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  1. The Jets should let someone else overpay Anderson so he can slide down that teams depth chart to be an overpaid #4
  2. I was going to write the same exact point. Everyone kills the offensive personnel, and in the same breathe kill Gase for not being able to work with it. Maybe Gase will let Anderson walk because 10 mill a year for a WR who quits on routes, cant get off the line without getting pancaked, has alligator arms, and rarely wins a jump ball is a bad investment
  3. I just dont think they have the players on offense to stage a comeback. QB needs time back there to throw when you're behind. The defense knows we cant block, when they get a lead they pin their ears back and go after our laughable line. IMHO
  4. I get you're not a Gase guy, and that's cool. But in the same thread you say. No edge rushers, the OL stinks, and no #1 CB and mediocre WRs Then blame Gase for it. What other coach that the Jets could have hired would be doing that much better right now?
  5. I get what you're saying. But what strengths do any of our players have? What is this teams strength on offense? It's my belief a team with a laughable OL has no strength. I'm not pro or anti Gase yet. But I don't think any other coach in this league would be able to win with a team like this.
  6. I agree, no one is as bad as their worst game or as good as their best game. That's why I personally am still in the undecided group. With only 7 real football games with a new coach and new offense it's hard to judge either way. I also agree that some posters are over the deep end in both camps. He sucks vs hes the savior.
  7. Those posters would rather be able to say "see I told you Sam would stink, Ive been saying it all along" Then to see the jets win. Same with Gase. People want him to fail for the "I told you so" moment but they hedge their bets with the old "I hope I'm wrong, but I'm probably not" routine. Textbook lol
  8. Pretty sure they were just trying to figure out if the Finley kid was any good. Apparently not, and decided to go back to Dalton
  9. I look at this a different way Why did it take Sam so long to tell his coach what he feels comfortable with and what he doesn't like doing? And the fact that Gase listened to his 2nd year QB and made the necessary changes makes him a good coach. Not a stubborn in his ways coach that won't gameplan to his teams strengths. A lot of anti-Gasers killed him for not adapting to a 3rd string QB. Now hes adapting to his FQB and hes being killed for not adapting fast enough. Sam was essentially gone for 4 games, so they've only played 7 games together. It only took a few games for them to get on the same page overall, and I think that shows good coaching.

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