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  1. Sorry, whenever any Manning “masculine child” is born the stipulation is made at the Christening that “thou shall never play for NYJ, although thou mayest get drunk and for a goof call up any Jet owner and recommend he hire the Worst coach he can possibly hire, frolic and laughing will be allowed after Jet owner takes bait”.
  2. You’re not winning any Super Bowl with Mac Jones, and that’s always the ultimate goal right? You might never win one with Zach Wilson either, but I have a problem with any team that rides with a game manager, because to me it says the team is ok with just being competitive but nothing more.
  3. I’m clueless to know whether Wilson will be any good, although I have seen him already hit some throws almost no Jet QB in their history has, although those throws have been few and far between. I’m not going to try to project his career, I made that mistake with Darnold saying it was just a matter of time and he’d be great since he was put in one of the worst situations I’d ever seen a newly drafted QB put in(although I did pound the table for Mahomes the same year a box safety who has to be schemed today blitz all the time for you to know he’s on the field and who also has no hands was
  4. The most insane part is Jones is a f**kin game manager ...you know almost EVERYTHING is going underneath....and yet STILL just about EVERYTHING is wide open and unstoppable, which then leads you to the conclusion that it’s personnel and or coaching, but you have to lean more against personnel, most of the Jets could never start for ANY pro team.
  5. I saw Dak Prescott with the ball in the end zone at the bottom of the pile in New England today. How that wasn’t a TD? I don’t know, that was 3rd down. On 4th down he tried to break the plane of the goal line with the ball out stretched, as he was a hand slapped at the ball and knocked it out, although a decent case could be made that the ball did in fact break the plane. Probably a TD negated for Dallas in New England on consecutive plays, kept the game close to tied. Was glad to see Dallas beat them in an OT that probably should have never been. Yes...looked like pro wrestling
  6. Ok...but little King of Queens Guy has to be part of the deal too, and he comes for free.
  7. So awesome for a team when they have a bonafide Franchise QB. So many “luxury” moves can be made, because your guy can win a game all by himself at any moment. New England has themselves the quintessential “game manager”, where EVERYTHING has to go right during a 12-15 play drive in order to put up a TD.
  8. Not until whoever is at QB has an OL that can pass block, a RB who can hit a Homerun now and then and is dangerous, WRs who can get open and catch, maybe a TE too (don’t know what one of those look like)....right now the Jets have None of those, as usual. it’s about a 25-30 YEAR process with the Jets. Stupidest ownership in the league...they’ll ALWAYS be #1 there.
  9. Wasn’t Riggins still around and also some other talent? At least there was something to watch during Holtz’ short time. This putrid garbage I watched again yesterday had me saying out loud that the 2021 Jets are not an NFL team, and this is occurring year after year now. It’s rare that you see a team get totally MAN HANDLED ie. bitch slapped, like you see these Jets do on a very consistent basis. Also, maybe it’s just me, but I felt like I was watching players just going through the motions and not even looking like they cared at times yesterday. So the team isn’t just bad,
  10. Tease TENN down to close to Pickem, find another team, you’re already 100% half way home.
  11. Oh I agree with everything you just wrote, that’s going on the assumption they had a chance to build something. I’m suggesting that if Lombardi stepped in tomorrow I don’t think the results would be all that different next Sunday, the Sunday after or much of the rest of the season, this Roster is that putrid. But you don’t even have to go back all that far to understand your point, although it still took a little time along with bringing in some of “his guys”, when Bill Parcells took Kotite’s 1-15 team and came incredibly close to being in the Super Bowl only 2 years later with
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