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  1. I agree with you. Really seems like Douglas hit it out of the park. If he was able to just upgrade the OL to nothing but “average” from “3rd Worst in NFL history”, so many things open up...maybe some kind of running game (that Darnold has NEVER had as a pro), which allows for legit play-action, opens up the passing game with maybe a new shiny #1 WR in Mims. Also will open up lots more passing lanes with Darnold also maybe getting more than that 1.9 seconds in the pocket forcing him to play 1 on 11 most of his first 2 years. On a side note how many times do you think Darnold is going to run behind on Becton on 3rd and long picking up a 1st when the opposing D has done a good job in coverage? Even that now is a threat. More toys for Gregg Williams who we have seen can put a competitive D on the field after doing all his shopping at the Dollar Store (since Maccagnan didn’t leave the D and of course the O with much that resembles NFL talent). Williams D will only get stronger.
  2. The guy is a f**kin d bag....the Belichick schtik only seems to work when you have a QB who not only is filled with HGH and who knows what else, that allows him to throw a football 20 yards farther at 40 years of age than at 20, but most importantly said QB STILL has the SAME massive chip on his shoulder today that he had 20 years prior....so 2 d bags...joined at the hip...HC and QB. I can't see this guy being able to "think on his feet" when things aren't going well. Looks like a finger pointer and blame caster...and I know "people who live in glass houses" haha...hoping our guy ups his coaching to the next level when his young potential Franchise QB has more than 1.9 seconds to throw for the first time in his pro career. I know there is no comparison between USC and the NFL but when Darnold had ANY kind of time he absolutely tore things up.
  3. Thank you. It actually didn’t require much thought. The way he called out Darnold in public really bothered me. Guy plays like sh*t most of the time and now he’s deflecting blame? Then I saw him talking all excitedly about he can’t wait to bring his new born son along to blow deers heads off (I’m not against hunting if you do it for your meals, but he seemed like that wasn’t the case).....everything about this guy bothers me. Also, there was only 1 team in the entire NFL he could start for and to make matters worse last and get paid year after year after year....my team.
  4. Winters (sigh)....I know you might be right though.....guy is like gum on your shoe. Just never liked him for a lot of reasons and getting loud and showing up Darnold last year was the last straw.
  5. If Darnold gets a few milliseconds more to throw the ball than what he has had his first 2 years ....he’s going to give the AFC East problems....for years.
  6. If the Jets can finally get a bonafide pass rusher to do what Adams does, and that’s being a glorified pass rusher on a unit devoid of any superstar talent, rolling up stats against the worst teams in the league, he can be replaced at way way lower dollars, probably with this kid Safety they just drafted who looks like he actually does more “Safety-things” than Adams . Don’t get me wrong, I like Adams passion on the field, he leaves it all out there and he’s a very good player, but I would rather turn the dollars he wants into 2 maybe 3 quality players than to pay someone in a position that never touches the ball...lockdown CB is a way different issue, and that he is not.
  7. I seem to recall NOT being too impressed with the QB who threw him the ball also. The few times I saw Baylor play (I could be wrong because like I said I didn’t see too much of them). Rarely saw the guy hit anyone in stride. Tough to get YAC when that is your situation.
  8. Home cooking too. Could be a great thing or a negative. He grew up probably less than an hour away from New Orleans in Alabama.
  9. All things considered, especially the dollars that Prescott wants, I’d take Winston every day of the week over him, because I think he’s just better, still young, and if he can become more disciplined in not throwing picks there isn’t much of an argument. I think if you were to put Prescott on the SAME Jet teams that Darnold has been inflicted with his first 2 years....Prescott is just hoping and praying he sees a 2nd contract....forget $40Mill a year.
  10. Why the pick makes total sense. Need a back up QB who has some pro level attributes, as Darnold has yet to stay healthy an entire season....and Douglas just drafted one....another box gets a check mark.
  11. Exactly...0-6 in games Darnold has missed and virtually ALL blow outs. Also evidence of Darnold’s talent to even win games with the horrific roster that has surrounded him. Back up QB who doesn’t have a rag arm and might hit some big plays, I have no problem with this pick. I’d rather take chances with this kid than even a Trevor Simeion who actually started in the league but...sigh...another rag arm. Luke Falk I still can’t believe he ever was on an NFL roster as I think I could throw a ball farther than him when I was 16 years old.
