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  1. 2 hours ago, GreenCow said:

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    I agree Allen is more inaccurate, but perhaps not as wildly as you do.

    Put it this way - 10 passes is the difference between Allen and Sam’s completion %.

    If Allen checked down 10 more times all season, he would have the same completion % as Sam.

    But we’ll see what happens. Season is only a month away!

    Personally, I’m hoping that Allen vs Sam becomes the next big quarterback battle

    I think they’re actually buddies from coming up through the draft.  They hang together.

    Should be lots of tough games between the two.  Buffalo has put together a very good team in a short period of time.  Wish the Jets had had your HC and FO over that time.  Although I’m ecstatic about the Jet GM now, but our team lost lots of time.  Easiest example is the total garbage surrounding Darnold his first two years.

    Yeah lots of good competition between Darnold and Allen.

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  2. 1 hour ago, GreenCow said:

    I wasn't trying to pick out his best plays. Just plays where he makes throws that other QB's simply can't.

    He can fit a ball into windows that I think only he and Mahomes can.

    A couple of those throws, I think Darnold get's intercepted on. Because the "oomph" is not at Allen's level.

    At the same time, one could argue that Darnold simply wouldn't have chosen to make that pass into a tight window.

    He may have found a receiver who he could float a beautiful ball over the shoulder to. 

    But there is literally 0 chance that Darnold has the arm Allen does. He just doesn't. But maybe he doesn't need to.

    You mentioned you haven't watched Allen much. I think most people on this forum haven't watched him much. Which makes it silly to judge him. I still need to watch more myself, but I've seen a bunch on GamePass.

    Since you asked for other throws, here is a throw that he put on a rope between two defenders. I tore my rotator just watching it. And then a throw at the bottom where he just about threw a ball out of the stadium.





    I’ll say it again.  I KNOW he has a cannon arm.  I know it is stronger than Darnold’s, who actually has a strong arm too, when he needs it.  There is footage of him throwing with a radar gun on him.  More than strong enough.  In fact I recall posting a throw Darnold hit against Minnesota, an out route with practically a zero window.  The throw had to be absolutely ripped to get it there...and he did.  I was actually pleasantly surprised because I didn’t think his arm could do that.  Brian Baldinger commenting said “that’s a big boy throw right there”.

    If you’re hoping for Allen to be the next John Elway or even Elway’s predecessor Bert Jones he is so many miles distant from them....you can’t even see him.

    His arm is just way too inaccurate.  I’ve always wished that that could be corrected when the Jets would come up with a guy with a rocket like Browning Nagle, but sadly it can’t.  The latest version being Christian Hackenberg.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m not insinuating Allen is anything like Hackenberg but I just feel like he’s going to let you down.  I’d even take Jeff George in a second over Josh Allen.

    Im more than happy with our guy Darnold and when he finally has some talent around him, he’s going to give the league lots of problems.  His trajectory is trending up...10th Rated Passer in the NFL over the final 8 games last years with a 6-2 Record, albeit against weak teams.

    10th Rated is not too shabby playing behind the 3rd Worst OL in NFL history, No Running Game, and no one to write home about at WR....whatever good Darnold has shown over his first 26 games as a Pro has been ALL on his own.

    Again, I wouldn’t think twice about taking him over Allen.  Too many of Allen’s throws are far off target and he only throws one speed.  Can we agree on that?  If not I’m not wasting anymore time with this subject.

    I wonder how Allen would have looked playing with the EXACT same personnel Darnold was forced to.

  3. 2 hours ago, GreenCow said:

    Can you show us a few?

    Personally, I think it's the opposite.

    Allen makes throws that very few QB's could make.

    I disagree with those that call Darnold noodle arm, but I think his arm is average at best.

    For example, I think he would struggle to do any of these.

    The first one especially, because in the "ghost"game, Sam was getting hit when he was throwing the ball, and he could get no torque on it. Allen threw it 50 yards while being hit.


    And this one took every ounce of his near arm. If this was a nano-second slower, it doesn't make it.





    And then there is this kind of insane crap he does.

    Its nuts.





    Do you have anymore?  Or are these handful are his best plays over 2 years?

