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    Jet's passing on Pat Mahomes in 2017 NFL draft.
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    When Jets beat Chiefs in 1986 Wild card game.
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  1. Hey Jets fans....KC fan here....wondering what interest there could be in Orlando Brown Jr on a draft day trade? Hear me out. KC is luke warm on the guy as our Left Tackle. He's a good player. He's a pro bowler (FWIW) He just isn't a scheme fit for our pass heavy attack that asks the LT to play on an island, no chips etc. He's franchise tagged. KC isn't in great cap shape. IF I were KC, I'd take 38 overall and call it good. The jets can pay the man what he's asking and he solves your LT problem. You can still go get your WR and EDGE with picks 4 and 10. Thoughts? I would think this would become a more realisitc possibility if we get to pick 29 and KC sees a OT they like there (BERNHARD RAIMANN).
  2. Jets won't do it....but should draft Carson Strong by trading back into rd 1 or with their 2nd round pick. Instead, Pittsburg will do this and get Big Ben 2.0
  3. JuJu doesn't have to be the star...he just needs to be a good 3rd option. ....only costing KC 3 million in base salary and incentives that can make it up to 10. The incentives all roll into next years cap IF he achieves those. Great deal for KC. Wilson looks like a bust with a weak arm. JuJu finished up with dead arm Big Ben....and probably doesn't want to be around another weak armed QB.
  4. There is a flip side to this story. KC Fan circa 2017 - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with signing veteran QB's. I've been a fan of the Chiefs all my life and the KC hasn't drafted a QB since 83 when Todd Blackledge Busted. How many veterans have we tried? Tons, and none of them have done squat except play mediocre football and lose in playoff games! We NEED to draft a QB to get over the hump! KC fans finally got our wish and they drafted Mahomes. That's worked out well. Anyhow...as an outside observer, I've seen enough of Wilson to believe he's a bust...and that his play won't improve enough to ever be considered a franchise type QB that anyone believes can lead the Jets to post season success. I highly doubt the Jets FO has the time, or backing by your ownership to do this...but Carson Strong is the answer. Just as the Cardinals had seen enough of Josh Rosen after 1 year...Wilson has put enough awful QB play on tape (despite the injuries and covid and roster...HE sucks.) ....move on... and draft Strong. And regarding Strong....he's not that high on draft boards yet...he'll be 1/1 by the time the draft hype machine gets finished churning. Carson Strong......could be the Jets Savior....will be somoene elses instead most likely. You heard it here first.
  5. ...... Fisher was a starter and suffered achillies injury in the AFCCG. He was cut because going into this season, it was the last year of his contract and he wouldn't be available to play until around week 8 at best. Why pay and suffer the cap hit of the last year of a contract for a guy that won't play? They cut him. Schwartz started the 2020 season at RT...suffered a back injury early in the year and never was able to come back. Same as fisher...he was etnering the last year of his contract.....cut because no reason to pay a guy and take the cap hit for aguy that can't play....not official yet, but he is likely retired.....and again...played well under half of the season. Reiter was perhaps the worst starting C in football. He was released...remains unsigned...couldn't even get a gig with the Texans who tried him out a couple weeks ago. he SUCKS....but yes....we lost a starter. Damien Williams was a covid opt out....not a starter. Sammy Watkins.....nominal starter.....not a big factor. Baushaud Breeland. Good starter they let walk as they have his replacement on the roster at lower price. Damien Wilson.....starting LB....not good...couldn't cover...never made a play. FA...unsigned elsewhere....his replacement....and early camp standout 2nd round LB from last year. Willie Gay...on the roster....will be better player. Osemele? Come on..that dues started like 2 games becuase LDT opted out...and he blew out his knees. Kpass......not sure you can really call him a starter...KC rotated DE a ton. either way...he was non factor. If you want to try and imply value by calling these guys "starters" then go ahead......the roster is way better....especially the O line. Not that you all care..but KC got the steal of the draft in OG Trey Smith.....will make the pro bowl as a rookie at OG....new starting C Creed Humphrey will be all rookie...the new Line ....you guys don't understand whats about to happen....KC is going to have 2018 offense all over again....
