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  1. Nothing negative about Wilson here. He's defending his QB and on Gase. You'd think we'd be united on these comments.
  2. They should just go with Washington FC. None of these names are gonna stick anyway. Just go that route, make a little crest with a W on it and just call it good.
  3. You should probably stop watching them, then.
  4. The bottom of the pac12 is pretty much Mountain West quality defense, so yeah. If we’re going to play that game, which is stupid...it still doesn’t look all that much different.
  5. He’s right. And it stings because he’s right. Nothing is changing until the culture changes. All the more reason to hope Saleh and JD finally have this stuff figured out.
  6. You’re right...based on precedent, one could just assume most buttons this franchise presses are wrong and probably be right more often than not. That said. Seems like a large segment of our fanbase just hangs in with this team simply to complain and be negative. I don’t get it. We have enough garbage in the world that I don’t need to find more, but whatever. I’m rooting for JD and Saleh to get it right, and I’m hoping Wilson is finally the guy. Not much other choice at this point.
  7. Tarron Jackson their edge will probably be a day 3 pick, but he’s a bit of an Edge/IDL tweener. He had a nice game that night with multiple pressures. Otherwise, they had a good game plan and followed it. Again, BYU had less than 2 days to prepare. I know everyone that is against Zach Wilson’s selection will point at that game but the game wasn’t nearly as bad as you’d think. The kid didn’t have that bad a game for one thing. For another, his WR had a tough night.
  8. That’s true. I don’t have a lot of input as to who the pick is, and I’m assuming most of us on this site don’t either. I like Wilson and think he’s the goods but even if I didn’t, at this point what choice do we have? Either he succeeds or we flush another half decade down the drain. Let’s just hope JD is on the money with Wilson and can build around him successfully.
  9. Khalil Herbert RB Va Tech- ideal outside zone runner and a good if not great fit in our offense. Dyami Brown WR UNC- A real burner. Good route runner. And Exactly the right compliment to Davis and Mims. Big catch radius. Really want this kid picked up in rd 3! Jonathan Adams Ark state....Same but likely later pick. Another deep threat that can open things up underneath for our backs and other WR. And he can go up and get it too!
  10. And that’s fine. A majority of the non-Cimini takes have been far more favorable to the Jets side of things. None of that matters though. It comes down to restarting the rookie clock with a new QB and then building around him in a way Mac did not do for Sam. All the Darnold stuff is water under the bridge now. It could and should have gone differently...but it didn’t. All the Cimini crying in the world isn’t undoing it.
  11. This guy literally kisses Belichicks ring for a living. The thought of this guy AND Moose AND Maggie in one interview is just nauseating. It’s hilarious to think of anyone putting stock in what these 3 have to say. “Alpha male”?!? [emoji23]
  12. Get rid of the arrows and the New York on the front and they’re tolerable. Really though, it’s meaningless. They could be wearing Christmas Jammies for all I care if they win games.
  13. Excellent work PK. I'd suggest adding the much maligned coastal Carolina tape to the list. In my much less polished opinion I think it's a bit overused by the anti Zach side. Id love to see a break down of that game.
  14. Yes and yes. Gio would be a duplicate piece with Coleman here. And yes, I'm a big proponent of Herbert coming in. Wouldn't cost more than a day 3 pick IMO and would immediately jump to the top of the RBBC.
  15. I honestly don't see Moore as a 2nd tier guy. I'd put him in the scrum with the other WR1 guys. In any case,he'd be great but not likely to last to our 3rd round (thinking OL/CB will be our first two picks most likely). I'm definitely a big booster for Dyami Brown in rd 3. The irony is Robby Anderson is exactly the WR piece we're missing now with Davis and Mims in the fold. Brown is in that same deep threat mold. TE would be great but I don't see a lot of TE targets in this draft outside of the obvious Who Wil be gone within minutes of Zach getting picked.
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