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  1. Interesting, makes sense, that single game he had with 5 Pats on him in half a second every single play will skew any QBs stats into the gutter. Also, with a semi-NFL kicker or if Moseley doesn’t go down in the Opener...Darnold is 4-3 playing for one of the Bottom 3 teams in the league and is 2-1 lifetime against the “great” Josh Allen. 3 of the Wins he put up 30+ points. I was slightly worried that the NE “ghost” game might stick with him for who knows how long, but now that Gase is rolling him out and it looks like the OL has improved by Subtraction (Winters and Khalil)....I don’t think that will be the case. Would be nice if he continues with another strong showing, third in a row, vs Oakland.
  2. Yeah looks like Trubisky, unbelievably, might have just lost his job. Goff is overrated. I’ll take Darnold any day of the week over either
  3. That’s true, you’re right. Just upset that they didn’t pick Allen.
  4. Darnold will probably end their playoff dream last week of the season too.
  5. Shepherd > Leonard Williams. Never thought I’d say Shepherd better than anyone, yet a pleasant surprise. But just proves that you should never draft DT so high.
  6. Which is virtually..........ALWAYS. On the rare occasion when you see him plant, step and fire...it’s very impressive.
  7. Ok we’ll go back to discussing haha. My apologies. And no..don’t go away...regardless of what happens. Darnold like I said has played 7 games this year, is 3-4 and in all 3 wins (albeit 2 against bottom feeders he has produced the 30+ points I project will be commonplace for him once more talent surrounds him, I was just wrong about this year (I actually came very close to putting a bet down on Jets Over 7 1/2 wins this year, thought it was a Lock, but then at the last second looked over the Schedule thoroughly, saw the total Gauntlet that was the first half of the year and thought the better of it) , he can’t be dinged for who the schedule tells him to play. I say that because at least that’s nice and rare to see from any Jet QB, the 30 points, since that position has pretty much been a barren wasteland close to 2 Decades). I’m just excited to have Darnold as QB because I can’t remember the Jets EVER having a QB who you can see do so many different things well, pretty much a complete package. Sanchez way overdrafted/inaccurate, Pennington huge physical limitations, Testeverde cannon to hit any throw but end of his career, OBrien also great arm but a statue could move better and even feel a rush better, Todd never being able to live up to Namath with both coming out of Alabama.....Darnold, I’ve already seen make every throw (and this is RARE, every throw in the pocket AND outside it ie rolling left and whipping a clothesline and hitting a receiver in the middle of the field behind where his arm is), outstanding pocket presence. Again one scout called him “Carson Palmer in the pocket, and Romo outside it”...that’s some QB right there if that becomes True. But as you say the jury still has to be seen as out at this point because we’ve seen some awful decisions. But were those decisions based on terrible talent surrounding him? Terrible coaching? Trying to win the game ALL BY YOURSELF? (because lots of times it actually looks like Darnold is “all by himself” out there)...or just a poor play made by a player who has been Overhyped and really isn’t as good as everyone wants him to be? Time will tell. But it’s too early As far as Daniel Jones goes, he’s way better than I expected. Has more of an arm too. But the way he fumbles. I’ll take rookie and 2nd year INTs over that any day. This is a regular occurrence for him, there are some guys that always have a problem with that, and they Long last in the league. I also think that Darnold has more facets to his game than Jones has ie “more Talent”. Again, time will tell.
  8. You can’t even judge Allen accurately at this point. Not much impressive about him last year. This year has compiled wins against the worst teams in the league. Sam Darnold, without mono or with Moseley an entire game on D, would be 2-1 vs Allen. And that doesn’t tell you much right now either. You want to spout about “leading comebacks” with regard to Allen. That’s because the guy leaves lots of points on the board ie. Should have blown the Jets out Week 1 but was instead facing a 16-0 deficit late in the game.
  9. And “a few seconds” are all Darnold needs, although you have rarely seen him have that time throughout his short career.
  10. Yeah when Darnold gets an OL that’s going to happen. And then you’ll go away. The way you think, I guess Houston should draft a QB next year because of their game today? When Gase makes ZERO adjustments to protect Darnold against Belichick’s #1 D and allows Darnold to be terrorized with .2 seconds to make a decision on EVERY play then you can write in stone “Darnold s*cks” He’s 3-4 this year playing on one of the Bottom 3 teams talent wise in the NFL, you’ll admit putting those numbers up are tough to do in that situation (the 30+ points per game I projected, but that will happen) If you expect a 22 year old to put this type of team on his shoulders EVERY week and carry it to Wins...that’s foolish. But if you see him do it on occasion that actually is “good enough”, at this point. He had Aaron Rodgers beat and he had Houston beat end of last year playing with a pure garbage unit along with Bowles D cratering to give the leads Darnold generated in games that should have been wins. You could take a Mark Sanchez or a Pennington give them 100 years and you’d never see them throw 4 TDs in a game playing the worst team in the league. If you refuse to acknowledge that Darnold has a ton of talent, but is still learning his craft at 22, it’s worthless trying to argue with you.
  11. I just don’t understand how it took Gase half a season of seeing Darnold swallowed up live in the Abyss known as the “pocket” the Jet OL creates to not design lots of roll outs, it’s almost like Gase never bothered to watch Darnold rate as the #1 Passer in the NFL over the final part of last year. You want to call plays which allow Darnold to take 5 and 7 step drops in the pocket that let him plant, step and fire AT LEAST GET HIM SOME SEMBLANCE OF AN NFL OL FIRST.
  12. “He’s going to be the #1 QB in the NFL..the next Peyton Manning, and it’s not even going to take that long...3 years...his spatial perception is off the charts”.....T. Romo (before he even saw Darnold take his first snap against live bullets)
  13. And “marginal” at best is ALL he has had his entire short career. Kid has tons of talent, I’m not being a homer I was worried about Mark Sanchez as QB from the very first snap I saw him take, I got sad the second I realized that Oakland had exposed Pennington’s limitations in that play off game and knew it was a waste of time to have him play the rest of his Jet career, never have felt that way about Darnold...because he has NO limitations and he is dangerous from anywhere on the field. The more the Offense is upgraded around Darnold the quicker the doomsayers are going to go away.
  14. Who needs Dalvin Cook when you can draft a second consecutive Safety?
  15. Going to be lots of 4 TD Sam Darnold games (outside of against the worst team in the league) once the OL is upgraded.
  16. And if Benigno was handling the Draft over the last 40 years the Jets would have been in much better shape lots of years. I can say that about myself too......sad.
  17. Benigno said a couple weeks ago, “where is this guy Kinnen? Quinnen, I don’t know what his name is...all I know is between him and Milliner the Jets found the ONLY 2 guys out of Alabama who can’t play football”.
  18. Sickening....and his production wasn’t all that at Penn St to begin with.
  19. I’m only playin. I like the Jets to win tomorrow too. One of the few times all season. Although they usually take the following week off after a win, even when there is a game, and no matter how lowly the competition. And it doesn’t matter much which DECADE you look at.
  20. “The Jets will win, and if they don’t, then they’ll lose”.

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