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  1. He has the approximate intelligence level of Geno Smith. The two of them would be best served by making a new Dumb and Dumber duo only in real life? What could possibly be funnier than that? However, if we're talking football, I'd say Anderson is going to be damn near useless for the Jets. His stupidity is going to keep him being suspended on a regular basis. Which means he won't be useful to the team consistently. The best thing Mac could do is showcase his talent in 2018 and trade him during the off season. He's as dumb as a post.
  2. Leonard Williams almost a total disappointment through his first 3 seasons. I was expecting big things from him last season, but instead he was a disappearing act. This is case in point the player that doesn't exactly give you that warm and fuzzy feeling about Mac or Blowes. Blowes makes every player look rather underwhelming, although you'd never know if they were ever great players to begin with and that doesn't exactly shine a positive light on Macs drafting abilities.
  3. Did you see much from Leon Washington's college film? Even if you did, I don't think anyone saw that sudden burst of speed thatWashington exhibited? He had football speed and instincts that just can't be measured during a track meet that is the NFL combine. So regardless of what you think you see, you must take that chance with a 6th rounder no less.
  4. I felt compelled to post the KO return TD by Brad Smith. Don't know if you're aware, but that specific game against the Steelers is the ONLY time the Jets have ever beaten them in Pittsburgh. That KO return on the opening kickoff was truly a sign that the Jets were going to break new ground. That was truly electric in a snow storm no less.
  5. I see a ST steal in Cannon. I wish so much the Jets could find another Leon Washington, Brad Smith? If Cannon is even half the players those two turned out to be, in the 4th and 5th round no less, the Jets ST will suddenly be much more exciting again.
  6. In fairness, I'd say Brandon Shell is probably the best he can be already. Maybe He was taken in the 5th round, if Mac got what he paid for, he's already been a steal. But I seriously doubt Shell is capable of being a finished Damien Woody? McCown has already given the very best of what he has to offer. It's all downhill from here. So unless Bridgewater surprises and steals the starting gig, the Jets are screwed at QB at least in 2018. Lorenzo Mauldin is a constantly injured slouch. He's another busted pick among many Mac has taken. Mauldin will get cut during training camp.
  7. However, you admit I didn't insult a single poster in this thread. OK. Thanks got it.
  8. For face value of the question, I'd say YES. Things ended exceptionally poorly with butt fumble. Would really care not to re-live those days.
  9. Note to mods... I have not insulted anyone in this thread. Including the guy accusing me of using a racial epithet, as absurd as that is.
  10. Something like that? Or maybe illustrating the point that hiring Mac and Blowes was a poor choice and we are no better than we were in 2014. Time for some house cleaning.?
  11. Sorry I disappointed you. I'll try to do better next time.
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