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  1. Mahomes has had to carry the leauges worst defesne to the 1 seed. ....the Chiefs have lost 4 games, by a combined 14 points...3 of the 4 losses were on the road...at New England, at LA, and at Seattle....Mahomes lost to the Rams in a game where the Chiefs put up 51 points. He lost to the Patriots in a game where the Chiefs put up 40 points. Both of those loses were by 3 points each. If any other QB were the QB of the Chiefs we'd be 8-8 at BEST. We had to cut our stupid star RB. we are starting two guards that weren't on the roster to start the season due to multiple injuries. ....and we still haven't scored fewer than 26 points in a game all year. If EVER there was a player who fit the definition of MVP it is Pat Mahomes......single handedly (both right and left) pulling rabbits out of the hat all game long.
  2. I'm not a Jets fan, but I LOVE the 80's kelly green...and I don't usually like a logo that is in fact a word....but the JETS in that angled wing font was a pretty cool logo....seems big time new york like instead of smller town military base type. I remember watching the Jets and mark gastinueau destroy my Chiefs in teh 86 wild card wearing those uniforms and I always thought they looked really sharp in those.
  3. Barry Sanders was a monster. He played in an era where the QB didn't matter as much as now. The Lions never won JACK SQUAT with him because they never had a QB. ......Saquon Barkley is a fun novelty item who is fun to watch...and he won't be more than that without a QB.
  4. ZING!!!!! I posted this pre draft.
  5. Well...you didn't get Allen.....you got Darnold....At least you didn't get Allen. There's still a chance Darnold developes, but "The Man" in this draft was Mayfield....as I projected. Cleveland didn't screw it up this time.
  6. I can't say you are wrong....the 49ers decided to draft a non pass rushing DE at 3 that year instead of taking a QB, wich they were in dire need of at the time....I know not all teams were high on the 2017 class. ....I would only say, your FO was high enough on Hack to draft HIM in the 2nd round the year before....they obviously evaluated that he was talented and may have still thought so in 2017.
  7. I would like to thank your GM for believing he still needed to see one more year of Hack thus keeping the Jets out of the 2017 QB Market and in part, allowing the Chiefs to trade up for Mahomes. It was well known by draft day in 2017 the Jets were NOT going QB because they had just spent that 2nd on Hack the year before and wanted to see it through. Thank you.
  8. You're getting a good player. He did lead us in rushing in 2015, got hurt, and was replaced by Spencer Ware, who did a damn good job and lead us in rushing in 2016 and would have started 2017 as the No.1 but got hurt before the season, and Kareem Hunt started....and that turned out super good. West was stuck at 3rd on our depth chart and was going to make 1.6 Million this year. We are up against the cap and needed the money for depth elsewhere (specifically, to sign Scandrick) I'd venture to say he's better than any back you currently have on your roster.
  9. .....consider for a moment that Andy Reid traded away a QB who had just finished 1st in NFL passer rating, that had led the team to 2 straight division titles, who was under contract for another year at a reasonable 20 million on a team whose skill players are all coming into their primes on offense....he did that to clear the way for a guy he drafted and has seen in practice a whole year....They didn't do that because they expect to take a step back. They beleive they will get better. ....and if you are a gambler....Under Andy Ried, the Chiefs have beaten the vegas over/under win total all five years he has been with KC. The total is 8.5. They won 10 last year. Probalby not going to be a regression.
  10. I'm looking at this from the outside...but to me, it would seem like your GM and your coach don't exactly have a lot of time to let a guy sit on the bench....I get it that you have McCown back and Bridgewater. They can play until the new guy is ready. Is that really what the owner, the fanbase and even the staff really expect? Forgetting all the smokescreen etc etc....Mayfields issue is his size...other than that, he is ready to run that offense the day you draft him. ....plus, aren't you new york folks all about big names and bravado? Seems like a fit.
