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  1. Why? A cigar store Indian “coach” who sends the punting unit out deep in the 4th Qtr Down 2 scores isn’t “watchable”.?
  2. There is tape of Smith at Ohio St. making some extremely acrobatic catches, one in particular where he actually rips the ball out of the defender’s hands for a TD. Had outstanding speed. Unfortunately too many things went against him. Firstly, was the injuries, hopefully he has overcome that. But also he had to deal with probably the worst HC the NFL has seen during this generation in Bowles who basically coached scared and to protect his job from Day 1. Young players who needed to gain experience with as many reps as possible? Well good luck, maybe you’ll get them with your next team, wouldn’t play them when there was a Vet getting paid, no matter how bad the Vet’s quality of play...built in excuse. Also, with the deep ball being Smith’s strong suit he was saddled with a QB who couldn’t and still can’t throw deep in Ryan Fitzpatrick. In fact one of the major injuries Smith suffered was probably attributed to Fitzpatrick under throwing him. Again, injuries really hampered him while in NY, but during the short spans he was healthy, how often would Bowles put him in to run a Go Route? Few and far between. Others may laugh at this statement, but I think if Smith can play to the tape he showed in college, staying heathy, and now he’d be playing for real coaches in Dallas, your team could very well have a steal.
  3. Not to mention the play-action pass wasn't even in the playbook last year, no running game at all, and the Kid having to make every play by himself, receivers getting zero separation meaning every throw completed had to be at least close to a dime. Bell should be an awesome weapon/security blanket....Darnold will lead a very exciting offense this year....4,500 yards passing, in his 2nd year.
  4. You're right he should be done. But I think if he wants a job in the league and someone owes Casserly a favor he'll get another job, similar to Arians always hooking up Bowles. Poor Tampa fans, team hires a coach who doesn't know how to make adjustments (as per Mike Westhoff), and that was seen is broad daylight, for way too long. When Bowles "coached" in AZ that was turn-key, there were about 9 All-Pros on that D....4 years into coaching the Jets you'd still see Jet D-backs totally befuddled, not communicating, sometimes leaving a WR open by 20 yards...and the Secondary was supposed to be Bowles strong suit haha. Maccagnan's job should be no higher than Janitor though.
  5. If "Dimwit" Polite was the GM over Maccagnan's tenure the Jets would have a better roster today hahaha,
  6. Exactly.....Total Failure at such an alarming astronomical percentage, and when I say "total failure" it is just that. Wtf were he and his "scouts" doing for 4 years? They had to have been doing something with their computers totally unrelated to football much of the time because only that might explain the level of ineptitude. How is it that virtually EVERY one of his draft picks were not part of the NFL at all, not even on anyone's Practice Squads not even 11 months after having been drafted? Actually anyone with the slightest amount of critical thinking skills would probably come to the conclusion that Maccagnan was sent by some team to TOTALLY sabotage the NJ Jet Franchise. No one could be that bad if they TRIED. Nah man, that "Every GM" makes mistakes is no excuse you can use with Maccagnan.
  7. Agreed. The guy didn't belong even on a college field after being drafted by the pros. The only reason why I mention giving Hackenberg playing time in totally meaningless action was due to the most infintessimal chance that somehow the Jets could catch lightning in a bottle with him, what could it have hurt? FIrst and foremost it would have hurt Maccagnan and he knew that. But again, the very worst part was not just the incredibly bad pick in the first place but refusing to acknowledge the colossal mistake in the following draft. I just always felt from Day 1 that both Maccagnan and Bowles knew they were incredibly over matched in their jobs they were given and that's all they cared about to the huge detriment of the team, the organization and the fans...and it lasted for a very long 4 Years. Mangini was only given 2 and helped build a roster that went to the AFCChamp game 2 consecutive years. Look what Maccagnan left...couldn't even hit a 2nd or 3rd rd pick...ever.
  8. Oh yes JUST 1, is that too much to ask? hahaha Yeah, but the worst was Maccagnan and Bowles refusing to let Hackenberg on the field for 1 single snap even in totally meaningless end of season mathematically eliminated games, to cover themselves. And when Maccagnan took a Safety at 6 the following year, instead of Mahomes or Watson, it was a defacto inference that Hackenberg actually had a chance to play in the NFL, when he knew full well he wasn't...unreal even when thank God he's gone, you still have to despise Maccagnan.
  9. I guarantee you that when Maccagnan goes to buy something for cash, people test him and short him his change, with the ready "I'm sorry my mistake" if he catches it, and I don't care if catches it every time, I just guarantee you he's tested more than the average person. That was our GM...unbelievable...."Well, just one" hahaha...nicely done.
  10. Looks and sounded like it...as per that book “Blink”. Right on target. Maccagnan with the outstanding due diligence.
  11. I’m the last person to give Maccagnan credit for getting Darnold. His Plan A was to dump the entire Jet vault on Kirk Cousins to save his miserable self and job. His ineptitude had backed him into a wall at the point...it was “go out and get us a Franchise QB or keep walking”, why Barkley could never have been the pick and only by the grace of God is Josh Rosen or Allen not the Jet starting QB right now. If Maccagnan had the guts to take Mahomes the year prior where I was yelling from the rooftops for him to do just that the Jets would have had 3 extra #2’s, but then again they would have been blown anyway, Maccagnan after all would have been making the picks. Again, no credit for Darnold falling into his lap. The guy was so f**kin bad haha, until the pick was made I was actually sweating what he was going to do hahaha....true story.
