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  1. Couple things here. 1. Regarding Denver as a possible destination for Darnold. You can cross that one out. They already have Drew Lock who they want to see if he can be the man or not. If they traded for Darnold, they'd have to play him to see if HE could be the man or not because you'd need to decide if you are exercising the 5th year option or not. Denvers coachign staff has been given a "win or your fired" ultimatum. They are stuck rolling with Lock. If they wanted to bring in a vet to unseat Lock...they'd have done so....and if they were going to draft a guy in round 1, they wou
  2. Williams will be a Chief in 24 hours or less. Thuney, Williams, .....line rebuilt and better than before.
  3. Thuneys contract is backloaded....he will only be a 5 million cap hit this year....I'm here to tell you that KC will probably also sign Trent Williams in the next 24 hours. Mahomes is still cheap and KC is still about super bowls NOW. Also..unrelated... @jetstream23 the 4 ladies in the J E T S bikini bottoms.....those are some really boney, flat asses....My asian wife has more cake than that.....do better.
  4. your options are limited to the minimum another party can/does offer. If Watson is available to the Jets and Dolphins and the Jets want Watson....then their option is to make an offer the Texans like better than the offer Miami makes to them. That's it. Watson will be worth EXACTLY whatever the final deal is (if one is even made)
  5. .....The Chiefs would GLADLY have traded their next 10 first round picks for Pat Mahomes. If you asked a Bills fan if they'd want the Jets next 10 1st and 2nds for Josh Allen, they'd laugh at you. There is nothing in the NFL as valuable as a franchise QB..and if you think you can get on in the draft, you aren't trading that pick away. Don't worry Jets fans.....Zach Wilson will have won the hype battle leading up to the draft and may well be a good consolation prize.
  6. No questions asked. No tests. No initiation rights. Get on the bus. Instead of staring down a dark black hole with no light at the end...join us....where we complain week to week about our 5th WR route running, and how after getting up by 2 or 3 TD we just can't quite step on the throats of whoever we play and end up not covering the spread every week. ...Another common problem is comming up with new adjectives to describe Patrick Mahomes plays. Maybe some New York slang could spice things up. We just swept the AFC east including road wins at Buffalo and NE this year...and we beat N
  7. I am so very very thankful that McKagnon still wanted to see what he had in Christian Hackenburg heading into that 2017 Draft.
  8. Chiefs will win....Andy isn't into crushing souls so I think the Jets can cover the spread. I'd like to get out to a nice comfortable lead by halftime and get our starters out of this game ASAP. This isn't a game KC (other than LeVeon) is going to be up for. We don't need injuries in this game or from Greg Williams tendancy to have guys rough up QB's. I'd be happy with a 35 - 17 win with the 35 coming almost all in the first half, and the 17 all in the second against our scrubs.... It's the NFL and it's almost never possible to say this...but I want KC to roll their h
  9. I think most of you know it.....the Jets roster is the most talent bereft roster in the NFL. My god.
  10. I didn't claim it here so hard to prove....(I have posted some season predictions on some other boards elsewhere) ....but seriously, from the outside looking in, even before the season started, the Jets have the worst top to bottom roster in the NFL. It's bad.
  11. Depends on the criteria...the short answer is yes...he would be the same dynamic player he is.....he would NOT have posted a leauge MVP or SB MVP season however on the Jets. He'd make the Jets potential contenders every year. Clearly, he ended up in the most optimal possible situation he could when KC got him.
  12. Wow....A LOT of you guys are really into box score analysis. Raw box score stats only tell you so much. You can find QB's in air raid systems that always put up big numbers no matter what kind of pro prospect they are....a big part of what made people mis-diagnose Mahomes was that they saw his stats as a product of the system and didn't bother to actually consider his other traits. Mahomes big stats WERE a product of the air raid, but if you took a closer look, you'd find a guy with elite arm strength, mobility....and the really important parts....pocket presence...eyes ALWAYS downfield eve
  13. .....to fix this, you need both culture change and a major infusuion of talent and chruning of your roster. Douglass shouldn't be fired...he didn't hire Gase, and most of this roster, especially the crap contracts still on it, weren't his doing. He drafted Becton....that's W, and trading Jamal Adams for the haul he got back was good....Adams is a great piece, but he isn't the guy you have to rebuild a team around....Douglass deserves a chance to mold this thing into something cohesive and of his own doing. Hire Eric Bienemy as HC. You may think he is just Andy Rieds clipboard holde
  14. You are welcome on the KC bandwagon if you'd like a seat. Until finally getting Mahomes and this SB last season...I was a long time KC fan that wasn't born when my team last won one, and became a fan in the 80's when KC was awful.....actually one of my first KC Chiefs memories was that 86 wild card game we lost by a TON to the Jets. Hopefully the Jets get it together sometime soon.... Just on the outside looking in......I have barely seen Sam Darnold play. I don't claim to know if he is good, could be good....needs/needed a better situation to be good etc...I don't know...but wh
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