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  1. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    He basically said that he was totally the wrong fit for the kind of Defense being run (and I think Pepper Johnson has been proven correct). Actually it's again the usual Jet "square plug in round hole". Anyway, he's another reason to get rid of Maccagnan, who will sign him for big dollars to save face, to show that only 98% of his Draft picks busted not 99. Many weeks you never even hear the "best player in that draft's" name called.
  2. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Why is Macagnan escaping the purge?

    Let me refresh your memory, basically ALL 10 wins were Fools Gold. I've never seen a Jet team face a more powderpuff schedule than they did in 2015, if they faced the identical schedule as they played this year the 2015 team would have won 6 games tops. Also, virtually ALL 10 wins were very difficult, against all bottom feeders they barely eked out those 10 wins, when it was time to really play ball the last week of the season to make the playoffs, Rex Ryan ran circles around Bowles strategically, with a team that was 1/2 injured, who hadn't practiced all week due to blizzards and Ryan telling them to look out for their families. Greg Salas had a field day playing WR against the "defensive genius" Bowles. Look the owners don't have the slightest clue what they're doing, how much more evidence do you need? Going to some consulting firm like they have to hire some financial professional, then asking some windbag like Casserly as to whom to hire (Belichick about Casserly: He hasn't been right about anything in years). They ONLY act when the Embarrassment Meter is pegged to close to breaking, right now, this second, they're basically in hiding. The Jets will NEVER win as long as they own the team, just as the Mets will never win as long as their owners own the team, just as the Knicks will never win as long as their owner owns the team.....just watch all the action and awful football like you're watching a COMEDY, much less painful. Or better yet, don't watch at all. I heard a good point made tonight. If they REALLY cared about Bowles like they say they do..they'd fire him, for his own good, the pressure would be totally off the guy, he's not a Head Coach, that was obvious YEARS ago (Giants see that, they cut bait...quickly, not these clueless guys), now he has 6 whole weeks to run a gauntlet and take huge heat and abuse from the media, the fans, you name it, and he's getting fired anyway after the year is over. The Johnson's know this much, their team won't have 12 fans left of Bowles is standing on the sideline Week 1 in 2019, so why keep him as a lame duck? For continuity as they claim? Continuity of what? They just had street FA's drop 40 points on their "defensive genius", he wouldn't know Offense if it were an alarm clock on full blast. He's already responsible for Darnold getting hurt, playing not only a garbage Vet, but a garbage Vet who is HURT haha (that's another one of his MOs, play every vet no matter how bad they play, to try to divert criticsm from himself). It's not all his fault by a long-shot. Maccagnan should be fired the same day, roster is worse now then when he took over 4 YEARS ago.
  3. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    True...agreed. But tell me something. How do they come up with these guys? Haha No one could do worse if they tried, and it seems unending. Im still clueless as to the pedigree these 2 dolts had for not only them to be recommended, but have the owner sign off with no questions like, “Hey Bowles was just an assistant for 20+ years, why so long? Why did it take his best friend to up him to DC...finally? Yeah Arizona had a great D when Bowles was DC, but the entire D was All Pros, did Bowles actually make them what they were? And how come Houston has NEVER won a playoff game with Maccagnan having more and more say about who fills out their roster, who are the great talents found by Maccagnan in Houston?”. There were tons of Red Flags on BOTH these guys before they were ever even hired.
  4. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    I keep hearing he’s a “nice guy”, I’ve heard him come off as arrogant multiple times. That’s usually not a trait of “nice guys”. Also “nice guys” don’t throw tons of people under the bus. That’s what he does with most of his assistants EVERY year, needs scapegoats for another awful “way over his head as an nfl coach” performance. Also, he’s not too bright, I say that because he’s out coached in virtually EVERY game, yet now I’m hearing how “smart” he is. Enough.
  5. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    You’re absolutely correct. But there is no excuse giving Wilkerson the vault, not only after breaking his leg, but then it’s learned (by the fans, isn’t it Maccagnans job to know this?) the guy has lousy character, he missed multiple meetings BEFORE he scored the contract, Revis, now 72 mill to Johnson, and others, outside of Williamson ALL busts, like 99% of his draft picks. If you take ALL of Maccagnan’s transactions as a whole, I challenge you to come up with ANY kind of strategy he had haha. The whole thing is like a comedy at this point. I was watching Bowles stand there like a sphinx last Sunday as street FAs blew the doors off his team and thought about Maccagnan getting thicker coke bottle glasses, the better to acquire more busts, and actually laughed a lot. At this point I hope they BOTH stay, for the laughs, it’s not like ownership cares about winning, 100 years from now they still won’t....so why should fans care?
  6. Cheap mother’s don’t want to pay 2 GM salaries at the same time. It really is that simple. They might NEVER have accomplished anything in their lives in their own, but they’re not that stupid. Their garbage Franchise appreciates in value at a $50-100 Mill clip EVERY year, just like the NY Knicks, all because they’re lucky enough to own a NY Franchise, basically is a License to print money, the team EVER winning is of no consequence.....and yet they pinch EVERY PENNY. Johnson played 1 year WITHOUT a Secondary and banked the 20 mill under the cap he saved, he really cares one iota about the fans of the team who is basically hijacked? He won’t even pay for a real GM, is he that stupid to know what an embarrassment Maccagnan’s performance is? Of course not. Next coach will be another Rookie. This time Offense centric, try to con the fans again, throw them a little bone. Not only can Maccagnan NOT draft, virtually ALL the FAs he signed with 10+Mill Guaranteed, guys who he thought would make up the “core of the roster”...virtually All Busts. WTF can this guy do? Same question you ask about Bowles....answer is NOTHING for Both.
  7. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Bills Sign (then release) Terrelle Pryor

