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  1. Couple things here. 1. Regarding Denver as a possible destination for Darnold. You can cross that one out. They already have Drew Lock who they want to see if he can be the man or not. If they traded for Darnold, they'd have to play him to see if HE could be the man or not because you'd need to decide if you are exercising the 5th year option or not. Denvers coachign staff has been given a "win or your fired" ultimatum. They are stuck rolling with Lock. If they wanted to bring in a vet to unseat Lock...they'd have done so....and if they were going to draft a guy in round 1, they wouldn't have kept the coaching staff around and told them to win now. Denver will sign a very low level vet to back up Lock and that's it. They aren't in the QB market until next year. 2. The Jet's are taking Wilson. Most of you know that by now. If they weren't intending to do so, then SF would have traded with you guys instead of Miami. 3. SF came up to 3 for Lance. 4. Darnold will still be a Jet on opening day.....and the Jets won't pick up his 5th year option...he'll depart New York with the Jets recieveing ultimately nothing in compensation.
  2. Williams will be a Chief in 24 hours or less. Thuney, Williams, .....line rebuilt and better than before.
  3. Thuneys contract is backloaded....he will only be a 5 million cap hit this year....I'm here to tell you that KC will probably also sign Trent Williams in the next 24 hours. Mahomes is still cheap and KC is still about super bowls NOW. Also..unrelated... @jetstream23 the 4 ladies in the J E T S bikini bottoms.....those are some really boney, flat asses....My asian wife has more cake than that.....do better.
  4. your options are limited to the minimum another party can/does offer. If Watson is available to the Jets and Dolphins and the Jets want Watson....then their option is to make an offer the Texans like better than the offer Miami makes to them. That's it. Watson will be worth EXACTLY whatever the final deal is (if one is even made)
  5. .....The Chiefs would GLADLY have traded their next 10 first round picks for Pat Mahomes. If you asked a Bills fan if they'd want the Jets next 10 1st and 2nds for Josh Allen, they'd laugh at you. There is nothing in the NFL as valuable as a franchise QB..and if you think you can get on in the draft, you aren't trading that pick away. Don't worry Jets fans.....Zach Wilson will have won the hype battle leading up to the draft and may well be a good consolation prize.
  6. No questions asked. No tests. No initiation rights. Get on the bus. Instead of staring down a dark black hole with no light at the end...join us....where we complain week to week about our 5th WR route running, and how after getting up by 2 or 3 TD we just can't quite step on the throats of whoever we play and end up not covering the spread every week. ...Another common problem is comming up with new adjectives to describe Patrick Mahomes plays. Maybe some New York slang could spice things up. We just swept the AFC east including road wins at Buffalo and NE this year...and we beat NE on teh road last year, and we beat Brady at Tampa on the road this year....we vanquish your enemies...so you can take satisfaction in that while you adjust to your new fandom. We have good stable ownership, coaching, GM and QB..so you can be sure to enjoy football again week to week and know that you can rest assured that your team is in good hands. Plenty of room onboard and enough of the worlds best BBQ for everyone.
  7. I am so very very thankful that McKagnon still wanted to see what he had in Christian Hackenburg heading into that 2017 Draft.
  8. Chiefs will win....Andy isn't into crushing souls so I think the Jets can cover the spread. I'd like to get out to a nice comfortable lead by halftime and get our starters out of this game ASAP. This isn't a game KC (other than LeVeon) is going to be up for. We don't need injuries in this game or from Greg Williams tendancy to have guys rough up QB's. I'd be happy with a 35 - 17 win with the 35 coming almost all in the first half, and the 17 all in the second against our scrubs.... It's the NFL and it's almost never possible to say this...but I want KC to roll their helmets onto the field and call it a day. take the W and move on.
  9. I think most of you know it.....the Jets roster is the most talent bereft roster in the NFL. My god.
  10. I didn't claim it here so hard to prove....(I have posted some season predictions on some other boards elsewhere) ....but seriously, from the outside looking in, even before the season started, the Jets have the worst top to bottom roster in the NFL. It's bad.
  11. Depends on the criteria...the short answer is yes...he would be the same dynamic player he is.....he would NOT have posted a leauge MVP or SB MVP season however on the Jets. He'd make the Jets potential contenders every year. Clearly, he ended up in the most optimal possible situation he could when KC got him.
