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  1. This could absolutely be the Jets win to mess up TL becoming a Jet.
  2. Money and job security enable ones true self to appear.
  3. -21.5 to open -20.5 at kickoff, the sharps will grab 3+ TD spread.
  4. Joe Douglas was going to be the hot commodity in GM corners after the 2019 season. He had options. He knew he had options. I find it hard to believe he would have taken this position if he knew he was not going to have control of player personnel decisions. Gase is clearly involved, but until he says it himself, I will believe JD has final say on all personnel decisions. As far as this Hymie guy, he might also have a vote, but there is no way you lure a top GM prospect to this team by saying he has a "say" in personnel, he would have to have been promised "final say".
  5. This is spot on. The Jets need to evaluate what they have EVERYWHERE now. Clark needs to be out there soon. Hoping Mims is ready soon. Hall as well. Play Huff more. Obviously the faster Gase is gone the better. I feel sorry for him honestly, but he is reaping what he sows with his ineptitude.
  6. Love colts and rams today. Sneaky pick is Jacksonville on ML. I think they outright win.
  7. One of my favorite films as well!
  8. This made me laugh out loud. Thank you interwebs and BROOKLYN JET.
  9. In other surprising news, water is wet. The ruling class has a different set of rules. Always have.
  10. 34-10. Colts have better defense than they get credit for. No garbage TD this week.
  11. And before that was traded for a? Yes, 2nd round pick.
  12. He was traded for a 2nd by Arizona after they took Murray.
  13. With all the information from all teams including the Jets, these players are not capable of conditioning themselves as well as the teams are. The missed camps and training time is resulting in a striking amount of soft tissue injuries.
  14. The best ability is availability. Gotta love BP.
  15. I'll give you the commercials are funny.
  16. One game is meaningless. The Jets have at least been competitive to the point they they recently reached the conference championship twice.
  17. The Cleveland Browns: Hold my beer.
  18. What a surprise given the reliability it has shown thus far.
  19. I agree with this as well. He found, what looks like, great value several times throughout the draft. I didn't have as much an issue with Morgan as I see him being a piece to flip someday, or at least that is how I think the Jets see him. Hall late could become the reason this class shines, he has the ball skills and instincts you crave for a cornerback. I love the Mims pick and feel he could become one of those second round stars at WR ala D. Adams and M. Thomas down the road with his set of skills and that chip he will hopefully carry around.
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