  12. That’s the real salvation though....virtually the only silver lining. I think Darnold will be a Top 5 QB and without Maccagnan’s pretty much historic incompetence and a pure idiot for a coach (one that still can’t make adjustments, (Mike Westhoff saw that immediately but his out loud protest was immediately buried by the Media in Year 1...how can someone like that get the job in the first place?)...the Jets would still be in QB purgatory for who knows how long. It is very very difficult to find anything even slightly positive on the Jet roster today after 4 very long dark years of Maccagnan but at least one of the few is the most important position in the game.
  13. That and it now seems everyone is accountable. You won't have a HC scouring the land to find assistants stupider than he is (not easy to do) because he was in job protection mode from Day 1 as was the GM. Think about it, those 2 didn't even have the b*lls to play Hackenberg a single snap in meaningless, garbage time, end of season games, with the entire fan base asking for that. Why? Easy answer.
  14. Just based off of Maccagnan's whiff ratio, around 95%, draft, trades, re-signing bums for huge dollars, its very safe to say that the NY Jets 2019 Roster would be way stronger and with more depth up and down the line if virtually ANY poster on this site had Maccagnan's job over his tenure. So spare me how intelligent Front Office guys are (although of course there are some brilliant ones, I think our team might have FINALLY snagged one in Joe Douglas), many actually have their jobs due to nepotism. Maccagnan must have been a huge back-stabber and a**kisser to get ahead. There are those to of course. You want to call Maccagnan an "expert"??, his results dove tailed beautifully with what I thought of him AT FIRST GLANCE (as Paradis cited an outstanding book,"Blink").....a Slob and a Fake (slews of coffee cup props lining his desk as props as though he "burns the midnight oil" always looking to better the team, if that's how you "burn the midnight oil" moron...get some more sleep. You argue just for the sake of arguing.
  15. I actually think he will...about 4,500 yards for his 2nd season, as long as Gase installs an "attacking" offense, which Darnold already says he is. For those unimpressed with Gase's offenses in Miami I can partially understand, but only at first glance. I think Gase only installs his offense based on personnel and what will give the team the best chance to win overall. Personnel totally dictates what kind of offense Gase wants to run. You won't see the same offense that Brock Osweiller played in that Sam Darnold will play in. Just like you won't see the same offense Peyton Manning played in that Gase put in in Denver as Ryan Tannehill played in in Miami. I think the stats were Gase was 11-1 with Tannehill starting (when Tannehill was healthy), but it wasn't at all the kind of offense Manning played in. Going to be a very interesting ie exciting, year for sure...definitely not "Bowles boring". But most importantly this year is about Darnold taking a big leap forward, as long as that happens anything else is gravy.
  16. Nooo don't say that.....I think there is now a law against saying something like that now on this site haha
  17. Hahaha...Jeez, too bad you didn't see as many AZ games as I did last year. Virtually every play was a jailbreak at Rosen...and now it'll be the same in Miami.
  18. Yeah but it's unfortunate Polite is cut now, a guy who interviews terribly and is totally out of shape at the Combine. I mean who can have seen this coming? I swear I really think Maccagnan was sent in by Belichick somehow, how could someone be that bad at his job?
  19. Alright the guy isn't the smoothest public speaker, lasted 2 years with the Jets. I can't even remember ANYTHING Maccagnan said of note over his 4 years. Creep was locked in his office most of the time, finding 3rd round gems like Polite.
  20. I was only playing, just like you, all in fun.
  21. Alright I’m done arguing. I’ll disagree with you about saying ALL podcasts are bad, but don’t want to fight with you because of the scarecrow comment
  22. Don’t ever try to figure out what a “nut” is thinking. You’ll make yourself crazy in the process too.
  23. I never said the podcast was indisputable “proof”, just that the substance of it, that was backed up by many facts, made a strong case that Mike Maccagnan was even a worse GM than Idzik which in turn could make him the worst GM of all time. You’re saying “ahh he made some trades signed some FAs some worked out, some didn’t”....that almost sounds like he was 50-50, not the probable 95% Wrong 5% right. Also, to totally disparage someone’s ideas just because they came off a “podcast”, that you didn’t hear, is idiotic. So you’re saying that someone should believe Bill Polian when on a national radio broadcast he defends up and down the “job” Todd Bowles did with the Jets over 4 years or when Bruce Arians, this time on a national TV broadcast says “Todd Bowles is doing a great job”? During the game he said that Bowles record was something around 14-30, but record aside most people can see he is a lousy “coach” and probably the only reason he has had coaching jobs in the NFL is because he must have juice with people way up in the league. ”Fake” news has now even become part of sports, when they want to protect certain people. I’d rather listen to virtually ANY podcast than listen to the lines of sh*t mentioned above.
  24. No, Idzik was indescribably bad, same as Maccagnan, both should have never been given the job in the first place. Comparing the two is pretty much like comparing dog business on a curb on a summer day sitting next to some guys vomit who came out of a bar. Its not as though the thought is that Idzik was way “better” than Maccagnan. It’s close. The whole point of the exercise was to show how incredibly bad Maccagnan was in that you could even make a case for Idzik being “better”. Idzik took a shot with Geno Smith in the 2nd, the Jets have perennially needed a QB forever at the time, if you remember that year was the weakest QB class in probably a generation, with Buffalo taking EJ Manual in the first (I don’t even know how that guy managed to play college ball much less making the pros), same as Maccagnan, squinting, while watching Hackenberg work out, took him in the 2nd, which was way worse, Smith at one point was projected as the 1st pick in the draft and fell. Hackenberg? 100,000 Penn St fans who watched everyone of his snaps fell over laughing in unison on hearing Maccagnan had just drafted him in the 2nd.

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