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  1. Team archer

    Update on Justin Houston

    Hes going to the patriots
  2. Team archer

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Excellent. Anyone know how well of a blocker he is?
  3. Team archer

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    Pretty much. Its sad cause most of the teams we thought would trade up traded for a QB. Sucks we cant trade back and set another franchise back for 10 years
  4. Team archer

    Easton to Saints

    Now you know why they call me “Slick Willy”
  5. Thats a terrible strategy. I mean if Mac is afraid of bidding vs himself, then hes awful peorid. You risk losing Sams best target, a WR who can help Bell because hes a deep threat and has to be accounted for all because your negotiation tactics are terrible? YUCK
  6. I honestly dont think he does get traded. I seen some redskins and bengals fans have interest in him but i dont see mac doing it. But who knows
  7. Team archer

    Jon Toth: Possible answer at center?

    Thought sitton was coming and could play Center
  8. Team archer

    49ers release DE Cassius Marsh

    Whats wrong with bringing him in for a year?
  9. Team archer

    MORSE DEAL 4/$44.5mil w/$20.5m guaranteed

    I would of wanted the jets to get a center so yes
  10. Team archer

    Offensive Line or Bust!

    I agree. Round 1 has to be pass rusher unless a trade back occurs. round 3 HAS to be a center unless all the centers that are projected to be there are gone. Hope someone falls to us.

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