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  1. “Paging Maccagnan you have call Maccagnan”...where are you?????
  2. Jets would have a better shot if they were starting Gaylord M. Falker today. This guy Falk would never make any team’s roster...ever, with that arm. Only the Jets have players like this. Like someone said if you watch a game between 2 good teams and compare the quality of play to the Jets, it’s almost as though they’re playing 2 different sports. Again, thank you Maccagnan, Roster is worse now than it was 5 years ago when you and Casserly conned a greenhorn, not too sharp, Owner into actually giving you a promotion from a level you were about to get Fired from.
  3. I was fooled by reading too deep into the situation and thinking that since Gase only personally played football at the high school level, for him to make it to the NFL and have all these accolades thrown at him by Nick Saban and Manning....the guy must be some kind of genius to have gotten as far as he has in the NFL...logically it’s the only thing that made sense to me. Again, the guy never played ball higher than high school...how could he get to the NFL? I’m willing to want to see more of his coaching but running things over and over worse than any Bowles led team was really discouraging and I realize he was on his 3rd string QB and the OL is garbage.
  4. You left out that everything should be burned and the ground salted after the Jets are exiled to Antarctica (Canada is too close) and they and the Redskins should play each other every week, neither belong in the NFL. Jets one of the most cursed franchises in sports history.
  5. Very simple clean up job for this team, outside of Darnold who he fell into...if Maccagnan put you on the roster you’re hitting the bricks. Winters was an Idzik pick, how he has collected a paycheck “playing” pro football, for YEARS, leads me to believe he is in the wrong line of work. He is a criminal mastermind or he has supernatural powers to make himself invisible on the last cutdown day every year. I want to see this team gutted...all losers, with very very few exceptions.
  6. Yeah I agree with you. Sorry if I’m throwing cold water on fans who actually think he’s playing Sunday. But that betting line says he’s not.
  7. The point spread is still way up there at Jets +13 1/2 as it was at the beginning of the week. Follow the money...as of right now, this second, I don’t think he’s playing. Hope I’m wrong.
  8. If the 3rd pick in the Nation is a defensive player he should not only be 1st on his team’s depth chart but he should be close to causing havoc on most plays.
  9. It’s been on Mom and Pop organization since Hess bought the team. Mostly incompetent people who cover for each other and will virtually always take the safe decision to protect their jobs. The product on the field is should never a surprise.
  10. Only 1 single year of production too coming out of that stacked Alabama team. Hey he was the Consensus pick and that’s who Maccagnan would ALWAYS select in the the 1st Rd to protect his job, after Rd 1 first 5 or so picks it gets much tougher. Not to the tune of whiffing on almost EVERY pick over 5 Years like Maccagnan, that takes a special brand of pure idiot, that’s probably unprecedented in NFL history, but definitely tougher. It would come as no surprise if Quinnen Williams busts, takes his $30Mill back down to Alabama and watches cartoons with a big cheerful smile.
  11. Imagine how rag arm Ryan would have looked with just an average offense surrounding him, and not a totally stacked one he was blessed with his entire career?
  12. Correction...move...singular, when Darnold fell. But again, no one should lose sight of this, Maccagnan was about to be FIRED in Houston, why? Obviously because of what transpired with the Jets...he’s a terrible evaluator of talent, and either had juice to keep his jobs or kissed up to his bosses non stop. I think Maccagnan might be the only guy in NFL history to be elevated to a GM position while about to be fired as a Scout. He had the Jets checkbook open for Cousins to sign at even bigger dollars than Minnesota gave him and at that exact time Cousins was 4-26 vs Winning teams, and the trend continues TODAY. Minnesota will NEVER win a Super Bowl with Cousins and it is highly doubtful they even make a strong playoff run. Would have been better flushing their $100Mill, but Maccagnan was fully prepared to give him the money, which would have bought himself more undeserved paychecks.
  13. Exactly, just getting rid of the troglodyte Maccagnan makes the Gase hire totally worth it. I also think there is a high probability that Douglas will start accumulating a mythic creature not known well in Jetland, they are the foundation for building any football team, their name is Olinemen.
  14. Brady can throw a ball about 20 yards farther at 40 than he could at 20 haha...true story.
  15. Not really. Josh Allen is light years away from Sanchez potential wise. He is dangerous anywhere on the field whereas you would need 14 plays with nothing going wrong for Sanchez to get you a TD.
  16. To add to the last reply...but unfortunately NO ONE is going to give the Jets back a 1 for Adams. He just doesn’t make much of a difference in the outcome of any game.
  17. I wouldn’t care if he was here for the duration of his whole contract if the initial bogus reports were correct on him, by they were not, he gives it his all and even appears to care. He doesn’t deserve getting hit the second he touches the ball or the sh*thole also known as the NY Jets. I hope they do let him go because forcing him to stay is not fair.
  18. It’s actually bad for the NFL brand that Lev Bell is a NY Jet (having that so called OL in front of him).

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