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  1. I'm a Chiefs fan and I thought that replay should NOT have overturned the INT.  I can understand how some refs might try and interpret every frame of a replay and apply the rule literally and overturn that..... and they did, but they shouldn't have.

    At some point officials should think about what the spirit of the rule is intended for....using super slow mo replay to determine if a player had or didn't have control of a ball that they initially caught, and still had control of for all intents and purposes, but not to the letter of the law...that's not really what the rule was made for was it?

    It's kind of like offside in Soccer.  That rule exists so you don't have offensive players hanging out deep down the field or deep into the other teams zone.  That rule was NEVER intended to be called where some ref or replay determines if a guy is half an inch behind a defender at the time a ball is passed ahead/into the zone.  IT's stupid how that's interpreted.  And so is this.


    Last thing.  Mahomes definetly threw some turnover worthy passes.  The Chargers didn't convert those to turnovers (the above notwithstanding) ...Herbert also threw some turnover worthy balls.  The Chiefs only converted ONE of those into a turnover, it was a major play in the game..  Point being...in most NFL games, the QB's have some turnover worthy throws.  "ALMOST INTS" is not a stat...and if you keep that as a stat, that's a losers mentality.

  2. I’ve thought Payton should be the play and the reason is because he knows how to be at the top of a winning organization. He knows how it is supposed to operate from player personnel to how to run an efficient and effective practice.  He knows what a QB can and can’t do.  

    I think Payton would be tempted to take on the Jets IF the jets get the 1/1 in the draft and Payton is given the no.1 spot on the team hierarchy.  He picks the GM and has final say on personnel.

    Pay the man and let him take the reigns.


    if not him, than someone similar, who understands how it works, what it looks like and how to evaluate a QB and what they can do.  Payton is at the top of that list.  

  3. as a non jets fan an someone from flyover country....I gotta ask...

    Do New York based teams consider media reaction when they make decisions to do anything up there?

    The reason I ask is that from what I read in this thread, the Jets are reasonably well supported by you guys (jets fans) despite this long stretch of futility.

    It would seem to me, absent media pressure, or being willing to live with critical media, that ownership could commit to cleaning out the whole thing...the coaches, GM, scouting dept, executives that aren't football related even.  Hire yourself an actual football mind to be the president of the organizatoin and let them have total control.....and give that person time and money to set the thing up.

    You might answer that they've tried or are trying with Douglass and Saleh.  

    What I mean is...you go hire someone to be at the very top that knows what it looks like to have a high functioning organization.  I've mentioned Sean Payton before as a name...in his case you give him the top spot in the chain and get him a GM that does his bidding....or you hire Mike Shanahan for example...not as coach...but as president.  Mike knows what a winning organization looks like and he knows what kind of people to put in place.  You find that guy and you give him the reigns and the money.  

    The other thing...and again. forgive me.  I am not from your neck of the woods, I don't know the first thing about how your city works, the demographics of it all etc.  ...but sharing a stadium with the Giants in New Jersey....seems second class.  A team in Americas biggest media market, ought to be first class all the way.  How can you expect players, agents and media to respect you and want to be a part of something when your stadium and organization seem second hand?

    Couldn't the Jets stake out a section of the city and make it their own, with an awesome stadium...a destination, super bowl hosting on a regular basis/rotation type place?  I don't get it?

    I think the Jets could/would/should be a premier franchise and are sitting on a gold mine....but they aren't.  It's a shame.

  4. The saddest part of that 2018 Draft was that with Mayfield off the board, it was really just a 3 man QB debate because at the time, Lamar wasn't going up high.  

    That means the Jets had a 33% chance of just lucking into picking Allen.  That's a better hit rate than most 1st round QB's.  

    Let's assume for a moment they didn't like Rosen.....and it was just between Darnold and Allen....that's a coin toss of just lucking into the right guy.


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  5. From the outside looking in....I'll be surprised if you win 5 games.  

    It's a QB driven league.  I don't think Zach Wilson is going to develop into a good or even average NFL QB.  

    I read here quite a bit about how many here applaud the current FO for improving the roster.  I'm not going to disagree with that sentiment but even with the improvement, the roster just has too many guys on it that aren't difference makers...and the few guys you have that might be, seem to be hurt too much.  

    I pointed out some of the issues with the current set up.  I won't go over that again here, but I believe you guys are heading for another down year, and I think probably another coaching change if not entire FO.  Marrying your career to a high draft pick that doesn't work out, is perilous.  The guy in Arizona survived Josh Rosen...but he moved on after 1 year and got it mostly right, with Kyler Murray.  

    I can see a scenario where some of these newer guys look allright but the QB doesn't develop and maybe Douglass survives that and gets one more shot at another QB and coach.  I'm probably not as sold on your draft class as most.  

