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  1. 6 hours ago, SOJ said:

    I counted three missed assignments then I just stopped counting but thought this guy AG is no different then TB.  Yet this lying B during last weeks post game presser stated that they would evaluate everything and then starts the same goup…

    then this stooge has the audacity  to say the same dam thing again in this weeks presser.   The problem gents is that he is part of the problem and not the solution.

    Look no further the rich kotite O performance:

    QB: 12-22 98 yrds, 1 int QBR 47.2 %
    OL: 5 sacks, all kinds of missed assignments, 2.2 yds per play, 1.6 rushing
    0-12 3rd down
    10 punts
    6 1st downs
    NE 382 yrds, Jets 105

    But what is worse for O genius is that the D has scored more points 15 then the O 11.

    Worst OL in the league and a 3rd String QB trying to move the ball against some of the toughest Ds in the league. I don’t think you can pin those stats on Gase.

    These are not Adam Gase’s guys, this roster is the putrid landfill thrown like sh*t against a wall by stumblebum Maccagnan and his coke bottle glasses.  I’m not making excuses for Gase but I’ll reserve lots of judgement until his starting QB comes back (he might not this year), and does not have to play with mono.

    If his starting QB is healthy and you see the same stats...well then you have a good case Sir.

  2. 20 minutes ago, jgb said:

    Somehow this franchise found a way to downgrade from John Idzik. I just wanted to point out again how unbelievable that is.

    What do you think the Odds on that would have been?  Just astronomical.  No one on earth would have believed it possible.  I sure didn’t..but....Jets.

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  3. 5 hours ago, BettyBoop said:

    Let's be real.  Todd Bowles's offense looked better last year without Le'Veon Bell and the same or worse OL and without Crowder.  

    Because Darnold was able to do a lot in masking what is the worst OL bar none in the NFL, by using his great pocket presence.  That’s one of the main reasons I have been so high on Darnold becoming a superstar.  I watched him make numerous plays last year basically all by himself, running for his life almost every play (because this is the worst OL in football) and then hitting a receiver in the tightest of windows because there is no separation.

    Now you take most QBs in the NFL not named Darnold they are going to be roadkill playing behind this OL.

    Much of the same would be occurring with Bowles as coach right now.  Outside of the 100Mill just spent on those FAs, the rest of the Jet Roster is the worst in the NFL.

    Thank you Mike Maccagnan.


  4. 1 hour ago, Bugg said:

    We can argue all day about the DL and DBs getting all the resources, how this guy is a player and this guy sucks. What is not arguable is under Idizik and then Coffee Boy, those resources were so allocated, and ALWAYS at the expense of the OL. There was always some nonsense excuse, most talented player, steal of the draft, all that nonsense. How many times did they say that, year after year. And so you're in the market for the Osmele and Kalil types; old, at the end,  looking for that final payday. Now when the OL was good, no sin picking up a Pete Kendall or ALan Faneca to fill it out. But it should be complementary, not your go to way to build your OL. The last 2 1st round OL guys this franchise took were drafted by Mangini/Tannebaum, and neither Mangold nor Brick has played a meaningful down in the last 3 seasons. 

    You’re right ALWAYS a stupid excuse.  And when real talent is staring a Maccagnan right through his coke bottle glasses he looks elsewhere.  Dalvin Cook, NFL rushing leader wrecked Oakland today.  You draft him in the 2nd instead of a second consecutive Safety then you don’t have to pay Bell a big contract, hence more resources to build an OL.

    But the negligence regarding the OL is just criminal when any idiot knows that’s where you start to build a team.  The FACT that one of Darnold’s key attributes is escapability and pocket presence is a key factor in him personally masking what is now clearly the WORST OL in the NFL.  

    Most QBs would/will be buried playing behind it.

    They should cut them ALL this week, or just move this team to Canada or Alaska...getting tired of it.

  5. 2 hours ago, T0mShane said:

    If you accept that the talent level is putrid and you’re looking for signs of decent coaching, it’s worth noting that the Jets offense isn’t turning it over and they’re not racking up penalties. Poorly coached teams do both. What you’re seeing is overmatched QBs trying to throw to receivers who are trying to do things they can’t do behind a patchwork OL populated by four guys who probably won’t be starters in the NFL one year from now and the fifth is Brian Winters. 

    The best thing I could think of that could happen to the Jet OL right now is if Winters goes off deer hunting during the bye week (he says he can’t wait to teach his new born baby how to off deer) and he gets fcu*in trampled.

    To me Winters is the microcosm of ALL that is wrong with the Jets.  A scrub who could never start on ANY NFL team other than the Jets but was able to parlay being drafted by them into totally undeserved riches.  Somehow lasting with the Jets FOR YEARS.

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  6. 51 minutes ago, Untouchable said:

    Now if Gase would only do the same to useless dickheads like Kalil and Winters.

    Kalil was a long shot, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.  Douglas knew the OL was pure sh*t.  Winters I have despised since Day 1.  Bum has lasted for YEARS and cashed millions because he was lucky enough to be drafted into the ONLY team he could ever start on, because for the simple reason the Jet OL has been so terrible for so long.

