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  1. They’ll be a lot of them, hope you enjoy, along with what Darnold promised draft night when Sanders asked him what Jet fans can expect from him...”a lotta wins”.
  2. You should feel great about the Jets future. Sure many can say "you are what your record says you are", which is usually true, but not in evaluating Darnold's rookie year and projecting to what he does in the future, his rookie season is a true outlier that negates that saying. The Jets were EASILY an 8-8 team last year, if they did not have the worst coach in the NFL. Darnold handed multiple leads, obtaining those leads virtually by himself, to Bowles' Defense to close out wins and they would cave just about like they always did with the D "guru" in charge over 4 years. Also, remember that 3 of those losses were bonafide train wreck losses that Darnold wasn't around for and they still should have been 8-8. (First MIA game, Cleve, Houston,GB....all those games, the 2nd Worst Coach in the NFL wins them all) Darnold was statistically the NFL's leading passer for the last 1/4 of the season. When was the last Jet QB able to claim that? For ANY 4 game stretch. I saw Darnold hit throws Namath couldn't make. You have to trust what you're seeing. Also when naysayers say his statistics aren't all that gaudy, they're just looking at numbers. Many times Darnold would hit a completion into a window the size of thimble because his receivers almost never got any separation last year, not to mention if the Kid wasn't running for his life he was chasing down bad snaps fired all over the place because Bowles played a Center for 9 straight weeks ("GM paid him, I play him, not my fault, I aint taking the blame) who doesn't belong in the league......all in all I think Darnold had an outstanding rookie year all things considered, and when the "light when on for him" by the end of last year, forget about it. If you watched you saw a Franchise QB who can put an entire team on his back, absolutely NO running game to help him, Bowles as his coach, an awful OC....none of that got in his way the last 1/4 of the season. And for those who care most about stats, you can look at those. Sky is the limit, now that he has, all of a sudden, intelligent people around him everywhere, from the sidelines to the Front Office. When the day comes that Darnold has an Oline built around him that can run and pass block.....it's just going to be sick what this kid is going to do. He doesn't even need a "#1" WR.
  3. Darnold is a threat ANYWHERE on the field. I don't think that could be even said for Manning at the point of his career that Gase coached him. Darnold will be putting up 30+ points per game...shortly, now that he has weapons. Because that is what he has ALWAYS done....dominate. Along with the fact that I've already seen him put the whole 2018 tattered "Offense" on his back and lead strong drives virtually all by himself.
  4. Does he drink lots of coffee too? Inquiring minds want to know. If what you say is true I'm seeing a definite bias by the worst drafting "GM" in the NFL over the last 4 years.
  5. Just wondering if the Moderators can install a “Ha Ha to the Millionth Power” Emoji? ”I Hate the offseason” like the rest of you, didn’t want to open this thread...but this made it all worthwhile hahahaha
  6. OCD? I'll bet Maccagnan gave a number of Jet fans PTSD...take him off the banner...should I say "this is a Public Service Announcement"?
  7. I'm telling you, if not for LUCKING into Sammy D., I think I'd truly be a menace to society, because every time I hear Adams getting overly loud I just think about Mahomes being the Jet QB, but thankfully I don't really have those bad feelings anymore. Adams is a very good player, no argument there, but he was not the right pick at that time, a QB was, for a QB starved team. He was the kind of pick that a guy scared for his job makes.
  8. "And there's nothing more precious than a baby's laughter"...55 seconds in...
  9. Agreed. For the job he did the guy did he really is better than a lottery ticket winner. NFL is such a closed shop, lots of nepotism also. If it were up to me the only way the guy would get hired is if I owed Casserly a huge favor, and it’d be a janitors position. You look at all his picks from Rd 2 on, outside of Herndon virtually a total disaster. Graded worse than Idzik by someone who did an analysis. No way do you want the guy choosing anyone on a roster. That’s not my opinion that’s based off his choices not only with the Jets but Houston also. If Woody Johnson wasn’t out to lunch there was no way the guy deserved to be offered the lowest scout on the Jet totem pole, much less GM. GM...Jeez what a travesty, the guy was actually about to be FIRED in Houston. But I don’t blame Maccagnan. Lots of people don’t belong in the jobs they have. Casserly gets all the blame.
