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  1. According to the All-22 the Jets should have blown the Pats out last game. Receivers were running wide open all game and Wilson either didn’t see them or just abandoned his Reads after the first one. THAT is the main reason he was benched. Meanwhile I’m watching what I thought was the Bears’85 D because I never got to see all those wide open Jet receivers. Mike White starts that last NE game Jets Win by 3 TDs.
  2. I just thought of something that's almost cosmic. There are many dots that connect throughout world history, many have nothing to do with sports. The proverbial "a butterfly flaps its wings continents away and it triggers a massive hurricane". What if the evil Belichick, who you know took great pleasure in DESTROYING his 2nd Consecutive Jet High Rd QB Draft Pick, actually just triggered a type of "Reverse Brady' scenario? Mo Lewis takes out Bledsoe opening the door for Brady....Belichick Wrecks Zach Wilson, maybe for good........Mike White turns into an almost impossible to beat QB with the talent that surrounds him, he actually has a good number of attributes to make that happen. Extremely quick Reads Strong enough arm (saw some very tight window throws last week) Good footwork in the pocket, feels the rush, slides effortlessly left or right with eyes always downfield. and most importantly....ACCURATE.....Very Accurate. Chad Pennington with a much stronger arm. I laughed when I heard him say last year that he thought he should "have been a 1st Rd Draft Pick", I'm not laughing anymore. Which leads to another very important Attribute....he has Confidence. Confidence to lead his team, that are all pretty much on record of liking him immensely.
  3. Actually I think when he punted on 4th down in Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh territory, not much time left and a very high probability that the Jets Never see the ball again for the rest of the game with Roethliesberger QBing, is close to not letting the GOAT try and get 2 yards. He’s a very good coach, when he has All Pros at virtually Every position.
  4. Before you wreck your Cap, you have to see the guy actually make a deep playoff run. Although a talented and exciting player Jackson doesn’t check that box, neither does Kyler Murray in Arizona (who now look like they made a big mistake). The biggest mistake right now is someone who did make those long runs but hadn’t in awhile, and guess what, never will again, but Denver is stuck with him, Russell Wilson.
  5. Not offended by anything he wrote, but his butchering of the English language would be a non-starter for me…..so if you ask me where I stand, I gotta be a “No”.
  6. Imagine a Breece/Bam backfield? This could happen next year at times (It Will!!)….deadly.
  7. 2022 Jets are playing with House money, they should be playing loose every game. Best way to play.
  8. Exactly. There was a throw White hit yesterday in the tightest of windows that Pennington, on his best day would never have even attempted. Pennington is smart, I’ll give him that, and Knew that his road to the fattest bank account was from his Completion %, so he put everything into that, I’d be curious as to how often he checked down during his career, I’ll bet it was over 50% of his completed passes, to pad his stats. After the Raider play off loss I was totally disheartened, I bought into the hype, not the “new Joe Montana” stuff, but enough so I thought he could be one of the best QBs in the league. The Raiders blew that to smithereens. The guy didn’t have the arm to hit anything to the sidelines even pre injuries. So after the rest of the league got the memo all the Jets were left with was a QB who needed 13 play drives with absolutely Everything going right to score a TD. I was disgusted when the Jets gave him that monster contract, how could they not see what was so apparent? But Pennington actually took classes in college on how to deal with the media, sharpening his con game skills at an early age and the Johnsons are usually easy marks for the most part. I was disgusted how much longer they kept him around post injuries. Yeah he was a Fraud. Guy bothers me to this day. I’ll take Mike White over Pennington every day of the week.
  9. “Monster” stat line he put up. He’s not a bad dude. Probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer. If someone doesn’t hook him up with some more easy cash to hold a clip board next year I think he’ll be more than happy spending the rest of his days living in a beach house in California and surfing the waves.
  10. Totally agree with you. It’s actually so horrific to the point that I don’t get it. I’ve posted before that I don’t understand how a coach hasn’t just gone out on the field grabbed one of his ears, twisted it while walking back with him to the sidelines while telling him “you Ever do that again this is going to be the result Every time”. On the few occasions in his 20 games where I get to see him look down field the whole play “plant, step and fire”, I swear, you see all the talent, to me it looks like Namath/Marino threw that pass. Anybody want to argue with me about how his passes look when plays correctly have at it. He also has the same lightning quick release both of them had…..but you ONLY see him playing like that about 5% of the time. It’s almost tragic, and it doesn’t appear anything is done to correct, although it might and the Kid is just f**ked mentally that something happens and Everything goes out the window when he takes a snap.