    I know he has a cannon arm, but it’s way too inaccurate and that’s even when someone is running free.  I haven’t seen him hit many tight window throws.  I can’t say I’ve seen his entire career like Darnold’s but Darnold hits many throws in the tightest of windows using varying speeds on the ball that gives his receiver opportunity for the greatest YAC.  Allen throws with ONLY 1 speed.

    Ill take Darnold every day of the week over Allen.  You want to go back a little further I’d take Allen over Sanchez based on potential alone.  But I still wouldn’t expect much.

    I don’t think I’m wrong.


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  4. 3 hours ago, Biggs said:

    I live in AZ and watched all of them.  AZ went from 32nd in the league in scoring to 16th.  The guy is a baller.  I'm not a fan of a midget QB who has to continually move to create a throwing lane but by any standards, he had a terrific rookie year.  If he was on the Bills they would have had a legit shot at the SB.  He can actually hit WR in stride consistently.  He's deadly accurate and he can't stand lossing.  

    The reality is Baker and Rosen are already busts.  Allen as a passer has been putrid.  Sam was in a different system in year 2 and was sick.  The Jets had a putrid surrounding cast on O last year and he was still better than both Mayfield and Allen.  Nobody predicted Jackson would be the best of the group.  Right now it's not close.  The only one of the remaining 4 that has even shown NFL potential is Sam.  

    I’m in AZ too.  I saw most of Murray’s games last year.  Totally agree with everything in your post.  He really looks to have an outstanding future and I don’t like small QBs but Murray gets a pass because his arm is not only strong but I saw the guy fit some ropes to the sideline to a window smaller than a thimble.

    Just an outstanding move by the Cards to take a loss of a 1st Rd pick in Rosen, cut bait immediately in order to get themselves a QB that will make them competitive year in and year out for at least the next decade.

    Also agree with Baker, Allen and Rosen being busts.  For the Bills to ever make the playoffs again they’ll have to drag Allen along with them, like a Mark Sanchez situation.  Mayfield will never see the competition he faced with Oklahoma at the highest level and Rosen, who always had a nice arm makes Ken OBrien look like Michael Vick.  Horrific pocket presence.

    Darnold, in his first 26 games has hit throws that MANY QBs in the NFL never could.  Yes there are inconsistencies.  I’m not going to blame it ALL on the 3rd Worst OL in NFL history that was “protecting” Darnold his first two years, or the fact that he has never had any kind of Running Game from Day 1 (so No Play-Action in Darnold’s repertoire his entire pro career, that puts a huge limit on any QBs game).  

    Anyone who is the slightest bit objective will acknowledge that much of Darnold’s first 2 years he has played 1 on 11.

    As Douglas builds a team around Darnold I think it’s fair to project that of the incredible throws you’ve seen him hit from time to time, those are going to ramp up....as are the Wins.

    Yeah, Jackson and Darnold are the only QBs from that draft. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, MichaelScott said:

    I really miss Tx. Years ago during my early JI days I'd dream of the day that Brady finally becomes washed up and leaves the Pats😍

    Can someone go dig up that poor bastard, please? I have no doubt he is still in some corner of Mom's basement. Find FF2, while we're at it. 

    Jeeze you just threw me down memory lane with that one. When you've still got people mentioning you a decade plus later, that is true troll infamy.

    JN needs a higher class of troll💯

    FF2 is still around haha...check JetsHampur.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Alka said:

    Who cares about being a starter for 10 years.  I care about superbowls, and the Jets were 17 point underdogs in one.  Joe Namath, who was the MVP of Super Bowl 3, was the biggest reason we won that game.

    I take Joe Namath every day of the week over Mat Ryan.  

    I guess that's the difference between us.  I care more about winning the Super Bowl, and it seems you care more about longevity. 

    I can’t think of a QB who has been gifted the high quality talent that Atlanta has surrounded Ryan with virtually his entire career.

    I think the average #3 WR that Ryan has been able to throw to would be hands down better than ANYTHING that the Jets called their #1 over the entire time Ryan has been in the league.

    Also, why the pretty big disparity between Ryan playing at Home, with ATL winning lots of games and then lots of problems winning on the Road?

    I would take Namath everyday of the week over Ryan (twice as strong an arm too) in the same way I’d take Dan Marino.  Namath and Marino were practically the same.  In fact Miami had cut ups of Namath analyzing his release and then how fast and far the ball went mirroring cut ups of Marino from the U of Pittsburgh before they drafted him.  Would you debate Ryan over Marino?

