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  1. I am still surprised this trade happend....because from a strictly FOOTBALL perspective, it doesn't make sense. ...anyhow, as of this post, the compensatoin hasn't been announced...and only Schefter thinks the deal is 100% complete...others haven't even gone so far as to say it's completed. Anyhow...here are my thoughts considering the information availabe at the time of the post. 1. This move has to do with off field behavior related to the football team/locker room. NOT CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. 2. This deal has been in the works for 3 weeks 3. The ONLY interested team is the Rams....Cleveland, Indy, and even the Niners were only mildly interested. 4. There is a report out there that one AFC leauge executive would be surprised if the Chiefs could get "a third round pick" for Peters. Take that for what it's worth. Touching on number 3....if you are going to trade a guy, and you only have 1 trade partner, and they know it....the return on this deal is probably going to suck. Take that along with the AFC exec who said he would offer a third and that's it....and couple that with Dorsey in cleveland nad Ballard in Indy not wanting any part of it, that at least says that despite his immense talent, there are some teams who don't think he's worth it...(again....take it for what it's worth) Many want to throw in that this is a racially motivated deal.. I doubt it's exclusively about standing for the anthem. The Chiefs have a LONG history of being very racially progressive....the teams track record suggests they aren't racist and that they tolerate quite a bit of "sh*t"...so it remains to be seen what all it is that has prompted the team to want to trade an elite player in his prime. Touching on number 2...the deal has been in the works for 3 weeks....that tells us that when they were seeking out trade partners for Alex Smith, they had this in mind...so that knowing your are working to deal Peters, you try and position yourself to get a replacement part....and that in this case is Fuller. Still waiting for one or both teams to announce something...the silence is weird......can't even 100% confirm the deal is complete yet...you'd think something would be announced....unlike the Smith trade, that was more or less announced as soon as it was done...this must still be hung up on something/incomplete not done....so I suppose there is some micro chance it doesn't happen, but I wouldn't hold out any hope of that being the case. Lastly...the next big thing to look for is the Rams offering an extension to Peters or not once this is done. Consider that they have guys who are on the team that they have not offered extensions to, and then if they get Peters and automatically sign a guy who just arrived and known to have some issues....that will be an interesting dynamic for the Rams....or if there is no extension offered and they just pay him his next two year before deciding to sign him back up.....watch and see how the Rams handle this contract....will be interesting. No word if the Jets made a bid or not.
  2. I haven't been here long enough to make a fair evaluation...frankly the Bills guys seem pretty reasonable....Browns fans seem resigned to their fate...Bears fans are douchebags....and the Kansas City boards/groups I am part of....way way too many people overly sensitive about the team and the players....
  3. Mahomes can throw it farther than that from his knees Go to 6:40 of the video. 65 yards from knees.
  4. I am an actual KC fan...I have joined twobillsdrive.com brownsboard.com and chicitysports.com boards for (Bills, Browns, Bears) and pretty much talk about the same stuff. I visit these because of the 2017 draft...I like to see what each team has to say about that 1st round..because they all needed QB's, and still do...truly...just like seeing what other teams fans have to say about their QB situations since they didn't get one or they got Tubisky in the bears case...I don't visit any 49ers board because they now have Garoppolo. ....I've been especially active at twobillsdrive.com because that is who we traded with to get up to 10 to draft Mahomes.