  11. This was posted at Brownsboard.com. I don't have anything to say one way or another about it's authenticity etc...it's a guy who knows a guy...take it for what it's worth....some of this seems plausible considering that Darnold is suddenly meeting with the Jets and Bills now....so there is that....I am not posting this to back up my opinion....I think Darnold is going 1 overall to the Browns. Posting for entertainment and speculation value only. Take it for what it's worth. This stirred up reddit a little while ago when a poster imported it from the Browns' section of another forum, Football's Future. Personally I found the reported takes to be plausible, if not credible, in no small part due to confirmation bias, if nothing else. However, regardless of the credibility you give it, you might find the described recon approach teams take to be as fascinating an account of corporate espionage as I did. Below is the OP from the original site with later edits of the reddit back and forth removed. Here's the link to the thread: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/7725-the-coaches-want-rosen-at-1-other-serious-browns-draft-rumblings/ =============================================================================================================================================== **LONG POST ALERT*** I have some terrible news to inform everyone. It looks like we really will be passing on Darnold.... THIS IS NOT SOME STUPID TROLL, or me doing the reverse psychology thing saying Baker's going first while secretly feeling giddy and knowing we're taking Darnold at 1 as a way to cope with the possibility the Browns might screw this up. (Skip to The News below if u must) As I've said before, my brother in law was a scout & personnel assistant exec for 11 years. I never ID'd his team when he was employed but he was canned in the mass firings when Mr. Reese and co. were fired from the Giants. Although I'm often wrong about my own predictions, my b.o i. always cautioned me that what he'd tell me in terms of rumors has a chance of being misinformation put out by other teams to hide their true intentions. However, the vast majority of things he told me that I posted on this forum came true. For example, for those people that actually paid attention to my posts on the old forum before last year's draft, you'd remember that based on what my b.o.i. heard at the combine I posted "the Bears will look to trade up for Trubisky with either the Browns at 1 or San Fran at 2." At the time, only 3 people responded to that post. I also posted that "Sashi Brown was seen twice via my b.o.i.'s team spycraft department, 1st with Rick Smith of the Texans, and 2nd with Ryan Pace of the Bears at a private membership only room at a Wine & Cigar lounge in Indy" and... "Dont be surprised if we trade one of our picks to the Bears or Texans." That post received 2 responses and came true regarding the draft. Teams have 10s and even 100s of thousands of dollar budget for their "spycraft" depts that includes things you wouldnt even believe all in order to propel the interests of their million dollar cash cows. One of the more basic ways for teams to get inside info is to recruit disgruntled "soon to be fired" scouts and personnel staffers away from another team while they are still employed and possibly privy to strategic information. ALL teams try to do this. The best and smartest teams top execs leave scouts & even key personnel staffers in the dark on real rankings and strategy for fear of info leaking out. The elite top execs only inform the owner & a select few before the draft. Smart top execs run disinformation campaigns and put up false rankings in plain view of scouts and staffers so the disinfo will leak to teams giving them an advantage to operate under the veil of confusion. The News: My b.o.i. told me this morning "the scuttlebut is that 6 Browns scouts & 1 personnel exec have been "respectably" flipped (i.e., they already agreed to move on to a team without breaching the trust of their former employee) due to being promised future jobs & due to being disgruntled"...However, 2 scouts and 1 personnel exec has been "unhonorably flipped" (i.e., informing on the teams draft beliefs while still employed to another team) with 1 person in particular "lacking any sort of ethics and is singing like canary so much that the team he's giving the info to is secretly laughing their a**es off b/c they know there's no way in hell they're hiring this guy after all this." Apparently, there is already a major rift between the offensive coaches & the top personnel execs regarding the pick at 1 and ranking the QBs. It's likely irreconcilable. In what was a shocker to me as a "Darnold no matter" what guy Todd Haley, Ken Zampese, Hue Jackson, and Al Saunders (he's become a de facto QB scout) are united in the belief that Josh Rosen is their guy, clear cut by a wide margin. The combine interview only confirmed this and they are all in. They all agree that Sam Darnold is their number 2, but there are some disagreements between the coaches on who is 3rd as some say Baker Mayfield while others surprisingly say Lamar Jackson. All the coaches apparently have Josh Allen 5th which completely surprised me. The only personnel execs that mostly agree with the coaches are Eliot Wolf & Andrew Berry with Wolf having Darnold as QB1 and AB having had Darnold at 1 precombine but put Rosen ahead at 1 after the interview as Darnold tanked the interview and had no presence on the white board (I'd say did Mariota or Eli have a presence? Did Favre do a great job with X&Os on the board? No... but I digress..) The rest of the top personnel staff (John Dorsey, Scot McCloughan--yes he's a top staffer more on that in a bit, and Alonzo Highsmith) along with Paul DePodesta have Baker Mayfield as their clear cut leader by a wide margin. The personnel guys then have Josh Allen number 2! Followed by Sam Darnold at 3 and Josh Rosen at 4. Paul DePo supposedly has it Baker, Rosen, Darnold, Jackson, & Allen. Complicating the matter is apparently Scot McCloughan has come in waving a big stick as a former GM like he's the de facto top personnel guy when John Dorsey isnt around. He pulls his "when i was GM" card out in every debate. He is not consulting with other teams