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  1. Nothing like a HOF QB giving his expert opinion....oh wait
  2. I think its Mac Jones. 9ers traded to 3 cause Saleh told them theyre taking Mac instead.
  3. Im sure Sam believed he was good enough and where did that get him..on the panthers..oh wait... Zach dont worry, after you suffer here, you are going to be rewarded by going to a better team.
  4. Lots of ravens fans are pissed
  5. Any person that has us and another team as their last 2, is 100% using us. Call me traumatized
  6. Douglas better do something next or ima going to go bump the fire douglas thread
  7. Wait do these guys actually sleep? There should be breaking jets news at 1am
  8. Ready to be disappointed that we didnt get juju. Unless of course someone pays him a sh*t ton of money
  9. I didnt myself check out the IG but sounds like incoming sexual harassment/assault charges?
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