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  1. They'll pick up on it when they realize he leads the team in receptions... he's the best overall WR on the team, not even sure if it's debatable
  2. McGuire and a late pick for Slay or Williams. Make it happen Douglas
  3. could they technically sign both? As long as they are promotions? Maybe Douglas as GM and Champ as Asst GM? Just a thought
  4. yeah it seems like they are trying to weed out the leak. i agree both hilarious and genius.
  5. Saw this last night, awesome flick! They really need to make a prequel. I need to see what Wick did for the Russian to get out and what he gave his blood oath to the Italian guy for to help him. Baba Yaga.
  6. When did Gase coach with Drew Brees ? You're right though, he hasn't proved anything. But I'm willing to give him chance, and reserve judgement till the season.
  7. Of course I am, the talent on the team is better, the coaches are better(I think) lol. What does mac getting fired have to do with the way the jets play?
  8. So when will the Falcons cut Julio Jones? He didn't attend voluntary camps. Should we sign that beast when he's cut? Oh wait, we don't want to sign top 5 players who are selfish.
  9. I've seen a few posts about Gase not wanting or liking Bell. But I can't find anything on the interwebz that has him saying anything like that. Only thing I found is that he "reportedly " didn't want to spend that much on Bell. But he still likes Bell as a player Not trying to start an argument, just curious where this is coming from.
  10. I don't get it 90 % or more of this board wanted Mac fired, and he was 90% or more of this board would have traded Lee for a bag of balls, Gase got a 6th for a player they were probably going to cut anyway. 90% or more of this board thought it was a terrible idea to force a GM HC marriage, now they are going to get a GM that will work in step with HC Mac has had some good trades and FA signings, I'll give him that. But the problem is, he wouldnt have had to pay these guys, if he drafted properly. The jets have the same needs as they had after the season. That's unacceptable. Who cares about the timing. It's not like he got bad players this off season, he just got the wrong ones. He was consistently signing free agents to fill holes created by his poor drafting. That's not how you win. You win by drafting well, letting other teams over pay for your player, collect comp picks, draft well, so on and so on.
  11. It wasn't dumb, it was right. Just because you were wrong, doesn't make me or my point dumb. I knocked down a straw man? Wow interwebz people take this message board stuff way to seriously lol Have a good one

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