as that was just a farce to buy him time to finish some past due work that he and his company owed some teams for purchasing their scouting services. He is a full time Browns employee. This has in particular caused friction with Eliot Wolf as he thought he'd have that "right hand man assistant GM" role and it seems that Scot will have a powerful permanent position after the draft unless something changes and problems can be worked out. Right now, John Dorsey is supposedly selling Jimmy that Baker is the top prospect as identified by Analytics and Traditional Scouting methodology with Paul DePo in his corner. Dorsey and Scot were blown away by Baker's combine interview while coaches thought he was too defensive. As a temporary compromise just to keep the peace while much draft work is still to be done, the coaches and personnel execs are now strongly discussing that they will take their number 1 player on the big board Bradley Chubb at #1 overall and their QB at 4. Which to me makes ABSOLUTELY NO FU**ING sense at all when we need a QB.....but again I digress... Distraught on Skype I immediately asked my b.o.i. " if this was all a joke" and "how certain are you that this isnt just elegant disinformation on the Browns part"? He told me it's absolutely not a joke and the same spycraft dept heads (some of the best in the business) that he trusted in NY all those years have the Giants new personnel staff convinced that it is real enough to the point where everyone on the Giants staff except for new GM Dave Gettleman and an assistant staffer are operating as if it's true and they'll have their pick of all the QBs at 2 or at worst Baker Mayfield will go 1. I've jokingly been saying Baker would go 1 but secretly believed Hue and co AND Dorsey all loved Sam Darnold at 1. I never even considered the thought that Josh Rosen wouldve been the unanimous selection among the coaches. My only hope now is that some compromise is struck and we go Chubb at 1 and Rosen makes it to 4 based on the personality thing, or Hue and the coaches win out and we take Rosen at 1 to guarantee we get our QB, or that meathead Dorsey is running the most sophisticated 4D chess misinformation game utilizing scouts, coaches, and personnel people as pawns to fool the scouting community. I'll hold my breath on the latter. Say goodbye to Darnold for real my friends. He's the hero we deserved...I'll never stop believing that based on the tape review. It just really sucks... I'm now going to watch Rosen again and try to 1. convince myself I like him more than Darnold and 2. Somehow the coaches desires win out...wish me luck.. Oh...P.S. I hate-love (more hate than anything) this sh** team with all my heart..
  12. Pat Mahomes. If you aren't a believer yet, you will be by about week 4 this year. Also, if I were a Jets fan or front office guy, etc. Mayfield would be my pick. I won't rehash the stats again, that's been done plenty in this thread...but what I would like to emphasize is that Mayfield has taken a TON of reps in college, and progressed every year. He can start sooner (see what I did there) rather than later, if not day one. I can't say I have solid opinions about Darnold or Rosen, but Allen is someone I would run far, far away from. The worst thing I have read anywhere (not nescesarily here) is that he is the next Big Ben. No. He isn't. Ben also improved throughout his college career and finished with a 68% completion pct. Allen is going to prove to be another big arm that isn't a good NFL QB because he isn't accurate.
  13. Buffalo and Arizona will be the two tyring to move up somewhere for Allen..... I can't see Denver, with their staff being givein THIS YEAR to win, having signed Keenum to starter money, with Elway having whiffed on QB already, and they re-upped their 2 WR to keep the window open...they aren't in draft teh next QB and rebuild mode....if they can't win this year, they will start to tear it all down and rebuild..that not this year. Miami would be someone I thought WOULD make this move, but they just restructured Tannehill last week.....his cap hit now makes him practically impossible to get rid off for two years...and not that it matters but they re-signed David Fales...they are set at QB.
  14. Damn....that should be Nelson. I will fix that.
  15. Cleveland will take a QB at 1. Apparently Darnold is the favorite....The Giants are going to take Rosen....this is a deep draft at RB, the Giants aren't a RB away from winning a damn thing. the 2019 QB class is pure garbage. It's simply too easy and too valuable to take the next franchise QB while you absolutely know you can. The only trade they would be willing to make out of 2, would be with the Jets to swap in case the Jets get antsy about the Bills trading into 2 (and that is who it would be) ....that would be a bluff by the Giants...they don't want out of two. Now, here is how I see it for the Jets at 3. They moved up there with the idea that Darnold and Rosen would in fact be gone, knowing that they'd have Allen, Mayfield etc. That has to be for Mayfield. Tell me if I'm wrong, but if you were the GM and coach of this team, do you have the time it is supposedly going to take to develop Allen? Everyone saying he'll need work in practice, in the film room bla bla bla to be ready....or do you take the guy who had a BILLION reps in his long college career where he is a well proven high pct thrower, with a thirst for the spot light, hiesman, a name people know...he's a charachter....everything about that to me (not being from New York) seems like you'd want....again, for a coach and GM who probably aren't exactly secure in their jobs long term at this point....I'd want the guy with the billion reps, ready to go day 1. Denver isn't a threat to trade up. Paying starter money to Keenum..they ALSO have a coaching staff that has basically been told they have THIS year to win....they aren't drafting a guy, let alone trading up for one, and turning him over to that coaching staff. They will stay at 5 and take Ellis. Arizona would like to move up....don't have much ammo. Bufallo would love to move up...but if they really did..the Jets just call the Giants and say, what do you want to move to 2? if needed. .....so here it is. Darnold to Browns. Rosen to Giants. Mayfield to Jets.