  10. Ok thanks, understood, I’m usually in total agreement with what you post, but this one I commented on was because it initially made no sense to me. What an incredible offseason. Went from probably the worst Front Office in the league to one of the best...overnight. Major props to Christopher Johnson for putting ego aside and probably letting Gase handle most everything tactically. I’m not sure all these great dominos would have fallen into place like they did if his older brother was home and totally in charge. Also, I’m thinking that Gase is getting seriously underestimated as a coach by the NY media, and he’s going to surprise lots of people with what he does with the shiny new Franchise QB he never had anything close to in Miami but still was able to make a playoff run and go close to .500. Jets are going to be a place LOTS of talent will want to come to, on the field and in the front office in coming years.
  11. Just say Douglas stayed put in Philadelphia, then declared himself a GM candidate after this season is over. Isn’t it universally thought, by lots of the top guys in the league, that this guy is hands down the best candidate to be a rookie GM anywhere? So when playing that scenario how much less do you think he was going to take than what he got from the Jets if he went elsewhere. I think Maccagnan and Bowles were taking down 2 mill a piece, still unbelievable to me what I just wrote in this sentence, well anyway if that’s the case Douglas is worth $50 Mill a year. The extra mill he cops per year over Maccagnan is chump change. I don’t think of Douglas as being overpaid in the slightest.
  12. Exactly. I don’t think I know how to feel right now. Going from the worst Front Office in the league to probably one of the best, having intelligent coaches who are going to hold players accountable......where am I? Is this the NY Jets?
  13. You left out the part about having to ship 3#2’s away also, for what easily could have been Josh Allen or Rosen. So ecstatic that idiot is no longer in the Jet Front Office.
  14. He was NEVER going to pick a QB in the 1st Rd...ever. Because a 1st Rd QB miss, unless your last name is Elway guarantees quick job loss. He’s a f**kin moron and he actually knows it. He has no confidence in his own abilities, which are none, hence the fact that he is slow and terrified to pull the trigger on moves which we all have learned recently. But by 2018 his back was to the proverbial wall. Mandate was come home with a QB or don’t come back. Rebuffed by Cousins and his 4-26 Record vs winning teams. The Jet QB right now could easily be Josh Allen or Rosen. Maccagnan was stuck, he couldn’t even have picked Sequan Barkley at that point.
  15. Actually, although a good analysis by you I have to disagree. Gase, as I already heard him state, is “all about winning”, he thinks he has the formula, so if you’re not with him you’re gone. He saw Maccagnan as the moronic drone slug trying to keep his job by playing it as safe as possible....that he is. He saw who Maccagnan really is QUICKLY. It’s obvious to anyone with any intelligence, that Gase definitely has, that you’re never winning with Maccagnan on your payroll, just like anyone with Bowles as coach will never win (unless you can stock your D with 10 All Pros EVERY year, enjoy Tampa). Gase doesn’t like or have time to associate with idiots...and he WON’T. I listened to a very interesting podcast the other day where this kid Michael Nania analyzed Maccagnan’s career, going back to Houston, assigning numeric grades to every move he made. His time in Houston actually was almost a mirror image of what happened with the Jets. Outside of hitting a few 1st Rd picks in JJ Watt and Mercilus, Maccagnan, he was beyond abominable. 2nd Rd and below were total washouts, just like with the Jets. According to this analysis Maccagnan actually graded BELOW John Idzik, which even puts the “well at least he’s better than Idzik” narrative to bed. I’m talking a little kid with a blindfold playing pin the tail on the donkey does way way better than Maccagnan. And again, this isn’t just “oh he had a bad year here and a bad year there, happens to every talent evaluator”...this was across the motherf**kin board 10,15,20 years if you count his time with the Jets. There was a REASON why we now know he was about to GET FIRED in Houston and Woody Johnson was out to lunch and just wanted the process completed probably so he took the word of that piece of garbage Casserly who vouched for the horrific dolt. He owes Casserly everything though. He is now a multimillionaire when he never should have been hired...by anyone. The lame coffee drinking con he was always trying to play wasn’t even necessary...because the Jet owner was probably more involved in politics than his team.

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