  12. Wow....A LOT of you guys are really into box score analysis. Raw box score stats only tell you so much. You can find QB's in air raid systems that always put up big numbers no matter what kind of pro prospect they are....a big part of what made people mis-diagnose Mahomes was that they saw his stats as a product of the system and didn't bother to actually consider his other traits. Mahomes big stats WERE a product of the air raid, but if you took a closer look, you'd find a guy with elite arm strength, mobility....and the really important parts....pocket presence...eyes ALWAYS downfield even as pressure was coming or moving out of the pocket....always eyes downfield with an aim to pass first. accuracy off platform. accuracy rolling both directions. Improvement in Cmp PTC year over year...and turnover rate. I never understood the knock on Mahomes as a potential turnover machine...he had a very low TO rate in college. Anyhow...Lawrence has the tools....many QB do....watch and see if he keeps his eyes downfield....makes reads and progressions....watch when he is in the pocket.....does he keep looking downfield when there is a collapsing pocket? Does he naturally have a feel for when to slide or step up....and not abandon good pockets? Brady was the master and just standing in a pocket and moving a step or two or stepping up, keeping his eyes on his targets....and making the right choice....Mahomes does that very very well also. I haven't spent enough time looking at TL...but that's what you should watch for....does he operate with his eyes remaining at all times, on targets, downfield even in chaos? It's huge. If he does...then the physical gifts combined with that....you'd have to take the guy if you could.
  13. .....to fix this, you need both culture change and a major infusuion of talent and chruning of your roster. Douglass shouldn't be fired...he didn't hire Gase, and most of this roster, especially the crap contracts still on it, weren't his doing. He drafted Becton....that's W, and trading Jamal Adams for the haul he got back was good....Adams is a great piece, but he isn't the guy you have to rebuild a team around....Douglass deserves a chance to mold this thing into something cohesive and of his own doing. Hire Eric Bienemy as HC. You may think he is just Andy Rieds clipboard holder etc....but he comes with alot of credibility, Andy Rieds endorsement, and he'll bring the culture change you need, along with a very creative playbook and history of getting alot out of the QB spot, OL and RB positions. He is detial oriented and commands a room. He'll bring in good people and provide legitamacy from day 1. .....I don't know the answer to this question, but either you think Darnold is legit (I don't know the answer to this) or you don't and you have the 1/1 and take Trevor....either way, have to be 100 percent on board fro the GM, to HC to ownership with you QB.... IF that means you are good with Darnold, take the bounty of picks for the 1/1 and churn the hell out of that roster. If that means you want Trevor....put Darnold on the market....see what you might get....there'd be a market there. build the roster. You aren't winning year 1 of your new HC and new QB....so when you spend your FA dollars....some of that needs to go to guys who help install the new culture...get leaders that share the new HC vision and program. Get guys that show up on time to meetings and call out dudes for not paying attention, making mistakes, etc. The ingredients for success aren't unobtainable.....you have your GM, you need a HC, and one way or the other, you will have your QB that you are 100 percent committed to as the franchise QB. Or at least you should...the circumstances for you to have those 3 things by the 2021 offseason are in place. You'll know things are going right when you see them cut loose some bad contracts and EAT some serious cap because the culture change/roster churn is THAT important. It can happen....there's no reason why it shouldn't happen.
