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  1. You still have time to delete this. Yikes.
  2. Honestly have no idea. Carr would be an underwhelming option even if he weren't regressing, which he is. Minshew is a career backup. I don't feel great just handing him the reins of a contending team. I'm certain Geno is regressing back to the guy we knew if we bring him here, so no thanks there. We need a legit veteran alternative for Zach, because if he continues on this path, he'll be out on his ear calling BYU scrimmages before his contract is over. Maybe Jacoby Brissett? Mariota? Jimmy G? No great or even good options to be had. May just have to go cheap and sign a cheap vet and then draft one in the mid rounds.
  3. Isn't it also standard for fans of a team to generally be excessively pessimistic about their teams players, sans a realist here and there? And for good reason, but nonetheless.
  4. Interesting thread here. Gist of it is Dobbins and Javonte had/have more serious injuries due to the LCL involvement. Breece is at least a cleaner tear. Plus throw In Dobbins' injury history too. It's a different case. Hopefully this means BH is back in time for 23 at full speed. We can hope.
  5. The way russ has been going, this isn't good news.
  6. “Traditionalist” fans and their aversion to entertainment will never not be hilarious. Sports are supposed to be fun. It’s ok to enjoy the game once in a while. and no I’m not 16 either.
  7. And if JD goes the opposite way, he tweets “not too many younger players on the roster. Gonna be hard to sustain success with so many older vets.” He has it both ways. The man is literally always complaining about something.
  8. L They’re a very good if not great team. Jets are lucky to catch them early. Hopefully they’re still in the process of getting untracked offensively. For the jets offense, ball control is obviously the way to go. Hope you can get a lead and make Lamar throw a ton.
  9. Greeny is the whiny, woe is me, sky is falling SOJF. He’s not doing us any favors being our national media representative.
  10. This. No need to add drama where there shouldn’t be drama. He’s giving his QB every opportunity to get healthy. If he needs time, he’ll get it. But he’s saying ZW is QB1 and that’s that. Pretty simple.
  11. Irony of course being that no matter what he does, we'll always get sarcastic replies like this when it comes to Becton. He literally can do no right for not so small portions of the fan base.
  12. Even announcing his return he’s a miserable sad sack. This doesn’t seem like a fun listen anymore.
  13. Pretty much any of them are unlistenable after about 10 min (at most). Carton...a minute at most. I feel bad for Evan. He deserves better than babysitting that guy. I'd pick him if I had to pick one, but with schmoozer gone, I really don't listen to anything but music and football podcasts.
  14. It'd be nice. I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer our old friend Eugene. But hopefully the birds want to do business again.
  15. Just counting the days until Joe trades Mike White for a half eaten ham sandwich and some almond milk.
  16. Between Triple D and Good Eats Reruns, I'm in no position to judge. Probably seen all of each series.
  17. Rich is the captain of Team Lazy Bust. Have some pity on him, he's having a bad week.
  18. A huge help for the linebacker group. Another able tackler that can help on the WILL side. I'm cautiously optimistic that the defense will be halfway decent this year. Maybe even surprising some people.
  19. Nfl media by in large is terrible in judging new situations. They can predict status quo ok, but when do things ever stay the same in this league? Teams regress, teams get better...and morons like Rank are always behind the learning curve. BS articles like this is the NFL content machine stoking the fire to make people talk about them until real stuff starts happening. Just ignore it. If it's pissing you off, it's supposed to. The love isn't coming until they see wins, period.
  20. Arm talent and decision making isn't really the issue. It was a bunch of things, though. In retrospect, I think Sam is one of those guys that would have really benefited from sitting and watching for a while. As it was, he was surrounded by lesser talent and not really supported by his GM and HC. Some of it is his fault for sure and he was much too set in his ways to catch up after a lousy start, but I don't think it's debatable that he was in a horrible situation from the jump.
  21. Trent Brown would like a word. Bec is a massive human. 6’7” and 375+ is a load, but brown is every bit of that and can play OT just fine. Several other examples too. His mobility post-injury, especially in this scheme, is a fair question to ask. However, saying he flat out can’t play is just premature.
  22. SO sick of this crap, but it's not going away until the wins come. Jets need to start better than expected just to shut down the "Yeah But..." BS.
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