  6. During Mahomes rookie year, there was alot of gloom and doom because he was throwing CAMP INTS. Don't pay attention to camp stats. No one knows what routes the recievers are working on, or what coverages the DBs are working on...or what blocking scheme the O line is doing....they are running plays and trying out stuff that is very much practice based. Instead...in game action...preseason....watch the kid....you'll know if he's "getting it". ...it will show. Most of us KC fans saw it real quick with Mahomes. It was evident pretty early that he was going to be something good. Didn't need a box score or a stat sheet to say so. Even when he debuted in week 17 of the 2017 Season....his stat line of 0 TD, 1 INT 283 yards passing.....doesn't tell you how he performed....it was obvious watching that game that he had a TON of "it". You'll know "it" when you see "it"
  7. Couple things here. 1. Regarding Denver as a possible destination for Darnold. You can cross that one out. They already have Drew Lock who they want to see if he can be the man or not. If they traded for Darnold, they'd have to play him to see if HE could be the man or not because you'd need to decide if you are exercising the 5th year option or not. Denvers coachign staff has been given a "win or your fired" ultimatum. They are stuck rolling with Lock. If they wanted to bring in a vet to unseat Lock...they'd have done so....and if they were going to draft a guy in round 1, they wouldn't have kept the coaching staff around and told them to win now. Denver will sign a very low level vet to back up Lock and that's it. They aren't in the QB market until next year. 2. The Jet's are taking Wilson. Most of you know that by now. If they weren't intending to do so, then SF would have traded with you guys instead of Miami. 3. SF came up to 3 for Lance. 4. Darnold will still be a Jet on opening day.....and the Jets won't pick up his 5th year option...he'll depart New York with the Jets recieveing ultimately nothing in compensation.
  8. Williams will be a Chief in 24 hours or less. Thuney, Williams, .....line rebuilt and better than before.
  9. Thuneys contract is backloaded....he will only be a 5 million cap hit this year....I'm here to tell you that KC will probably also sign Trent Williams in the next 24 hours. Mahomes is still cheap and KC is still about super bowls NOW. Also..unrelated... @jetstream23 the 4 ladies in the J E T S bikini bottoms.....those are some really boney, flat asses....My asian wife has more cake than that.....do better.
  10. your options are limited to the minimum another party can/does offer. If Watson is available to the Jets and Dolphins and the Jets want Watson....then their option is to make an offer the Texans like better than the offer Miami makes to them. That's it. Watson will be worth EXACTLY whatever the final deal is (if one is even made)
  11. .....The Chiefs would GLADLY have traded their next 10 first round picks for Pat Mahomes. If you asked a Bills fan if they'd want the Jets next 10 1st and 2nds for Josh Allen, they'd laugh at you. There is nothing in the NFL as valuable as a franchise QB..and if you think you can get on in the draft, you aren't trading that pick away. Don't worry Jets fans.....Zach Wilson will have won the hype battle leading up to the draft and may well be a good consolation prize.
  12. No questions asked. No tests. No initiation rights. Get on the bus. Instead of staring down a dark black hole with no light at the end...join us....where we complain week to week about our 5th WR route running, and how after getting up by 2 or 3 TD we just can't quite step on the throats of whoever we play and end up not covering the spread every week. ...Another common problem is comming up with new adjectives to describe Patrick Mahomes plays. Maybe some New York slang could spice things up. We just swept the AFC east including road wins at Buffalo and NE this year...and we beat NE on teh road last year, and we beat Brady at Tampa on the road this year....we vanquish your enemies...so you can take satisfaction in that while you adjust to your new fandom. We have good stable ownership, coaching, GM and QB..so you can be sure to enjoy football again week to week and know that you can rest assured that your team is in good hands. Plenty of room onboard and enough of the worlds best BBQ for everyone.
  13. I am so very very thankful that McKagnon still wanted to see what he had in Christian Hackenburg heading into that 2017 Draft.
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