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  1. Maybe it’s because the Jets put him in one of the worst situations I’ve ever seen a young QB come into...No OL, WR’s who only very rarely could get separation, No Running Game, No HC.....but I almost always got a vibe that the guy would much much rather be hanging out with his buds on a California beach and as far away from the NYJ as possible, and I was a big fan at first. Aside from the physical part of the game I don’t see him as a leader of men and I’ve seen enough to know he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I’d agree with Anderson’s thinking right after he helps me write
  2. He also sent the FG unit out in the 4th quarter down 21+ points multiple times with the Jets getting shut out or close to it. Resume builder.
  3. Why use high draft picks on the single unit that dictates the flow of the ENTIRE game, and ultimately who wins and who loses? I swear, the Johnsons need to step aside 110% from any decision making process. Some of their decisions have been so mind boggling when looking at what they’ve done from just a “do you even have a single ounce of street smarts?” perspective. Put due diligence with regard to Maccagnan about to be FIRED as a Scout in Houston aside (where the hell were the ex federal agents all these NFL teams hire to do that kind of work? Or were the Johnsons saving money ther
  4. I can see a pattern here. Their family didn’t want either of the two black sheep idiot brothers in missile range of J&J. Maybe we could all chip in and make them Owners of a nice Cricket Team in England. If we can accomplish that I can easily see a string of Lombardi Trophies heading the Jets way.
  5. You Sir should NEVER work in the NFL again, but thank you for remaining true to your despicable, back stabbing, “not my fault” character and shivving someone who was probably even more incompetent than you, if that’s possible, in Mike Maccagnan and gifting the Jets Joe Douglas....per Cimini ”The Jets coming off one of the worst seasons in franchise history (2-14) needed offense in the worst way. Under former coach Adam Gase, they finished 32nd in total yards two years in a row AND WERE THE ONLY TEAM IN 40 YEARS TO FINISH LAST IN YARDS PER PLAY IN BACK-TO-BACK YEARS”
  6. Having REAL NFL coaches along with a REAL NFL GM who are adding what might be REAL NFL potential top flight talent....when you just look at it from that perspective...it’s like night has finally turned into day. Having a fraud like Gase and little King of Queens guy was criminal. I wasn’t a fan of Bowles at all but after what he did in Tampa last year, I have to cut him some slack. Maybe he was in over his head with it being his first HC gig but he was working with mostly garbage on the roster...because they haven’t had a real GM in such a long time.
  7. Your narrative is Outstanding haha. I think that it’s most likely pretty accurate as to what actually went down.
  8. Tough to understand, I know, because Gase played football himself.....in high school. Just amazing what a “mark” that Chris Johnson must be, partly due to silver spoon and the other half, not too bright. First he gets sold on some bum who looks like the “guy at the end of the bar”, a prototype, in a failed Scout in Maccagnan, makes him GM. Then Gase shows up, I’m sure he didn’t bring “little King of Queens guy” with him to the interviews but if it were me he fooled into hiring him, the second I saw his flunky in tow with him I’d be right away like this...”Oh?!?!?....Wooh, slow d
  9. I think Zach Wilson weighs more than Lombardi’s 1st Rd “pass rusher” Mingo.
  10. Right. The first time he hands off to McCaffrey will be the FIRST time Darnold has any semblance of a Pro running game....in his 4th Year...so pathetic.
  11. Why do I get the feeling you don’t like Wilson or the new Sonic?
  12. This was the correct and only move to be made right now by Douglas. He had a QB, not drafted by him, that he and his brand new coaching staff would have to be married to. Not fair to anyone involved, including Darnold. The QB who he would be forced to stick with had been the lowest rated passer in the league 2 years running with the Fraud known as Adam Gase. Definitely not all Darnold’s fault, not even close, bottom of the barrel “talent” surrounding him all throughout the offensive unit coupled with horrific coaching but there were also way too many instances where Darnold could h
  13. Not just Defense....2 DTs book it haha You really think the Jets will allow you to happy for more than now up until the draft?
  14. At this point, as of right now, today, Wilson can throw a football into a thimble sized window from ANYWHERE on the field. An outstanding point was made in a Mogglez post where he cited Joe Burrow “falling from the sky”. The same holds true for Wilson. You can’t hold that against him. That type of potential DEMANDS he be taken at 2. Will he fulfill that potential at the highest level? That is never guaranteed. But he definitely deserves the high pick status for what his abilities are as of today. He doesn’t get to choose what teams he played in college. Different sport but a 1
  15. Meh...Keyshawn wasn’t in the same league as Toon since he wasn’t a deep threat and Moss, although also another scarce 1st Rd pick was nothing special. Jet fans have been so beaten down psychologically that if a draft pick even sees the field, even a premium pick (1st - 3rd Rd) many fans see it as some kind of accomplishment. If a WR like Moss produces a single 1,000 yard season, when the rest of his career is mediocre, there is rejoicing. When they won’t even let a 2nd Rd pick like Hackenberg take one single solitary snap, even at the very end of a lost season, it’s obvious that a total
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