    I’ll take the fastball guy over the change up guy (Ryan) every day of the week also.

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  7. 4 hours ago, GreenReaper said:

    Oh it's from ESPN.  f***'em.

    ESPN??? ESPN???? I’m thinking, been a long time since I’ve turned that channel on, isn’t that some kind of political channel?

    No wait, that’s right, has something to do with sports I think because the last time I turned it on I think “Monday Night Football” was on.  That used to be the NFLs “marquee night” every week, but they had someone named Booger trying to announce the game and he was saying the stupidest and most obvious things as though his entire audience was 5 years old, and he did it for the entire game.  Sports?  Maybe I’m wrong, is it some kind of “instructional” channel?

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  8. 6 hours ago, Trolly McTrollface said:

    Lol. Lamar Jackson is the MVP. I don’t think he’s concerned about our opinion of him.

    Josh Allen has outperformed Sam. He is a playoff QB now.

    Baker Mayfield has to prove he’s the guy from ‘18, not last year.

    Sam Darnold has a lot of people hoping he’s not a bust. He’s never been better than a bottom 5 QB in his two seasons.

    Lamar Jackson should be concerned about getting bounced out of the playoffs, in the very first round as his team was blown out AT HOME while he was FORCED to be an NFL QB, stay in the pocket and make reads.  His schoolyard game was taken away from him.

    Mayfield is regressing, not that he was anything to write home about since Day 1.

    Buffalo took Allen on a Mark Sanchez like run to the play-offs where he was bounced in his first playoff game, in a blow out also.  Buffalo got there IN SPITE of Allen a la Sanchez.

    Would you agree that ALL 3 QBs had talent surrounding them MULTITUDES greater than Darnold?  You never address that point and it's one of the most important points to address.

    So first 2 years you have Jackson and Allen going to an opening round playoff loss where both their teams were blown out and you have Mayfield who probably will never see a playoff game...ever.

    Darnold will see many...after he gets some at least average NFL players around him, which is happening quickly, up until now he has had mostly "players" that would never start on any other team.  Do you agree with that?  If so, how much better than a 7-6 record should Darnold have had?  How would have Jackson, Mayfield and Allen performed on the 2019 Jets?

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  9. 3 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    Some big names in college football are opting out of the 2020 college football season and will be draft eligible in 2021.  Hence, whether a down of college football is played in 2020 or not, some top-end talent will be there for us and our two first rounders.

    Some of the names opting out already, with their overall prospect ranking (from thedraftnetwork.com top 600) include:

    • LB Micah Parsons, Penn State (# 3)
    • EDGE Gregory Rousseau, Miami (# 7)
    • CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech (# 9)
    • WR Rondale Moore, Purdue (# 17)
    • WR Rashod Bateman, Minnesota (# 27)
    • DE Jacub Panasiuk, Michigan State (# 361)
    • LB Chandler Wooten, Auburn (NR)
    • G Jordan Rhodes, South Carolina (NR)
    • RB Ra'Von Bonner, Illinois (NR)


    With more to come!  I'll update this list as more names come through.

    Nice work by you.

  10. On 8/5/2020 at 3:45 PM, TheNuuFaaolaExperience said:

    I like Darnold.

    I want Darnold to do well.

    I think that Darnold has the tools to become a top 10 QB.

    I am optimistic about Darnold.

    I am not sold on Darnold. When I see him put the team on his back, I will be sold. 

    There were more than “glimpses” of that even in his Rookie year.

    He had Houston and their Top 5 D beat as he put the garbage squad around him on his back. Toilet Bowles D of course gave the game away in the final drive...that should have been a notch on Darnold’s belt.  JJ Watt congratulated his effort right after the game telling Darnold “you’re going to be a great pro”.

    Following week Darnold had Aaron Rodgers and his Packers beat in a ahoot out, putting the garbage squad on his back, and Toilet’s D gave the game away AGAIN in the final drive.

    There have been definitely enough instances of greatness seen, and also inconsistencies.

    With more protection and maybe some kind of running game there will be a much easier way to analyze and grade Darnold.  I’ve just seen him have to play 1 on 11 far far too often. 

