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  1. At least he has the chance to do something..maybe
  2. No..that steelers game and that moment you pointed out only proves how terrible the line was. He was trying to barry sanders that sh*t because it was so bad
  3. Bell is not threatened by a 37,000 yr old runningback...hes offended by gase
  4. In line? What did bell do other than run behind a sh*tty line and get misused by gase and be Naturally upset by it
  5. The dolphins? You watched us play one of the worst teams and wrote all this?
  6. Ok and whats your point? Yes alot of these people may have had it and didnt know..but thats the problem..if they didnt know, they may have unknowingly affected a family member or individual who is more at risk of suffering from this. Im all for football but, im also all for safety.
  7. What kind of jump rope is that?
  8. You joking right? It is different. Mono isnt some new virus sweeping the planet earth killing hundreds of thousands of people. Neither is a damn season ending injury..The league should shut down immediately.
  9. Only if 10-6 somehow misses us the playoffs. If we make it no one would care

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