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  1. Supposedly almost NO ONE within in any NFL hierarchy even knew Maccagnan. So is it really a surprise he “could never find the right deal?” Another total TOTAL mystery as to how this Stumblebum not only got a GM’s job seconds from being Fired in Houston...but in NY for goodness sake?!?!?! Could only have happened with one of the Blacksheep Johnson brothers owning the Jets. I really think Douglas is the real deal and will become one of the best GM’s in the league. Maccagnan I worried about almost immediately, just like with Mark Sanchez.
  2. Other teams know they don't half the talent that has surrounded Prescott since Day 1. Dallas has even more now. Prescott isn't "carrying" any team.
  3. Upvote was for the movie. Adams will cost too much. I’d rather it go for weapons and or protection for Darnold.
  4. I want them to play every game too. That being said I hope everyone stays as safe as possible, because this is not “just another Flu”. Don’t let your guard down and become complacent. I also want ALL businesses to reopen in as safe a manner as possible since with many of these governors the cure is actually becoming worse than the disease. https://www.livescience.com/covid-19-deaths-vs-flu-deaths.html?fbclid=IwAR3Kba-JeNTX1Gxw3o19ZOGIISRJvpLRWmpzzIxU1q5yyqfyfqvUpAFGsEQ
  5. Prescott would be praying every night for just a 2nd contract for the Minimum...if he played on the EXACT same squads inflicted on one Samuel Darnold. Then again all his arms and legs might have been broken multiple times. Would be reeaaalllll cool if Jerry Jones understands that. I think he does, but if not? Newsflash.......Cowboys are NOT winning it all with Prescott. I don’t think they even come close.
  6. Agreed Fales not much different than Falk. Neither should ever be on an NFL roster again. Then again Mike Maccagnan should be barred from the Janitor’s room at every NFL Franchise (and that actually appears to be the case). But back from going off on a tangent. Looks like REAL NFL moves are taking place under the stewardship of Joseph Douglas. I don’t know how anyone could be against this signing. Hypothetically, Darnold goes down in the 15th game, last game is a must win for a playoff berth, are the Jets way better off today than they were yesterday, if this scenario actually were to play out?
  7. He’s a very good player. Unfortunately he is a LUXURY at the this point. Why? Because the Jet roster is STILL in the process of trying to get off the floor from being a Bottom 3 bottom-feeder, after YEARS of idiotic mismanagement where absolutely no logic entered the mind of the “just about to Fired Scout” Maccagnan who was for some reason Upped to GM of the NYJ. Just an idiotic pick at 6 when it happened...a Safety?!?!?...with a Roster as constituted as it was when Maccagnan made the pick. Same as picking Leonard Williams at 6 which necessitated basically putting a prior #1 Richardson out of a job. Moving a 290lb DT to LB. But hey, they were BOTH Consenus picks when it was Maccagnan’s turn...and avoiding criticism of a #1 pick was the best way the Idiot thought he could keep his job. Exactly why he would NEVER have the b*lls to draft a QB in the 1st Rd...until his back was personally against the wall
  8. Agreed. i just have a feeling that when he is finally retired there are going to be brush fires of his using massive doses of HGH and whatever else, and the floodgates will open. Just so rare that someone can throw a ball 20 yards farther at 40 years of age than they could at 20...but I could be wrong. The massive chip he has carried on his shoulder for those 20 years that he says “fuels him” is also kind of strange to say the least. Reminds me of a certain kind of person. Madison Ave decided they wanted him to be the “face of the NFL” and because of that virtually every deference was afforded to him, from OL that never got called for Holding, and these aren’t Top 10 OLinemen, none of them, yet they all supposedly played that way?!?!...spare me the line of sh*t about the “greatness” of their OL coach...again they were always allowed to Hold and that coupled with no one allowed to come within 5 yards of him or an automatic PF flag is thrown...the guy was basically able to play “Pitch and Catch” for 20 years, rarely did his uniform have a smudge of dirt on it. Although impossible I would have loved to see him play on the exact same squads Darnold has had the misfortune of playing on his first 2 years. Though Darnold would have fared better with “Holding...Allowed”.
  9. Wait, are you talking about the one who announced Darnold’s 1st game in Detroit? Hahaha. The one who tries to sound like a dude? I won’t be surprised if they promote her. World is still so upside down...why not? The one good thing is that as a business if you continually try to shove garbage down people’s throats because of a political agenda...you’ll pay. Massive layoffs at ESPN as they lose a sh*t ton of money for Disney. How Booger and Tessitore lasted as long as they did? I don’t know.