  11. 1 hour ago, BornJetsFan1983 said:

    Casserly, we don't hate him enough. Is there a thread somewhere where we can insult him and his family? Curse them for the foul deeds and the part he played in our mutual demise as an organisation/team/fans?

    If not there should be. How the hell we going to hire that guy and just keep giving him drafts. You know with our track record Joe Douglass as already earned himself like 10 years if we are going to use Maccs history as the barometer.

    I mean seriously, the general lack of candor and common sense our team has shown in the past 10 years is crazy. Our best coach has been Rex and best GM has been Tanny in recent memory. And that is not even really recent. Good god am I having a realization as a jets fan and finally accepting the fact that we have been screwed. Idk.

    All i know is we shouldn't have accepting the job performance from those coaches and staff anymore than we would with some guys trying to make the team. If you cant play you don't play. I think Joe D brings some of that mindset to the team but the fact that he is fine with Gase and not fired him yet concerns me. It really could be something as simple as Joes master plan. Loading contracts getting us back to water level and knowing that he is not ready to bring in his coach yet. This season could be all about shedding the past roster and letting gase take the blame for team performance, sealing his fate as the next failed NYJ coach. 

    But then going out there by him self (no casserly or any other silliness) and making a pitch to a good or up and coming coach saying look what I have done in two years, the Jets are about break out, i got rid of the silly contacts, silly players, we have a line, we have a qb, i am about to draft a stud WR and pass rusher. All you have to do is come in here and coach this team with smart game plans and we take the division. This is New York all you have to be is better that Gase and Bowles as an HC. They never had a roster. Look at what rex did with Sanchez. just imagine what you could do. What you could be come?

    What do you say Coach Williams? Are you up for it? I know you have been over looked by many teams because you are rough around the edges, but your guys will go through walls for you and you always have them set up for success. Now is the time. Set your legacy and bring this franchise back to glory. I'll let you coach and more importantly give you the talent you need to win. We are not building around a safety. We are building around the QB to score. Lets do this!!!

    Coach Williams: I want to call the shots, i want to  control of this team. 

    Joe Douglas: I grant you this power. Never forsake me

    For the next 5-8 seasons we are competitive, in the hunt and actually win a SB. Joe Namath proclaims he always knew Darnold was the answer.  Jets fans rejoice. Inspiring world peace and probably saved the planet. Woody Johnson tells everyone that things went all according to plan.

    Shutup Boomer I'm trying to use the Jetnation NFL shop code.

    Douglas is a real high quality NFL guy who has seen success everywhere he has worked.  Sometimes the ultimate success with a Lombardi trophy.  I think he will be one of the best GMs in the league.

    You can’t just fire Gase after one year considering that he didn’t have Darnold the first quarter of the season, he finished 6-2 albeit against a weak schedule, and as the Offensive coach he was hamstrung with the 3rd Worst OL in NFL history.  One thing I found to be a Silver lining was the way the Jets would open a game with Gase’s scripted plays and would score on their first drive virtually every game.  Darnold was completing over 90% of his passes on those opening drives.  You never would see that out of most Jet teams.  Then other teams would adjust and the talent levels would “move to their Means”, and you’d think maybe Gase should have done much better, but personally I think that was a lot to ask.  Not with that roster.

    You read posts where it seems as though Gase is quickly written off as a failure because they didn’t make the playoffs last year...3rd Worst OL in NFL HISTORY..that’s all that needs to be said.

    There are things that I wasn’t all that happy with Gase, first and foremost it seemed that he just mailed in every game Darnold missed.  But still I think he deserves another year with an upgraded OL, not only for Darnold, but maybe to have just some semblance of a running game?  The disaster of a roster left by Maccagnan can’t be discounted...but Douglas is going to fix it, and with the haul he just got from Seattle, quicker than any of us thought.



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  12. 2 hours ago, Fantasy Island said:

    However, there was some Mac "nut" huggers who thought getting rid of Mr. Coffee would make it hard to get a good GM to replace him.  He just needed a chance.  Hindsight is 20-20 , but a lot of us saw what a putz he was from year two on.