  16. Yes...this is mine. I work overnights...my job is pretty easy....I am bored and this fills the time.
  17. Just got out of the Delorien.... 1. Cleveland. DARNOLD. Seems to be gathering steams as no.1 overall. 2. NY Giants. ROSEN. This is a deep RB draft class. You can get a good one later. They have a short shelf life. The Giants need a successor to Eli, the 2019 draft class at QB is hot garbage. So bad it won't have a 1st round prospect in it. They won't have a better chance than they will with this pick to get a bonafide blue chip QB to pass the torch to. 3. NY Jets. MAYFIELD. The GM and Coach DO NOT HAVE TIME to wait on Allen. They need a guy who plays day 1. That is Mayfield. He had a billion reps in college. He got better every year, he is a name, and he is a charachter. This who they went up for. 4. Cleveland. KOLTON MILLER. AGain, they signed Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson is on the roster (one of their better players) ...PS. Hyde was a Buckeye..bonus points for the browns fans..the GM comes from a long line of front offices that DO NOT draft RB high. Including when he was the one making the picks with KC. Joe Thomas just Retired. They NEED his replacement, and here he is. 5. Denver. NELSON. This is another regime with a coaching staff that has THIS YEAR to do something. They signed Keenum to starter money to win now while they think their window is still open. (debatable) ...This isn't the coaching staff to turn a new QB over to when they are fighting to keep their jobs....they need day 1 starters...and their O line is trash..perfect match. 6. Colts. CHUBB. The Colts could consider a trade down, but Chubb is on the board...he is who they will stay at 6 for..no trade down again. 7. Bucs. BARKLEY. The Bucs get a present gifted to them here....the impact playmaker they need in the backfield to go with Winston and Evans. 8. Bears. DAVENPORT. Team needs a premium pass rusher....they spent FA dollars on offense. 9. Bills. Trade up to 9 with San Francisco. The Niners don't see anything here they MUST have and field calls from Arizona and the Bills about this pick. The Bills give up the 12th, keep the 22nd a 2nd and 3rd to do this. ....and they select.....ALLEN. Knowing Arizona was in on him here, the Bills make the move here and get what they hope is their man. (twobillsdrive.com servers will blow smoke) 10. Radiers. VITA VEA. Gruden wants beef.
  18. If Josh Allen is the pick, then this trade will have been a waste. Allen would be there at 6. If I were a Jets fan, I would hope that Cleveland save you all from yourselves at takes Allen at 1. Mayfield is the one QB who is going to be ready to go day 1. He's had a billion reps in college, got better every season, had a high completion pct, has moxie....truly a NY kind of charachter....and the Jets will probably be sitting there at 3 with him on the board...and they will say...eh....Mayfield is only 6ft tall....let's take bubba from Wyoming.
  19. You'll know by week 4 if not sooner.
  20. Yes, you did...but was the team a bunch of veterans that were only going to be around a year or two more, and was the coaching staff new or were they basically on the hot seat to win now....and was the front office already sitting on a round 1 QB that hadn't shown much yet? asking cause I don't follow the jets closely and wondering if the sitatuion was same or different.
  21. I am thinking even if the Broncos don't end up with Cousins, they won't take a QB at 5 and would look to trade down. They still think their window is open, but that it's closing soon. To try and get anything accomplished before they tear it all down and rebuild, they will need a veteran to come in and win now. If Cousins isn't in Denver, Bradford will be. He's the next most talented NFL QB on the market. His injury history sucks, but his ability is there...the Broncos could take that for a year or two while they try to win now, and continue to develop Paxton Lynch. It's mostly been determined he sucks and will always suck, but I just can't see them going into this season wihtout at veteran win now starter in the situation they are in....and having already screwed up with Lynch, Elway really can't afford another mistake at QB. ......And one more caveat....the coaching staff is also a win now staff. If you are drafting a QB to rebuild, They aren't doing it with the staff in place....They have THIS YEAR to see if the window is still open. Will trade out or draft someone to help them NOW.
  22. He heard that Bortles will sign a multi year extension.....should be obvious to everyone by now that Bortles is staying.
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