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  1. 30 minutes ago, oatmeal said:


    they didn’t want the backlash of having no problems trading a white player and keeping a black player held hostage. 

    Deshaun to the Jets is looking more likely everyday imo 🤷‍♂️

    Typical media spin. Agree.

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  2. 4 hours ago, jetswinbaby! said:

    I had fantasies of the Jets finally acquiring a franchise QB...

    But the dream of Trevor Lawrence went bye-bye...

    And now, the Stafford trade may make the price for Watson way over the top...

    Too expensive for JD...

    No draftable QB seems to be emerging as a "can't miss" after Trevor at #2...

    The talking up of Sam by Saleh...

    The talking up of Sam by Todd McShay (supposedly JD's buddy)...

    The writing is on the wall...

    Another season of QB play by a player who has done absolutely nothing for 3 seasons...

    Another season of listening to self-proclaimed experts talk about the up-and-down Jet QB, "Sam Dar-Know"...

    Oh well...


    Giving JD the number 2 pick and still all the hype that the draft process will entail to pump up the value of that pick, I'm persoanlly liking this option more and more. The Jets are a, seemingly, united front on how to improve this team. That feels good as fan and should give all of us hope, regardless of if they can secure DW.



  3. 33 minutes ago, freestater said:

    It's official. 

    The thread that is. But common....we all know the jets are bringing back Sammy and are going to surround him with as much talent as they can get. Pitts maybe, depending on how far we trade back. Chase is still my top WR, Smith definitely a 1a. I'd really like an interior lineman at 23 or 34. Who else ya got?

    I personally don't mind trading back twice if the Jets go no further than early teens. Once to 4-7 and then once more if they can find the partner and value. Accumulate as much draft capital as possible to move up or down whenever an opportunity appears the next couple years. I'm all in in trusting JD and the FO/coaching staff. Draft Waddle or Smith or Pitts, build the weapons and line. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, nycdan said:

    The only nightmare scenario here is if JAX trades #1 for Watson.  Then we miss out on both.  Of course we're no worse off than if we can't get Watson in a trade anyway, but that would sting just a little.

    Not a chance Watson is waiving his NTC for Jacksonville. Usually there is no way Houston would ever trade him in division either, but perhaps they would reconsider given the prospect TL is. Regardless, Watson is not choosing Jacksonville over Miami or NY.

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  5. On 1/26/2021 at 2:05 PM, UntouchableCrew said:

    Random thought -- I think there's a lot of misinformation and politicking at play right now and I think it's possible the interest in the Dolphins and Jets as the "top two" destinations specifically is being generated by the Texans.

    Those are the two teams with the most draft picks (specifically the most high 2021 picks) to move in a trade and getting division rivals to bid against each other is the dream scenario for Houston.

    Not to suggest Watson doesn't genuinely like the situation in Miami or NY -- both would be legitimately appealing for various reasons. I'm just not as sold that it's one of those two or bust.

    This is absolutely a possibility. 

  6. 1 hour ago, y2k8 said:


    IF Watson truly wants to come to the Jets, Joe Douglas has all the leverage. 

    No need to rush.  No need to negotiate against himself.

    This is the Texans problem, not ours. 

    Let them sell low. 

    Give them the #2 pick and Darnold.

    That's it. Take it or leave it.


    While your sentiment is correct, that deal won't happen. Douglas can play hardball if Watson has a one team list, however if he has more than one allowable destination, some leverage is then lost. 

  7. 3 hours ago, genot said:

    People. Darnold detractors. They like Sam. Sam isn't being traded. Nor are ws trading for another QB. Forget Saleh. Douglas was asked about Sam, and the last thing he said was, "Im exited about Sam" The use of the word "I", pretty much tells you where Sam will be.

    Some of you are far too trusting. Do you think a poker player will tell you he has the nuts if you ask him? These are all media nonsense answers, nothing more and nothing less. Do the Jets know yet what they will do? Most likely not as several different scenarios have yet to play themselves out i.e. Watson, demand for number 2 pick increasing as FOMO sets in. The Jets are keeping their options open, which is a smart, grown-up thing to do, very encouraging as a Jets fan.  

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  8. 30 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Hes had slater above sewel for a while now.

    Fields below wilson and lance.

    This is the draft the jets need to trade down from #2 at least once if not twice.

    Lots of what I consider nice prospects mid 1st round and we can address a lot of needs in this draft and be loaded for the 2022 draft.

    Two years from now we have a rebuilt team.

    Absolutely, if the Jets run with Sam, trade back multiple times, many good prospects in the mid 1st to 3rd round range.

  9. 6 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    No NFC team can give Houston the kind of picks the Jets can.  It's really just us, Miami and Jacksonville who can offer enough picks of significance.  And I can't see any universe where the Texans trade Watson to a place where they'd face him 2x a year.  So that just leaves the Jets and Dolphins, really.  

    Just watch Carolina as a possibility. They do have number 8 and CM. 

  10. 13 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    Part of me says that's a damn good draft haul. 

    Part of me says who's our QB. 

    So not only we will be chasing the Bills but also the Dolphins with that draft. 

    All that and Dee Ford. Would be amazing and quite frankly I would take my chances with the new staff turning around Darnolds career.

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  11. 4 hours ago, Barkus said:

    Mods can merge if appropriate. There was talk Glenn could be DC here. This makes sense as him and Campbell have worked together for years

    From PFT:

    Dan Campbell is bringing Aaron Glenn with him to Detroit.

    Campbell, the new Lions head coach, will hire Aaron Glenn as defensive coordinator, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

    Glenn and Campbell have worked together on the Saints’ staff for the last five years.

    The 48-year-old Glenn was a first-round draft pick of the Jets in 1994 and had a 15-year NFL playing career. This will be his first coordinator job after seven seasons as an assistant coach.


    Would have liked him at Florham park, but congratulations to him.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Bronx said:

    Not according to Cimini...

    The price would be exorbitant. You're talking about at least three first-round picks. Think about it: If Jamal Adams fetched two first-rounders -- a strong safety -- imagine the cost for a 25-year-old quarterback who has made three Pro Bowls and is signed through 2025.

    Jamal had zero leverage. Watson does. Apples and oranges.

  13. 5 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    I do not dismiss the fact teams will lover them, as I said we will have trade down partners but both fields and wilson have some issues, they are not super clean prospects. 

    If you are a GM are you giving up 3 first rounders and 2 second rounders to move to 2 to take wilson?  or fields?

    Personally I don't believe they are worth that, even for the Jets moving that far back. That being said, I can absolutely see it happening given the reasons I stated previously. 

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  14. 2 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    1)  We might very well be able to trade down but we are not getting an epic haul because no player there is a must have.

    2) People need to get off the narrative that it is draft a QB or trade for one this year or be stuck with Darnold forever and ever amen

    The Jets have one more year before they have to truly commit to darnold, they can keep him or let him walk or trade him this year.

    They can still trade down or not trade for watson and still move on from Darnold after this year.  They can look for a vet QB to get them by for a year or two and as ALWAYS look at the QB prospects the next year or year after.

    Pretty well every single year guys we have head little about now end up being hot Qb prospects the following year.

    You simply cannot dismiss or deny the possibility of a team loving Fields or Wilson to the extent that they do something previously thought of as insane. The draft process involves humans who will be meeting with these kids and evaluating them. Bias will be formed and careers can be made and lost, including by the Jets themselves. 

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