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  1. The draft pick "chart" is merely the jumping off point when a QB is involved. The Jets should ask for a ton, most likely multiple bidders as well.
  2. The number 2 and next years 3rd. The contract is massive. Douglas would be able to barter that into less compensation or no deal.
  3. This is likely a hit piece on the kid to make him fall to a desired spot for that particular scout. Teams don't listen to this trash, they do thier own research and make independent decisions.
  4. The great thing is Bill Barnwell has as much influence in the NFL as I do.
  5. Stop making too much sense sir. Clearly not acceptable in this day and age.
  6. You put a ton of effort into this, for this I am grateful, however, you lost me at Marvin Lewis lol.
  7. I'd prefer a trade back, if offered to the 5-7 range and take Wilson. I do prefer him to Trask, Fields and Lance.
  8. They also made the path to playoff success for the Seahawks easier and thus possibly making their second first rounder worse as well.
  9. Yea, I'll take my portion of the blame as I added the Rams as a throw in ML bet, FML.
  10. Standard POS lazy media guy. The story would be easy to write this way. Complete hack.
  11. Literally zero chance of this.
  12. Many people still fail to understand the dynamic that the players are loyal to an organization provided the organization is paying them. Their loyalty will immediately change once the paycheck comes from a different source. It is asinine for anyone to compare a fan perspective to that of the players. You are exactly correct that the players will always try to win because that paycheck depends on their performance, yet so many come up with the idea of the players tanking and could not be more incorrect.
  13. If we could guarantee these trades and compensation, I would seriously consider this strategy. Only thing I personally would change is take Zack Wilson at 5. The talent overhaul though here is highly intriguing.
  14. This is so clearly a lazy media pivot from the "Stay at Clemson Trevor" talking point that he dismantled after the game Saturday. He was never going to stay there and will likely only consider forcing a trade if Gase remains as coach which is not going to happen. This is a bullsh*t narrative to have something to fill dead air. Nothing more. He is not the type of personality to shy away from the spotlight, more so he seems comfortable with it. If the Jets have the pick, he will play for them. Stop this madness.
  15. Your smart enough to know he commands double teams and changes games even without the stat sheet filling up.
  16. He is already ruled out for ND game, but they are still winning that game.
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