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  1. zonajetfan

    More Wild Scenarios!

    I love the thought process! These are all possible at the end of the day. This board loves to hate on anything off the beaten path, but the amount of time taken on these scenarios is respected here! Well done.
  2. Murray is not in the same ballpark or the same type of player Harper is and its not close. He is a slap hitter with above average defensive skills and great speed who "could" develop some pop. The chances of him getting insane money like Harper who is a franchise player are far, far slimmer than decent QB money which is trending on more and more guaranteed money i.e Cousins. If Murray played RB or WR then yes, baseball might have been better choice.
  3. zonajetfan

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    If the QB's test out really well...like they clearly would have given this mock, there is no way teams like the Giants, Jags, Broncos and maybe Bengals wait. They will look to move up, hopefully the Jets can find a willing partner to trade back.
  4. I made a post about this sometime ago, Joe Montana. From early beginnings and background to skill set, to demeanor.

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