  11. Hey how would you all feel if Joe Douglas locked the Jets into a monster contract with this guy? Whatever issues there are with Zach Wilson at present are serious small potatoes compared to what’s happening in Denver. https://nypost.com/2022/11/27/broncos-mike-purcell-screams-at-russell-wilson-on-sideline/
  12. Exactly. Now is the time for the Kid to do some soul searching, in fact he shouldn’t even be near football for a few weeks probably to just try to reset mentally. All reports during his tenure say he is a very hard worker. No way should he be “kicked”. It took him lots of hard work to be “2nd pick” and to have it quickly yanked from you has to affect you and bring more self doubt, and this after, not too long ago, actually being close to the “Toast of the Town” after beating Josh Allen and Buffalo only one week prior.
  13. Saleh definitely did the right thing. The All 22 at NE showed a young QB not even targeting wide open receivers all game, throwing off his back foot for most of the game (when he misses the layups that’s usually why). I thought I even saw him throw off his back foot when the pressure wasn’t even there. Kid has to be field stripped down and then totally built back up, if it’s possible, because most of his problems playing are on the mental side. There was no way Saleh could have put Wilson out there the following week after “2 yards of Offense in the 2nd Half”, would almost have been criminal since at the point it’s so obvious that something is “broken” and needs fixing.
  14. Yeah as per 1. How can you not extend Bryce Huff, you hear that stat that he might get to the QB FASTER than ANYONE in the NFL? That includes Micah Parsons. As for 2. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always thought there was a Law or something that forces the Jets to NEVER recover a fumble, and it’s not just this year, going back DECADES. You can even see 5 Jets around a fumble with no one else around and in a flash a 160 lb slot WR dives between the legs of ALL 5 and recovers the ball. It’s kind of like when they have a Pick 6 or a long punt or KO return for a TD, there’s a Law that says you’ll ALWAYS have a Ref drop a flag against them.
  15. Not really. Jets needed a QB in the worst way , Kid has a fantastic arm, and from his college tape it’s the kind of arm that would put fear into DCs throughout the league. If anyone could predict that he wouldn’t be able to hit throws that he practically could hit in college by throwing behind his back, or that he’d forget plays called from the huddle to the LOS…….they’d be Lying. Just remember that it was only a few weeks that lots of Jet fans were loving Zack Wilson…”oh look how he was able to compartmentalize and put the NE game in the trash, step up and play close to a perfect game, as far as how ML called the game offensively, and beat probably the league MVP in Josh Allen and the big bad Bills, he has definitely turned the corner”. I thought he turned the corner. The whole Buffalo game was “eyes downfield, plant, step, throw” and almost every pass was on target…quickly. The ONLY time I can remember him playing that way for almost a whole game like he did vs Buffalo is when he had Brady beat last year. Then the next week in New England. Total disaster. 2 yards of offense in the Second Half. I never saw that coming. I never thought he’d revert so badly to how he has played too often, “eyes NOT downfield, ball NOT coming out quickly”. You can’t just throw him away right now even though it appears that the mountains he has to climb physically and probably more so mentally, are probably impossible for him to do.
  16. Yup I just mentioned that, surprised no one dropped on dime on him to PETA and they’re not outside his luxury apartment building right now protesting.
  17. Mahomes is of course “much the best”. There really aren’t many QBs you can say that can bury you on a consistent basis in this league. I’m watching Justin Herbert at 6’6” getting what seems every other pass tipped or batted down at the line, and I think he’s one of the best QBs in the league. Believe it or not he leads the league in that, SD is 5-5. Mike White and the Jets, as a whole, can do lots of damage in this league. First and foremost they are already at that level where no one is happy to see them on their schedule anymore. That’s far ahead of the time frame I ever thought that would happen. I just wanted the Jets to step up to “competitive” this year, wouldn’t have cared if they lost 10…11 games, just look like a pro team this year. They’re even more dangerous the rest of this year because they’re playing with House money and should be loose.
  18. The only other times he has played in this league, prior to today, he has had bottom feeding “talent” surrounding him. Now that’s not the case.
  19. White actually does make it look “easy”. Always looks in command. Game never looks too big for him. Slides effortlessly in the pocket away from the rush, eyes always down field, passes virtually always on target and even timed for YAC. Great work ethic and supposedly a sponge learning from those higher on the depth chart.
  20. You were right, the whole ride, which is now over. Zach Wilson was officially Wally Pipped today. That we now know that Wilson has mental issues that are incredibly detrimental to ever having any type of success in the NFL, pretty much seals that deal. It’s possible Wilson never sees another pro snap for Any team.
  21. Just remember that White’s big game against Cincy last year the “talent” he had surrounding him was pretty much garbage. I fully expected a big game from him today because the Jets have serious talent on offense now with Garrett Wilson leading the pack and possibly the best RB in the league coming back next year. You’ll see both TE acquisitions all of a sudden contributing too. I also expected a big game from White because Mike LaFluer even schemed a 300 yard passing out of Josh Johnson last year. 300 yard passing games with LaFluer as OC seem to be the norm rather than some rare event, when he doesn’t have this poor kid who we now know sometimes doesn’t know the play called 5 seconds prior when he gets to the line. Man, I really hope the Jets don’t lose LaFleur to a HC job. I mentioned that before.
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