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  1. Quinn of course because at least you think “maybe oh maybe just this 1x”....with Gase they might as well just throw a white flag into the middle of the field and not even play. At least there is action with Quinn.
  2. Yeah but how’s it possible to have the Worst HC in the NFL AND the Worst GM in the NFL? For close to 10 YEARS. What are the odds on that? Incalculable? A little kid with a shoeshine box could close his eyes point a finger at a draft sheet and destroy Maccagnan’s 5 Drafts.
  3. SF’s 3rd String JV Squad laying serious beatdowns to Both NY so called pro football teams.
  4. Just shows how incredibly important coaching is. All these guys run 4.3...all these guys are strong. Put aside the Jets Canadian football roster though. That’s an outlier due to Sub 100 IQ owner hiring Sub 100 IQ failed scout and making him GM for some reason. Parcells took a 1-15 roster and almost took it to the Super Bowl 2 years later.
  5. I’ll always think that Manning was hanging out with a few buddies drinking a few beers and told them “watch how I bend over the Jets...again hahaha...watch who I recommend to their troll owner to be coach hehehe”....his buddies were probably holding in busting out laughing but didn’t make it before the call was over.
  6. Yeah the Johnsons running a lame con. Bottom line, they’ll do as much as possible to avoid ever paying duplicate coaching salaries simultaneously. On the other end of the spectrum Steinbrenner didn’t care if he paid 9 managers after firing 8 in 8 days, went through managers like socks, but he was all about Winning and putting the best possible team on the field.....something the Johnsons could care less about.
  7. Because he’s a f**kin moron? Sorry, but there’s no fix for that. Unfortunately nothing gets better until the Jets get real Owners who want to win. Both brothers are the Black Sheep of the Johnson family, the runts of the litter. The rest of the family is all “Ivy League”...not these two. This Jets are in the same predicament as the Mets were with the Wilpon kid having his cheap, dirty fingers touching absolutely everything. The Jet owners have probably figured out though that creating a winning NFL franchise is all way too much for them, so pinch every penny, give some nonbelievable lip service to winning and just milk every dollar they can...and that’s all they do. I think they’re destroying what’s left of the fanbase. It’s never been this bad. There was more hope when Kotite was still coaching. Any Jet fan who spends a single dollar that might make it into the Johnson’s pockets is a sucker. I’m resigned to the fact the Jets will Never win with these two owning the team. Forget Super Bowl I’m just talking about ever being over .500 again.
  8. It’s very rare for the Jets. Jet fans have been so abused that they think that if one of their team’s draft picks even sees the field, whether they deserved to or not, ie how did Kyle Wilson see the field over his entire one and done first contract when he never belonged on an NFL roster?.....it’s a “good pick”....Hackenberg was never even given 1 single snap even in worthless garbage time games.
  9. What bothers me the most is that for a supposed “offensive genius” you should be seeing Gase being able to scheme guys open, no matter how putrid the “talent”. You should see adjustments made and attacking D’s at points where they are vulnerable. Almost no NFL team has a perfect D in this era. But you NEVER see that. Gase s*cks. I really wanted to see him do well and I know he is limited by the horrible roster. But when you come into a new environment and you have a certain Rep, justified or not, it would be nice to see WHY you have that Rep. I just don’t see it. To me it’s totally unjustified and laughing Miami fans will second that. Fire him....and MAYBE save Sam.
  10. Don’t punk out, we need someone like you..”Crusher”. I have a feeling Gase is going to send his flunky little King of Queens guy Loggains at the protestors on a kamikaze mission. What do we do then?
  11. A great LT is so rare and such an incredible building block for a team....now if Douglas can add only about 8 or 9 more NFL caliber starters to the Jet Offense...we should be in business haha. But joking aside, it’s great having a guy like this at LT, such a big part when really O skill position players are added. He already looks to be on a Jon Ogden trajectory, just dominant from the first snap.
  12. He himself never played football beyond the high school level. He’s not a “Leader of Men”. He’s a Finger Pointer and a blame shifter. That is very very apparent now after watching him since Day 1. He should take himself and his little King of Queens guy, put him in a suitcase, and do what’s right, walk out the door.....Resign. He has already lost the team. You see that in the lack of effort and now you hear it from the likes of McDougell, someone who knows what a real program should look like, coming from Seattle.
  13. Nah man, not this year. This team has the 32nd worst roster in a 32 team league and 31 is so far in the distance the Hubbell telescope can’t see 31, not to mention the WORST coaching staff....I think more than 1 single win is a stretch. The #1 pick in 2021 will be owned by the Jets.
  14. The massive disparity in points in most of Gase’s losses is also a massive “tell” with regard to his coaching. It actually is a greater spread than Kotite’s Jet losses. I realize that the Jets have horrific “talent”, no doubt the worst in the NFL. I wanted to believe in Gase and was looking for as many “glass half full” circumstances where I could give him the benefit of the doubt and also hope that he could grow from them and hopefully fill the whole glass. The one I settled on last year was that I was impressed by his initial scripted plays where Darnold would complete over 90% of his passes and the Jets had a nice run of scoring TDs in those initial drives. It ended there though. But then you look at Gase’s work in totalit, you have to zone in on his inability to make any kind of adjustments a la Todd Bowles. This should not be the problem it is for an “offensive genius”. Now you just hear about how awful the Jets practices are as word has leaked out. That’s ALL on Gase. That’s inexcusable. But what is most inexcusable is the amount of times I’ve seen Gase basically just QUIT. Whether it’s playing for a FG with a huge deficit like yesterday or just mailing it in because your starting QB is out. Nah, this guy’s “honeymoon” has officially ended today with McDougell dropping the dime on his “practices”. His assistants are as brutal as he is. Starting with Little King of Queens guy. They ALL have to be sent packing as soon as possible for no other reason but to show that the Jets are a professional organization (and no I personally don’t believe that haha and never will while the Johnson’s are still Owners) and that what has been happening blowout losses aside, I think what just leaked about the practices alone is a Fireable Offense.

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