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  1. What about Welker dropping a pass between his numbers with no one around in the 4th Qtr. He catches it, first down they run clock, game over. Or “Wide right”, not Eli’s time but that’s another. So start with “Wide Right”, then “Helmet catch” and then “Welker drop”...3 Super Bowl trophies the Giants are very very lucky to have. Simms won the only legitimate one.
  2. I got you beat..Jets, Mets and Knicks since forever. Barrett doesn’t even have a jump shot. I’m not too high on him, especially where he was picked. Hope I’m wrong. Thought they’d at least rig the draft like I always thought they did for Ewing. How can they let their most important market..NY...turn out a garbage product in perpetuity? I truly believe Sam Darnold is the goods and will be an outstanding QB, although I’m not liking some of these road bumps.
  3. Never liked his arm. That includes at Louisville. Not a guy who takes a team on a deep playoff run in the pros....if he even gets there. If the Jets ever started the guy it would have been more “spinning of wheels, wasting time”...think you’ve seen enough of that...Sanchez, Fitzpatrick etc.
  4. And if you or I were GM the Jets would have at least 75% of all you listed RIGHT NOW. Front Office has been just horrific beyond words. But once again, and this can not be Overststated, the Jets have had essentially a Fraud GM handling the last 5 Drafts. The guy was about to be fired in Houston as the so called Scout he was. Who believes Maccagnan was ever really a GM?
  5. Devin Smith....anyone remember him? Led the Cowboys in receiving and caught a TD pass. Wouldn’t have minded stashing him somewhere, anywhere on the Jet roster or practice squad in case he gets back to full health, which he appears to be now. Jets still have a bottom feeding roster outside of the high priced Free Agents.
  6. He innately picked those who reminded him of himself. I'm not going to bash QW, yet. I saw lots of tape that someone analyzed and he does look like a very talented player. The 2 biggest Villains in the whole sad making Jet fans miserable in perpetuity are 1. Casserly, for taking advantage of an out to lunch Owner and 2. Maccagnan accepting a job he KNEW he was not qualified for (similar to the young potential doctor who finishes LAST in his class and there is some horrific mix-up at the hospital where Residents are going and a letter gets mailed to his house saying he is being appointed as Chief of Surgery and he goes in and takes the job).....and if I'm wrong and QW does not pan out that is pretty much 8 consecutive years of Jet Drafts where there is absolutely NOTHING to show for them, over 60% Owned by Maccagnan. Maccagnan who was about to be fired in Houston is like the guy who gets fired has all his sh*t bundled in his arms, hits the bricks, and all of a sudden he sees a lottery ticket fall out of the pocket of a guy on the street in front of him, the guy knows he dropped it, is looking for it, and Maccagnan knows this yet puts his foot over the ticket until the guy is gone...and unfortunately for all Jet fans it was a Winner...it was the GM job gift-rapped to this Moron. I think Chris Johnson has tried to do the best and most proactive moves available to him, but again he is a neophyte, and that's a big reason I think he knew he had to get Joe Douglas at all costs, and if Douglas busts at his job, I swear I think I'm done with this team for good, can't take anymore (and I have been following them for Decades, buying up every NY Newspaper as a kid when Training camp opened to get news, there was no Internet, there was no Sports Talk Radio). Just Week 1 and like one sportscaster called it.."an Asteroid basically hit the Jets"...which is Jet "luck".
  7. Agreed with everything you say. The Johnson’s will never sell. This team appreciates about $200,000 PER DAY...Win or Lose. I didn’t know the full Shepherd story...Jeez haha Yeah....really surprised how Douglas handled the Kicking situation. I can’t handle it if he’s another bust of a FO guy. At least he knows that OL is important...I hope haha. Something happens to even competent people the second they work for the Jets.
  8. He was about to be Fired as a SCOUT in Houston and then his ex boss conned the Jets into giving him the GM job. Probably the first time that has happened in NFL history...”Bad Scout handed GM job”....ONLY the Jets. Maccagnan showed no morals in taking a job that was well above his pay grade in the first place. And at the end of the day there are reports that virtually no one in the NFL had any rapport with him. Basically no one knew the guy. Imagine that, a “GM” In NY and no one knows him haha. Guy would sit in his locked office, watch videotape and pick out players who never had a chance to be pros at a rate almost unprecedented in NFL history, almost all having nothing to do with the league inside 11 months. Also, the rest of the Jet FO supposedly never saw the guy hahaha. Absolutely no leadership, no chain of command. He doesn’t deserve the lowliest Scouting job...forget GM.
