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  1. Is there anywhere we can find this online?
  2. Starting to think along those lines as well. Bart Scott brought up the same scenario on his radio show with Hahn. History shows us the Jets don't have a strong draft pedigree, so the chances of them hitting on some of the draft picks are slim to none.
  3. Is there anywhere online I could watch the post-game presser? This is going to be interesting.
  4. Definitely caught that in the press conference and hoped I wasn't the only one that heard it.
  5. I never post, just usually skim the boards and lay low. But this post made me LMAO!
  6. I looked at the "top" QB prospects stats for this past season and attempts per game stood out to me in regards to Allen. He averaged approximately 24.5 attempt a game when Rosen was around 40 and Mayfield around 30ish attempts. I understand why Mayfields attempts would be fairly high due to the offense he plays in. Curious to know with such a big arm why Wyoming didn't let Allen toss it around more, looks like he averaged only 165 ypg as well.
  7. I'm no draft expert but looking up stats for the "top" QB prospects in the draft, one thing really stood out to me about Allen was passing attempts per game. The first 2 games of 2017 he had over 30 attempts for the rest of the season he was under 30, he averaged only 24.5 attempts a game which seems kind of low (but I'm not sure) compared to Rosen who was above 40 attempts and Mayfield who was close to 30 attempts. 24.5 attempts a game averaging 165 yards seems like a "game manager" type QB (just looking at the numbers) I've recently just started watching some of his clips and the way he
  8. I agree, still very young at 26 years old. His last 2 years have been "down years" any particular reason he has struggled? injuries? Bortles? etc..
  9. Allen Hurns cut by Jacksonville, any interest from NYJ, he's still young @ 26 years old.
  10. I would like to know what other team Macc thought was going to give this guy $10,000,000 ... talk about bidding against yourself... again
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