole and barely any Mims so what deep passing game was going to work with the rest of the team?
  4. Thank you Joe Douglas, Thank you is funny every time I read it
  5. Save that for next week when we lose in London
  6. Wait. Y’all getting excited for nothing. He said he will be active, he ain’t say he’s playing lmao
  7. Literally not worried about defense. They held their end of the bargain so far. As far as I care, they can give up 500 yards next week. If this trash ******* offense that needs to get their sh*t together
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