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  1. Would you put the 90s cowboys in that group? Just curious?
  2. Well depth is part of the roster, and we have no depth. And this is the result. A 5 win team. You cant say we are a 9-10 win. Because we're not, 10 win teams have depth. So in my opinion If everyone knew we had no depth. Than everyone should have known this is a 5 win team.
  3. 100% correct. Anyone that thought this team would be more than a 5 or 6 win team, isn't paying attention. Its basically the same roster as last year. But with bell and mosely. The Jets might have a chance to compete in another 2 years only if and only if Douglas addresses the obvious needs that the former GM chose to ignore.
  4. Good point. I guess it doesn't bother me much, because when I look up and down the roster, i was sorta expecting this. In my mind the jets were a 6,7 max win team.
  5. I think the jury is still out on Gase. But the one thing I will say You can't run a number 1 offense when your offense is filled with 2nd and 3rd stringers. Bell and Crowder are the only two players on offense that would be starting on any other team Maybe Sam and Herndon
  6. Good call with the Donner Party. If you dont listen to podcasts, check out Last Podcast on the Left. They did a 2 part series on the Donner Party. Episode 331 and 332. Awesome
  7. Good for Luck, hes under 30, has a pretty wife. And wont have to worry about anything for the rest of his life with all that money hes made. Screw the Colts. Many NFL execs and players have said this is a cut throat business. And it is. It also works both ways. He owes them nothing. His teammates. Its a bummer for them. But they'll still get paid. The fans. Life sucks. Its just a game. Its entertainment. Luck chose not to get beat up for anyones entertainment anymore. I can understand that. I wouldn't be shocked if this starts happening more. When players leave the game with good health and money on their own terms instead of the game throwing them out.
  8. Check out 4for4.com Its a great site for info and has a draft program. But it costs like 50 bucks for the season, well worth it though if you're really into fantasy football

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