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  1. I'm not sure how anyone could not be at least skeptical that something is at least a bit off. Government officials admit the numbers are inflated and manipulated, the tests inventor says it should not be used for this purpose and has no way to detect "load" of any virus, so many doctors and scientists coming out questioning the motives and actions of those in power with more everyday coming forward and once thought unbelievable totalitarian measures are being rolled out without scrutiny. It doesn't add up. I could go on and on. Unfortunately most people are unaware of some or all of these facts, so they don't scrutinize everything. Censorship is out of control as well, removing the ability for discussion and debate. This post which is purely informational and factually based might get me kicked off the topic. Talk about a slippery slope. In Italy... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/drones-take-italians-temperature-and-issue-fines/ar-BB12seAe In the US... https://www.miamiherald.com/news/state/florida/article242370226.html What about a government official coming in and removing you or even worse your child for "safety"? The same W.H.O. that has butchered this entire saga from the beginning.
  2. Who knew that in just a couple short months people would be not only accepting of drones flying above you and taking your temperatures or reminding you of getting too close to another person and large tech giants openly tracking people of all their movements and interactions, they are demanding it. It is fascinating at what a construct of fear can do to a persons thought possess and sensibility.
  3. I agree with this as well. He found, what looks like, great value several times throughout the draft. I didn't have as much an issue with Morgan as I see him being a piece to flip someday, or at least that is how I think the Jets see him. Hall late could become the reason this class shines, he has the ball skills and instincts you crave for a cornerback. I love the Mims pick and feel he could become one of those second round stars at WR ala D. Adams and M. Thomas down the road with his set of skills and that chip he will hopefully carry around.
  4. The overarching dilemma and failure of government is the the very people who are the most easily corrupted by power and wealth are the exact ones who seek such power and wealth. This has happened almost universally throughout human civilization. You find this same issue on "lower" power structure levels than just government with lower "rewards" for said corruption. Police corruption, varying forms of religious corruption, every educational system. There are a variety of sayings regarding when a person shows their true character. All point to when things go poorly, i.e. under pressure or stress. IMO you find a persons true character when you give them power and influence over other people and things. Power should be our barometer for judgement of character and sadly we as a race almost always fail that test.
  5. I have only read your posts and never interacted with you on here, so I am not entirely sure you are not being sarcastic and I'm just missing the joke here lol. Regardless of that, I find it extremely interesting how different people are viewing this event. I also have noticed over the last decade or so that we as people are essentially immovable off our stances or positions on matters we deem vital. I am not sure of your age, I'm in my early forties and I have observed that people are "dug in" and not willing to budge regardless of some or even piles of factual information to the contrary of their viewpoint, politics or otherwise much more these last ten or so years than I remember before.
  6. Apologies for being late to this discussion so I'm not up on all your opinions, but are there still people out there that fully believe the narrative? So you don't have an inkling something is off? Some things just don't add up to you? It is fascinating to me how everyone's thought processes work. I'm not attacking anyone's viewpoint btw, just curious.
  7. I put 50 to win little over 800 before AB news. What the hell right? Lol
  8. My wife makes an effort, but she asks mostly non logical questions throughout and I tend to lose my patience sometime around halftime if the Jets are losing. Also, we switch to redzone channel which is just Mahomes channel since they score constantly and now she claims to be a fan of his AND the Jets. Divorce is fast approaching lol.
  9. 10. I've compared Sam to Montana in terms of skillset, demeanor, talent, experience (limited HS and college starts) and upbringing. This kid has the intangibles and talent to take the Jets to heights rarely seen.
  10. This exactly. I believe Gase is going to run this uptempo offense and it has the same principles as the K-Gun with added dimensions, which I hated playing the Bills knowing Reed, Thomas and Lofton were going to carve up the Jets all game long.
  11. This! He will be the Jets kicker. Obviously no chance to make the Baltimore team and obvious Baltimore connection with Douglas

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