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  1. I get the injury angle. It would be dumb to play the kid hurt. It sure seems like more than 1/4 are openly for handing the job to White. Which makes absolutely zero sense to me. Having a viable backup is great, and frankly more than most of us thought we had. But this sudden impetus to hand White the keys over a healthy Zach is just...Well, Jetsy.
  2. The Linsanity comparison really is perfect.
  3. It fits that 3/4 of the fanbase has abandoned the starting qb for a 5th year journeyman. What a mess.
  4. I wasn't specifically referring to the pats. But you're not wrong about that.
  5. Unfortunately, it's a players league. The big time players get the calls, the benefit of the doubt, and the officials watching out for them. Equally unfortunate is that the Jets haven't had players worthy of the leagues "attention" for years.
  6. It's amazing how the media gets their Jets bye week shots in at the expense of poor ol Geno. I'll still gladly take it. Two top 15 picks incoming!
  7. Just wait til the national media figures out they owe another 1st rounder to the "GD Jets"
  8. Be a young qb? It's annoying when that happens. Seriously, pretty much every young qb has growing pains. It doesn't make him anything after 2 freaking weeks.
  9. Yikes. Why do people do this to themselves?
  10. Cool. Look, do what you do man. I'll never understand it, but if it makes you happy to be miserable, have at it.
  11. I've been here for 40 of them and I get it. But as my coach said in HS. You don't wanna be here, there's the door.
  12. Exactly right. Jets face two tough defenses and a third this Sunday and people are bailing on Wilson already. It's likely confirmation bias, but it's still stupid. The sad truth is at least a third of Jets fans don't want Zach to succeed. I'm afraid It's just that simple. The idiotic posts of the past week/month prove it.
  13. All the armchair QBs coming out of the woodwork two games in. And some wonder why people laugh at this fan base.
  14. That may be, but these pats are not built to win shootouts. They want to win 17-13, 20-10. You just don't bet this game unless you've got money to blow. Way too much volatility.
  15. It should absolutely be +5.5. I wouldn't be shocked to see it move to +7. Wilson was a hair away from being gooified on Sunday, and now he gets stunts galore with BB coming to town throwing the kitchen sink at him and a leaking OL. Why would anyone put money down on the jets right now? Love Zach and all, but I'm legit worried for his well-being.
  16. I’m in Richmond so some of the office are panthers fans. They are all just eating what the national media is feeding them. If this team is what I really think it is, I’m gonna enjoy seeing people be wrong about the Jets for once. For the record, I’m in at 30-27 Jets.
  17. Half my office pool has the panthers. It’d be nice to pick off half the office right off the top.
  18. Kayvon or Stingley would be amazing.
  19. Dumb but predictable. Media isn't taking the Jets seriously until they have a reason to. Just win some games.
  20. Not worried about the defense. Half the league has little to no defense. It's an offensive league now for better or worse, and It comes down to the offense being respectable. if they are, the media snickering and dismissals will stop. But it's not happening until they walk the walk.
  21. So bash the board, rip the team, then ask for constructive feedback on our last QB. Good luck.
  22. Wait til practices are over First. We don't need someone else's injured edge.
  23. I get it. Hard knocks gets very soap opera like too with storylines and recurring themes. The new HC/staff precludes a lot of that stuff though. I don't mind that at all, mind you. These are real people with lives and families, so I don't mind seeing that side of things.
  24. It'd be smart to make Zach the last thing we see until opening day. So I'd bet he's the finale.
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