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  1. It's a supply chain issue. Same reason used cars/new cars are skyrocketing due to a chip issue. Only going to worsen.
  2. It's is not about the stats or TD's for me that is building excitement. It's the ability to go through progressions. The coach coming out and saying he is light years ahead of where a rookie should be. The ability to change speeds regarding throws. A lightning fast release as advertised. He looks like he has "it". I never saw that from Sam. You saw "it" immediately from Mahomes and Rodgers regardless of results. Those two are special talents. They had great teachers and talent around them. Is Lafleur a great teacher? We will have to wait and see. I tell you what, the loss of Knapp is a big for
  3. This should end any debate about Zack being "small".
  4. Wow...did they love AVT or what?
  5. Do you get the Jet games on YTTV using a VPN I'm assuming? I'm hoping so as I would have all the necessary pieces to do this.
  6. Waiting on Ohio to onboard this option.
  7. It is a meme coin and the founders control 80% of the supply. Very centralized. Most likely near the top, but more importantly it will be a catalyst for the remainder of the crypto bull run. The money will flow from doge down the list of alts.
  8. Lol. He has consistently proven he tries to regain the capital he spends. Oh and the guys that do know him best say similar....but sure, I'll stop saying it to appease some forum poster lmao. Right.
  9. I fully agree, just not sure JD will find the value he seeks for 34.
  10. I agree 100%......except if he views Jenkins as another generational G talent. IMO it is Jenkins or trade back to accumulate that 3rd he lost. It is the JD way.
  11. At this point, with how dominant QN has been at the NFL level, you are just being realistic. That being said, the potential is there with AVT.
  12. Love this draft. I do see JD trading back from 23 though. Accumulate even more ammo.
  13. Do people actually not realize it is not even intended to stop the spread lol. It is only intended use is to suffer lesser symptoms....allegedly. I place blame squarely on our pathetic media class, sports included.
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