    4 or less wins.  New FO and Coach.  the fix is as both elusive and as simple as getting the QB and coach right.

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  6. Gordon was a good citizen in KC...but he isn't what he was as a football player.  No longer able to separate and compound that with the guy just drops too many balls.....negating his value as a big red zone type target.  

    Maybe some team shallow at WR and wanting to try him out as something of a bottom of depth chart guy, might give him a shot, but he's done.  

  7. The Jets are in disarray.  At the conclusion of the season, they need to clean house again.  I know you guys are tired of starting over every 2-3 years but that’s where you are

    The team needs people at the top that know how to fix this.  By fix I mean 1.  Finding a QB and 2.  Building a roster and depth.  3.  Competent coaching.

    Go hire Payton and let Payton pick the GM.  Same setup as KC.  

    Payton knows QB talent, he knows football.  He put together teams that were consistently competitive and always built with good depths through good drafts.

    in addition, having a coach who is also the de facto O coordinator ensures continuity with the QB and offense whereas having a D minded coach that ends up with good offense, having the o coordinator poached.

    Paton can fix your mess.  Write the check or the Cowboys will.

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  8. On 8/17/2022 at 8:10 PM, NIGHT STALKER said:

    It gets me every time one of these clowns mention what schools Wilson played against.  What schools did Josh Allen play against?  At least BYU produced two winning SB QB's and one of them is in the HOF.  Brady is just sore he didn't make it with the Jets...el bust o.  

    A lot of people still don't understand why that really wasn't important in Josh Allen's case but is for someone like Wilson. -

    I had this debate a bunch with Broncos fans when they drafted Lock.   I love Lock.  He went to MIZZOU.  He's from Kansas City.  

    Broncos fans kept coming back to comparing him to Allen becasue Allen struggled at first, they are similar size and arm etc etc etc.  The big difference being that Lock....probably played more combined passing snaps throughout peewee, HS and college, at QB, VS high level competition, than any QB ever coming into a draft, while Allen had played practically no high level football at all coming into his draft year. 

    Locks scouting report was the easiest QB evaluation in the history of writeups.  They all say the same thing, and they've all been 100% correct about him....because he's played a bazillion reps VS high level competition his whole life, he was about as finished a product as there was when he came into the NFL.....all his flaws and strenghts had been pointed out, coached, worked on etc by the time he was drafted...it was a pretty easy call to say, he is what he is.

    Allen was drafted completely on raw talent that unlike Lock...hadn't had high level coaching, nor played VS high level comptetion....ever.  The idea was Allen was a unique case because you could make an honest argument that he truly was a guy that if you could get him with high level coahces and high level teammates, and high level competition..that he had A TON of room to still grow and learn.  That turned out to be entirely correct.......and is an incredibly rare and exceptional case for a QB.

    Wilson, had also played high level football most of his life and had 2 years starting at BYU...not a horrible compeition level, but not the SEC by any stretch.  BYU has also produced some really good QB's over the years so it's not like a QB from BYU doing well would be a surprise.  I think the Jets just misevaluated.  

    anyhow....my point here is that comparing Allen on draft day VS any QB on their draft day....simply isn't a good comparison, nor is it useful to say, look at Allen in year 1...he sucked!  ....Allen was climbing up that steep learning curve.....AND the Bills were turning over the roster.  ALL 5 of his O linemen from his rookie year were OUT OF FOOTBALL by the end of his second season.  Most of the rest of the offense he started with was also.  The Jets may be churnign the roster quite a bit lately but even you guys have had more NFL caliber players to start with than Allen had as he began.  Allen and Zach comparisons don't work.  

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  9. For Rutgers fans -

    7th Round RB Isiah Pacheco out of Rutgers......is already a LOCK to make the KC roster.  He's been getting the "1" reps as kick returner and has rotated in with the 1's at RB where he has been impressive, especially in the passing game.  His speed has shown up.  

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  10. 2 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    Plus it could be worse 




    Yeah...of course that's a distraction and drama that doesn't need to exist...the difference is out drama is with the best QB in the NFL..your drama is with the worst QB in the NFL.  Zach Wilson is terrible.  

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  11. On 7/10/2022 at 3:55 PM, Jet Nut said:

    And yet you have no life trolling a Jets board for no apparent reason

    Let's be realistic here....ANYONE on a message board talking about football, or bad QB's banging hot old laides.... aren't exactly living our best lives.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, Hex said:

    How the heck has this reached 3 pages? Are we really that desperate?

    LOL....  I am glad I can talk about being a contender and all that.....and you guys are stuck talking about a QB and WR that will both be out of the leauge in a couple years, banging cougars and ex girlfriends.  

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  13. Hey Jets fans....KC fan here....wondering what interest there could be in Orlando Brown Jr on a draft day trade?  

