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  1. I swear I’d rather watch Browning Nagle come out of retirement then watch this 7th Rd rag arm who has hung around the NFL because he’s smart (Northwestern) and can read a playbook.
  2. He’s awful. But, and this is first and foremost right now...awful to watch. At least it would be somewhat fun for the fans if the Jets could throw a strong armed kid in there who throws it all over the yard maybe hits a couple bombs for TDs and I wouldn’t even care if he gets picked 6 times. But to not only know you’re going to lose AND have to be subjected to having some rag arm play....Pure Jets all the way.
  3. Don’t give that rag arm scrub Fitzpatrick any ideas he’ll add mono to his Voodoo bag of tricks when he goes to his next team to take out their starting QB. But now the Jets will have their own rag arm to watch in Simeon. I swear even with Darnold out it would be kind of cool to see some kid who had an arm and could throw it all over the park win or lose...but now we’re treated to this sh*t...pure WORTHLESS football on Offense.
  4. Yeah good point, he did miss some throws and some critical ones at that, something he rarely did the end of last year when he led the NFL in QB Rating over his last 4 games after it appears the “light went on”. There were also supposedly other glitches in his game last Sunday namely footwork as though he has regressed. Lets hope it’s due to lack of chemistry because of the preseason. Really expected more from the “QB Whisperer” and his Pupil. Not happy about it.
  5. If that’s true then I’m truly disgusted. So much for my Darnold projections then. I bought into that Gase was a “QB Whisperer”, because that’s what Peyton Manning was selling. I also thought that Gase must have been hamstrung by having virtually all awful QBs to work with outside of Manning and when working with Manning his “genius” was allowed to shine. I can’t take watching another season of a clone of Nepotism Boy Brian Schottenheimer (wasn’t he supposed to be a Head Coach by now haha, people were saying that a few years ago, why I could never understand). Another moron using a 1,001 page playbook as a prop to con people into thinking he’s smart, Favre threw it in the garbage. Playbook was the same as Idiot Maccagnan’s 37 cups of coffee props on his desk. i’ll still give Gase the benefit of the doubt at this point because of Darnold having a Bill in his hip pocket on EVERY snap last Sunday. But if I see the same type Offense against less stout D’s...I’ll be hoping that they just give Gregg Williams the job.
  6. A truism if there ever was one. But Maccagnan is the outlier. The guy finagled with his ex-boss Casserly to totally con Woody Johnson into a GM job when he was just about to get Fired from his scouting job in Houston. He's like a bottom of his class Medical student who is somehow made Chief of Surgery at a top hospital. Guy is now a multi millionaire after probably destroying close to a decade of Jet football since his first day sneaking in the job. Any dog could have a better drafting record if you threw treats onto a draft sheet.
  7. Actually it doesn’t even sound like the Jets have a “team” at all....this message is brought to you by “Mike Maccagnan’s 5 Drafts”...haha...Jeez I just read what I wrote over again...so, so sad and pathetic.
  8. Exactly, I think I’ll reserve judgement on Coach Gase for awhile longer. Now that more evidence has come out today that he’s not happy with the WRs and isnt upset with the way Darnold played, as opposed to many Jet fans (who didn’t know enough at the point in time they quickly threw stones) leads me to believe that there were massive execution issues all over the offense, from OL blocking to WR routes, and “dink and dunk” was all Darnold was left with. Kudos to Lev Bell for making as much as he could every time he touched the ball, without ANY run blocking, so impressive getting that 1st at the end of the game after getting hit I think twice in the backfield ..such a sh*t show on Offense yesterday, OL no pass blocking or run blocking and now we learn the receivers weren’t running good routes either. I’m sure Darnold could have tried forcing the issue on many plays, but it would have resulted in Turnovers.
  9. And an OLD diamond at that haha...what was he something like 25 when he was drafted? Yeah, guy is old, check...is he from some place no one ever heard of? Check. I swear I think Maccagnan was drinking every day in his locked office and he might have sabotaged the Jets, because no one could have done a worse job even if they tried, just for a goof and “sh*ts and giggles”.
  10. Got to, it is in fact Therapy because for a very long period of time the NY Jets are the very definition of Insanity if the definition of Insanity can be described as “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Example....”In the 1st (2nd, 3rd) Rd NY Jets select “some non-impact position”...or in other words “NY Jets NEGLECT the most important positions on the field”....in a league driven by Offense...and this is going on close to DECADES now haha
  11. Ok thanks. I’m just assuming they got no separation and the reason why is that it appears that after the light went on for Darnold, end of last year, he was very quick with his release when a receiver was open, even, and this was beautiful to see, “throwing receivers” open and “creating” when a play went “off schedule” and with this Jets OL LOTS of plays went off schedule haha, and they will continue to do so in the future, until hopefully Douglas is able to fix the OL.
  12. I could see that. But more so one of those guys with a whole bunch of keys on his belt. Him ever wearing a suit, ever? I never bought what they were trying to sell from the first second, namely him with “GM” in front of his name.
  13. You saw much more than I did I think, so you’re saying and I pretty much know this is a rhetorical question, the Jet receivers virtually NEVER got ANY separation yesterday? If that is the case...Receivers get NO separation PLUS a putrid Jet Oline can not Block, then ie ergo it would be kind of “jumping the gun” to make the assertion that “Darnold sucks”. With the ongoing further amounts of evidence substantiated, I am hopeful, I don’t predict this will come to pass, that Adam Gase is hamstrung by a lack of quality personnel and therefore can not run any kind of “Attack Offense” at this time, and hopefully Gase will not be this ultra conservative play caller that he has been accused of in Miami and now some think that it’s a given he will be in NY. Peyton Manning swears he’s brilliant as does Nick Saban.
