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  1. Yeah but the only problem for Maccagnan is that the moron had played his "super-safe" consensus, protect my job, player selection for 4 consecutive years until now his back was to the wall and he knew Ownership and Fan base had a "bring me a Franchise QB" mandate or turn in your key card immediately, which is why he desperately tried to sign Cousins (which of course would have been an unmitigated disaster, you'd get at best an 8-8 season over 3 years, a drained bank account, and a back to the drawing board QB search after 3 years), to of course AGAIN try to protect his job.....so even if Barkeley was a guaranteed Barry Sanders didn't matter Maccagnan had to go QB.....and if not for the Giants he ends up with Rosen, who can't feel a rush or get out of one when he does, or Josh Allen who had trouble reading Div III D's...would probably have been Rosen, was the "safest" QB if both Mayfield and Darnold were off the board.
  2. I know I've posted on this topic before but reading this just brought the memory back. I was listening to Sirius NFL Radio a few years ago and Pat Kirwan, who used to work for the Jets, took a ride out to Jet training camp the year Gholston was drafted and within 1 minute of watching him practice he said to his friend,"He CAN'T play in this league"....not "he can't start"..."he needs some work"......F**KIN wild.....and he was right. He said it was all about him not being able to move his hips. I don't have much hope for Polite after what has already being reported, and being that he is a Maccagnan pick clinches that he probably will be totally out of the league in under 12 months....meanwhile Chase Winovich will probably be causing the Jets grief for around 10 years. Thank you Maccagnan. By the way if you're reading this...where are you?
  3. Moderators, can you please create some type of double or triple "laughing" emoji? Because I still am. 1 laughing emoji does not do this post justice.
  4. Too conservative...your estimates. Next year he won't even need any coaches, but I digress, now I'm getting ahead of myself...that's next year.
  5. Did you catch what Mike Westoff said during Bowles 1ST YEAR? I recently did, never knowing that he ever said it. ”The guy does not know how to make ANY adjustments.....he is going to be a Disaster”. And Westoff was proven right on all counts. How that guy was ever given a HC job is as much a travesty as Maccagnan given a GM job.
  6. Exactly, the guy is total idiot, and you know what? He himself KNOWS it. His Modus Operandi was to ALWAYS go with the safe pick that would first and foremost protect the job he never deserved and if he strayed even slightly from that route he would make sure he had a “built in excuse” ready. Hackenberg becomes one of the worst 2nd Rd picks in NFL history? “That’s ok, at least he wasn’t 1st Rd, John Elway has done plenty of them”, and if he hits that lottery ticket the Idiot now looks like a Genius to all. I knew he’d never trade down. Why? Because I know he doesn’t even trust himself making a pick outside the Top 3. I know it’s an impossibility but I would have LOVED to see Maccagnan inside the Jet War Room if Gettleman would have done the smart thing and drafted Darnold, what the hell would Maccagnan have done then? He would have been sweating for sure having probably p*ssed away 3 #2’s, to pick whom? Can’t take Barkley because he knew either he brings in a Franchise QB or he loses his job. He had consistently played the SAME weak cards ie making scared, safe roster decisions, over and over until now his back was to the wall. He didn’t trust himself to draft a QB so he made a play to dump lots of the Jet bank account on Cousins, who might put up numbers against bad teams, but he never wins against good ones, 4-26.
  7. I wasn’t trying to be “over the top”. I only want to show that Maccagnan, a huge percentage of the time made “scared, safe moves”, moves that usually had a built in buffer from criticism, and that’s why he no longer has a job in the NFL in any capacity as of today. Anyone can see the guy was trying to first and foremost protect his own job at the expense of the Franchise. Even the Hackenberg pick was equipped with the excuse, and he actually used it, “well at least it wasn’t a 1st Rd QB miss”...I’m sure he thought the following way in his 1 step, 1 move at a time mind...”If I hit this Hackenberg lottery ticket, I’m a genius, even though I myself know I’m an idiot, and I’m collecting GM checks for another 15 years, he whiffs? Then “oh well, at least he wasn’t a 1st Rd Miss, John Elway has a bunch of those, at least I don’t”. I actually have even more confidence in Gase seeing how quickly he got this bumbling fool bounced in a time so quick I wouldn’t have dreamed of it. As far as this year’s draft goes I only hope you’re right and I only wish the best for it, but based on Maccagnan’s track record, I don’t have high hopes.
  8. 4-26 vs Winning Teams really does qualify as "terrible"....good for you.
