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  1. It is a tough question . Josh MCDaniels is a proven moron. He only got an offer because he failed as a HC and had to sign up under “ coach bill bellicheck’s HC training seminar. “ which promises a HC offer within 2-3 years after serving as his coordinator. It is sad the league chases his guys like they are gold. He got his guarantee offer after B.B’s HC training camp. B.B. It was more personal, prideful. He didn’t want to be controlled by Parcells. While McDaniels wants to be controlled by bellickick. I think McDaniels wasn’t worrying about coaching colts much while preparing for th
  2. Hey all. Happy to be welcomed aboard. I hope I’m not considered a trader ha. Former jetsinsider Who tried ganggreen, but now heard this was best jet fan forum. ( sorry I am not tech Savy). This site seems to be lot like JI use to be. I am a history buff, my fav jet player was Curtis Martin( hence Roman reference and 28 ) ha.
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