    Hear me out.  KC is luke warm on the guy as our Left Tackle.  He's a good player.  He's a pro bowler (FWIW)  He just isn't a scheme fit for our pass heavy attack that asks the LT to play on an island, no chips etc.  He's franchise tagged.  KC isn't in great cap shape.

    IF I were KC, I'd take 38 overall and call it good.  The jets can pay the man what he's asking and he solves your LT problem.  You can still go get your WR and EDGE with picks 4 and 10.

    Thoughts?  I would think this would become a more realisitc possibility if we get to pick 29 and KC sees a OT they like there (BERNHARD RAIMANN).

  14. JuJu doesn't have to be the star...he just needs to be a good 3rd option.

    ....only costing KC 3 million in base salary and incentives that can make it up to 10.  The incentives all roll into next years cap IF he achieves those.  Great deal for KC.  

    Wilson looks like a bust with a weak arm.  JuJu finished up with dead arm Big Ben....and probably doesn't want to be around another weak armed QB.

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  15. On 12/24/2021 at 9:59 AM, NIGHT STALKER said:

    If he is a bust, what does that tell our fan base?  Here's what it tells me...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with drafting QB's.  As some of you know, I've been a fan of this team since '64 when we drafted Namath.  How many GM's and HC's have we had?  A ton and none of them could draft a FQB...NONE OF THEM!  It's time if Wilson doesn't work out to give up draft picks and get ourselves an established QB that can come in here and lead this team.  Even then that doesn't guarantee success, but drafting that position does not work for us...it's well documented. 

    There is a flip side to this story.  KC Fan circa 2017 -

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with signing veteran QB's.  I've been a fan of the Chiefs all my life and the KC hasn't drafted a QB since 83 when Todd Blackledge Busted.  How many veterans have we tried?  Tons, and none of them have done squat except play mediocre football and lose in playoff games!  We NEED to draft a QB to get over the hump!   KC fans finally got our wish and they drafted Mahomes.  That's worked out well.


    Anyhow...as an outside observer, I've seen enough of Wilson to believe he's a bust...and that his play won't improve enough to ever be considered a franchise type QB that anyone believes can lead the Jets to post season success.

    I highly doubt the Jets FO has the time, or backing by your ownership to do this...but Carson Strong is the answer.  Just as the Cardinals had seen enough of Josh Rosen after 1 year...Wilson has put enough awful QB play on tape (despite the injuries and covid and roster...HE sucks.)  ....move on... and draft Strong.

    And regarding Strong....he's not that high on draft boards yet...he'll be 1/1 by the time the draft hype machine gets finished churning.

    Carson Strong......could be the Jets Savior....will be somoene elses instead most likely.  You heard it here first.

  16. On 8/6/2021 at 2:52 PM, Facts said:

    No, I don’t think so.

    Pretty sure they lost like 7 starters.

    Edit: Just looked it up. They lost Eric Fisher, Mitchell Schwartz, Anthony Reiter, Damien Williams, Sammy Watkins, Bashaud Breeland, Damien Wilson, Kelechi Osemele and Kapsaacin.

    Thats 8 starters they lost. Why did you think they kept their whole squad!??



    Fisher was a starter and suffered achillies injury in the AFCCG.  He was cut because going into this season, it was the last year of his contract and he wouldn't be available to play until around week 8 at best.  Why pay and suffer the cap hit of the last year of a contract for a guy that won't play?  They cut him.


    Schwartz started the 2020 season at RT...suffered a back injury early in the year and never was able to come back.  Same as fisher...he was etnering the last year of his contract.....cut because no reason to pay a guy and take the cap hit for aguy that can't play....not official yet, but he is likely retired.....and again...played well under half of the season.  


    Reiter was perhaps the worst starting C in football.  He was released...remains unsigned...couldn't even get a gig with the Texans who tried him out a couple weeks ago.  he SUCKS....but yes....we lost a starter.

    Damien Williams was a covid opt out....not a starter.  

    Sammy Watkins.....nominal starter.....not a big factor.

    Baushaud Breeland.  Good starter they let walk as they have his replacement on the roster at lower price.

    Damien Wilson.....starting LB....not good...couldn't cover...never made a play.  FA...unsigned elsewhere....his replacement....and early camp standout 2nd round LB from last year. Willie Gay...on the roster....will be better player.

    Osemele?  Come on..that dues started like 2 games becuase LDT opted out...and he blew out his knees. 

    Kpass......not sure you can really call him a starter...KC rotated DE a ton.  either way...he was non factor.


    If you want to try and imply value by calling these guys "starters"  then go ahead......the roster is way better....especially the O line.


    Not that you all care..but KC got the steal of the draft in OG Trey Smith.....will make the pro bowl as a rookie at OG....new starting C Creed Humphrey will be all rookie...the new Line ....you guys don't understand whats about to happen....KC is going to have 2018 offense all over again....

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