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  1. https://nypost.com/2022/05/23/mike-westhoff-pulls-no-punches-about-key-jets-in-new-book/
  2. How is that a “ridiculous” stat? Saying Wilson would have had a 65% completion rate if only an underperforming Jet receiver group had been “average” is what is known as a projection. Projections are used to make more rationale decisions based on data that maybe many people don’t know at the time (I didn’t know all the drops played into Wilson’s final stats until a few days ago.) That stat “trues up” the quality of Wilson’s play in his rookie year. Granted, the first part was abysmal and could you say “Rookie like”, but most importantly, he looks like he put all that behind him when he came back. As far as some Patriot comparison and “winning” you’re going way off on a tangent and not addressing how extraordinarily well Wilson played against Tampa basically carrying an extremely depleted offense, things that say a future Franchise QB should be able to do. Will he be that? I don’t know, the jury is still out, he has to prove he can play that Tampa game consistently. But it’s now on his resume, the Talent is there. Bottom line....The Jet D holds and doesn’t give up that bomb in the last 30 seconds, you’d have a huge narrative being spoken about all off-season lauding “The Kid beat The GOAT....basically all by himself”....and even though the final score said that didn’t happen that shouldn’t detract from how well he played that game and the outstanding throws he made in it.
  3. Brilliant statement. If you were watching....That ALL stopped when he got back from his injury. Who was the last Jet QB who could have hit all those throws, in the tightest of windows, against Tampa’s #4 D? For that matter who was the last Jet QB who had Tom Brady beat for 59 minutes 30 seconds using his #4 WR (because his unit was decimated by injury) and No running game? Darnold, Smith, Sanchez lose that game by at least 30-40 points playing with the Same personnel as Wilson had. The kid has lots of talent, whether he can do it consistently is the Only question.
  4. One important stat I read recently, that I hadn’t heard of before and is definitely significant, IF all Jet receivers just dropped passes at “the league average”.....Zach Wilson’s Completion % jumps to 65%. Wilson also led the league in hitting receivers who were stopped at the 1 yard line. I’m confident all that changes with the talent infused into this offense.
  5. Darnold was Fool’s Gold. He looked outstanding for most of the last quarter of his rookie season, also playing with zero talent around him. I was wrong. You like going far back in the archives on this site? Find the ones where I wrote that I wanted the Jets to draft Mahomes in Rd 1 and that Mahomes would tear up the league from jump street when he gets to play, same as Marino did. No one can be right all the time. I certainly am not. If you think I just tout every new Jet QB as the goods thats definitely not the case. I hated the Sanchez pick, hated the Smith pick. Love the Wilson pick. Once again, the majority of 1st Rd QBs bust, so by thinking that way you have the odds on your side, every time. Tony Romo, who should be way more of an analyst of QBs than myself said “Darnold will become the #1 Rated QB in the NFL....quickly”. LOTS of things went bad for Darnold, from the total lack of talent around him, the poor coaching, taking beatings, I think the kid would just rather be surfing at this point.
  6. He’s going to hit some “Mahomes type” plays this year, with All the speed and numerous more options he will have that weren’t available last year. Kid has one of the top physical skill sets in the league, one of the best arms. It’s also very obvious that he has put a lot of time in bulking up and probably also just filling out more due to his age over the offseason. Haters can make all the jokes they want. Wilson is going to be a very dangerous player in this league, just like he ascended during his BYU career, he’s going to write the same story in the NFL. The only thing I could see holding him back would be if he wasn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer ie Darnold, Sanchez, but that’s not the case, he’s highly intelligent.
  7. Ex Jet exec Pat Kirwin saw Gholston on a pro practice field on his first day and said, not “he was a reach” or “he needs a lot of work”, he said “this guy can’t play in this league, he can’t open his hips, he’ll never get to the QB”. Wild....how so many coming to a consensus to draft that guy in the Top 10 couldn’t see that at all, and Kirwin saw it immediately. Hopefully not the case with Johnson, but like you said, everyone has to reserve judgement until they hit the field.
