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    How to choose??
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  1. Oh FFS...If the Johnsons mess mets this up, there is truly no hope left for them.
  2. Based on their description, that's Douglas to a tee. The Houston GM job was rejected because in part it was essentially a caretaker role. He wants to have the control to build a roster. And he came to the eagles post Chip Kelly. He's not afraid of a little circus music.
  3. https://omny.fm/shows/go-birds/itb-35-so-what-would-be-next-if-joe-douglas-leaves Must listen podcast from the eagles side. Some really good insight on Douglas. Highlights... They expect Douglas to take the job if offered Douglas and Gase understand each other...I prefer this to the "they're friends" stuff which means nothing Douglas is a people person that can help smooth over some of Gase's rough edges. I told myself I wouldn't get too attached to any candidate. Too bad. Get me Douglas, Chris...by hook or by crook. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I love it...just show me the press conference and I’ll come in off the ledge
  5. How is it we root for the two most snakebit teams in town? You couldn’t even make this crap up with these teams.
  6. All this vaguebooking is driving me crazy. If you're not able to actually break news, why comment?
  7. It’s not a one or the other scenario. That’s the frustrating part...jets had the money to do all of those things easily.
  8. Yeah...the Paradis stuff coming out over the past few days is really frustrating. Jets had Paradis in town and Mac just couldn’t make a decision. That and Barr in and of themselves argue that Mac was in wayyy over his head.
  9. It's more that the firing gives off an air that the Org has no idea what it's doing. We should have fired Mac MONTHS ago. Very few of us argue that. To fire him now...AFTER the draft..AFTER committing a bunch of cash to players and coaches (that, btw the HC is apparently on record to NOT want)...is just prototypical old school Jets mismanagement. We thought we were passed this dysfunction. THAT is the cause of the anger. Mac now has time to spend at the DD on Ridgedale...not crying for him!
  10. We're going from one ***show to the next. I'm not seeing the reason to celebrate. That this org saw fit to not only retain Mac, but to give him a full (active) offseason, THEN fire him 2 weeks after the draft and give the keys to Adam Gase should tell you everything you need to know about the Johnsons. We're paddling in circles.
  11. The dysfunction of this organization never ceases to amaze me. Unbelievable. Of course this is long overdue. The timing is hilariously bad, even by our standards.
  12. One more thing...Hech needs a shot at SS. Rosario...whether it’s mental or whatever...needs a demotion. He has a bunch of crap to work through and he can’t do it here.
  13. OK, two things...and I'm gonna try to keep it clean. 1. I Have to give credit where it's due...this team is blessed with the ability to lose games in the stupidest, most agonizing ways possible. 2. Freaking Angel Hernandez! Flexen is an awful pitcher and he has no reason to be on the big roster...but gamecast had at least 2 of those pitches on the walk as strikes. All 4 were called balls.
  14. The point you’ve stumbled into is...preseason narrative is wrong far more often than it’s right. It’s like the bills...every single year.
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