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  1. 0-1 gets us to 0-3 0-3 gets us to 0-5 0-5 gets us to 11-5 What's the problem?
  2. I was reserving judgement on Gase until I saw this year. Well now hes got to go. But you're not getting a good coach during the season. Anybody on the staff now they can promote to besides Greg Boyer Cooter Jefferson Ward ?????
  3. I think the NBA will have the first woman HC, the other sports still need more female assistant coaches to move up ranks. Than followed by football, there are a couple of position coaches already and female refs Women's basketball players are probably more technically sound than men. They cant fly through the air and jump over people.
  4. 1. Michael Jackson reunion with Jackson 5 at MSG 1st night 2. Michael Jackson reunion with Jackson 5 at MSG 2nd night 3. Stone Temple Pilots at The Paramount, Scott Weiland's last show with them before he died I think 4. ZZ Top at the Paramount 5. Rush at Jones Beach 2003 R30 tour 6. Metallica and Godsmack at Nassau Coliseum 7. Lionel Richie at Jones Beach 8. Neil Diamond at MSG 9. Michael Buble at Radio City or Theatre at MSG cant remember 10. Matchbox 20 at the Paramount 0829122143.mp4
  5. Thought about this for a couple minutes. Think it would be a defensive struggle. Maybe like 17-13. 2010 Jets. I think the 2010 team had more killer instinct. IMHO
  6. Wrestling has got to be the most physically draining sport in my opinion. Loved wrestling. One on one combat but for the team. Lots of comeradarie, team is like family
  7. I played hoops and wrestled. Unfortunately they are in the same season, so I played church ball and wrestled in high school. Played hoops as a walk on in juco for a year, up until a few years ago when my ankle injuries as a youngin caught up to me, cant play anymore, no lateral movement, so i recently started training for triathlons.
  8. Yeah just saw this. It's interesting to say the least. Jets should make sure theres no tampering going on
  9. Guys, I said this in another thread. It's a shame if we lose Jamal, hes a great player. But, this would not be as big a problem if good old Mac didnt give Q a contract, overpaid for Bell and Mosley without the foresight of knowing both Darnolds and Adam's contracts will ne coming up. I honestly believe Jamal would have gotten 16-17 a year if bell and Quincy did not have contracts.
  10. Yes, but will one of those teams want to deal with him? Maybe, but if hes a good soldier next season and does well, do you think he'll keep his mouth shut, I dont. But I could be wrong
  11. That's the problem, no one is going to pay him 20 mill a year, so if this is true, who's gonna trade for him?
  12. The unfortunate reality is that Mac gave 40 million bucks to Quincy, Mosely, and Bell. And when Q and Bell are gone that money is going to Sam.

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