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  1. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Brian Baldinger's breakdown of Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams.

    I apologize, I was wrong, I just never saw a breakdown and analysis on Adams like what I just saw. But my initial problem with the pick was wanting a top QB, like Mahomes, a bona fide pass rusher, or some kind of real play maker on offense from a 6th pick in the Nation. I'd still be feeling that way somewhat if they didn't score the QB who will be the envy of the league over the next decade...Sam Darnold, but after seeing this new analysis I'm now very happy with the Adams pick, and if he reads Offense's like he supposedly does, the guy is invaluable to the D, a tremendous addition.
  2. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF


    After tonight I'll predict that Mahomes and Darnold will be Top 5 QB's within a few years, no complaints from me. Although I won't go as far as Tony Romo who has already crowned Darnold as the next Peyton Manning. That was before Monday night in Detroit. I really think highly of Romo as an analyst too. What a gift for Jet fans. Even if a prediction like that doesn't come to fruition, I can't think of a time a Jet QB was getting this kind of respect.
  3. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF


    Excellent point by you. Watson has a skill-set that can be exploited, maybe easily, once enough film is out there, whereas Mahomes and Darnold not too easy, especially Mahomes, but I can easily see Darnold looking like he is having an off day, Jets being behind, and him suddenly going off in the 4th Qtr...200 yards, 3 TD's, with the winning one being thrown as the clock strikes zero. Darnold actually said he finds the pro game "easier" since the hash marks are tighter than in college, he sees the field better...hit 80% of his passes tonight, I won't argue.
  4. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF


    I'm on the "I told you so" also. I wrote that I was disgusted that Maccagnan didn't have the guts to grab Mahomes at 6 and instead of course went for the safe consensus pick that doesn't even play a game-changing positions, and took a lot of flack from other posters. Mahomes has an other worldly skill-set whose Ceiling is the Moon and Floor is still going to scare the hell out of every single D-back every week on the opposing side. Now I'm going to make another predication. Mahomes will torch the league in the same way Dan Marino stepped in and did. I'm extremely glad we lucked into Darnold, but I would have rather had Mahomes and 3 #2's, although the point might very well be moot as those 2 might be in the Top 5 of QB's for a long, long time. But don't take this post as a ding against Darnold at all, but one against Maccagnan. As far as Watson goes. Lot of tape on him now....weak arm, not a good combination...studied tape + weak arm, and I was glad Maccagnan didn't take him.
  5. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Game Observations (NYG)

    Exactly....was another gutless, consensus CYO pick by Maccagnan. When all is said and done it will be obvious that the Jets could have waited until the 4th Rd to get a Safety with the exact same skill-set as Adams. I wanted Pat Mahomes drafted at that pick, just put all dbacks in the NFL on notice with a 70 yard (in the air) TD last week, no sleep for any of them the night before they play KC. I think Darnold will be the goods and am very happy the Jets lucked into him, but they could have had Mahomes and the 3 #2's they gave away, if we had a GM who wasn't hamstrung by a lousy head coach who can never have enough dbacks and himself, playing it safe for more paychecks. I also want Darnold on the bench most of the year...4 years of drafting and Maccagnan never addresses the Oline. Josh Allen paid the price today. If Adams was another Troy Palumalu would have no problem with that pick, but they're not from the same planet.
  6. What worries me is that I want a QB drafted at 3 but since there don’t appear to be any Irish ones, do you think Maccagnan will make the move? I’m actually thinking that he gets confused and takes Fitzpatrick..the d back.
  7. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Draft Rumor Round Up; Mayfield Visit

    You ain’t kidding. He has a lot of the responsibility for Maccagnan/Bowles being in the jobs they are in now. Jets would have been better off asking Ferry Korn or whatever it’s called to pick their Front Office again haha Didn’t Belichick angrily retort to some reporters question about a year ago...”When was the last time Casserly been right? About anything?”
  8. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Gil Brandt’s latest draft predictions

    EXACTLY!! Maccagnan/Bowles need production from a potential Franchise QB YESTERDAY. Maccagnans drafts have been dismal and Bowles can’t coach, a Franchise QB buys them many many more paychecks. Mayfield appears to be the most ready to produce right away, hence I close to guarantee you he’s the pick. They’ll choose him over Rosen, if Rosen is still there at 3. Rosen’s hat will definitely be part of the equation in not selecting him. Stamp Rosen’s aka Aaron Rodgers Jr., ticket to Canton right now haha.
  9. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Is Eli Manning overrated?