  14. You are welcome on the KC bandwagon if you'd like a seat. Until finally getting Mahomes and this SB last season...I was a long time KC fan that wasn't born when my team last won one, and became a fan in the 80's when KC was awful.....actually one of my first KC Chiefs memories was that 86 wild card game we lost by a TON to the Jets. Hopefully the Jets get it together sometime soon.... Just on the outside looking in......I have barely seen Sam Darnold play. I don't claim to know if he is good, could be good....needs/needed a better situation to be good etc...I don't know...but what I can see, is that your franchise is a mess. I'm not trying to be a dick here, but your rosters overall talent and depth is the worst in the NFL. I think Douglass can probably fix it, but the kind of mess you have, takes more than one year, and McCagnon F'd it up by signing some huge contracts and trying to win now, with a roster that wasn't a win now piece or 2 away. Douglass made the right move to trade away Adams....great player...but not one who was going to help you contend now or next year or even the year after that. I don't see really anymore tradeable parts and pieces, but the whole thing needs to be burnt down to the ground....and pretty much Mechi Becton is the one piece you safely keep as part of your new foundation. That includes at this point....Darnold. He might have been the hero you needed...but he's just in the wrong place at the wrong time....(IMO) .....I won't be surprised if you guys go 0-16 or 1-15 and get the 1 overall....fire gase...fire the whole coaching staff....draft your franchise QB....hopefully whoever that is...Fields, Lawrence ....fits into a modern offense where the QB can move..and you get a coach that is able to maximize that......then ....when it's cleaned out....spend a few bucks on some locker room guys.....you all need a culture change.....badly. accumulate a ton of picks and then spend some money on veteran leaders to transition to. Maybe then, if you get the QB and coach right....in 3 years you might have something brewing.....but what you have now is a road to nowhere fast. Scorched earth is the way to go for you guys now.
  15. ....this is the kind of deal you do when you have a QB ON A ROOKIE CONTRACT. you guys have cap space. Get Darnold a legit LT. It will cost a 3rd. And the contract will be steep...SO WHAT. your QB is on his rookie deal. You should be doing this. Use pick 11 for something really good......Henry Ruggs would sure look good in a Jets uniform....he's fast, runs good routes, blocks in the running game and is an effort guy. You need to build an offense that can put up 30 points to compete with KC. Make this trade. Bring back Anderson. Get Ruggs in the draft. become a threat to score for once. Maybe Bell gets back to being a little closer to his old self with a better line. I don't know why you wouldn't do this.
  16. This narrative is wrong and lazy. If the argument is "would Mahomes have been able to land in NY and pass for 5000 and 50 TD....then sure...but assume Mahomes isn't an absolute stud/unicorn of a QB is completely wrong. Mahomes would have come in and lifted up whatever talent was around...even bad talent like the Jets have. You'd be instant contenders and would be a dangerous playoff team because he's that guy that makes it happen when it has to happen. It would be evident you had a special talent at QB on your team right away....it wouldn't even be debatalbe....you'd see it. Fruthermore.....Andy Ried IS a very good coach...he is a creative play caller and designer. He is a big plus for Mahomes. However, if all there was too this QB buisness was having good weapons and good schemes...Alex Smith and Andy Ried should have been 5 time SB champs. KC moved on from a Pro Bowl, division winning QB who was a good QB, and all around great guy, who they spent big draft capital on to move up for....they knew what he was when they went to go get him.....and that was a QB who could.......carry a team and lift the talent...make a bad O line look good, and on and on. He landed in a spot where his talent got him a 5000/50 season....wich is great.....but there is no reason at all to think he wouldn't have gone 28 TD 13 INTS and 4200 on a bad Jets squad and had you guys competing for a playoff spot. He would have. On that note.....it's also kind of silly to say that drafting a Darnold or anyone else doens't matter because ....."we are the Jets". I get it....your franchise has been disfunctional for a while...but you get out of that by aquiring great players....and assuming they will all be cursed because they on your squad is defeatist. KC had NEVER won a home playoff game at Arrowhead until Mahomes did it...that place opened in 1972. Mahomes is 3-1 in playoff games at arrowhead and he is 3-0 in games that weren't tied at the end of regulation. Hell....Mahomes is 2-0 in playoff games where the opposing team blocked a punt and returned it for a TD...great players overcome bad rosters, bad history, etc. Mahomes is that kind of guy. he'd be a GREAT player on any team including yours.
