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  1. If douglas goes to the texans lol...
  2. Also Enunwa can be an 70 catch guy if he stays healthy for a season
  3. Jordan Morgan you say? Hmm need more info on this guy
  5. At least if its a disaster, itll be a fun one
  6. Really? We think our management sucks. Do you think theyre oblivious robots who see nothing and feel nothing? Leveon even had to come out and respond to sh*t that was reported. Granted, we dont know how true it was that gase didnt like bells contract but bell responding is all the proof i need
  7. Theres too many posts to quote so ill just say this to respond to everyone as best i can. of course im happy mac is gone. I wanted him gone months ago. All im saying that realistically, as a player for example, how motivated are you to even play with all the bullsh*t going on this past week. How does knowing your management sucks and that your contract(CJ and Bell) makes the coach want to ingest unhealthy amounts of sleeping pills affect your play/trust of said coach and or management. That will (maybe) spread like a virus to other players of and maybe it will be a positive effect or a negative, who knows. All im saying that we arent the best organization when it comes to facing adversity/scrutiny and i think it will effect the way we play and perform. @Saul Goodman @SAR I @Jetsplayer21 @Greensleeves @fusionCA @TomShane @KRL

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