  14. Great job with all that information, thanks. So the entire “Darnold sucks” crew can take a step back all at once now. If Brady saw heat like that EVERY play...he wouldn’t be Brady. This is terrible. I really hope Darnold’s first contract isn’t wasted because the entire Oline needs to be rebuilt. Kid was running for his life last year....yet STILL making some really impressive plays. This year, Protection still is garbage....but good news...Maccagnan drafted another DT. I wish they’d just cut Winters tomorrow, he can take his baby deer hunting. Another lottery ticket winner. NY Jets...the ONLY team in the NFL he could ever start on.
  15. He’d be lucky to ever get hired as a Scout again. If you don’t know, and this was hushed up until the firings actually finally went down, Maccagnan was about to be Fired in Houston when his ex-boss Casserly came to his rescue and conned an out of touch owner in NY into giving him the GM job. The other big event that was hushed up was Mike Westhoff saying out loud in Bowles 1st year, “the guy doesn’t even know how to make an adjustment...he’s going to be a Disaster”....they still kept him 4 years total, and as of today? He still doesn’t know how to make an adjustment. Another thing I don’t like about Maccagnan is that if the guy had a single ounce of honor in him he would have told Casserly “look as we both can see I’m having enough problems here in Houston, I don’t think moving my job responsibilities up even more notches, actually to the very top, is fair to the NY Jets or their fans, I’m going to keep working hard and maybe some day I will be good enough for that job...but OBVIOUSLY not right now”. UPDATE: As of today 9/9/19 Mike Maccagnan is not employed in ANY capacity by any NFL team Surprised?
  16. Yup.....also maddening that Anderson went to Stanford and yesterday he took 4 steps after the ball was out and then hit Allen, just an blatant idiotic penalty...one of the top plays to finger point at costing the Jets the game.
  17. Saw the “like” I got from you on my post answering you..that’s cool. I also want to add that I will TOTALLY amend my predictions of the gaudy numbers I projected for Darnold IF the Oline gives him virtually no time to take shots down field like what happened yesterday and Gase runs what looked like a Brian Schottenheimer “Against the Law to throw past the Sticks Offense”, by definition you’re going to get Mark Sanchez #’s out of that kind of offense....I could “wish” that my initial projection would happen but then that wouldn’t be realistic at all if all Gase allows is dink and dunk, then again the Oline might really be so bad that plays can never develop down the field (like yesterday), and dink and dunk is all they really can run...but it was reported that the Jets would now be running an “Attack Offense”, and Darnold confirmed that with his own words. But what happened yesterday as Mike Tyson used to say, the Jets got “hit in the face”, especially the Oline....and they had no Plan to deal with it. Don’t forget that Buff had the #2 D in the entire league last year. That’s the same #2 D that Darnold marched down the field against last year up in Buffalo to win the game in the final minutes almost single handedly. So hopefully yesterday was an outlier due to playing a great D, and things will get much better. But the jury is definitely out, and you had a right to call me out. Although again, I think Darnold is going to be an outstanding QB in this league. And it’s not because he’s a Jet and I’m a fan. I was deeply worried about Mark Sanchez from the very first snap I saw him take, looked too small, and I wasn’t impressed with his arm...unfortunately I was right about that.
  18. If Maccagnan didn’t Whiff on 95%+ of his draft picks, then you don’t have to blow your entire Salary Cap on a handful of very good/great players who might not even make a difference in the W/L Column because almost everything that surrounds them is.......Garbage. And if you’re spending $100Mill maybe just maybe you allocate just a few million for the Kicker that just made the Pro Bowl, clown couldn’t even get that right. Any Maccagnan sitings lately? Where’s he work now?
  19. That single play where he flashed just easily manhandling the Center pushing him back into the QB resulting in a fumble was very impressive.
  20. How long you been a Jet fan? I actually expected him to have a season ending injury on his very first play in the NFL, so when I heard he was hurt I wasn’t surprised at all. Now that we know he is hurt but actually able to walk...now that’s like Xmas and New Years rolled up in one for a Jet fan.
  21. Did you read my earlier post? Maybe you did and the number stuck in your mind. I said Brady is going to put up 70 points against this Jet so called D backfield. If you didn’t and you said 70 all on your own..what can I say? Great minds think alike haha
  22. That’s true if they gave Mac’s Bowles movement 5 drafts and 4 years, then these guys should get at least 10 years. Gase probably has me conned though I’m so used to hearing a guy utter 1 and 2 syllable words in slow motion virtually anyone who replaced him would come off as Einstein to me...so cut me some slack.
  23. Vegas had them at 7 1/2 Wins Over/Under this year..I expected much better, which is not that realistic, but the fan in me saw the talent Darnold has (Top rated QB in the NFL last quarter of the season, with garbage surrounding him everywhere, players, coaches, small sample size for sure but WHEN was the last time a Jet QB did anything that good?) Vegas took into account the 2019 Jet team as a WHOLE, and this team certainly has MANY holes in it, along with ZERO depth. Their billions of dollars in computers are usually quite accurate in the numbers they spit out. So looks like I’m guilty of being too much of a fan, I was thinking playoffs this year, thinking the coaching would be head and shoulders better than it was last year. Love the Gregg Williams hire though, and hope Gase becomes what Peyton Manning sold him as.
  24. I’ve been under the assumption that the “blandness” was due to not having a QB in Miami....that can’t continue here. We’ve all been tortured by that for how many decades? The NFL is now a pure Offense league in the same way Major League Baseball has juiced the balls to the extent that a guy can break his bat and the ball goes over the wall (I saw that haha, Bryce Harper, saw skinny Freddy Freeman Not even follow through on his swing...HR to left center)....Jets need to still get the Memo.. ”And with the 1st pick in the 2020 NFL Draft....New York Jets select......Defensive Tackle....” hahaha

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