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    When Jets beat Chiefs in 1986 Wild card game.
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  1. I'm so glad that the Jets were still "waiting to see what we have" with Hackenberg going to into the 2017 Draft.
  2. .....Scott Pioli was in WAY WAY over his head in Kansas City.... The guy is probably a good scout, especially regarding linement, so that might be a good match for you jets people as it seems you need to build a line....but he can't read offensive talent/skill positions and he covers up his deficiencies by micromanaging and making sure everyone knows he is the man in charge. Based on his time in KC, I wouldn't want that guy running my team. Maybe he's learned something....and since you already have the young QB, you don't have to worry about Pioli being in charge of finding you one...because he doesn't know how. Piioli also was very much into "his guys".....so a guy like Matt Cassel, who he traded for to bring to KC....kept getting run out onto the field LONG after it was apparent he sucked..Pioli intentionally brought in nobody at QB that could even remotely challenge Cassel...Pioli also kept trotting out BAD draft picks trying to prove he was right about them when it had long become obvious that they were busts. He will also try and fit round pegs into square holes due to his stubborn insistance on adhering to his schemes etc instead of adapting to the roster he has. Lastly....he'd almost certainly power struggle with Gase. Pioli hired two weak head coaches in KC that would do his bidding and when Todd Haley became insubordinate..Pioli actually....literally....launched plots and intrigues to build a case in the media to fire him. Perhaps Pioli has learned from these mistakes and would make a better go of a second chance at being a GM but I doubt it. I wouldn't want to gamble that he'd be different than his first go round..... Lastly....that dude took the Assistant GM job in Atlanta thinking it would be a temporary landing spot for a year or 2 until the next oppertunity came around. His fat ass has been parked there for 5 years. The team went to a super bowl in 2016 while he was there. No calls.
  3. Frankly, these aren’t bad considering what they might have done. I’m not a fan of black for blacks sake but even that isn’t bad. They kept it fairly simple and didn’t make it too busy like the god awful Titans uniform. I don’t think you all needed to change the uniform you had, other than the helmet logo had too much going on. Otherwise it was a great look. Be glad they didn’t go full on arena league. I can see these getting some traction if the team starts winning
  4. Not really related at all...but when I lived in Minot, ND between 2014 and 2016.....it was pretty common to see people at wal mart wearing these. the Rough Riders are pretty popular.
  5. KC tried to renegotiate with him before releasing him....I wouldn't completely rule out a return to KC if the money was right. (problaby won't be..but it's possible)
  6. I'm not all that impressed with the black added in...Black for blacks sake is almost always a mistake. The helmet is what really bothers me about this. That block style tail fin is AWFUL. How do you sell a hat or shirt with that on it? What does it say about the brand? It doesn't look like it is even part of a Jet plane. Furthermore...as I said somewhere way back in this thread...the "Jets" name is about more than an aircraft...it's a mistake to limit it's interpretation to an aircraft..."Jets" represents the big time, cosmopolitan city that New York is..."Jets" to me says....our lifestyle in new york is fast, it's big. we go places...we're busy and we're better than you. This is why, in this case, I think the sleek wordmark as a logo is a better choice....it can mean what you want it to. You put a fighter jet or airplane on the logo and you might as well just join the arena league. You are a NEW YORK team. BE ABOUT IT! The Giants have a simple color scheme, a simple uniform...it's gray pants and navy jersey, with the simple NY logo...isn't a gimmick....they look like they've been around a long time and that they know they are the big dogs....don't need a gimmick to portrary that. The Jets are on the cusp of being the GOOD NFL team in NY....they ought to look like it. It's New York, Not Dayton, Ohio.
  7. I'm a Chiefs fan, but I really hope that whatever your redesign ends up being...that is it fairly simple, clean and crisp. The best branding isn't a bunch of crazy colors, or black for the sake of black. It's all been done and it doesn't hold up. The crapiest uniforms in sports are ALWAYS some team that thinks switching to arena leauge type cartoon garbage that is supposed to appeal to "the kids". That crap is popular for about 5 minutes and then everyone realize how stupid it actually looks. The Buccaneers come to mind right away. I always thought the 80's jets kelly green was an incredible look. I've seen some updated, modern clean versioins of that on here and I hope that is what you all go with. The black, or the two tone wierd green shades with gray are purely garbage....the fighter jet logos all suck too. Jets is a reference to the metropolitan city that New York is...it says we are big and sophisticated....the fighter jet in this case....diminishes that. It's the same reason the Giants are such a good brand...it's simple, classic, iconic and the message isn't complicated.

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