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    Originally from Kansas City. Lifelong Chiefs, Royals fan
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    Jet's passing on Pat Mahomes in 2017 NFL draft.
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    When Jets beat Chiefs in 1986 Wild card game.
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  1. Put him on a plane to KC. We will take him as D coordinator.
  2. These are awful. Go back to the Kelly green. Revive or revise the Jets wordmark....that logo, as someone mentioned signifies New York as a big deal..jets coming and going all the time all over the place..the same is supposed to give the team a "NEW YORK" type identity......bigger than big....that isn't the image that a military jet conveys....are you guys going to practice with those stupid turbo nerf footballs with the tail fins on them too? Is Mountain Dew your new official sponser? LOL
  3. Zerovoltz

    MAHOMES OR DONALD: who is the MVP??

    Mahomes has had to carry the leauges worst defesne to the 1 seed. ....the Chiefs have lost 4 games, by a combined 14 points...3 of the 4 losses were on the road...at New England, at LA, and at Seattle....Mahomes lost to the Rams in a game where the Chiefs put up 51 points. He lost to the Patriots in a game where the Chiefs put up 40 points. Both of those loses were by 3 points each. If any other QB were the QB of the Chiefs we'd be 8-8 at BEST. We had to cut our stupid star RB. we are starting two guards that weren't on the roster to start the season due to multiple injuries. ....and we still haven't scored fewer than 26 points in a game all year. If EVER there was a player who fit the definition of MVP it is Pat Mahomes......single handedly (both right and left) pulling rabbits out of the hat all game long.
  4. I'm not a Jets fan, but I LOVE the 80's kelly green...and I don't usually like a logo that is in fact a word....but the JETS in that angled wing font was a pretty cool logo....seems big time new york like instead of smller town military base type. I remember watching the Jets and mark gastinueau destroy my Chiefs in teh 86 wild card wearing those uniforms and I always thought they looked really sharp in those.
  5. Barry Sanders was a monster. He played in an era where the QB didn't matter as much as now. The Lions never won JACK SQUAT with him because they never had a QB. ......Saquon Barkley is a fun novelty item who is fun to watch...and he won't be more than that without a QB.
  6. Zerovoltz

    Baker looked legit

    ZING!!!!! I posted this pre draft.
  7. Well...you didn't get Allen.....you got Darnold....At least you didn't get Allen. There's still a chance Darnold developes, but "The Man" in this draft was Mayfield....as I projected. Cleveland didn't screw it up this time.
  8. I can't say you are wrong....the 49ers decided to draft a non pass rushing DE at 3 that year instead of taking a QB, wich they were in dire need of at the time....I know not all teams were high on the 2017 class. ....I would only say, your FO was high enough on Hack to draft HIM in the 2nd round the year before....they obviously evaluated that he was talented and may have still thought so in 2017.
  9. I would like to thank your GM for believing he still needed to see one more year of Hack thus keeping the Jets out of the 2017 QB Market and in part, allowing the Chiefs to trade up for Mahomes. It was well known by draft day in 2017 the Jets were NOT going QB because they had just spent that 2nd on Hack the year before and wanted to see it through. Thank you.
  10. Zerovoltz

    Jets sign RB Charcandrick West

    I think he used to be a Pokemon.
  11. Zerovoltz

    Jets sign RB Charcandrick West

    You're getting a good player. He did lead us in rushing in 2015, got hurt, and was replaced by Spencer Ware, who did a damn good job and lead us in rushing in 2016 and would have started 2017 as the No.1 but got hurt before the season, and Kareem Hunt started....and that turned out super good. West was stuck at 3rd on our depth chart and was going to make 1.6 Million this year. We are up against the cap and needed the money for depth elsewhere (specifically, to sign Scandrick) I'd venture to say he's better than any back you currently have on your roster.
  12. .....consider for a moment that Andy Reid traded away a QB who had just finished 1st in NFL passer rating, that had led the team to 2 straight division titles, who was under contract for another year at a reasonable 20 million on a team whose skill players are all coming into their primes on offense....he did that to clear the way for a guy he drafted and has seen in practice a whole year....They didn't do that because they expect to take a step back. They beleive they will get better. ....and if you are a gambler....Under Andy Ried, the Chiefs have beaten the vegas over/under win total all five years he has been with KC. The total is 8.5. They won 10 last year. Probalby not going to be a regression.
  13. Zerovoltz

    Tweets from Rookie Minicamp Day 2

    Bigoldick(t) Darnold.
  14. I'm looking at this from the outside...but to me, it would seem like your GM and your coach don't exactly have a lot of time to let a guy sit on the bench....I get it that you have McCown back and Bridgewater. They can play until the new guy is ready. Is that really what the owner, the fanbase and even the staff really expect? Forgetting all the smokescreen etc etc....Mayfields issue is his size...other than that, he is ready to run that offense the day you draft him. ....plus, aren't you new york folks all about big names and bravado? Seems like a fit.

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