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  1. JetsTalk247

    Jets Should Pursue Jadeveon Clowney in FA

    Demarcus Lawrence Jadeveon Clowney Dee Ford These are the premiere pass rushers that are set to be FAs, the other thing they have in common is all of them will be returning to their current teams. The Texans have a ton of cap space, if they can't work out a long term deal then they will hit him with the franchise tag.
  2. JetsTalk247

    Allbright: Jets job trending towards Matt Rhule

    I'm not against the hire, it would mean CJ gave the power to Mac. I think this could be a Jets leak to get McCarthy to agree on a price, we may be willing to hang tight and see if anything develops for Harbaugh in the mean time. We know McCarthy is still going to be an option since we are the only team he would be interested in. That's the optimist in me though.
  3. Figured I'd toss this up here. Unless the Jets are going to spend that $14M in cap savings I think I'd rather keep Leo. The chances of that 2nd busting is so high, bird in the hand boys. Don't discount the amount of pressures he's been able to get, PFF determined that just getting pressure on the QB (no sack) drops QB rating by 32 points. 94 QB Rating compared to 62 QB rating when pressured over the last 10 years across the NFL. Let's give him a true Edge Rusher and see what happens.
  4. Bullet points don't help the view count but here for the discussion! - Ansah vs Beachum - Stafford can't have clean pocket - Darnold continues to make the right reads
  5. I have kept most of my content to specific threads but thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the main board. I love the discussion that goes on in this forum, it winds up chewing up large portions of my free time. The girlfriend calls JetNation "The other woman" with how often I'm on here Would love to get a thumbs up/subscribe if you enjoy the content and want to see more videos moving forward.
  6. Yea I think you are right, I do think there are 3 other good QBs that had more success in college so I'm okay with gambling on any of them before Allen. I want to fall in love with all Allen's metrics, I'm just so over QBs that can't consistently deliver the ball with good accuracy.
  7. JetsTalk247

    Jets Sign Pryor

    ESPN NY said the rumor was 2 years $10M yesterday but I haven't found anything in writing anywhere to backup or deny that statement.

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