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    A born jets fan who ignored his Dad's good advice to be a happy Yankee/Giants fan.
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    Richmond, VA
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    Coaching/Hiking with my kids, Watching the weather
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    National Weather Service Meteorologist

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    Al Toon. My all-time favorite Jet. I just remember being fascinated at how he'd catch everything.
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    How to choose??
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    All of them :D
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  1. I didn't argue it benefits us...I simply pointed out that getting someone in charge who can handle it is even more important (i.e. Not Mac.)
  2. The urgency to get the Mac situation right rachets up even more. Jets project to have *at least* $116 million in cap space https://www.forbes.com/sites/jppelzman/2018/12/12/salary-cap-increase-will-give-jets-even-more-flexibility/#4cd242b133bc
  3. Not worried about 1. Stay in the top 3, be there ready to deal when teams start pushing for Haskins and whatever QB teams want at #3. As much as Bosa would be great, we have too many holes to get wrapped up in 1 guy. Trade down and stockpile.
  4. Caporoso has some pretty cringeworthy takes in-season. But his hatred for the jets coaching staff and direction of the franchise in general is admirable in my book. Usually, Orr/Costello will be my go-to's for team news, with Rapoport and Schefter for any real news.
  5. I don't know about that. If Herbert declares, between him and Haskins, someone will be high enough on one of the QBs to want to get up into the top 3. back end of the tp 10 or teens would be a nice spot to fall back to in this draft. Plenty of needs and a deep draft.
  6. Hell, I keep asking myself why I don't do that now...If they somehow gave Bowles another shot, I'm done.
  7. Yep. Filed under It must be nice to root for a franchise that has actual standards...
  8. RVAJet815

    Boomer this morning...

    Yes. Make a strong statement for once and just do what needs to be done now. Hell, the Packers don't even HAVE an owner an managed to pull off an in-season firing. Of course it'll never happen, but it's something a legitimate organization would do. Enough is enough.
  9. RVAJet815

    Official JetNation Statement

    Poor Charlie Brown...
  10. RVAJet815

    If Macagnan is smart...

    LOL, of course he is...this is just the speed of the FAN mouthbreathers. I'm sure Fat Mike will jump on too. "Bro Bro bro!"
  11. RVAJet815

    Boomer this morning...

    His treatment of Aaron Jones alone tells you that...No thanks.
  12. RVAJet815

    Currently we pick 3rd.

    Some QBs will flash. Very confident of that. Happens every year at the combine. Some GM somewhere will fall hard for one of the prospects and want to pay to get up into the top 3-5. And if Mac is still around, he'd better know that he needs as many picks as he can get his hands on in this draft.
  13. RVAJet815

    Boomer this morning...

    Do it. Now. I frankly don't care if the beer guy coaches the rest of the way.
  14. RVAJet815

    Currently we pick 3rd.

    Trade down. Take that top 3-5 pick and get Darnold a weapon and some protection.
  15. RVAJet815

    Franchise is a joke

    And while I understand your viewpoint and agree to a point...If Mac is buying the groceries, they can lose games til the cows come home. It won't matter.

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