  9. The guy has pretty much regressed every year. The QB dollars are insane, everyone knows that, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a Super Millionaire for gosh sakes, but this is really disturbing hearing this guy has the stones to turn down $30Mill for 1 year of play....and Dallas will NEVER win it all with him, I don't even think he is good enough for an annual play-off ride, which should be the floor for anyone getting paid $30Mill a year. His first year he had hands down the best O-line in the league and the best RB. What QB wouldn't look real good with that? Glad he is not a Jet.
  10. I wish him the best too. No grudges. He just shouldn’t work in the NFL. If he stays with football he should go back to Canada.
  11. Wrong side of 30, play trending down. He's close.
  12. Guy was a fraud and a fake (think the 99 coffee cup props on his desk in that picture), from Day 1. If you have an ounce of street smarts you could tell he didn't belong in that job whatsoever just by the way he looks and acts. As far as hiring him as the lowliest scout in my front office, why should I? (If I'm any NFL team). What tangible success has he brought to any team he has worked for? Over 90% of his draft picks hit the bricks in under 12 months of their selection never to see the inside of an NFL building again. His FA signings virtually all busts along with being wrong just about every time extending players for big bucks. We now know this clown was about to be fired in Houston and then Casserly swooped in and pawned this dolt off on our team. Now, today, to no one's surprise, it seems that NO NFL team cares to know what his phone number is. Guy is luckier than most Lotto winners with the checks he robbed from the Jets for 4 long years. And now, even with all the good feelings over finally having a Franchise QB that was lucked into, we see a team with less than zero depth.
  13. Yup....Criqui the quintessential instigator and McGuire just a pure Jet-hater through and through (I always wondered why). Got to the point where I got bothered just having to look at him.
  14. Jets are better off if the guy goes hunting and gets lost in the woods anyway. Sounded more enthused about teaching his newborn how to off deer than the kid actually being born. They gave that bum a rich contract for being one of the few draft picks they could pencil in as a starter. I think Douglas will definitely move on from him first chance he gets.
  15. Most likely another "gift" from Maccagnan. I wonder if Maccagnan can count how many candles are on his own birthday cake.
  16. Daniel Jones will never win a playoff game. Daniel Jones may never even make a playoff game.
  17. The best and most incredible stroke of good fortune finally fell into the Jets laps with Darnold, who I think at worst will be a Top 3 QB. Romo thinks Numero Uno, but I don’t know with Mahomes around, but Top 3 is good enough for me. All Kirk “4-26 vs Winning Teams” Cousins had to do was afix his signature to the contract a panicked Maccagnan threw at him, and the Jets would be at Best a .500 team until Cousins contract ran and out a ton of loot....and the never ending QB search would begin again. Look at the W-L record under Maccagnan. With just an average schedule the first year you’re talking 4 consecutive years of double digit losses. Again, this isn’t worth arguing about. The guy was pure garbage, Houston was about to FIRE him and his pal Casserly sold an out to lunch owner on this moron.
  18. Darnold’s coming greatness will deodorize many of Maccagnan’s mistakes. And if not for Gettleman the Jets would still be in what was their never ending QB purgatory. Quantified his drafting graded near or the bottom of all GMs. I heard a podcast where this kid Michael Nania applied analytics in comparing Maccagnan’s drafting to Idzik. Idzik was better. His FA acquisitions and virtually all big contracts doled out were whiffs. He constantly invested top assets toward the Dline that got no pressure for 4 years. Neglected the most important unit of all the Oline for 4 years and could have gotten his lucky prize rookie QB seriously hurt. I’m tired of this topic, maybe we revisit it if Casserly gets him another job somewhere.
  19. Because the guy IS stupid. He is stupid. There is no debating it anymore. And I don’t want to rehash his panicked trade up 3 slots that cost 3 #2’s which could have and actually should have resulted in Josh Allen as the Jet QB. He gets no credit for basically the ONLY move his few supporters give him credit for. It was panicked because his back was to the wall, come home with a Franchise QB or keep walking. Didn’t trust himself to draft one, so he tried to throw the entire Jet vault on Kirk “4-26 vs Winning Teams” Cousins. Moron. I’m probably wrong but I swear sometimes I think the only reason he ever worked in any capacity in the NFL is he had a hook somewhere. He definitely had one later with Casserly.
