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  1. 3 hours ago, Matt39 said:

    Isn’t the vaccine the precaution? What is the League going to do with this?

    This is pathetic. What a joke. People, including me, work each and everyday with or without some experimental jab. The pussification of our society is at an all time high.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    This is a good point but mainly because just about all of the coaches are newbies at their positions. I’m not saying that these guys won’t work out just that you almost need a gray beard or two who has seen it all and can quietly observe.  We’ll see what happens.

    To your point, Greg Knapp will serve as that grey beard. I am just pleased the Jets finally have a real staff, not one or two guys, but an entire staff of assistants and especially a coach specifically for the most important position in all of sports. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Wit said:

    What are the chances JD trades down and nets maybe two seconds so he can grab more o line and a cb? 

    If there is an elite talent that slides down to 23 grab that person, but as far as o line goes, it’s a pretty deep draft. 

    This is more to the community, not the OP. I realize most Jets fans are preconditioned to create misery where none exists and their IQ is dropping each and every moment they listen to ESPN or God forbid Shannon Sharpe lmao....wow. Regardless of these, JD is in charge. This is what we as Jets fans have been calling/yelling/begging for. A respected football guy who is making the decisions. Will he make all good calls? Of course not, I like our chances though based on his pedigree and track record. 


    The sentiment remains regardless of results, this is the best chance the Jets have had for sustainable success in decades. I for one am excited to see what JD and his very well respected executive/coaching staff does, so yes...trade back and accumulate more capital. I want JD to have as many opportunities as possible to find players that will contribute to the long term vision we all dream of.  

  4. 1 hour ago, FidelioJet said:

    We essentially have 3 drafts over the next two years.

    That's an extra free year of picks. 

    JD really did set himself up to turn this thing around, he just needs to hit now.

    Exactly right. He accomplished the first part with the pick accumulation, now he and his staff need to have some solid results and the Jets will have a quick turnaround. 

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  5. 58 minutes ago, southtown24th said:

    Is acting like Sam Darnold is/was Dan Marino and the Jets have just been "holding him back".  Like I get it but, have these people watched a single game?  The kid NEVER progressed, he NEVER got better, he RARELY had flashes of brilliance...if we were really holding down Sam Darnold, perhaps he would have won a few games in spite of this horrible and horrific franchise--and he NEVER did it.


    I wish the kid nothing but the best, he's a good kid and I hope he does great, honestly, but, this idea that we had John Elway on our roster and it was "all the Jets fault that he is a horrible QB" is really, really, really reaching.  It's bad and irresponsible.



    Human beings are inherently lazy. This goes double for the media class. 2020/2021 is all the proof you should need. So these clowns pile on the easy take wagon and remain in the safe zone. Everyone prospers and gets laughs when flaming the NY Jets. It really is sad to see the way content is distributed to the public, more so than that is the way the plebs slurp it down as if it is original and authentic. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, More Cowbell said:

    I was just watching ESPN this morning and they listed the Jets first round picks for about the last 10 years not only is Bechton the only one still on the team, but the guys listed above are not even in the league anymore. Bart Scott said do you know how bad you have to suck to be a first round pick and nobody wants to give you a chance. 

    This is why the Jets are so bad. 

    Relevance to now? 




  7. ESPN’s Rich Cimini says the Jets had pretty much given up on the idea of keeping Darnold around to sit behind the rookie QB they inevitably draft next month.


    I will bet a large portion of my small accumulated wealth that this is 100% complete bullsh*t. 

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  8. 18 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    Fair enough. Would be my last choice. The power of a QB under a rookie contract is immense and there is no doubt in my mind that Wilson is better than Sam as a prospect

    Agreed. I have gone back and forth on this, but the rookie contract mindset is a powerful one. He takes Wilson, along with the way he has structured his offseason keeping cap space for the future, he can then build around Wilson while he is cheap. If you look at the entire picture, I believe this is exactly what is happening. Darnold will likely be traded IF the compensation is fair, JD will call everyone's bluff though, to keep face for any future negotiations and keep SD through the summer if needed to get what he thinks is a good deal.

  9. 20 hours ago, Patriot Killa said:

    Looks like a pitiful loser when he throws an interception. Puts his head down and walks to the bench just to get up and throw another one 5 minutes later.