  5. I joined this board a couple days ago to see what Jets fans had to say about the upcoming draft, Cousins, last years choice to pass up QB's and draft a S....been reading through...lots of mixed opinions about all of this. Very interesting to read....many of your thoughts here remind me of the Kansas City fans opinions until we drafted Mahomes. If you can't tell by the avatar, I am a Chiefs fan, but thought I would offer my 2 cents anyhow. 1. If I were in charge of the Jets today, I would make the effort to sign Kirk Cousins. He is still relatively young, and he has proven to produce with less than sparkling talent around him. In other words, he will make players around him better, and if you have good players around him, he will get the most out of those skill sets. All he costs (at least at the moment) is money. The Jets have tons of it to spend. A known quantity of Cousins, signed and delivered, is worth the price VS the unknown of the QB's in the upcoming draft, plus not being sure wich of those will even be available when you pick....you may be compelled to expend draft capital to move up to get the guy, who again, remains an unknown. .....keep in mind that both Denver and Cleveland were trying to trade for Alex Smith....that should at least indicate that those two front offices have some reservations about the QB talent available. Both are expected to be bidding for Cousins...again, an indictment on the QB class this year. Only if I could not sign Cousins, would I prepare to draft my guy....and I'd be fully prepared to trade up to make sure I got "the man" if I identified one. 2. I'd like to go on record now with what I think of the prospects in this class (because, being a Chiefs fan on a NY board..this may be my first and lost post before you all boot me out of here :D) Allen - BUST. Big arm, big frame, big hype...big bust. 56% completion pct the best you can do in a small conference? Needs work on mechanics, needs this, needs that....BUST. Darnold - Needs some polish, but I think he can be a good NFL QB....from the film I have watched, he can move safeties and LB with his eyes...fairly accurate. NEEDS MORE REPS....will look like crap first year, because he didn't get enough reps in college. Rosen - I'm not real sold on him...his dad is a neuro surgeion and the family has money....this guy gets a concussion or 2 and he will be compelled to just quit....or while playing, not be willing to sacrifice his body to make a clutch play.....I'd avoid him unless I was sure his heart was 100% into football...I don't think it is. Too bad..he does have talent. Mayfield - Every year, improving accuracy...71% final year...fiery, competative....cocky....would be a great media story for big time New York. People overlook that the kid is well seasoned..TONS AND TONS of college reps. Even if you think he isn't a super deep ball thrower, his shorter range accuracy suggests he could run the hell out of a west coast attack. This would be my target....best QB of this class. Lamar Jackson - Has alot of talent...SUPER college player....low accuracy bothers me....doesn't win in the pocket enough....seems like most of his big plays are using legs to keep play alive or run....seems like a Vick clone to me....you can win with him...but I don't think he'll ever win enough in the pocket to consistantly succeed in the NFL...NFL defenses have provent to be reasonably successful dealing with this type of QB by making them play "QB" in the pocket. Rudolph - .....this is going to be the guy that rises up draft boards and surpise everyone by moving into Round 1, ..at the expense of Jackson who will fall out of round 1. This guy isn't very mobile..but I think he can be a good NFL passer given some time and a legit WR to throw at. 2nd BEST QB in this class when it's all said and done. 3. Lastly, regarding Mahomes.....I can understand that being in New York and being Jets fans, you wouldn't be paying as close attention to him as I would be...and take it for what it's worth as I am a biased Chiefs fan...I've never seen anythink like Mahomes in my 30 years of being a Chiefs fan...so different than the parade of game managers we've had come through here...You might look at his stat line from Denver and not think a whole lot about it....you'd have to watch what he actually looks like throwing the ball....all preseason (again, paying no attention to the box score) the arm talent JUMPS OFF THE SCREEN at you. Here is just one link that does a good job of demonstrating what it is we see in Mahomes that has us so excited in KC....take a look. (and cry) P.S. Thanks for having me...hope you'll let me stick around.....I hope you all get your QB and look forward to continuing to see what you all have to say about it. THANKS. http://www.nfl.com/videos/baldys-breakdowns/0ap3000000905916/Why-Patrick-Mahomes-is-ready-to-lead-the-Chiefs-Film-Review
  6. This is a non story. We aren't trading him. Florio sites no sources. It's just speculation on his part. Other outlets have simply referred to this same substanceless report. .....Why would KC want to trade a top 10 CB, who is on his rookie deal, costing only 3 million this season, 9 million next season, and if franchised, could be kept a third season for probalby 15 million or so. Garbage report, and lazy journalism.
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