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  1. Great analysis. I guess it’s the last few years, especially under Gase, where they were totally uncompetitive in many double digit losses that got me down. Just a bad run. I have great expectations though with Saleh running the ship. I have to give the Johnson’s credit for landing him.
  2. And you don’t even have to put a professional product on the field to see your investment increase exponentially....Best Investment Ever...just a perfect one for the Blacksheep Johnson Brothers, who couldn’t run a corner bodega for a profit. Born with a horseshoe up there a*s...and it never left.
  3. Also opens this argument....”99% Brady.....1% Belichick”
  4. Yeah....the hires this year YELL FROM THE ROOFTOPS...”CULTURE CHANGE”. Really wasn’t fair to all Jet fans to inflict little King of Queens guy, who never played and his Dr Frankenstein “the Fraud known as Adam Gase”....on the team for 2 years. Saleh and now his new DC are from a different planet than the picture above and Gase.
  5. Poor Detroit. Not just a sh*thole city. But does their football team EVER get anything right? How many times have they made the playoffs in the last 50 years? Once? How many times during Barry Sanders entire career? They got upset with him when he retired basically overnight. Can’t blame him. They should have felt blessed that he even played for them.
  6. Regardless, and after the flashes I saw in his Rookie year, athletic plays made along with some pretty incredible throws (although not consistently) with a trajectory that seemed to be definitely in the right direction (NFL’s top passer over the final 4 weeks)......I was rock solid in thinking the Jets had finally locked in a Franchise QB. I was wrong. Two years of the Fraud known as Adam Gase and his trusted flunky Little King of Queens guy has pretty much destroyed all Darnold’s confidence not to mention more injuries that are ANNUAL problem with him. Couple that with something I feel is on Darnold all alone, and that is his temperament. After watching him for three years now you get the feeling that there are many things he’d rather be doing than putting on a Jet jersey on Sunday (I actually can’t totally blame him due to the beatings he has taken his entire tenure much of it due to one of the worst rosters in the NFL (that was another excuse I used for him, and seeing him almost beat Aaron Rodgers and Watson in consecutive weeks that Rookie year made it easier to do). At this point and after what he has gone through with Gase I don’t think you can ever see him as being a “leader of men”, and that’s a quality you MUST have if you’re going to get through the playoffs much less make them. With some sadness I hope that Darnold has played his last down with the Jets and they trade him and he is able to maybe rejuvenate his career somewhere else. Time to move on. He never got the help he needed at the pro level...from Day 1...and that’s on ownership and “coaching”.
  7. Allen would be completing about 45% of his passes and be almost out of the league if he were drafted by Maccagnan and surrounded by the same “talent” and “coaches”....instead of what now looks like a potential Hall of Fame trajectory (I think he just keeps getting better with the great coaching and strong personnel around him). They have really done an outstanding job in coaching up his game. He had the biggest upside potential when drafted but also the biggest bust risk. Guy was barely completing 50% of his passes at Wyoming. He has gotten incredibly more accurate, at the pro level, to go with incredible arm talent. You NEVER see that.
  8. Good luck finding him. Be on the look out for a guy carrying a Red Stapler.
  9. The involuntary physical response that happens the very second you think of a USC QB putting on a Jet jersey? I’m thinking the second right after Sanchez was drafted too. I thought the world of Darnold’s potential after seeing him have Aaron Rodgers and Watson beat in consecutive before the D blew it in the final drives in his Rookie season. I don’t think he’s even half the QB his was then after his 3rd season. i think he is mentally damaged, mostly due to the Fraud Gase. I think he is even physically damaged. Not liking the way his arm looks anymore after his annual injury this season. There are some nasty digs at him being somewhat of a simpleton and not a leader of men. Defaults to laid back beach dude. At this point just way too many scattered pieces of him on the ground that need to be picked up and put back together. This was his 2nd consecutive year of being the lowest rated passer in the NFL, meaning his second year was not an outlier. Such high hopes after seeing that flash at the end of Year 1 when he was the Top Rated Passer in the NFL the final quarter of the season, playing with the usual garbage that surrounded him. Also thinking of Tony Romo’s projection of his being the #1 QB in the whole league...quickly. Time to grab the Ohio State QB and move on.

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