  7. 39 minutes ago, Sonny Werblin said:

    Let's not forget that Dick Hammer's grandkid just turned 22 this summer. To this point he has started 24 college games and 14 NFL games.  To play at the level he did at the end of last year at his age with this amount of experience is otherworldly.  I just don't think many fans have a true appeciation for how gifted Darnold is in every aspect of what makes a QB great -- from arm talent to athleticisim to football smarts to leadership qualities all wrapped up in a poster boy for the nice guy athlete.

    By the way, by the start of Andrew Luck's second NFL season he had just turned 25 and had started 38 college games and 16 NFL games. So, if you want to compare Luck to Darnold, you've got to wait until the 2020 or 2021 season.

    The “level played at” the last quarter of last season was played to the tune of “Top Rated Passer in the NFL”.  Again, who was the last Jet QB to have a stretch like that?  (Albeit a small one).

    He had the little run producing basically all by himself, making many plays when nothing was there, constant improvisation as play after play broke down behind this SAME putrid OL, at the same time his receivers rarely got ANY separation which required him to fit throws in the tightest windows imaginable.  He must have also been hamstrung by abominable coaching.  It really is incredible to have seen him make some of the plays he did and also get out of last season unscathed.

    The potential is there and is outstanding and again the fact that he is still a baby at 22 and really hasn’t played QB all that long on all levels combined just makes an even stronger case regarding his potential.

    Hopefully he keeps taking strides and has the support (coaching) to one day achieve consistent greatness based on his talents.

    The full story has yet to be written and is just getting started.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, batman10023 said:

    Why did so many teams pass on Mahomes?

    There weren’t “so many”, KC made a trade up.

    I wanted the Jets to draft him and felt he’d be a superstar.  I posted all that on here before he ever started.

    If you were a team in great need of a QB at the time you don’t take a box safety instead.  But taking that QB in the 1st Rd is a huge roll of the dice as you know, as a GM if you’re not named Elway if the pick fails you’re job is most likely done.

    Maccagnan made almost every move a scared one, protecting the job he never deserved being way ahead of the Jets ever winning in the future.  The damage he has done to this team will be felt for at least a full decade.

    But when you find out how he really got the job...the results were far from surprising.

    Where in the NFL is he now working?  He has “GM” now on his resume.

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  9. 17 minutes ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

    No I don't, which goes back to the original point: Only loser franchises draft non-impact SS at 6.


    If a QB was already in place, or a potential Franchise one had already been drafted I might be able to at least somewhat sanction the Adams pick but instead that piece of garbage Maccagnan committed fraud by omission.  Playing it off to the tune,”Sure Hackenberg can be an NFL QB that’s why I’m picking this Safety at 6, he really doesn’t make game changing plays at LSU, but he is very good and a natural leader, anyway what’s most important, actually to me, is that Adams is a consensus pick by the “experts” and if I follow them my dumb, non stop coffee drinking a** is guaranteed another year of fat GM paychecks, no he’s not close to being a Troy Palumalu but now you understand why I’m really making the pick”.

    Needed a QB, in the worst way, and passed on Mahomes who will own EVERY NFL passing record by the time he is done.

    Safeties and DT’s who DON’T make game changing plays do NOT get drafted almost Top 5....shouldn’t even go in the 1st Rd.


  10. 6 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    Put it this way: Kyle Phillips in limited snaps showed more effort and IMPACT than Leo and he was a lightly regarded UDFA that is developing quickly.

    To be honest I would be OK trading Leo, Adams, Johnson. and Quinnen. Our team will literally be no worse off after.

    Bahaha...I just missed that, you want to trade Quinnen too?  3rd pick in last years draft and has played all of about 2 plays hahaha

    I’ll bet you’re probably right, Quinnen’s value will never be higher.  He’s a “Maccagnan” too, so odds are great he’ll be another Slug.

    Yeah F it...trade him!!

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  11. 5 minutes ago, johnnysd said:

    Put it this way: Kyle Phillips in limited snaps showed more effort and IMPACT than Leo and he was a lightly regarded UDFA that is developing quickly.

    To be honest I would be OK trading Leo, Adams, Johnson. and Quinnen. Our team will literally be no worse off after.

    Burn to the ground and salt ANYTHING touched by Maccagnan.

  12. 58 minutes ago, nico002 said:

    Luke Falk has the worst arm Ive ever seen on an NFL QB. Hes not a viable backup. 

    Cc: JetNut and Falk’s Mom’s “Scouting Report” of him.

    ”But he was 20-25”....yeah on 1 1/2 yard passes.  Then again ask ANY Jet QB to have his receivers run more than 7 yards and said Jet QB will be roadkill, so cant blame him.  There is NO TIME for a receiver to run more than 7 yards hahaha.

    Should send Moron/Dolt Maccagnan a Telegram but put it in Sesame Street parlance...”O is for Offensive, L is for Line”...that clown wrecked this Franchise MINIMUM 10 years...5 years from now his effects will still be felt.

  13. 1 minute ago, Icer said:

    Did he play tonight? I couldn't tell with the zero plays.

    Good thing Maccagnan got fired or we'd be giving this bust a huge contract.

