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  1. I think they can sell to the public and more importantly the ownership that they want to wait a year to ultimately hitch their wagon to "their guy" IF they kept Sam and let this year play out. It is for this reason that I believe trading out is/was a possibility knowing how much JD loves the draft. If they traded for DW or draft a QB in the 1st round anywhere, that is this regime picking their guy. I still believe we could see JD trade back still, likely with Carolina, and sell this idea of "punting", on not the season per say, but the decision on the QB of this regime for one more year.
  2. I'll take a competent offensive staff and SD over Tua and JimmyG. So sign me up for this scenario after a haul from Carolina.
  3. This scenario here would actually make me lose faith in JD, I cannot under any circumstances foresee this happening, at least lets hope not.
  4. That's much closer to the compensation. In this draft, with this hype the compensation was idiotically low.
  5. Dammit. Wanted this guy. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1371506292393701376
  6. This is an interesting point, I would think it is possible, but I'm not a salary cap specialist.
  7. That is absolutely a possibility and Indy would be a great choice for those players. Could see some interesting names sign one year deals there.
  8. Merge if this had been bandied about already... I have not seen this topic discussed much here or anywhere frankly and believe it is a highly likely scenario playing out and that is many, many FA deciding to sign one year deals in hopes the salary cap explodes next year back to the expected heights for 2021, in the 225Mil range. JD employed this tactic last offseason himself and it worked out to be brilliant in positioning the Jets to have ample space in a year when few do. Was this calculated by JD? Who knows, but it worked out for the Jets. I can see many high to mid-tier players
  9. Several reporters have repeatedly said the leaks within the organization are gone. To that end these "reports" are merely guesses based on little to no credible information. Believe at your own peril.
  10. IMO Douglas is playing this perfectly. I'd expect 2 picks for Sam. Someone will up the ante. A second and a 4th or conditional 5th
  11. I understand what you were saying. There is no way JD is hooking his wagon to a marginally talented, oft-injuried QB when he already has IMO a more physically gifted, younger version of the same player for cheaper. Plus because he didn't draft Darnold, if he runs it back with Sam for one more year he still hasn't made "his" ultimate QB decision.
  12. That hypetrain will hopefully allow the Jets to get maximum value when they trade out of the 2nd pick.
  13. Typical media spin. Agree.
  14. I personally don't mind trading back twice if the Jets go no further than early teens. Once to 4-7 and then once more if they can find the partner and value. Accumulate as much draft capital as possible to move up or down whenever an opportunity appears the next couple years. I'm all in in trusting JD and the FO/coaching staff. Draft Waddle or Smith or Pitts, build the weapons and line.
  15. Not a chance Watson is waiving his NTC for Jacksonville. Usually there is no way Houston would ever trade him in division either, but perhaps they would reconsider given the prospect TL is. Regardless, Watson is not choosing Jacksonville over Miami or NY.
  16. This is absolutely a possibility.
  17. While your sentiment is correct, that deal won't happen. Douglas can play hardball if Watson has a one team list, however if he has more than one allowable destination, some leverage is then lost.
  18. Some of you are far too trusting. Do you think a poker player will tell you he has the nuts if you ask him? These are all media nonsense answers, nothing more and nothing less. Do the Jets know yet what they will do? Most likely not as several different scenarios have yet to play themselves out i.e. Watson, demand for number 2 pick increasing as FOMO sets in. The Jets are keeping their options open, which is a smart, grown-up thing to do, very encouraging as a Jets fan.
  19. Two fold. 1. Its a bad look. 2. There is no coming back from it and we are all still in speculation still. None of us really know his motivation is yet. That move would remove all speculation.
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