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  1. You're saying it's a "fact" that if the Jets now lose out they will be 5-11 "again" with Darnold? Actually if they lose out they will be 5-8 with Darnold. They were 5-8 with Darnold in his rookie season....Bowles D closes out 2 games where Darnold gave them the lead late over Houston and Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay, Darnold is 7-6 his rookie year. This year the Jets are 5-6 RIGHT NOW in Darnold's 2nd season. The back-up QBs in Darnold's first 2 years are 0-6, pretty much PROVING how incredibly bad the Jet rosters have been in Darnold's first 2 years ie you do not have an "Elite Skillset" like Darnold has? You do not have a prayer of Winning a single game....but that is Darnold's fault too? Kid is putting up "average W-L records" RIGHT NOW...not 5-11's.....with the WORST roster in the NFL. Completes 60% of his throws while almost NEVER given the luxury to go through his reads, plant, step and throw. He makes lots of incredible throws AND some very poor ones. We'll never know his potential without just an Average NFL OL, which hopefully Douglas can put together. Was it Eli Manning's 4th or even 5th year where people were saying that he "must have been adopted"? Couldn't really be a Manning. He threw way too many ugly passes. Darnold is not Elite....yet. But I see an "Elite Skillset", which I never saw in Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith. Need some luck involved too. This is for the most part just a terrible organization. Douglas is still unproven and Gase has to be given the same mulligan as Darnold....even if many think most of this is his fault. Any Hi-Light Films of the 2019 Jets should include a Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN NFL TEAM.
  2. Because you always “get what you pay for”. You bring a real HC in like a Parcells (of course you have to pay for his services) and you almost make the Super Bowl just 2 years removed from 1-15. The Jet Owners either play it on the cheap and get basically refuse coordinators who have never been HCs and when they don’t (because the team is in total chaos) it also doesn’t work out because no one of real quality wants any part of the Jet organization (similar to the best players in the NBA wanting no part of the Knicks, hell these players FATHERS and some of their GRANDFATHERS can’t remember when the Knicks were really good haha) I read that Woody Johnson (he should be commended for trying in this instance) asked Mike Holmgren to come aboard would have given him a huge amount of control, but his wife nixed it. The Jets then wound up with some kind of 5th choice or lower on the list, Bowles.
  3. I was just about to write close to the same exact thing. Put Jackson on this team with this OL, no pass blocking, no run game, rarely do his receivers get any type of separation (no run game so no ability to even play action..what a joke, think about that just for a second, play-action is a very strong weapon in ANY QB’s arsenal...Darnold has NEVER had that luxury as a pro), and also you can argue about the coaching, but it’s safe to say Harbaugh>Gase.......and Lamar Jackson either gets a broken leg with his style or play or worst case is laid out like Teddy Bridgewater....nowhere CLOSE to being thought of as MVP. Total “Apple’s and Oranges” argument.
  4. I agree it will be much better if Douglas can surround Darnold with some real NFL players. But the best thing would be if Kelly Clarkson would buy the team. Seriously, I don’t think the Jets can EVER be one of the high end teamS with this ownership similar to the Mets and the Wilpons.
  5. Yeah that was disgusting. Anderson was mugged in the end zone, no call of course. Same scenario with New England and 1 pinky that touches his receiver, not an arm totally wrapped around his receiver like Anderson was...Ref sees the ball hit the ground and no TD...THEN the flag comes out for Brady for PI haha. That’s how bad the officiating is this year, it’s actually devolved into WWE style...wait for the result of the play, think what Madison Ave wants...and act on those wishes.
  6. You have to be a troll haha. Darnold has played with the weakest offensive unit in the NFL for close to 2 years now. Bortles had players around him and also protection. Not only does Darnold run for his life virtually every time he drops back but he also usually has to hit a pass into a window the size of a thimble (see last night 1st TD pass, window smaller than a thimble) because his receivers rarely get ANY kind of separation. The situation Darnold has been in since Day 1 is the exact OPPOSITE of what a Mahomes or Jackson has been in since their Day 1...Darnold has had to “play in Hell”. I don’t bother to look at Darnold’s stats at this point, because it’s worthless due to the teams he has played on. What I do though is look at some of the throws he has hit, many that MOST QBs in the NFL can not, Bortles?? Forget it. You give him a million years he couldn’t duplicate some of the plays Darnold has made. Does Darnold still have some leaks in his game? Absolutely. Can they be corrected? Will they maybe just go away with better personnel and more experience? There is a good chance. You know there is 1 stat you threw up there that I will look at. Completion % 60%....Darnold is far from Capt Checkdown Chad Pennington...that 60% might well turn into close to 70% playing with real NFL players in the future. And that’s from a kid who has been forced to play lots of schoolyard ball because he has almost never had any protection. 60% at this point is outstanding. Perspective...you put Mark Sanchez in Darnold’s shoes since Day 1...and no exaggeration I doubt he completes 35% of his passes.
  7. Exactly...perspective. Also, is Baker Mayfield almost 27 now?
  8. Some top scout called the 2019 Jet draft the “worst draft for a rebuilding team I have ever seen”. No surprise. The guy making the picks was a Scout in Houston, whose team he worked for never won anything, or had a QB, was about to be fired, but the dumbest owner in the NFL was talked into hiring the stumblebum Maccagnan, not even as a Scout...made him GM haha.
  9. That’s just concurring evidence how horrific the OL has been virtually all season. Darnold usually with zero time to throw and Hall Of Fame back fails to run for 1,000 yds...first season....you get 63 yards a game...you’re got 1,000 yards.
  10. No I don’t hate him. He has some very unique skills that no other QBs in the league have athletically. He plays on a stacked team. Believe me I’ll be rooting for him to take down Brady and the Patriots. Whats really interesting is the shear number of scouts and NFL executives actually said he should change positions to WR.
  11. They looked better than the Rams did playing Balt. At least Sam not hurt.
  12. Broken leg very first game of Jackson plays for the Jets...no passing pocket no separation from receivers. The exact OPPOSITE situation he has in Balt. Announcers gushing about all the TDs he threw tonight...almost all the guy is open by 15 yards and he missed one with the guy open by 25 yards.
  13. All Jackson’s receivers are BEYOND open...by what? 15 YARDS? You don’t see that many throws in a single game with that same scenario in the most mismatched of college games. I’m glad this is on display...shows the type of team Maccagnan put together and even worse how Johnson let him have a 5th DRAFT haha..because 5th time is the charm.
  14. He’s not winning any Super Bowls, even playing with this super stacked team.

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