  17. I'm so glad that the Jets were still "waiting to see what we have" with Hackenberg going to into the 2017 Draft.
  18. .....Scott Pioli was in WAY WAY over his head in Kansas City.... The guy is probably a good scout, especially regarding linement, so that might be a good match for you jets people as it seems you need to build a line....but he can't read offensive talent/skill positions and he covers up his deficiencies by micromanaging and making sure everyone knows he is the man in charge. Based on his time in KC, I wouldn't want that guy running my team. Maybe he's learned something....and since you already have the young QB, you don't have to worry about Pioli being in charge of finding you one...because he doesn't know how. Piioli also was very much into "his guys".....so a guy like Matt Cassel, who he traded for to bring to KC....kept getting run out onto the field LONG after it was apparent he sucked..Pioli intentionally brought in nobody at QB that could even remotely challenge Cassel...Pioli also kept trotting out BAD draft picks trying to prove he was right about them when it had long become obvious that they were busts. He will also try and fit round pegs into square holes due to his stubborn insistance on adhering to his schemes etc instead of adapting to the roster he has. Lastly....he'd almost certainly power struggle with Gase. Pioli hired two weak head coaches in KC that would do his bidding and when Todd Haley became insubordinate..Pioli actually....literally....launched plots and intrigues to build a case in the media to fire him. Perhaps Pioli has learned from these mistakes and would make a better go of a second chance at being a GM but I doubt it. I wouldn't want to gamble that he'd be different than his first go round..... Lastly....that dude took the Assistant GM job in Atlanta thinking it would be a temporary landing spot for a year or 2 until the next oppertunity came around. His fat ass has been parked there for 5 years. The team went to a super bowl in 2016 while he was there. No calls.
  19. Frankly, these aren’t bad considering what they might have done. I’m not a fan of black for blacks sake but even that isn’t bad. They kept it fairly simple and didn’t make it too busy like the god awful Titans uniform. I don’t think you all needed to change the uniform you had, other than the helmet logo had too much going on. Otherwise it was a great look. Be glad they didn’t go full on arena league. I can see these getting some traction if the team starts winning
  20. Not really related at all...but when I lived in Minot, ND between 2014 and 2016.....it was pretty common to see people at wal mart wearing these. the Rough Riders are pretty popular.
  21. KC tried to renegotiate with him before releasing him....I wouldn't completely rule out a return to KC if the money was right. (problaby won't be..but it's possible)
  22. I'm not all that impressed with the black added in...Black for blacks sake is almost always a mistake. The helmet is what really bothers me about this. That block style tail fin is AWFUL. How do you sell a hat or shirt with that on it? What does it say about the brand? It doesn't look like it is even part of a Jet plane. Furthermore...as I said somewhere way back in this thread...the "Jets" name is about more than an aircraft...it's a mistake to limit it's interpretation to an aircraft..."Jets" represents the big time, cosmopolitan city that New York is..."Jets" to me says....our lifestyle in new york is fast, it's big. we go places...we're busy and we're better than you. This is why, in this case, I think the sleek wordmark as a logo is a better choice....it can mean what you want it to. You put a fighter jet or airplane on the logo and you might as well just join the arena league. You are a NEW YORK team. BE ABOUT IT! The Giants have a simple color scheme, a simple uniform...it's gray pants and navy jersey, with the simple NY logo...isn't a gimmick....they look like they've been around a long time and that they know they are the big dogs....don't need a gimmick to portrary that. The Jets are on the cusp of being the GOOD NFL team in NY....they ought to look like it. It's New York, Not Dayton, Ohio.
  23. I'm a Chiefs fan, but I really hope that whatever your redesign ends up being...that is it fairly simple, clean and crisp. The best branding isn't a bunch of crazy colors, or black for the sake of black. It's all been done and it doesn't hold up. The crapiest uniforms in sports are ALWAYS some team that thinks switching to arena leauge type cartoon garbage that is supposed to appeal to "the kids". That crap is popular for about 5 minutes and then everyone realize how stupid it actually looks. The Buccaneers come to mind right away. I always thought the 80's jets kelly green was an incredible look. I've seen some updated, modern clean versioins of that on here and I hope that is what you all go with. The black, or the two tone wierd green shades with gray are purely garbage....the fighter jet logos all suck too. Jets is a reference to the metropolitan city that New York is...it says we are big and sophisticated....the fighter jet in this case....diminishes that. It's the same reason the Giants are such a good brand...it's simple, classic, iconic and the message isn't complicated.
  24. Put him on a plane to KC. We will take him as D coordinator.
  25. These are awful. Go back to the Kelly green. Revive or revise the Jets wordmark....that logo, as someone mentioned signifies New York as a big deal..jets coming and going all the time all over the place..the same is supposed to give the team a "NEW YORK" type identity......bigger than big....that isn't the image that a military jet conveys....are you guys going to practice with those stupid turbo nerf footballs with the tail fins on them too? Is Mountain Dew your new official sponser? LOL
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