    This argument cracks me up. Exactly what reaction are you looking for? You want a QB to throw his helmet or punch the kicking net? Or would it be best to have a brain and try to analyze what went wrong? Now I have no idea if he is doing that mind you and neither does anyone on this board. I can say I personally would prefer a QB to take a measured approach that a "fly off the handle" one.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    And with the second pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select...Zack Wilson, Quarterback, BYU

    <Jets fans crying tears of joy for a player they didn’t know existed until this February>

    :Five minutes later, Goodell takes the podium to announce that the Texans are on the clock after trading Deshaun Watson to the 49ers for #3 overall and some change. NFL Network desk is seen high-fiving a beaming John Lynch before hailing him as a hero and Vegas installs the the Niners as prohibitive Super Bowl favorites:

    Jets fans:

    Wait A Second Season 3 GIF by The Office

    For shock and awe factor, does Goodell announce the DW suspension then as well? 

  11. 36 minutes ago, johnnyjet said:

    So if you are Joe Douglas, Saleh and LaFleur, who do you hitch your wagon too. Sam who still has potential but really hasn’t show anything that would make you go wow.   Zach who is now QB 2 in the draft or trade number to for a boat load of picks.   

    My choice is trade Sam, take Zach.  Reset the salary of your QB. Stay the course if building with young guys.  Add a couple of locker room guys.  Hold the fort guys.  


    and go back to the old uniforms.  

    I think they can sell to the public and more importantly the ownership that they want to wait a year to ultimately hitch their wagon to "their guy" IF they kept Sam and let this year play out. It is for this reason that I believe trading out is/was a possibility knowing how much JD loves the draft. If they traded for DW or draft a QB in the 1st round anywhere, that is this regime picking their guy. I still believe we could see JD trade back still, likely with Carolina, and sell this idea of "punting", on not the season per say, but the decision on the QB of this regime for one more year. 

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  12. 50 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

    Our division will have Allen on a stacked team, Garropolo, and Tua throwing to Kyle Pitts


    but hey, Zach Wilson looks good throwing in shorts and a tshirt

    I'll take a competent offensive staff and SD over Tua and JimmyG. So sign me up for this scenario after a haul from Carolina. 

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  13. 4 hours ago, Matt39 said:

    If the Jets actually sit at 2 and don’t draft a QB then...well I don’t know. But that would be bad.

    This scenario here would actually make me lose faith in JD, I cannot under any circumstances foresee this happening, at least lets hope not.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    If they love Mac I don't hate it. Seems early to take him but you assure yourself no one else gets him while picking up a bunch of draft capital. They would have to get more in the trade though.

    FWIW, PFN mock draft simulator offers the following trade from the Lions.

    DET: offers #7, #41, 2022 1st, 2022 LAR 1st, 2022 2nd

    That's much closer to the compensation. In this draft, with this hype the compensation was idiotically low. 

  15. 1 hour ago, clayton163v said:

    If we had signed Rankins on the first day, many Jet fans would be singing his praises.  He is another addition for our transition to a 4-3.  It was logical that we would add more lineman since you need more of them.  He is a versatile inside out lineman who has had some success.  Good money but I doubt it is front loaded with guarantees.  He will have to play to get paid.  Another good signing that upgrades the team. 

    Stop bringing sound logic to a group think board. 

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  16. 8 minutes ago, Integrity28 said:

    Good, original topic.

    A lot of veterans are being released leading up to FA. So, if you couple your logic with the “any port in a storm” mindset some may have - it stands to reason that there’ll be a lot of hole-plugging contracts and 1-year “bet on myself” deals.

    Should be interesting.

    I think Cam Newton’s deal is a perfect example. Team gets what they need = a vet to hold it down while they prep a rookie QB. Cam gets a chance to improve his market for next year.


    Newton is a perfect example.

  17. 11 minutes ago, Jdub03 said:

    I do think we'll see some of this for sure. If this is the case don't you think players with options are gonna go to the place best equip to set them up for a productive season, so they can cash in? Should be an interesting FA period.

    That is absolutely a possibility and Indy would be a great choice for those players. Could see some interesting names sign one year deals there.

  18. 1 hour ago, Adoni Beast said:

    I don’t want him. I just think that’s what they were implying.

    I understand what you were saying. There is no way JD is hooking his wagon to a marginally talented, oft-injuried QB when he already has IMO a more physically gifted, younger version of the same player for cheaper. Plus because he didn't draft Darnold, if he runs it back with Sam for one more year he still hasn't made "his" ultimate QB decision. 

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