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    Originally from Kansas City. Lifelong Chiefs, Royals fan
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    Jet's passing on Pat Mahomes in 2017 NFL draft.
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    When Jets beat Chiefs in 1986 Wild card game.
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  1. ....this is the kind of deal you do when you have a QB ON A ROOKIE CONTRACT. you guys have cap space. Get Darnold a legit LT. It will cost a 3rd. And the contract will be steep...SO WHAT. your QB is on his rookie deal. You should be doing this. Use pick 11 for something really good......Henry Ruggs would sure look good in a Jets uniform....he's fast, runs good routes, blocks in the running game and is an effort guy. You need to build an offense that can put up 30 points to compete with KC. Make this trade. Bring back Anderson. Get Ruggs in the draft. become a threat to score for once. Maybe Bell gets back to being a little closer to his old self with a better line. I don't know why you wouldn't do this.
  2. This narrative is wrong and lazy. If the argument is "would Mahomes have been able to land in NY and pass for 5000 and 50 TD....then sure...but assume Mahomes isn't an absolute stud/unicorn of a QB is completely wrong. Mahomes would have come in and lifted up whatever talent was around...even bad talent like the Jets have. You'd be instant contenders and would be a dangerous playoff team because he's that guy that makes it happen when it has to happen. It would be evident you had a special talent at QB on your team right away....it wouldn't even be debatalbe....you'd see it. Fruthermore.....Andy Ried IS a very good coach...he is a creative play caller and designer. He is a big plus for Mahomes. However, if all there was too this QB buisness was having good weapons and good schemes...Alex Smith and Andy Ried should have been 5 time SB champs. KC moved on from a Pro Bowl, division winning QB who was a good QB, and all around great guy, who they spent big draft capital on to move up for....they knew what he was when they went to go get him.....and that was a QB who could.......carry a team and lift the talent...make a bad O line look good, and on and on. He landed in a spot where his talent got him a 5000/50 season....wich is great.....but there is no reason at all to think he wouldn't have gone 28 TD 13 INTS and 4200 on a bad Jets squad and had you guys competing for a playoff spot. He would have. On that note.....it's also kind of silly to say that drafting a Darnold or anyone else doens't matter because ....."we are the Jets". I get it....your franchise has been disfunctional for a while...but you get out of that by aquiring great players....and assuming they will all be cursed because they on your squad is defeatist. KC had NEVER won a home playoff game at Arrowhead until Mahomes did it...that place opened in 1972. Mahomes is 3-1 in playoff games at arrowhead and he is 3-0 in games that weren't tied at the end of regulation. Hell....Mahomes is 2-0 in playoff games where the opposing team blocked a punt and returned it for a TD...great players overcome bad rosters, bad history, etc. Mahomes is that kind of guy. he'd be a GREAT player on any team including yours.
  3. I'm so glad that the Jets were still "waiting to see what we have" with Hackenberg going to into the 2017 Draft.

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