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    A born jets fan who ignored his Dad's good advice to be a happy Yankee/Giants fan.
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    Richmond, VA
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    Coaching/Hiking with my kids, Watching the weather
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    National Weather Service Meteorologist

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    Al Toon. My all-time favorite Jet. I just remember being fascinated at how he'd catch everything.
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    How to choose??
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    All of them :D
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  1. Yep. Judging by how badly they botched the HC coverage, I’d say the media is just throwing stuff at the wall to see if something sticks. It’s lying season now. If you hear buzz, it’s probably because they want you to hear it.
  2. And the ones that don’t aren’t worth feeling uncomfortable over. We know the deal brother [mention]Mogglez [/mention]. Keep it coming!
  3. And SiriusXM before that. Where have you been since 2010? 😀
  4. It’s malpractice to take a RT at 2. We have our generational LT. Build the rest of the line in FA and later in the draft. Either Joe D finds a QB he loves or he sells the pick to someone that does. That simple.
  5. It’s tough. He’s a cerebral kid and you can see his future as a coach down the road for sure. In the pro game? The kid can make the throws but he is basically a statue out there...and he’s got a bad knee already. I wouldn’t be comfortable with anything more than a captain Morgan style day 2/3 gamble on him.
  6. Yep. That’s my issue too. I’m hoping Saleh/Kafka call is right. If so, they’re gonna want someone more mobile than Mac.
  7. I believe he was already interviewed. Saleh is the first to be asked back for a second.
  8. Let me get this straight...1 game against Clemson was too small a sample size to matter, but 1 half against Alabama is plenty? Ok. [emoji23]
  9. Sam definitely doesn’t profile as a Pederson guy.
  10. If I’ve ever seen a tweeted example of “Jetsing”, this is it. I’m not going to pay this any mind for the sake of my own sanity.
  11. He’s right, I was thinking of Polite. And agreed on the injuries.
  12. No, that was coffee boys last draft. Joe came in after the draft.
  13. Would be very happy with Saleh. He's one of the 3 I'm really hoping for (Campbell and Smith are the others). Cmon JD!
  14. Absolutely nothing. There's a franchise QB in this draft not named Trevor. Draft him.

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