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  1. What a sad sack list. The bright side has to be this can't possibly continue, right??? How many times can one team suck at drafting and miss so badly the most important position on the field??? There must be some sort of odd ball statistic that favors what I'm saying, right? Jets fans should be optimistic, right?
  2. Who's Lorenzo Mauldin? Does he play for the Jets?
  3. The defense doesn't have an edge and it certainly isn't going to create one in this draft.
  4. Believe what you want but it still doesn't mean they should give up now. That would be stupid. So with all due respect to your poor attitude, thank God Mac thinks differently.
  5. So what if there aren't any? Should we simply give up? NO. We must continue chasing the franchise guy.
  6. Of the Jets cut Bilal Powell, he'll be a patsy within 24 hours.
  7. I hope these rumors have traction. It'll be a sign of good things finally happening to this sh*t franchise.
  8. Delete

    MAYFIELD for president
  9. McShay on Macc

    If the truth is being told, Mac's career in MY is hanging by a thread. 4 years into this regime this team really, really sucks. Not to mention, Mac seems to be allergic to spending money? Even when he is spending money no quality players want to play for such a joke of an organization. The fans and ownership have had enough. If Mac doesn't finally hit on an excellent QB this offseason, he's going to be fired.
  10. Baker Mayfield should be the Jets choice at 3.
  11. I don't believe anyone could possibly handle tough times as poorly as Ryan Leaf. Leaf is a dumb sh*t all his own. No one, and I do mean no one could ever be the kind of sh*thead he was.
  12. Johnathan Hankins???

    And how exactly will they grade out that well with a depleted DL in front of them and lead blockers constantly getting through? Darron Lee is completely ineffective when tasked with fighting off blocks.
  13. There's a part of me that thinks he'll be wildly successful in GB. If he is then you'll know this has everything to do with Toilet and his piss poor coaching.
  14. Mark Sanchez suspended for PEDs

    He was found to have OBSCENELY high levels of TURNOVERS in his system more than anything else.