  9. Nah...he won't get it. This type of thing only can happen to the Jets....and after just 1 game..that was a crushing loss. That's how the football gods want it. If this happened to any other team and I've never heard of it, it would happen at year end in garbage time games when no one would even care.
  10. Same scenario that played out in Carolina tonight...4th and 1/2 a yard for Carolina at the end of the game at the 1 1/2 yard line. Gadget play to Maccaffery snuffed out by Bowles D....Ballgame. I was surprised that Carolina didn't just use Newton on a sneak for the 1st like they've done a million times but I guess Tampa's D was getting too much penetration all night. If that play was run against Bowles D in NY and MOST IMPORTANTLY Jet personnel I think they get the 1st down or TD 99% of the time.
  11. I'm not making excuses for Bowles, I'm one of his harshest critics on this site, just saying I think the needle of blame has to be pushed even more Maccagnan's way with the non-stop very bottom dwelling rosters he put together. Would I ever want Bowles coaching the Jets in any capacity? No. I'm just saying that I have now seen Bowles D play more of a 60 minute game for 2 consecutive weeks than I ever saw it play in 4 years with the Jets.
  12. True. But now I’m thinking a much greater degree of the problem was a garbage roster with no depth. Tough for any coach to succeed or at least not look bad.
  13. I have to give Bowles credit. His D played very well against SF first week too. Now I’m starting to think it was the Bottom of the heap ROSTER handed to him by Maccagnan.
  14. He couldn’t see Talent if it was staring at him from his dinner plate of coffee cup.
  15. You ain’t kidding. The last 8 Drafts...8 haha can’t believe I wrote that have produced virtually NOTHING. Thats virtually impossible to do, also since every year you have high picks.
  16. Maybe I get tomatoes thrown at me but if I owned the team I’d send Bell on vacation until Darnold is back. Another reason I truly hate when this scenario goes down. Some rag armed bast**d comes in as 2nd string, there is no chance the season goes anywhere positively and the rest of the team depreciates, especially the most important pieces. So when you see Bell getting clocked on a multitude of worthless carries that’s what you think about. The only thing I can think about as to silver lining is that Fitzpatrick isn’t playing with Marshall and Decker saving half his throws against one of the weakest schedules in NFL history and then being able to parlay it into starting ANOTHER WASTED YEAR.
  17. Haha yeah.. I think I personally could throw a football farther than Falk, left handed... J-E-T-S hahaha
  18. I swear I’d rather watch Browning Nagle come out of retirement then watch this 7th Rd rag arm who has hung around the NFL because he’s smart (Northwestern) and can read a playbook.
  19. He’s awful. But, and this is first and foremost right now...awful to watch. At least it would be somewhat fun for the fans if the Jets could throw a strong armed kid in there who throws it all over the yard maybe hits a couple bombs for TDs and I wouldn’t even care if he gets picked 6 times. But to not only know you’re going to lose AND have to be subjected to having some rag arm play....Pure Jets all the way.
  20. Don’t give that rag arm scrub Fitzpatrick any ideas he’ll add mono to his Voodoo bag of tricks when he goes to his next team to take out their starting QB. But now the Jets will have their own rag arm to watch in Simeon. I swear even with Darnold out it would be kind of cool to see some kid who had an arm and could throw it all over the park win or lose...but now we’re treated to this sh*t...pure WORTHLESS football on Offense.
  21. Yeah good point, he did miss some throws and some critical ones at that, something he rarely did the end of last year when he led the NFL in QB Rating over his last 4 games after it appears the “light went on”. There were also supposedly other glitches in his game last Sunday namely footwork as though he has regressed. Lets hope it’s due to lack of chemistry because of the preseason. Really expected more from the “QB Whisperer” and his Pupil. Not happy about it.
  22. If that’s true then I’m truly disgusted. So much for my Darnold projections then. I bought into that Gase was a “QB Whisperer”, because that’s what Peyton Manning was selling. I also thought that Gase must have been hamstrung by having virtually all awful QBs to work with outside of Manning and when working with Manning his “genius” was allowed to shine. I can’t take watching another season of a clone of Nepotism Boy Brian Schottenheimer (wasn’t he supposed to be a Head Coach by now haha, people were saying that a few years ago, why I could never understand). Another moron using a 1,001 page playbook as a prop to con people into thinking he’s smart, Favre threw it in the garbage. Playbook was the same as Idiot Maccagnan’s 37 cups of coffee props on his desk. i’ll still give Gase the benefit of the doubt at this point because of Darnold having a Bill in his hip pocket on EVERY snap last Sunday. But if I see the same type Offense against less stout D’s...I’ll be hoping that they just give Gregg Williams the job.

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