  10. Haha...imagine that sh*t? You should try to sell them your idea. Brilliant in its simplicity. Guaranteed blockbuster ratings EVERY week.
  11. Actually more brilliant than ANY of the “observations” he has EVER made.
  12. But NO CARTILAGE in his knees BEFORE the Jets drafted him. Amazing he did as well as he did. Jeez that Bradway was an awful GM too. And even when he was finally fired they STILL kept the bum around with another job title. I swear for most of their existence the Jets have been a “Mom and Pop” shop where 1 inept guy covers for the next inept guy and on down the line, takes forever for ownership to own up to another awful hire when just the most semi intelligent fan can quickly see another disaster in the making.
  13. One yapping purely inane bs non stop, making the most obvious observations (bogger) and the other just , I don’t know the best word? annoying? the entire time.
  14. A few posts...don’t think I’m allowed to copy paste the website... “Today, 30 teams will give thanks that they do not have to play Kellen Clemens. God said "Let there be life" The Pope said "Let there be peace on Earth" AC/DC said "Let There be Rock" Beforehand, Kellen Clemens said to God, the Pope and AC/DC "You may speak" Kellen Clemens doesn't read defenses... “Kellen Clemens doesn't go hunting, he goes killing.“ “Kellen Clemens' arm is so strong, they wanted to put him on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune but the show never aired. It couldn't. He was the first to spin and the next 29 minutes of the show consisted of everyone standing around awkwardly waiting for the wheel to stop. True story.“ “When Kellen wants a coffee, he boils the water with his own rage.“ ”When Kellen Clemens went to the Virgin Islands on vacation he got every girl pregnant...they had to be renamed” lots more...great thread.
  15. Yeah he had all great lines too...actually whoever wrote the screenplay for that movie was a pure genius..every line great from every actor, body language..just everything. Marvin (at the airport ticket counter near the end of the movie). Ticket clerk: (with a lisp) “Smoking or non smoking?” Marvin: (face busted up, exhausted) “take a wild f**kin guess” Ticket Clerk: “Smoking” hahaha another scene...”I amaze myself...I’m Always thinkin” hahaha
  16. "Kellen Clemens doesn't read defenses"....one of the best threads ever to hit the internet....about anything.
  17. Good points. I'm wrong. But at least you concur with what I have written in the past and that is Maccagnan was so incredibly bad, with such an incredible lack of even basic logic, you would swear he was trying to sabotage the team. "Oh good another DT his name is Leonard Williams, everyone says he's the best player in the draft at this pick, I'll take him, my job is safe by taking him, the 290lb DT Richardson who was also a #1 pick? who cares? Maybe the coach can just move him to LB...I love me not DT's (like angry people are saying) but the CONSENUS PICK, because I'm a c**t, deep down I also know I'm dumb as a box of rocks....but keep those checks coming my way NY Jets'.
  18. Darnold 7-6 with NO OL, NO running game, nothing special with regard to pass catchers....maybe that gets better? Maybe? He also seems to like Adam Gase. Maybe there is a reason he does? I think Trevor Simeon would have been 0-16 starting for the 2019 Jets...and he DID start at one time in the league.
  19. Piece of garbage maccagnan was in full job saving mode, NEEDED a Pass-Rusher, a Pass-Rusher, still do, you don't burn that kind of money on ILB just like you don't on Safety...just as he always approached the 1st Rd in the Draft.....make a pick with 1,001 excuses already built into it if it failed starting with..."Well everybody else....."...how many more DTs would the Jets have now if there were more consensus to take, if that Stumblebum was still around?
  20. Great movie...every minute of it...so rare....even though I don't like Deniro anymore, I'd still watch it again. Favorite character wasn't even one of the main actors...Eddie the bondsman..."Has that phone ever ring, has that phone ever ring.... with a complaint about me? Never".
  21. I prefer to think of the RB core as “thoughtful”.
  22. Agreed..once more. They just never got Marino ANY form of a RB over his entire career. Maybe that would have made a difference? You know, kind of like the Jets with Maccagnan not having an OL, Pass Rusher, Running Game, CBs, QB most of the time, TE most of the time, LBs who could make a big play maybe once a season...it was kind of like that....but it was just RB....but kind of like that.

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