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  1. Honest question...do you think we will have a full NFL season? I have no idea at this point.
  2. I screamed so loud I scared the sh*t out of my dog! He’s hiding under the bed… I think he was a Jamal fan...Bad Doggy!
  3. I am sure you are right. I think the significance is that the Eagles were the first team to do it. Or at least that’s what I was told when I was working in Philly back in 2003. Point is I don’t mess with Philly Fans
  4. In 98 they put a court and jail under the stadium! Judge Seamus McCaffery was the judge. So many fans were getting out of hand they decided to try them in jail them under the stadium.
  5. You sure do like long goodbyes...
  6. I Literally guffawed when I read this!
  7. "BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!" Good Lawd!! Impressive!!
  8. The Apple doesn't fall.....etc, etc. You get the meaning...WELCOME PRETEENBEAN!!!
  9. Would love for the value of my PSL to increase. Fingers crossed
  10. With limited to No capacity for the entire regular season, teams NOT selling single game tickets(this could change) and prioritizing STH for available tickets, the resell value on the secondary market will be insane. Playoff tickets will cost a Zillion dollars!
  11. I have been a supporter of his but this changes everything. I don’t know what I prefer. Do we trade his ass and get rid of him now, or make him ride out for two more years until all our options to keep him have run out, meaning Franchise Tag etc. NO....let’s definitely get rid of his ass now!
  12. 25K is peanuts in the long run in an NFL career, but when I was 20/21....might as well be a Gillion dollars!!
  13. I got Sooooo excited when I saw the headline I screamed “Yessssss!” 30 seconds later I realized it was an old article from May 12. I totally made my wife’s WEEK! She laughed for days!
  14. We could sweeten that pot with my wife as well. I love her, but Good Lawd! Being isolated for months with no job....Ahhhh!

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