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  1. The wildcard right now is Wilson. So want him to be the real deal and then All that draft capital can be invested in premium positions other than QB.
  2. Give him more time. He’s only played 6 games. If you could just throw out his 1st quarters in every game (of course you can’t), you realize how he gets his act together as the game progresses. I have a feeling that if he solves his 1st quarter problem you’re going to see some monster games out of him, just based on the upping of his confidence level.
  3. Maccagnan watched and waited for ESPN’s consensus 1st Rd to post, went with it. After that he was totally lost.
  4. The 2021 NYJ were not contending for a playoff spot even if the Johnson’s sent a Brinks truck to Matthew Stafford’s house and a deal was worked out. Douglas was All In on Wilson from every angle. There were reports that you could see a non stop smile on his face even under his mask the entire time he watched Wilson’s Pro Day. There might have been a good case to have been made that by not having an established back up would hinder the development of the rest of the team if Wilson went down with injury after performing adequately and being hands down the best QB on the depth chart, w
  5. No, definitely some competition for him, just not a total JAG. Worst case scenario he’s a total bust and next year is his last. He maybe they find some real completion in the draft? Lots of picks.
  6. I forgot that about Trubisky winning one. I remember him being super over hyped coming out of NC after only about 1 year of doing anything in college, similar to Mr. Wilson. I actually like Wilson’s skill set right now even after all the degradation than Trubisky coming out in the draft. Dont want any part of a QB like that taking reps from either Wilson or another unknown quantity that is say drafted next year. I think you only break the bank with a Stafford type after way more pieces are in place and even then it’s no sure thing. Look at the Rams now, mortgaged the whole future
  7. I’d rather watch Wilson, and I think there’s no way he doesn’t get next year no matter what happens. Going with someone you know will never get you to even a playoff game much less win one is depressing. Rather go with what’s still an unknown and hope the light goes on.
  8. I couldn’t take seeing a Trubisky or Minshaw. I couldn’t take watching a washed up Boomer Esiason. Total waste of time. Then just draft another one.
  9. True, and a good point. I should have been specific in that at least he was supposedly easily hitting virtually All the throws he’s now missing by a mile.
  10. Supposedly he did “earn it” in training camp. The exact same throws you see him missing, many times wildly, he hit in training camp, easily. That’s why Chris Simms thinks everything bad you’re seeing now is easily correctable.
  11. Ahhh take a break. But you don’t get 2 weeks off in a row. Do your thing with Philadelphia.
  12. Yeah true, but the point is is that they probably had the SAME quality of players on their side and the opposition that Wilson was surrounded by during his time there, 30 years later, and the NFL still called his phone.
  13. Hopefully in time he learns to have a much better inner clock where he knows the ball has to come out and if not a completion he still has to be safe with it. Steve Young and Jim McMahon also faced the same type competition, no I’m not saying he will be Steve Young, but then again so did Ty Detmer. The NFL does see BYU and does draft their QBs high, even though they know most of their players will never play again after college. Gifford Neilson another one.
  14. Exactly, just like when analyzing Darnold, in retrospect he was “a horse who ran true to form”. He was a turnover machine his Senior year at SC, when quite a few of his stacked offense had already left to the pros.....and then he became a turnover machine in the pros, and just trying to explain it away because of the garbage hand he was dealt with personnel surrounding him with the Jets for 3 straight years didn’t work. I tried, I was wrong. Missing lots of the throws that Wilson has as a Jet, just makes no sense, considering his tape. I’d love to see just one game before this year
  15. I’ve watched Wilson analyze tape at BYU. Kid is Einstein compared to Darnold. I would say after watching that that he’s highly intelligent. He may be a bust, like so so many 1st rounders, hopefully not, but when taking everything together, the Arm Strength, the close to pin point Accuracy at BYU, and the intelligence, I can fully understand why any team would draft Wilson high. Lets just hope he overcomes what appears to be acclimating to the highest level along with a lot wrong with the way he is thinking, and I’m thinking specifically about the many short throws that have looked
  16. The short throws he made in his sleep with his eyes closed at BYU. A big part of the rationale in drafting him was not only does he he a very strong arm and had put quite a few throws on tape that “only Patrick Mahomes could make” was that he was extremely ACCURATE at BYU and although he was not facing any SEC D’s that ACCURACY coupled with the arm strength made many scouts believe that if you have his attributes it doesn’t matter who your competition is....you’re going to be a star. Personally I’m perplexed at how shaky many of his throws are, to downright awful in the short passing
  17. He's just trying to copy the "trick" used by Bowles and Gase, it's a resume polisher. I won't know for sure unless he punts on 4th and 5 inside the opponents side of the 50 with 1 minute left in the game though.
  18. Hey, after watching them play Buffalo they look to be about 150 years away from...just being competitive. With Flacco? Lets call it an even 100, and Flacco probably gives them the best chance to win at this point. Doesn't look like Saleh is the guy either. From everything I had read I was really happy when they made him coach too, but he is way in over his head, he's a D guy and this might be the worst D I've EVER seen at the pro level, they're virtually ALWAYS 5+ yards away from where the ball is, sometimes they look like they're running in quicksand compared to the opposition. Q
  19. Yeah it was miserable to lose to that "Woodstock" Miami team that always seemed to need some kind of trick play or of course letting their field that was a fast track turn into Mud to slow down the more talented team, in order to win. It was bittersweet, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching John Riggins stomp all over them in the Super Bowl as Washington blew Miami and Shula's doors off. I truly believe that Jet team would have put up a much tougher fight and maybe even won.
  20. Regardless of how someone feels regarding Gruden's PRIVATE feelings, all evidence so far proves that he was selected and targeted for destruction. That some in the media felt it their duty to destroy him for his "thought crimes" could be understandable if they played fair and did the same thing to those on the other side whose attacks on those they don't like are either suppressed or forgiven. I have a feeling that there is a lot in those huge troves of emails from numerous other people writing them that the NFL is not going to want any of them seeing the light of day. Goodell way o
  21. Yeah but you have to admit, in his limited action he is STILL pitching a "Perfect" game.....can't yank him yet.
  22. If he beats the Bills, then I think he's the goods. Would be one of those amazing fluke things that NEVER happen to the Jets since SB 3. Buffalo is also coming off a very embarrassing loss in Jax, so the built in excuse that they "looked past the Jets" is not there tomorrow. If he beats the Bills and Josh Allen straight up you'll start thinking of him as a Franchise QB, with a young kid with insane arm talent who would then be his back up, who for some reason has missed lots of short throws and misread defenses during his first 6 games as a pro. Throws that on the BYU tape he could and
  23. Haha...you're absolutely right. That also shows how long ago it was, although it still feels like yesterday. When I hit "submit reply" on that post I actually knew I messed up the years. Although I was wrong on the years that doesn't change how exciting those teams were. Bill Simpson picking Todd off in the end zone to end that wild card game in 81, Bruce Harper fumbling the opening KO and having it run back as the Jets quickly fell way behind. Me and my buddies jumping in the air ready to celebrate the ferocious comeback to take Buffalo down, and when that ball was picked, just silen
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