    For way too long, actually decades, the Jets have had one of the worst FOs in the league.  Now whether it’s terrible ownership or top guys not wanting to come, which is strange because it’s N.Y.,  there is no place on earth like being the toast of the town in NY, but probably because they wanted no part of the bad ownership and FO structure, it’s no surprise why the Jets have been so Low, most of the time, for so long.  You couple those facts with Brady being in their division for 20 years and add a pinch of Maccagnan and Bowles, in retrospect the Jets should have just closed up shop totally during that time.  Shouldn’t even have played a game.

    But I truly have high hopes right now.  Joe Douglas is the Man. Maybe because it’s been so long that I don’t even know what an actual NFL GM looks like or how he operates until this year with Douglas...but I don’t think so.

    I truly think that with Darnold hopefully finally getting some time and not having to play 1 on 11 around 75% of the time, that very good things are in the offing.  Now there are also a boatload of high draft picks to continue to build around Darnold, that’s exciting.

    I don’t care if Adam Gase coaches poorly this year.  There should be a statue built outside MetLife depicting him quickly shanking Maccagnan.  And for that I have never ending gratitude.

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  13. 18 minutes ago, David Harris said:

    So Some of the big money Mac contracts:

    Revis 2.0

    Trumaine Johnson


    leveon Bell

    cj Mosley 

    Henry Anderson

    Kelvin Beachum

    Brian Winters



    The guy basically threw sh*t against a wall on EVERY move for his entire miserable tenure.  The average Pop Warner coach knows how better to build a team.  But don’t forget he was just about to be FIRED in Houston when that piece of sh*t Casserly sold someone almost as stupid and clueless as Maccagnan is, to not only hire the dolt but to inexplicably up his Paygrade....and he did.

    Also, one of the most infuriating parts about his tenure is that we learned that Maccagnan had virtually ZERO CONTACTS throughout the league.  The most important movers and shakers didn’t even know his name.  Also he never LED the Organization in any way shape or form, as he supposedly remained locked in his office most of the time. The entire FO was essentially rudderless for 5 F**KIN YEARS...,and Johnson just let it all go down.  Obviously because 1, the cheap bast**d didn’t want to pay 2 contracts at once but also he’d be OWNING ANOTHER monumental mistake if he Fired Maccagnan when he should have.  That would be YEARS ago.  Gave the mope 5 fuc**n drafts haha.  Just unreal.

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  14. 7 hours ago, Rich said:

    Yea, Im not Jamal, I actually mean it when I say it.

    So heres the definition of Psychopath- a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

    Now, you may prefer Sociopath- a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior.

    Either way the shoe fits... 



    Also and this is from clinical definitions, they exhibit grandiose feelings (although can have none for others, zero empathy) about themselves ie they think of themselves as being way better than they actually are.  I would classify Adams as that.  He is at best 1/2 the player a Ronnie Lott or Palumalu were, yet he talks as though he is the best Safety to ever play the game.

    They are highly manipulative.  All that self-annointed "Prez" bs and proclaiming himself to be a "Leader" over and over again.  He was running a psychopath's game with the end goal of scoring a huge contract that a Safety of his caliber does not deserve...Palumalu YES...Jamal Adams..No way.  A real "Leader" does not constantly talk about being a leader.  Also a real leader would never throw virtually "his" entire team under the bus when things go bad...."We don't have enough Dawgs around here"..ie I'm not at fault for anything...all these bums are to blame as they went 16-32 with the "great" Jamal Adams (who got burned in coverage way too often and rolled up his Sack totals in approximately 2 GAMES against the NFL's doormats.  Another classic psychopath move...blaming others while never owning any of the blame himself.  Also another is reverting to almost spoiled child like behavior or violence when they are certain things will not go their way, from one second to the next, after what they think is a carefully crafted "genius plan" they have thought out.  Sound familiar?

    But the Ultimate Vote just recently happened in Las Vegas.  The books out there think soooo highly of Jamal Adams that his departure barely even moved the needle on the Jet season Win total, drove it down Point 2 wins.  Also speaks to how important the Safety position is in the grand scheme of things and why only an Idiot c**t like Maccagnan would draft one that high (because he was consensus and to protect his job, hey maybe he is psychopath too? haha...nah...too stupid).  What bothers me most about Adams besides being a two-faced nutjob is just the sight and never ending sounds of him remind me that if I were GM Patrick Mahomes would have been a Jet...they needed a QB IN THE WORST WAY right when the Adams pick was being made.

