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  1. Is Mac Making the Most of Jets Money?

    He said “materially” better, which they are not even close to. McCown being the “same” guy, means NO PLAY OFFS are a certainty. Since between he and Fitzpatrick’s about 35 Years in the league NEITHER has been to a play off game...Ever. So explain to me why McCown was resigned and already told he is the starter. The NY Jets are not an organization that is geared toward WINNING. They are a BUSINESS first and foremost. They are still a “Mom and Pop” operation up and down the line, with gross incompetence at every level and a CYA mentality. They also have the WORST coach in the AFC East which also guarantees no play offs. Don’t look for Maccagnan to help out, look at his past drafting. This will be a 6 Win team at Best, regardless if Maccagnan steps in it on draft day. I hope this year he closes his eyes and throws darts at a board. Things will turn out much better. But besides all that the Jets are definitely in better shape according to you.
  2. Is Mac Making the Most of Jets Money?

    You’re absolutely correct. Treading water at best. Maccagnan virtually hasn’t improved this team at all and blown through over 1/2 the Cap. Part of the problem is that no one wants to come to the Jets. They see not only the worst roster in the league but lame ducks in Maccagnan/Bowles. The game is won in the trenches and with OFFENSE, since the Rules have a huge bias towards Offense. Look at the Jets on both sides of the Line. Look at the Jets Offense with NO Playmakers. NEWSFLASH...This is YEAR 4 of Maccagnan/Bowles......guy should have been FIRED many many yesterday’s ago. Enjoy watching Maccagnan get fleeced big time as he trades Up to grab a QB (since that move is his ONLY one...to try to save his job), and Odds are the QB he takes will Bust. I’m not trying to be a dark sided or overly pessimistic, I’m just going by Maccagnan’s track record of Drafting and what the roster looks like 3 1/2 years in. Guy is awful at picking talent. Real letdown for me because I was real glad someone with a scouting background had been hired when he was.

    I’m with you. At this point, with this regime, all I’m looking for is comedy, and there should be a lot more coming, from bringing in a bunch of guys who either have law problems or advocated violence against cops, when stating they wanted a certain type of player, it shows no continuity of thought...and NO PLAN. The Usual in Jetland.

    Good post. Bottom line, Maccagnan can’t think outside the box, he has had 6 opportunities to make this team better (3 drafts and 3 FA signing periods) and look at the current Jet roster, not 1 Single f**kin playmaker. His premium pick selections in the draft have either been non playmakers or outright busts. His Day 2/3 draft picks have been virtually ALL busts, evidence of this is that the Jets can’t even field a Special Teams unit that anyone would confuse with pro ball players. He drafts scared and in reactive instead of proactive manner. I just learned last night that it appears that even he knows that this draft could very well be his last if he does not score a Franchise QB. Gil Brandt was at Baker Mayfield’s Pro Day in Oklahoma the other day, Maccagnan was there also. Brandt said that Maccagnan asked him “How far do you think Buffalo will go in trading up”. With those words I’m heavily leaning toward Maccagnan trading up, he has to to try and save his job. The rest of the NFL knows he’s standing on 2 banana peels also. Prepare for Maccagnan to get fleeced big time when he trades up. This is happening. So everyone say a prayer that this idiot lucks into a Franchise QB...because I feel that he’s trading away much of the next 2 Drafts. Shame because the Jets should have a Top 3 Pick next year...Bowles will make sure of that.
  5. Jets resign Claiborne - 1 yr 7 million

    What I like is we have this situation at the most important position of all....QB, in fact we might even have 2 player/coaches this year at QB.
  6. Jags sign ASJ

    We had 1/2 a TE for the FIRST TIME IN 30 YEARS (Mickey Schuler, who was a full TE, you’ll never see that in Jetland you can only hope for 1/2)....it’s a sad day. I actually forgot what a TE was until last year...ahh to be a Jet fan....30 years hahahaha. Who runs this team? Haha (30 years...just trying to drive that point home).
  7. Breer: Plan was to tank?

    Sure Geno Smith, but the worst was Sanchez, and he was even given an extension at the time that it was obvious that EVERYTHING had to be executed flawlessly by the Offense, to a man, for the Jets to score a TD with this guy at QB. I read an article where Tannenbaum told Ryan “Positive energy, lets all pray he’s there when we pick”...the guy couldn’t beat out David John Booty at USC, didn’t have enough reps in college, and they reached all the way up to 5 to get him. But it had Johnson’s fingerprints on it too. He wanted a “face of the franchise”...Joe Namath..”sure, good looking kid, he’s got the ethnicity, but he was a big reach, a 4th Rd pick at best”.....and that’s ok, everybody whiffs on QBs although you hate having your team reach, that’s inexcusable....but they doubled and tripled down on Sanchez...just wouldn’t own up to their mistake. Petty and Hackenberg should have been cut yesterday. Maccagnan has yet to own that. Petty was an ok mistake in the 4th. Hackenberg totally inexusable. Maccagnan thought he could look like a genius if he hit on Hackenberg in the 2nd WITHOUT risking his job on a 1st Rd whiff. Always the fallback excuse...”Hey he was a 2nd Rd pick, not a 1st”..Things never change with the NY Jets.
  8. Breer: Plan was to tank?

