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  1. I put 50 to win little over 800 before AB news. What the hell right? Lol
  2. My wife makes an effort, but she asks mostly non logical questions throughout and I tend to lose my patience sometime around halftime if the Jets are losing. Also, we switch to redzone channel which is just Mahomes channel since they score constantly and now she claims to be a fan of his AND the Jets. Divorce is fast approaching lol.
  3. 10. I've compared Sam to Montana in terms of skillset, demeanor, talent, experience (limited HS and college starts) and upbringing. This kid has the intangibles and talent to take the Jets to heights rarely seen.
  4. This exactly. I believe Gase is going to run this uptempo offense and it has the same principles as the K-Gun with added dimensions, which I hated playing the Bills knowing Reed, Thomas and Lofton were going to carve up the Jets all game long.
  5. This! He will be the Jets kicker. Obviously no chance to make the Baltimore team and obvious Baltimore connection with Douglas
  6. What this move signifies is that Joe Douglas and Adam Gase feel this team has a chance to make some noise this season. Signing this guy to this contract is a "one of the last pieces of the puzzle" type move.
  7. KRL is the best. Great insights and observations each and every year we as fans wouldn't get, especially us out of towners haha. Thank you again KRL!!
  8. So great we have some awesome people providing this info so we don't have to search around. Thanks to all that help us out!!!
  9. I voted for Cannon due to his game breaking speed, but I have a feeling the Powell signing might doom his chances here.
  10. Good insight here from Breer. Nothing we haven't heard before about the hire and Douglas. As Breer stated, an underrated part of the Douglas hire is the respect he carries in the football community. He will be able to hopefully parlay that into positive (for the Jets) transactions in the future. His staff will be a key thing to keep an eye on as well and a leader is only as strong as the people they surround themselves with. Thank you for posting KRL.
  11. Parcells was great short term. Left the Jets in cap hell, pushed belichick to leave possibility and definitely caused the Jets to miss out on Peyton Manning tho long term. Had the Jets drafted Manning Belichick doesn't leave. But regardless of all that, this was a fantastic hire for the Jets!! Douglas hopefully is a great as we all hear and hope he is.

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