    Thank you Joe Douglas for scamming the haul you got for a guy who will soon have problems in Seattle if anything goes wrong.  I never thought the Jets would get anything close to what they got for him.


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  15. On 7/27/2020 at 7:39 AM, artemusclyde said:

    I mean, it goes both ways. I'm happy as **** they traded him for 2 firsts. Jamal's a good player, but he's a box safety, and he definitely isn't worth that price lol.

    But I also hated us drafting this guy and still curse Bowles and his dumb ass for passing on Mahomes in favor of this idiot. I remember reading the rumors of that draft and seeing that the Jets were high on Mahomes, only for us to pass on him in favor of a box safety.

    I was banging the table for Mahomes.  But it was never to be because that c**t Maccagnan would never draft a QB in the 1st Rd until his back was totally against the wall...to protect the job he was unbelievably hired for.  By the stupidest Owner in the NFL..”About to be fired as a Scout in Houston?  Come to NY and let me up your pay grade”.

    See it never mattered what position Adams played.  He was Consenus, therefore he was the pick.  The worst part is Maccagnan MUST HAVE known that Hackenberg couldn’t play in the NFL at that point, yet his silence along with the pick of a Safety as the 6th pick in the 1st Rd bespoke that Hackenberg could play...when at the very moment Adams was drafted, the Jets NEEDED A QB IN THE WORST WAY.


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  16. On 7/25/2020 at 3:48 PM, jetstream23 said:

    I know the opinions around here on Gase are mixed but if getting Joe Douglas here turns out to be the lasting legacy of Gase (if he doesn't last many more years) then it was all worth it.  Joe D is the most professional guy we've had at GM in a long, long time.

    It’s amazing watching a Jet GM who actually appears to have a plan and also plans for contingencies (the second I heard Ashtyn Davis being drafted in the 3rd I knew Adams was finished as a Jet, I just never dreamed Douglas could score the kind of deal he did for him).

    It’s like night and day from watching Maccagnan draft consensus in the first, to protect himself from getting fired, with every other move totally clueless as he squinted through his Coke bottle glasses and threw sh*t against a wall.  The Jets would have 5 Punters if they were the consensus selection in the 1st Rd. while Maccagnan was incredibly employed.

    Joe Douglas will make the Jets perennial playoff contenders, in the same way the teams he worked for prior were.

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  17. 7 minutes ago, Grandy said:



    Jamal was a manipulative fraud that wanted out the whole time and just needed an excuse to do so. It came out that JD and his agent have been working for weeks on a deal, but Jamal did that Manish piece anyway to attempt to spin favor to himself. He's the definition of a diva, and I'm glad we were able to be done with all of this.

    Important lesson: Being loud doesn't make you a leader.

    Couldn’t stand him from Day 1.  Running his game might have fooled people in other places but not NY.

    But whether a guy has a lame act or not you just don’t draft Safety’s and DT’s around the Top 5....and that’s about all we got from Stumblebum Maccagnan.

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  18. 13 hours ago, Beerfish said:

    The team is marginally worse at SS.

    Ashtyn Davis will have MORE picks than Adams this year, book it.  Not saying he’ll be a better player just that to pay a Safety close to QB money he better “do it all”.  Adams does not deserve to be paid like a Ronnie Lott or Troy Palumalu would rightfully be paid...yet that is what Adams demands.

    Besides all the picks Douglas scored you don’t have to pay this loud mouth close to 20mill a year which translates into even more roster upgrades.

    Joe Douglas just pulled off a “mini Herschel Walker” trade.

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  19. 5 hours ago, PS17 said:

    Wilson signed a four year extension. Seattle has never had a 500 season or a losing record under Wilson. Don’t get your hopes up. 

    Those picks will translate into more Assets surrounding Sam Darnold, even if they are bottom of the first round, who is hands down the most important Asset on the NY Jets and must be treated as such.

    Adams is a luxury that a team like the Jets in their current state can not afford.

    I’m in awe of the haul Joe Douglas got for, yes a top Safety (who is not even a complete player), but again A SAFETY (not a Corner, not a bonafide Pass Rusher) who had had  his very best games against the weakest of sisters on the Jet schedule.

    Douglas must have gotten Seattle’s GM drunk, probably has his wallet too.

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