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  1. Draft at 2 or is that ridiculous? How many spots would you drop to safely draft him
  2. Oh you thought henne was gonna play? Chiefs was gonna drag pat out like weekend at bernies if they had too
  3. Im sorry you took that comment so hard. Im man enough to apologize for your feelings being affected. I stand by my elaboration though.
  4. Okay, ill say it in a way you can understand better even though you still understood. **** up.
  5. Oh i trust our higher ups. I just dont trust darnold..kinda like how jimmy thrived in SF offense but when it came to make the important throws, he just didnt seem to be trusted to do it. Idk what his numbers where in that superbowl season but i do remember people saying “make jimmy beat you, we dont believe in him” and thats how i feel about darnold. So despite his success, when it comes to those real important throws, i dont think he will be that guy.
  6. So did denver..and cowboys..and raiders..
  7. Well if you ask eagles fans its 3 things mainly..injuries..carson regressed in decision making..doug regressed calling plays
  8. Welcome our new coach..it makes too much sense unless Doug sits out a year. Not saying i agree but im sure JD is elated

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