    This is an issue it seems with just about every Jet regime. If they draft a guy, they’ll almost never cut them, no matter how terrible the player. Simple reason, they’re protecting themselves. Best example is how did Kyle Wilson last on an nfl roster as long as he did? I remember listening to Sirius a few years ago and Pat Kirwin, who used to worked for the Jets, said he went out to Jet camp as it opened the year of the Vernon Gholston draft. He watched him for only 10 seconds and told the guy he was with, “he can’t play in this league”...not he “he needs a lot of work”...flat out..”he can’t play”...because he couldn’t open his hips. They held onto him forever also. Not cool.
  9. Breer: Plan was to tank?

    Nice work. Just never ever a coherent Plan. And no strategy to adjust when necessary. Exactly like watching a Todd Bowles coached game.
  10. Breer: Plan was to tank?

    Bowles had a totally stacked unit in AZ, when he suddenly has command of a unit that has holes in it, but STILL is littered with #1 picks...he is exposed for the total incompetent he is. The guy is awful, as far from a head coach as Bruce Coslet was. Coslet had about 10 All Pros out of 11 on the Cincy Offense. After being fired by the Jets he was never close to being considered for another head coaching job. But this is what you get when you’re too cheap to pay for a real Head Coach. You get a coordinator who is totally overrated due to the unit he coached (when that teams GM should get all the credit), many times. I saw a post awhile ago where someone analyzed the 10 QBs drafted during Maccagnan’s tenure in Houston....ALL Garbage. Just for my own edification, if anyone knows of any attributes or successes Maccagnan had PRIOR to being given the Jet GM job I’d really like to hear about them. I was actually excited when he was hired because of the scouting background, I thought that finally we’ll have someone making decisions who has an eye for talent. But after seeing his first 3 drafts, it’s no exaggeration to say anyone could close their eyes and throw darts at a summary of players eligible to be drafted.....and do BETTER.
  11. All,Four QBs Could Be Gone Before Pick 6

    Even if he’s there for the Jets to take, he was wearing a hat that disparaged the President. The Jets owner is a big supporter and has his Ambassador job because of that. Couldn’t run a corner bodega much less an nfl franchise..yeah make him an Ambassador, why not haha. Anyway, back from the tangent I was going off on, I bet they won’t take Rosen, because of that, even if he’s there to take.
  12. All,Four QBs Could Be Gone Before Pick 6

    Yeah but this is the Jets you’re talking about therefore this year will set a precedent. Maccagnan will not know what to do and will finally decide to stand pat. He’ll miss on all 4...and all will go to the Hall of Fame.
  13. Trading up would be mistake

    I’m not going to argue with you. I was wrong about Watson, I didn’t want him drafted, now of course I wish he was, but then again that’s not my job, I don’t have an army of scouts that work for me like Maccagnan does. A quality GM would have traded down with the 6th pick and grabbed Watson or Mahomes. Bottom line, and it’s obvious now, Maccagnan is too frightened to take a QB in the 1st, because of course anytime a GM makes that move he’s gambling with his job. Bowles won’t play one for the same reason. If not for the weakest owners in the NFL the guy along with the inept coach would have been bounced long ago. Sad thing is is that if I personally drafted for the the Jets they would have been a much better team...for decades now. I wish that a bunch of Fantasy Football whiz kids could take over for Maccagnan tomorrow....the guy is an idiot. Probably the worst GM the Jets have ever had, and you know how bad most of them have been. 4th Year....not 1 single damn Playmaker on this Roster. And he just paid 2 backup QBs that could add up to close to what Cousins is getting paid this year haha. If McCown starts this year, that will be 4 years of Fitzpatrick/McCown as starting QBs for the NY Jets. How many years have both guys been in the league combined? About 35? So in 35 years NEITHER of them have been to 1 single playoff game. Are you kidding me? As another poster asserted recently. The Jet organization is NOT about Winning, it’s only about being a business and making money, and the incompetents that overwhelmingly work for the organization, and I’ll include their marketing department. It’s pervasive, from top to bottom in this organization, are only concerned about staying employed and having excuses to keep their jobs. Its all very obvious at this point, and sad. And as a fan, how many times are you going to let them fool you? The funniest thing will be on Draft day when Maccagnan either gets out gunned with teams swooping in ahead of the Jets to grab all 4 QBs or to watch him get massively fleeced and then pick the wrong QB. I don’t care anymore. What I really want to see is him draft another non playmaker (who will of course be billed as a playmaker by consensus)...and watch all Jet fans go apesh*t haha. That’s the ONLY way this team has a chance to turn anything around is by getting rid of Maccagnan/Bowles and hiring a real GM and a real Head Coach. Look at the Giants, 1 bad year and they don’t play around. They fired McAdoo and he even got them to a playoff game. Now they have a real GM and a real coach. Jets haven’t had a real Head Coach since Parcells, think about that. What an awful organization. So how could the team ever be any good? Very difficult.
  14. Report: Jets Finalizing Deal With Teddy Bridgewater

    Minkah Fitzpatrick at 6 and rag arm Mason Rudolf, “QB”, 2nd Rd.....book it. It’s ok, be fun watching the planes with new banners.
  15. Report: Jets Finalizing Deal With Teddy Bridgewater

    Guy has a rag arm whether he’s healthy or not to go with small hands, “great” sarc for the Northeast. No one, including the Vikings would EVER make a deep playoff run with this guy. Any reps he gets are a total waste of time, just like McCown. But this is all fine with me, it practically guarantees that this is Maccagnan/Bowles last year in NY. Also I really don’t want the Jets to draft a QB this year in Rd 1.....anything Maccagnan/Bowles turns to garbage. Let a real GM and coach make the most critical decision...next year.