    He’s worse than Idzik, not only can’t he Draft and just heard today each player he signed as a Free Agent for “greater than 10Mill guaranteed”, at that dollar level you can make a strong assumption that he wanted that player as part of the core of the his roster, EVERY one outside of the LB Williamson (and he’s somewhat more than servicable, no All Pro) was an unmitigated DISASTER....Wilkerson, Revis, Fitzpatrick’s 2nd year, now $72 Mill to the CB Johnson. He plays it safe in the 1st Rd taking the consensus pick, which is close to a Top 5 pick, so it’s basically a layup....outside of the 1st Rd he’s totally lost, as he is in FA.
  8. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    Want to be absolutely livid tonight? Look no further.

    He DEFINITELY reads this board. I’m pretty sure he took something I wrote, verbatim, and laughed it off while defending Bowles...was about a month ago. Thats alright, it’s actually a complement to most of the guys who post here.
  9. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    This is who Chris Johnson is! I told you.

    Exactly, you can’t find a coach who can hit on 1 single in game adjustment and whiff on 19 rather than the all 20 that Bowles does every week? If you replaced to guy with a toy from a Crackerjack box you’d be in better shape.
  10. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    This is who Chris Johnson is! I told you.

    Agreed. Im fine with Bowles finishing out the year, it practically guarantees 6 more losses (only the game in Buffalo might be winnable), so most likely they close out the year on a 10 game losing streak, you’ll have the few fans who show up have bags on their heads. At the final gun of the last game, Maccagnan, if he has a drop of stand up blood, should leave through the back door never to be seen from again. Clean the coffee stains out of his office the only way you’ll ever know he was here is reading the minor league roster he spent 4 YEARS “building”. This is Johnson’s last chance with this fan base. He’ll still split huge tv dollars with the other owners even if the Jets don’t win another game over the next 10 years and no fans show up it won’t matter to him dollar wise. But what will definitely happen is he’ll be embarrassed, big time, and that just might force his hand to finally do it right. No more half measures, no more hirings of totally unqualified people ie Maccagnan/Bowles, so he can do it on the cheap. If I’m wrong, and I could be, and he continues running the team on this path, I know I’m done with them for good. i was actually laughing most of the time watching that beatdown yesterday, didn’t even bother me, I’m finally in the apathy phase of being a Jet fan. Next phase is turning my back on the team for good. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.
  11. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    And for those who wanted to wait for Dan Quinn

    Have your eyes been open at anytime the last 4 years? This IS NOT an NFL roster. These are NOT NFL coaches. The “GM” looks like he just came off a bender from some dive bar, with all those stupid cups of coffee at his desk that obviously don’t help him in finding talent.
  12. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    And for those who wanted to wait for Dan Quinn

    Thanks, understood, but I also would like to know what if any jewel did Maccagnan uncover as a Scout? Which would be a basis for him being hired by the Jets. I’m not saying he didn’t, although I have my doubts now, the average fantasy football player could have put together a way better roster over 4 years.
  13. JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF

    And for those who wanted to wait for Dan Quinn

    Hey don’t forget that Maye was ALSO an “old” rookie” at 24 when he was drafted. Maccagnan wants to be seen as some kind of savant. His newest “old” rookie Nathan Shepherd has done total Jack this year. I really can’t stand the sight of him and Bowles at this point. One question to anyone who knows, what in Maccagnan’s bavkground at Houston suggested that he could be a GM in the NFL? What players did he find? Houston of course has yet to win a playoff game in their history.

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