    Just a little memory refresher. In both games he got a ring. 1st one Tyree catches 4th and forever on top of his head with 4 guys draped around him. The guy’s hands were so bad most of the time, he was quickly cut not long after. The ball hits the turf....NO ring #1. 2nd one, Brady hits Wes Welker between the numbers, with no Giant within 5 yards of him, should have been a 1st down that would have allowed NE to run out the clock and there would have been no final Giant drive....NO ring #2. Manning has been a very good QB in streaks, he’s not consistent throughout his career...and very very lucky to have even a single ring. For younger fans, there was close to a 20 YEAR PERIOD prior to LT being drafted in 1981, where the Giants were not better than some of the worst Jet teams to ever hit the field...close to 20 YEARS, I’ll repeat myself. So without their 2 lucky Manning rings, Giant fans would have ONLY the Phil Simms almost perfect Super Bowl to talk sh*t about....a WORSE run when those who denigrate our teams lone Super Bowl win and how long ago it was.
  10. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    McShay on Macc

    What you’ve got a problem with inbreeding? Then just say it. I’ve admired all your posts....up until now.
  11. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    The Jets sign Kevin Minter, ILB

    You’re one of those “abused spouse” type Jet fans I mentioned about the other day haha.
  12. Yup I think you’re just about right. Be wary of guys who do too much talking, not just in football, but anything in life. Not only are guys like that virtually always a**holes, but results virtually NEVER come close to what the mouth said. Most of the time the mouth was telling flat out lies anyway. Hated this pick....at 6. You take 10 of this guy combined they don’t equal 1 Troy Palumalu, and Palumalu is the ONLY kind of Safety that should EVER be drafted as high as 6.
  13. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    The Jets sign Kevin Minter, ILB

    If you’ve seen some hi-lites of Mahomes, it goes way beyond “strong-armed”. The guy can run right and peg a ball 80 yards throwing across his body to the left, right on the money. How he’ll perform when they have more and more tape on him is yet to be determined. What I recently saw on tape and the accompanying analysis on Josh Allen was very disconcerting. He has incredible physical tools like Mahomes but when the guy “steps up in class” just a little and faced higher competition he disappears. He supposedly has major problems recognizing the most sophomoric defensive adjustments and how to call protections and where he should prioritize his reads on where to go with the ball. The analyst then said, “if you see him having this much of a problem what’s he going to do when Dick Lebeau is scheming against him?”. Allen’s ceiling is as some say “one of the all time greats”, but the big question right at this second is, when will he be ready? I highly doubt this year, and maybe not even next year. And in my thinking Maccagnan/Bowles DO NOT HAVE THE TIME for any projects, the QB is drafted this year, shows he has strong potential at some point in the 2nd half of the season, if not, they are BOTH OUT. They know that. That’s why I think the pick is Mayfield, he appears most ready to show something THIS year. Mahomes totally destroyed his opponents in college, as did Carson Wentz, both from non Div I Schools, just like Allen. But Allen didn’t destroy anyone. I realize his team left a lot to be desired talent wise, but man the guy really appears to be a lottery ticket at this point, much more so than any of the others. I can see Rosen bailing out for good also, but Mayfield has had the same number of concussions also...2. Rosen’s mechanics are perfect and he throws the prettiest ball of all of them. Has a cannon too. I saw him put it 80+ yards in the air on Twitter. And Mayfield, surprisingly for his size, has a very powerful arm (60 mph at the Combine, only one faster was Allen at 62). None of these guys are a sure thing but I think there is a much higher confidence level in drafting any of them then lots of QBs that have come out in recent years. Yeah can’t wait till the Draft gets here. So much speculation up until the actual pick, when virtually no one knows anything at this point...including myself haha.
  14. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    The Jets sign Kevin Minter, ILB

    That pick had to be Bowles in Maccagnan’s ear. Trying to do what worked great in AZ yet failed to understand that without all the All Pros that swarmed around in AZs defense, a guy of Lee’s physical stature is going to have many problems in NY that would have been covered up in AZ....but that’s on Maccagnan too, for signing off. Again, the Oline was neglected for a total luxury pick that isnt really working out.
  15. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    The Jets sign Kevin Minter, ILB

    F**kin infuriating, isn’t it? Just pray this idiot backs into the right choice at 3. That’s all Jet fans can hope for.

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