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    A born jets fan who ignored his Dad's good advice to be a happy Yankee/Giants fan.
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    Coaching/Hiking with my kids, Watching the weather
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    Al Toon. My all-time favorite Jet. I just remember being fascinated at how he'd catch everything.
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    How to choose??
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    All of them :D
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  1. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I mean I laughed at Baker going 1. Who knows? Just takes 1 GM going rogue...
  2. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    This gives me confidence that a deal is coming...
  3. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Yep. Remember the Cow on ice fiasco...that was Shonka.
  4. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Or perhaps Washington is talking to us because they’re talking...
  5. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I trust Mac making the trade. I’m less sure of him actually picking the right player.
  6. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Excellent. #3 just got a lot more valuable if true.
  7. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    We’re at the point in n the draft process where there’s nothing to do but fling poop lol
  8. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I could be convinced to go burns too if he’s around. There are a few options there that would work.
  9. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Absolutely not saying that...at least I’m not. I think you can get late 1 value clear into the late 2nd. That’s my take anyway.
  10. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    And that’s fair but as someone with a very low risk tolerance (as most fans of this team are), I gravitate to the high floor guys. Allen strikes me as a big risk reward guy. And going DT again might just make me lose what’s left of my mind.
  11. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Not gonna sit here and pretend I’ve seen every reel of tape but every bit I’ve seen has been solid. And every single profile I’ve seen of the guy projects to a long term starter in the league at a position of clear need. Add in that top C prospects have a very low bust rate and I’m on the bandwagon. I may even be driving it.
  12. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    And add in that Allen and Bosa each have their huge question marks. Short of injury, Bradbury and Taylor are about as much of a sure thing as there is in the draft for me.
  13. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    FWIW Redskins fans are calling in down here in Richmond pissed about the idea of trading up. At least it’s not a figment of our imaginations if they’re talking about it too.
  14. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Exactly... I’m sick of the weak draft stuff. It may be top heavy but the difference between a late 1 and a 3 is pretty small in this draft. There’s a LOT of talent in this draft. Exactly the reason I’ll take 4 swings in the 2nd and 3rd over 1 premium top 3 pick.
  15. RVAJet815

    Draft Trade Rumors

    Yes but at that point why go to 5 when the raiders could easily trade out potentially. In other words, 3 is a lock to get your guy. If Mac drives too hard a bargain, then yes he risks scaring them off. You’re not getting Indy value for this pick... but I think a mid 1, 2 and a high pick next year is easily doable. Even more so if they could get Kerrigan out of there (no idea how doable that is)

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