  20. Never could stand anything about the guy. Can’t throw the deep ball at all, has a rag arm, but somehow tries to get the rep as a “gunslinger”, many times throwing the ball as hard as he can and not really knowing where it’s going. Erratic on many other throws. Lucks into the starting job at all the many locations he has been, as the starter virtually always gets hurt almost as soon as Fitzpatrick arrives. He NEVER takes the job because he is “better”. His history proves you’ll NEVER win with him, you’ll never even make the playoffs, not 1 single time. When the Jets went 10-6 against the weakest schedule in NFL history, I knew that meant ANOTHER year wasted with Fitzpatrick starting. Then instead of being appreciative of hijacking the Jets for a ton of dough as Idiot Maccagnan bid against himself for Fitzpatrick, he refused to even give Petty and Hackenberg just the time of day. Wouldn’t give them the slightest bit of mentoring. And last but not least the creep must have cashed over $50Mill in NFL checks....all the great QBs of yesteryear who some had to take 2nd jobs to make ends meet and who could outplay Fitzpatrick throwing left handed are turning in their graves. His career proves one thing and that is that the quality of QB play has been almost universally horrific since he entered the league outside of a few teams. Fitzpatrick wouldn’t be 3rd string on any team in the 1970’s.
  21. You answered your own question. This is a classic “Maccagnan”. A “Maccagnan” is the type of draft pick that is removed entirely from the NFL in Under 365 days from selection and earns the title of “Maccagnan” since it occurs around 90% of the time. I swear I would have rather had Elmer Fudd as GM. After being cut all his picks should be branded with a tattoo of an image of Maccagnan intently watching Hackenberg work out...for stealing money. Who would even hire that guy as just the lowliest Scout today? Then when I finally learned that he was about to be FIRED in Houston and was then almost immediately Upped to GM of the NYJ. I think that made the Top 3 in Jet fandom misery for me.
  22. Don’t worry, I predict that Douglas will gut virtually everyone of that serial coffee drinking Fake’s roster moves before you know it. Which reminds me. Any Maccagnan sitings? Is he in forced retirement from the NFL?
  23. I recently read a quote from Mike Westhoff when critiquing Bowles during his 1st year,”the guy doesn’t know how to make any adjustments, he’s going to be a disaster”....and that carried on for all 4 LONG years. Bowles will retire after Arians does as he will if Arians is fired. Either that or go back to being an assistant D back coach, which he won’t do. Arians is the only guy who would hire him for a DC job, and since Tampa doesn’t have 10 All Pros on D like Arizona did when Bowles coached there, it’s going to be a long season in Tampa. The “10 win season” was a joke, if the Jets played just an average schedule it would have been the usual 10+ losses that 1st season. Gase may not be the next Belichick but he’s very intelligent. There will be a long string of playoff runs since this is the 2nd time he has coached a Franchise QB in Sam Darnold. The vibe is so much different from that crew of check-cashing mopes all over the sidelines over the last 4 years.
  24. They’ll be a lot of them, hope you enjoy, along with what Darnold promised draft night when Sanders asked him what Jet fans can expect from him...”a lotta wins”.
  25. You should feel great about the Jets future. Sure many can say "you are what your record says you are", which is usually true, but not in evaluating Darnold's rookie year and projecting to what he does in the future, his rookie season is a true outlier that negates that saying. The Jets were EASILY an 8-8 team last year, if they did not have the worst coach in the NFL. Darnold handed multiple leads, obtaining those leads virtually by himself, to Bowles' Defense to close out wins and they would cave just about like they always did with the D "guru" in charge over 4 years. Also, remember that 3 of those losses were bonafide train wreck losses that Darnold wasn't around for and they still should have been 8-8. (First MIA game, Cleve, Houston,GB....all those games, the 2nd Worst Coach in the NFL wins them all) Darnold was statistically the NFL's leading passer for the last 1/4 of the season. When was the last Jet QB able to claim that? For ANY 4 game stretch. I saw Darnold hit throws Namath couldn't make. You have to trust what you're seeing. Also when naysayers say his statistics aren't all that gaudy, they're just looking at numbers. Many times Darnold would hit a completion into a window the size of thimble because his receivers almost never got any separation last year, not to mention if the Kid wasn't running for his life he was chasing down bad snaps fired all over the place because Bowles played a Center for 9 straight weeks ("GM paid him, I play him, not my fault, I aint taking the blame) who doesn't belong in the league......all in all I think Darnold had an outstanding rookie year all things considered, and when the "light when on for him" by the end of last year, forget about it. If you watched you saw a Franchise QB who can put an entire team on his back, absolutely NO running game to help him, Bowles as his coach, an awful OC....none of that got in his way the last 1/4 of the season. And for those who care most about stats, you can look at those. Sky is the limit, now that he has, all of a sudden, intelligent people around him everywhere, from the sidelines to the Front Office. When the day comes that Darnold has an Oline built around him that can run and pass block.....it's just going to be sick what this kid is going to do. He doesn't even need a "#1" WR.

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