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  1. All is forgiven. Well done, Mac.
  2. I have absolutely zero doubt that Mac will just stand pat at 6 and do his BPA thing. I'm not gonna be shocked at all if out does end up being Minkah. And Mac should be fired the next day if it happens. Get your qb by any means necessary.

    Well that's a nice upgrade on Ryan Grant. Well played Ozzie.
  4. Or since McGuire is a cheaper, younger version of Bilal, you could go Crowell, <Rookie RB>, Elijah, (Filler RB). Would save us some money too.
  5. Mac is all about getting the BPA. Right now, that's clearly the Badger. He knows the system. He knows the playbook. Hell, Bowles is family. Close the deal, Mac.
  6. This is Mac's last stand. He was sold to us as a scout. He has to pick his qb and go get him. By any means necessary. It really is that simple. A 39 year old and a qb coming off a serious injury had better not be derailing that. If it does, Mac won't be GM for long.
  7. Exactly. Good news as far as I'm concerned. Draft a back (or two) and lets actually infuse some talent into the offense for a change.
  8. I think Jackson will be a great pro...if he has someone looking out for him and putting him in the right situations. New Orleans would be an outstanding landing place, for example. If on the other hand, he lands some place like here with an unimaginative offensive staff with a risk averse HC like Bowles, he's going to be useless.
  9. Per Schefter. Isaiah Crowell to Jets

    Good lord, it gets worse. Get the pitchforks boys!

    Good side (and I'm really trying) ...at least in that scenario we have Chubb or Barkley to choose from. A Minkah pick may just kill any interest I have left in this team.

    We stand pat at 6 and there very well may not be a qb to draft.
  12. Jets bring back McCown

    Sure there is...stand pat at 6. There won't be a qb left to pick unless you want to overdraft the Louisville Slugger.
  13. Jets bring back McCown

    Wow. Completely speechless. And here I thought Mac would do something dumb. We're looking up at dumb. This is beyond all recognition and logic. Holy crap Mac wtf.

    Plus you need someone for the middle of the season when Dion inevitably gets hurt. He's a talented kid, but he can't stay on the field. We can absolutely draft a Jones or Michel to pair with him, but he's by no means someone who can carry the load.