  8. Still remember hearing Solomon Wilcots analysis pre-draft the year Quinn was projected to go in the 1st Rd by pretty much everyone, the only question was “how high?”. Wilcots said he had watched lots of Quinn tape and flatly pretty much said “1st Rd?!?!, this guy can’t play in the NFL, he misses way too many wide open looks, and he’s not going to ever see that in the league. He can’t make tight window throws”.......Quinn’s agent called him practically immediately begging him to rescind his commentary supposedly, knowing he was costing his client millions. Then the draft came, the Browns took the bait, probably driven because the guy is from Ohio and his so called “career” speaks for itself. Wilcots was bullseye. I wouldn’t listen to a word the guy says. I’m pretty sure the Jets are going to be a “tough out” for just about every team they play this year, and that’s ok, they’re definitely building something positive and definitely appear to have a Plan.
  9. That’s very accurate. Remember a few years ago? Luke Falk vs Tom Brady? Jets getting close to 20 points. Over 90% of the country (Vegas) took Tom Brady. They all lost.
  10. See the Tampa game against the #4 D. He was throwing ropes into the smallest of windows consistently ALL game with Berrios as his #1. He had the GOAT beaten for 59 min 30 seconds, with an injury ravaged offense. No prior Jet QBs of the last 20 years could have played that well in those circumstances. Can he make throws like that on a consistent basis in 2022? Why not? He has a Top 10 OL now. He has lots of speed from a dangerous WR room. He has 2 dangerous RBs in his backfield. He also has 3 Pro TEs whereas in his Rookie year he had none. He actually had No WRs and No RBs and No TEs in what was probably his signature game of his rookie year vs Brady. It’s pretty universally acknowledged that he checks all the physical boxes as far as attributes in a QB. Actually I think it would be more surprising if he Didn’t step up his game significantly this year. He made a very crucial adjustment to his game regarding ball security after coming back from injury.
  11. At the outset Wilson tried to play “Hero Ball”, because it had always worked for him in the past. But he pretty quickly learned, he’s intelligent, that that does not work in the NFL unless you are surrounded by superior talent, and even then even the best QBs will make mistakes at times. Wilson played on one of the least talented offensive units in the NFL last year. After pumping the brakes and putting training wheels on you saw a much different QB, one who began learning QBing in the NFL from the ground up, and one who was able to keep his virtually totally injury depleted team competitive much of the time, which to me was highly impressive. His OC knows his SkillSet. He has an outstanding arm and is surprisingly very elusive at times. He has all the qualities of a Gunslinger and I think LaFluer will take advantage of that now that there has been serious NFL level talent infused around him. The Jets, now, should rarely be out of just about any game they play with Wilson at QB, and with time he should get better and better.
  12. Sure there is still lots to prove on the field, I totally agree. But if All 3 1st Rd draft picks just taken prove themselves to be legitimate Top 8 picks on All teams boards, not just Douglas’s. That’s a serious injection of franchise changing talent. This team has had about 1 NFL quality TE over what? The last 20 YEARS (Keller)? That’s insane. Think about the idiots running this team not too long ago...”TE?..nah don’t need any, RB? We’ll try to get one in the 5th Rd, OL? We’ll wait and see who other teams cut....DT’s that’s what we want, can’t have enough”. Now they might have 3 NFL quality TE’s. Hall and Michael Carter in the backfield with the TEs. Those are some serious security blankets for Wilson. WR room looking real good. OL very solid. DB’s seriously beefed up with maybe a perennial All Pro at one Corner. Might be seeing the pass rush get home way more this year. Jets aren’t going to be fun for anyone to play, and should be competitive on virtually a weekly basis. That’s the first step for young teams turning into playoff teams.
  13. If Wilson shows to be a FQB with All this new talent, a definite possibility, going by the way he tightened up his game in so many ways, beat the GOAT and the 4th ranked D for 59 and 1/2 minutes playing with Berrios as his #1 and no RBs.....all they’ll need to do is marginal tweaking if that’s the case. I watched the draft on NFL Net and taped ESPN, which I just fast forwarded to just now for just the Jet picks. They were drawing parallels between Garrett Wilson and Lynn Swann, and it didn’t even look that far fetched. Douglas has hooked up Zach Wilson in a phenomenal way, almost overnight. I think he’ll thrive.
  14. Virtually NEVER let anyone get a clean shot at him, even when going through the middle of the line.
  15. That footage I saw of Wilson was very impressive. Kid can burn (fastest WR in the draft), supposedly excellent route runner and can really elevate and high point a ball. I hope he’s really good also.
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