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    A born jets fan who ignored his Dad's good advice to be a happy Yankee/Giants fan.
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    Al Toon. My all-time favorite Jet. I just remember being fascinated at how he'd catch everything.
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    How to choose??
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  1. RVAJet815

    Case for Teddy?

    I would rephrase Camp 1. I am all for whatever is best for Sam. Not so much Darnold or nothing, I'm saying that if Sam needs TB to play a few games early on to catch up or get game ready, so be it. I'm not pretending that this team is a contender right now. I'm in no rush to throw the kid into the fire if he's not ready. And I am curious to see what we have in Bridgewater.
  2. RVAJet815

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    They only get so much time with these kids in OTAs. There literally isn't time to "send a message" outside of actually giving the player a talking to and laying down the law (though, I admit Bowles probably didn't...which is the key here). In any case, Herndon needs the reps more than the message. I can't think of too many teams that would have done things any differently.
  3. That would be charles johnson. I'm not as confident as dcat, but I am very intrigued by his skillset. This WR Corps is kind of shaping up as an island of misfit toys of sorts. Hopefully, Johnson or one of the other guys step up and help out Kearse and Anderson.
  4. Someone's probably already said this but the choice should be 6) Whenever he and Bates think he's ready. And not a moment before.
  5. I can't stand that man, but with Giselle on his arm, he can wear whatever the hell he wants. Gotta keep the wife happy.
  6. RVAJet815

    PFF on the Jet's draft class

    And yeah, this may be a bottom half OL. It'll be better than bottom 5. WHich again is why the hysteria is so vexing.
  7. RVAJet815

    PFF on the Jet's draft class

    It's nearly universally being praised. Only Giant homers like O'Hara are panning it in any meaningful way.
  8. One wonders what the reaction would be if we had the bills' line.
  9. I did. He's on my ignore list
  10. I never said I'm a know it all. Far from it. I'm a meteorologist by trade. I get reminded daily that I don't know sh*t. I just refuse to worry about every little thing. If you guys do, go for it.
  11. I get the frustration. But can we see if we have a full-blown emergency before making it into one? From my perspective, the '17 line stats are not rising to the level of this hysteria, and that's with injuries to much of the line last year. Adding those guys back, signing Long to that deal and w/ Shell 1 year older...I say lets see what we have before we jump off the bridge. I get the edge rusher thing. THat's actually a BIGGER gripe of mine than OL. I could probably support being pissed about that even. But I'm not all that worked up about the OL at this point. I'm just not. If you guys want to be, have at it. I'm just sitting over here waiting to hear what Darnold's # is gonna be for my next jersey
  12. They can't complain about QB anymore. They have to turn their venom somewhere
  13. I don't dispute that guys get the FA for a reason. But if your assumption comes to pass, and again I don't think it will come to that, then you'll not only get some OL attention in FA, but you're probably drafting a "Hog Molly" (copyright Dave Gettleman) drafted early next year. They're not fools. They just can't fill all the holes at once.
  14. Once again, Starting the kid out of the chute assumes he clearly ready to go AND the line is able to protect him. If that is the case, then he'll start. If it's not, then he won't. It should be as simple as that. Bowles is even less likely to take chances than I would.
  15. I agree. And they're unlikely to become as bad as claimed. My money says league average. And that is plenty passable in the modern NFL.