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    A born jets fan who ignored his Dad's good advice to be a happy Yankee/Giants fan.
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    Coaching/Hiking with my kids, Watching the weather
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    Al Toon. My all-time favorite Jet. I just remember being fascinated at how he'd catch everything.
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    How to choose??
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    All of them :D
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  1. This too. As the dreaded met-jet combo, any of us can tell you this. I’m sure clipper fans have the same complaint. You’ll notice all this crap quieted down with Parcells here. It’s the same thing. This won’t get better til we turn it around.
  2. All of that stuff is stupid, no doubt...and I’m with you on Jamal (though I have to admit I’d be intrigued to see what JD and his crew could do with 3 1s). But fans in general are reactionary and short-sighted, and they do dumb stuff like that all the time. Our stuff gets magnified because A) we’re jet fans and 2) this team has been riddled with bad management and leadership for our entire lives (and I only go back to Clueless Joe).
  3. To be fair I think it’s more laughing at us than hating us. That said, the jets have given no reason for people to talk them up. I love 14 and think he’s about to make these haters look stupid...but until the jets show they’re coming out of their Bowles/Gase enduced funk, they’re gonna keep throwing shade. Look how little it took for them to start talking about Josh freaking Allen as the next coming. Relax, it’s their job.
  4. Whatever. As annoying as he is, I hope Greeny is able to rub all their noses in it by December.
  5. Went with Manning over Russ. I have no doubt Parcells and his staff would have managed him correctly. Russ would have been a bust with this group of idiots coaching him up.
  6. And the thing is, we KNOW we may not be good unless things break right. For the 35th year in a row, someone needs to tell them.
  7. FTFY. It happens every year, Chris Berman style. Every summer, it's the bills turn. It'd be almost funny at this point if they weren't as sanctimonious as they are.
  8. Love it. Now get me Marcus Golden and let’s get to work.
  9. I get the point, but looking at the board at the tome, it’s fairly likely the Jets just pick Cager anyway even if they have the pick. At least they get a look at QW. If he’s not a fit, just cut him loose.
  10. I’m honestly even more excited to see what kind of UDFA talent JD can cultivate. Really anxious to see it. And with everyone working virtually, stuff will evolve pretty quickly too.
  11. At least One of those K will make it to FA. Could see Mann get drafted with our last pick. C or WR for our other 6...just a guess of course.
  12. The more I read on this kid...the more I smile. GW has to be partying right now. Swiss army types like this kid are right up his alley.

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