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  1. Madison Avenue has spoken...”So it is Written, So it Shall be Done”....totally agree. League more and more like Pro Wrestling while Tom Brady is in it. Anyone who thought the “Hurricane of Yellow Flags” raining down on the Jets during that last Cowboy drive last Sunday was way way more than “a bit much”, well you ain’t seen nothing yet if the Jets are about to beat New England in a close game Monday Night. Heck they wouldn’t even let an obvious TD, confirmed by replay stand on that Austin Sefarian-Jenkins catch against NE not long ago..(this game is Waaaay Too Close for our liking, they’ll be none of that now (Jets scoring TDs).
  2. Throw EVERY Jet Offensive stat out the window the whole time Luke Falk was somehow in the NFL. What Darnold did Sunday against Dallas, pretty much torching Houston’s top ranked D end of last year is pretty much going to be the NORM going forward...Watch.
  3. Scared money never makes money. At least due to his “playing not to lose”, to protect his job and incompetence the Jets were able to luck into someone who might be the Top Rated QB in the NFL in the future.
  4. The more tape the rest of the NFL gets on Mayfield...the more he is going to struggle. And contrarily to popular belief the size thing is a definite issue when applied to Mayfield. This can’t be said for Russell Wilson or even a very green Kyler Murray (who played great last week, saw him fit a pass into a window smaller than a thimble) who are superior athletes when compared to Mayfield. A titanic difference between Sam Darnold and Mayfield is starting to become apparent. Darnold is also a superior athlete when compared to Mayfield but it’s Darnold’s outstanding ability to hit plays “off schedule” that clearly separates him from Mayfield and in time will even widen the gulf more between the two as Darnold becomes a Top 3 QB and then battles Mahomes for the #1 crown. I predict that Mayfield’s career will have many bumps as he alienates more and more teammates as time goes by. His shtick is only grudgingly accepted when he wins and most importantly wins consistently. I don’t think that will be the case for him in the NFL. There is a reason why he had to be a walk on at Oklahoma. I’m not going to take away from him his accomplishments at Oklahoma but Oklahoma is not the NFL, for someone with Mayfield’s skill set. I’d actually rather have the guy that took over the Sooners following Mayfield QB my team....Kyler Murray. Darnold was wearing a brown tie on the night of his Draft for a reason....thank you Lord. Thank you, thank you haha.
  5. I think that in this era the only time you give up that much for a D player it would have to be a Khalil Mack type D player. And there are only a handful in the entire league. Look what teams did against Revis in his prime, they schemed away from him. Stupid, panic move. Besides Goff showed you he won’t win a SB. That game last year was a disgrace with the lights being way too bright for him. Objectively speaking I’d take Darnold over Goff every day of the week. The Rams put a stacked team around Goff. A shutdown Corner isn’t going to put them over the top. The guy is an a**hole besides.
  6. The rest of the NFL is going to HATE the Finished Product....trust me.
  7. This post pretty much dovetails with EVERYTHING I have posted regarding Sam Darnold all off-season and have been met with agreement by some but also skepticism and derision by others. Pretty soon, like I have said, when a NY Jet team scores LESS than 30 POINTS a game, Jet fans will shrug it off to "Sammy just had a very rare off week", and this should be the state of affairs for the next 10-15 years. This guy is the RAREST of talents. He can do things Namath couldn't do (after he got hurt in college), Marino couldn't do. He can throw a football 99 different ways, at varying speeds, arcs, a bullet fired on a clothesline, and IT DOES NOT MATTER, whether he is throwing off the wrong foot, throwing flat-footed, or the most scary thing for any D, he has time and a clean pocket and can really step into a throw (which right now is rare but I have confidence Joe Douglas will have that remedied..quickly), and it also DOES NOT MATTER how his body is contorted when making the throw, whether on the run or standing still......the pass virtually ALWAYS hits his receiver IN STRIDE. Really amazing to see. He is going to be a Top 3 QB before you know it, and duel Mahomes for #1 in the NFL, just as Tony Romo projected, even before he threw his first NFL pass. Romo knew EXACTLY what he was looking at. The small sample size of Darnold being the #1 Rated QB in the NFL over the last quarter of the season in 2018 was a "tell"....but I think it is a very accurate one (not of him being #1 this very second, but of him closing the gap between himself and the top pro QBs VERY quickly). Rejoice all Jet fans.
  8. Should get Maccagnan to give JN stock selections and fade them all. Problem is you won’t find him. Need to make t-shirts...”Where’s Maccagnan?”
  9. I am ALWAYS for “building around Sam”, in fact I was for it way before some supernatural force gifted Darnold to Jet fans finally thinking they’ve suffered enough. I wanted them to draft OL and more OL but supposedly there was such a huge disparity between the top rated guys drafted this year, you just couldn’t draft Offense picking in the Top 5, other than Kyler Murray (who looked outstanding today).
  10. I didn’t see what you saw, but I heard the same thing. I’m not making any excuses for Gase but I think it unfair for him to continually get tagged as some idiot worse than Bowles, at this point. There were supposedly receivers running free lots of the time, Falk just couldn’t pull the trigger to get them the ball, he wanted to see someone wide open first and then he would try to hit him with a pass. That’s not how the NFL works. Falk is NOT an NFL player nor will he ever be in the same way Maccagnan was never a GM, debatable if he was ever a Scout. Casserly’s coffee boy for sure. But now I’m going off on a tangent. It seems as though Gase was able to scheme guys open which is a very positive event. Let’s see how a definite pro QB in Darnold sans mono operates his Offense for a few more games before Gase is totally thrown under the bus. In what seems like ions ago Sam Darnold WITH mono appeared to have one of the teams with the best records in the league beat 16-0, before the roof caved in.
  11. They’d have to find him first. Not easy to do. First step in finding him is NOT looking for him to be working for ANY NFL team, because he doesn’t, nor will he ever. But then it gets really tough. He could be anywhere.
  12. Why would they do that? The Jets are the ONLY place virtually ALL of them can play “pro” football. Better sock away as much of Woody and Chris’ money now because after the NY Jet gravy train ride comes to an end it’s minimum wage time. Over 90% of the Jet roster could play for no other team, maybe Canada, maybe not. Just waiting for a made for TV movie “Searching for Mike Maccagnan”. Has there been even a single sighting since Gase did the One and Done possibly only positive thing for the NYJ franchise he will do, getting that sack of sh*t fired. You know what was about to happen as he dove under desks and out the back door in Houston with Casserly throwing him in the trunk, seconds before the Pink Slip was pushed at him.

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