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  1. Hard to say, if she in fact was twerking, its definitely a positive. But I have yet to see video proof of said twerk. Only videos of her doing line dances and tiktoks moves. Unfortunately that doesnt bode well.
  2. You can also say the same about the 4-12 bengals who will be better and the 1-15 Jaguars who will be better. And don't sleep on the Saints with Jameis Winston starting. They will still be a good team.
  3. You are 100% right they did.... But they also all threw more TDs And Darnold is the only one who three more picks then TDs
  4. She was so nice, she was lovey dovey
  5. So I go back home, tell the landlady I got a job
  6. Jets 2019 Strength of Schedule was .473 Jets 2021 Strength of Schedule is .489 So this years schedule is not easier. And no one knows how good or bad any team is going to be in May.
  7. Who cares what a fired girls golf coach has to do with zach Wilson 20 years later
  8. I was going to post the same thing another Thursday night. Like week 5 or 6.
  9. Wentz got hurt in 2017 (acl) and 2018 (spine).
  10. The only thing foles is good at is being replaced. So he'd be the perfect guy... I can't believe so many people want to bring in a guy that got benched by guys like Gardiner Minshew and Mitch Trubisky?
  11. I can dig what you're saying, but who would you have wanted to sign that you considered legit?
  12. Mahomes sat and learned a year behind a legit starting QB in Alex Smith. Big difference
  13. At first I only saw his temple stats at first. He looks legit, we will see
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