  12. I wasn’t 100% on OL and would have been ok with Lam or Jeudy, but it was one or the other, if not the pick had to be OL. But now I’m fine with this pick to protect Darnold’s blindside and finally help in giving Darnold a running game for the 1st Time as a pro...this pick is 2 birds with 1 stone. You could have given Darnold Jerry Rice to throw to but to see him have the less than 2 seconds to throw for a 3rd straight year would have been despicable. Im more and more convinced every year that initially building up your OL to protect and jumpstart your potential Franchise QB is the ONLY way to go about the business of building a football team. Douglas gets it.
  13. Safe, scared, hold your b*lls, 1st Rd pick is known as “The Maccagnan”, also known as f*ck the team and its future, f*ck the fans, I’m making a pick where it’d be real tough to get blamed and lose my job....look it up in the Dictionary....and Quinnen Williams WAS another one of those picks. This pick by Douglas...huge potential upside...took some guts.
  14. Maccagnan ahead of any Janitor??? Maccagnan always reminded me of some guy who should be walking around with one of those big key rings with 1,001 keys on it..never in some executive suite.
  15. Darnold finished the year 6-2, still decent regardless of competition, was the 10th Rated passer in the NFL over that span. Greater sample size than the 4 games he finished out the 2018 season where he was the #1 Rated Passer in the league...you could call it cherry picking or anything else you want, I think the Kid has shown lots of Talent, although not consistently. I think if you put better talent around him the consistency will manifest itself in greater spaces of time. Darnold missed 6 games in his first 2 years. The Jets were 0-6 in those games. And virtually everyone of those losses was a steamroll job. More evidence of so much of the Jet roster being Maccagnan Garbage over Darnold’s first 2 years. I think Douglas is going to go all guns in putting talent around Darnold. I recently read he actually promised Darnold’s parents that. He just looks like a guy who keeps his word to me...on a side note he gives $100 tips...seems like a stand up guy.
  16. How many games would Sanchez have won playing with the SAME personnel inflicted on Darnold over his first 2 years? 2 games won? Get just average NFL talent around Darnold and then we’ll see. The key word is “NFL”. Stumblebum Maccagnan never knew what that was.
  17. So kind of like strippers from Buffalo I guess? Just asking. Never been to either place.
  18. Beats the way Maccagnan decided. He’d ask his red stapler down in the basement. Once again, where is that Stumblebum?
  19. Hey when you analyze that that's like almost like an entire team hahaha.
  20. Rarely have a servicable QB, SINCE JOE NAMATH, I'm talking someone with the many attributes required to win it all..big arm, pocket presence, escapability. When was the last time the Jets had a HR RB? When was the last time the Jets had a WR like Al Toon drafted in 1985? All this to go with some of the worst GM's EVER to work for a professional franchise in ANY sport. "Beethoven was deaf, Hellen Keller was blind....I think the Jets have a good chance with the idiot Johnson Bros owning the Franchise" hahaha.....If Douglas doesn't bring the talent in, and it won't be easy, just roll the f**ckin "franchise" up and dissolve it or just move to Canada. Darnold going into his 3rd Year...3rd...and still nothing but question marks surrounding him...such a joke.
  21. Cousins and Jimmy G would most likely have been injured for almost all of Darnold’s first 2 years playing with the exact same garbage surrounding Darnold. Dak would be HOPING to to get a 2nd contract, forget about debating whether he gets 30 or 40 mill a year.
  22. 6-2 to close out the year. Maybe a correlation to the young Franchise QB upping his game to being the 10th Ranked Passer in the NFL over that final 8 games (and doing so with virtually ZERO talent surrounding him)? I don't think, outside of his time with Peyton Manning, Gase has EVER coached on a team who had a QB who ranked anywhere in the teens or better. QB's not named Manning...ALL garbage. He actually produced a good W-L record during the rare times Tannehill was not injured. There were other things that Gase did that should give fans more confidence going forward, namely that string of opening possession TDs where Darnold completed greater than 90% of his passes. When was the last decade, or century, have you ever seen that happen? Gase did do a good job last year considering he had the 3rd WORST OL in NFL history on the 2019 Jets. What do you expect from that? 10-6? Playoffs?

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