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  1. yeah....I am a grown ass man. My days of wearing clothes adorned with breakfast food are over!
  2. I agree. I get that our current situation and personnel suck, but what coach and/or QB wouldn't want to come in and be the Hero. Football is the ultimate team sport, but a new leader can come in and change the culture, and motivate mold and inspire. I don't think JD is finished acquiring draft picks, so we should be in an amazing situation come next draft and season. I just feel bad for Sam Darnold.
  3. From your lips to God's Ear Brother! Let's Go Jets!!
  4. I have faith in JD. It's Gase I am worried about. But I get what you are saying. Great Teams come from great Organizations.
  5. After 6 months being stuck in NC because of the pandemic, my wife and I are finally back home in NYC. Great to be back, however the shame and embarrassment that I have been feeling as a Jets fan is more real, as I stroll through my neighborhood and see my fellow Jets fans with their heads hung low. We are considered the worst team in football...Fox Sunday Football has made us a joke on a week to week basis, and it seems that daily, more and more folks are telling Trevor Lawrence to run for the hills. It seems like No one wants to play for this team. So....After we fire Gase, which is a matter of when, is there a coach that you think can come in and instantly change the narrative. We are a sh*t show now, but could we be a desired destination, with a new franchise QB (Trevor), a LOT of draft picks over the next two years(including 4 1st rd), and a new coaching staff lead by.....WHO? I am not that familiar with the college coaching ranks, so I ask you guys if there is someone out there, either in the NFL or College who could flip the script on this horrendous season.
  6. Is it too early to rev up the Greg Williams Band Wagon?
  7. Please PLEASE make this happen!! Jamal Adams WHO?
  8. Honest question...do you think we will have a full NFL season? I have no idea at this point.
  9. I screamed so loud I scared the sh*t out of my dog! He’s hiding under the bed… I think he was a Jamal fan...Bad Doggy!
  10. I am sure you are right. I think the significance is that the Eagles were the first team to do it. Or at least that’s what I was told when I was working in Philly back in 2003. Point is I don’t mess with Philly Fans
  11. In 98 they put a court and jail under the stadium! Judge Seamus McCaffery was the judge. So many fans were getting out of hand they decided to try them in jail them under the stadium.
  12. You sure do like long goodbyes...
  13. I Literally guffawed when I read this!
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