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  1. Prestige Worldwide

    Mercedes Lewis

    I agree with you, I have always thought he was a good player, nothing special, but a solid contributor, he would be a good 1 year signing Edit Changed my mind, wanna see the young guys
  2. Prestige Worldwide

    Report: Jets Finalizing Deal With Teddy Bridgewater

    I liked TB coming out, and I have no problem with him coming in now. It's not Teddy, it's what signing him means. If they draft a QB at 6. He will not see the field next year. Because they have TB. Mac and Bowles don't have the balls to start the rookie like Carroll did in Seattle with Wilson. There is no way TB is not starting. And if he has a good season, you'll never see the rookie.
  3. Prestige Worldwide

    Sammy Watkins signs with Chiefs!

    Exactly, anyone who has ever owned him in fantasy football knows this to be true. He has constant 3 rec for 25/30 yards for 3,4 games in a row, then hits on a 5 for 150 occasionally. Allen Robinson is worth more than Watkins
  4. Prestige Worldwide

    Sammy Watkins -- no tag

    Eifert hasn't played a full season, ever
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