    What’s this Williams 5th Year?

    I predict that by the end of it he and Adams, in 8 Years of total play between them, will have ZERO game changing plays in Total.  That’s from 2 players selected as the 6th Pick in the entire Nation, and that just CANNOT BE.

    And that’s why both the picks were huge mistakes.  Actually gutless but that goes without saying by who made them.

    I like Adams too as a player but not as to where he was drafted.  Williams, and I’m not asking fir big sack totals, I understand the position he plays, but just once could the guy have crashed the line, forced a fumble and had someone else pick it up and run into the end zone with a game winning score?  I’m not even asking for Williams to score himself.

    Seeing Myles Garrett tonight totally manhandle Beachum with 1 arm and then bend Siemian in half with the other is a play that it sometimes expected from draft picks that high.

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  14. 1 hour ago, peebag said:

    They dont have to be successful - owning a NFL franchise is like having a license to print money.

    Why work harder when you dont have to?

    Jets will appreciate in value about $200,000 PER DAY even if the Johnson’s order Luke Falk to be the starting QB for the next 10 years and no fans ever show up...their TV money never stops coming in, and it’s always increasing.

    Nice to win...but they could care less.

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  15. 10 minutes ago, SAR I said:

    First year I was a Jet fan, 1981, Jets opened 0-3 and the sky was falling, first game I ever attended I got tickets to see the Jets play the Oilers who were a playoff team and everyone thought we were going to get killed. 

    Won that game, wound up winning 10 of the last 13. This feels like that season. 

    We have a Top 5 running back. We have a Top 10 defense. If we can fix our offensive line and get Darnold back here for the Cowboys game this is still going to be a special season. 

    We would be 2-0 right now if Darnold never got sick and Mosley never got hurt. I’m not quitting on this team. 

    SAR I

    Man I remember that game like yesterday, Kenny Stabler was QB for Houston.

    I’m going to have to disagree with you on this, and I rarely do, that ‘81 had young talent all over it, budding Sack Exchange, Marvin Powell and Ward at the Tackles.  Joe Fields All Pro Center I think was a 7th Rd draft pick.  Real weapons at ALL the skill positions AND AND Depth on the Roster, lots of excellent drafting going into that season.

    This Jet team is such a pure clusterf**k...can’t even remember when 2 players stuck from the same draft and actually contributed...been over 8 Years I think.

    The Jet OL has to be the worst in the NFL.  As you know the whole game flows from that unit, although that Janitor who threw on a suit and snuck into the GMs Office Maccagnan, never understood that.

    This team has way more work to do to even be seen as a pro team.  I was wrong.  I had High hopes this year but now seeing them play?  I liked the overall talent better on Kotite teams.

  16. 10 minutes ago, sirlancemehlot said:

    Falk through an absolute duck/airball into the endzone.  His best pass was underthrown 15 yards to Robby Anderson.  He did nothing but check down to Lev Bell or hit the turf until the Browns eased up in the 4th quarter.  Falk was bad.  Not as bad as Simien.  But thats a really low bar.

    I said Falk has a RAG ARM but was maliciously attacked by Nut or someone posting some fugazy “Scouting Report” that praised Falk’s arm Haha.

    All things being equal I’d rather have Falk play than Semian.

  17. 6 hours ago, fullblast said:

    Robby is a fringe 2, and on most decent offenses he'd probably just be the deep guy. Love the value we got in him as a UDFA but he has become too big a part of our offense considering his skill set.

    The WR group needs an overhaul this off-season

    WR’s, OL, CBs, Kickers, RB’s (4 years before Bell), TEs (until Maccagnan found his one $100 bill in the street in Herndon, seeing that Tomlinson on the roster for YEARS...Jeez haha)...who needs any of those?...5 years of Maccagnan drafting.

  18. 2 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

    It’s actually amazing that he has a winning record.  I mean amazing, lol

    Falk has the raggiest arm in the NFL?  Really amazing.  You saw this Raggy arm in the preseason?  Or last season in Miami?  

    Luke Falk Scouting Report 
    By Charlie Campbell 



    • Accurate 
    • Above-average arm strength 
    • Good ball placement 
    • Touch passer 
    • Enough arm to make all the throws in the NFL 
    • Rhythm passer 
    • Pocket presence 
    • Good timing 
    • Anticipation 
    • Will throw into tight windows 
    • Deadly red-zone passer 



    I’ve seen him play, especially in college.  I can probably throw a ball farther than him.  He was a long shot to even make the Jet practice squad, which isn’t saying much since their “Maccagnan built” 53 man roster is bottom of the barrel of the league.

    Who wrote that Scouting Report?  His mother?

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  19. 53 minutes ago, rangerous said:

    short handed?  seimian is a better back up qb than they've had in a very long time.  he's going to be good enough to win tonight and at least not lose against the patsies.  lots of football left.

    He’s a rag arm, and then they put Falk on the roster.  Probably the raggiest arm in NFL history to be on a roster...way to “cater to the fans”.  I’d rather see Browning Nagle come out of retirement than be forced to watch Simeion (I’m not even going to bother to learn how his name is spelled...disgusted by all the events enough).

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