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  1. And whether you liked him or not, I always loved Howard Cosell narrating the hi-lights of all the preceding days action at a time when there was no ESPN or NFL Net showing hi-lights all throughout the week.....”Rich-id Todd going...(pause)...to THAT man #85 Wesley Walk-ah as he splits 2 defendahs and takes it 74 yards!!!!”....some great days back then...in all ways. If you missed halftime Monday Night ...You’d have to wait for “This Week in the NFL” I think it was called by the Sabols with Facenda doing an incredible job as always (someone said that he could describe an icicle melting and make it exciting). And if you missed that and you missed half time on Monday night you’d have to wait for them to invent the Internet.
  2. Great points. McCown looked like he wanted to call the cops haha his final season with the Jets when he was forced into those 3 games. Back ups for Darnold were not only 0-6 combined but you could have made an argument that the Jets should have immediately thrown in a white flag and forfeited. Not even played those games. I can’t remember watching such mismatched contests on ANY level....that should not be. It should never be THAT bad. Fans like to throw around the term “this guy s*cks” and “that guy s*cks” but most have absolutely no clue how great ALL these guys are who play at the highest level. If you saw ANY of them in a school yard or a park playing against “mere mortals” they’d understand. I had a gym teacher as a kid who once played low level minor league ball in the Atlanta Braves system and when I saw him messing around in the school yard and asked to play stickball with us, I never saw anything like it. Every pitch raked. Every one. So even Luke Falk is better than you think. The Jets just shouldn’t have been totally STEAMROLLED in ALL 6 GAMES the back ups were in. The fact that Darnold could even put up ANY wins, register ANY 30 Point games playing with virtually all pure garbage surrounding him gives hope for the future if the talent is upgraded.
  3. I’d say to hold him accountable this coming season. He’ll have a 2nd consecutive year in the same system and hopefully upgraded talent around him. I agree with the points you make, although the one about “ample time” I might dispute. Those, to me, seemed few and far between. And although I’d of course rather have Mahomes over Darnold, and who I wanted drafted when Maccagnan passed on him to go with consensus as he always did, I’d really be curious to see how all the rest of the QBs would have performed with NO OL and NO running game, and you can throw in receivers who rarely get any separation. But of course that’s impossible to know. Although we do know that Mahomes, Jackson and Watson ALL were put in way better situations than Darnold was since their first day as a pro. At the very least I feel there is hope and at least a chance for greatness out of Darnold, whereas I knew Sanchez would be bust from his very first game. Just didn’t look like an NFL QB. Smallest looking 6 foot 2 listed QB I’ve ever seen. All those batted balls at the line.
  4. How can you evaluate ANY QBs footwork with the so-called OL that Darnold has had in front of him his entire first 2 years? The kid rarely has 2 seconds once the ball is snapped. His first year, half the time the ball wasn’t even snapped properly haha. You like stats? The Jet OL was one of only 3 in NFL history to give up 50+ sacks and have a running game go for less than 3.5 a carry. Darnold has never even been able to “sell play action” ONCE due to what the Stumblebum did to the Jet roster. I would really hold off on trying to grade Darnold at this point. But being the 10th Rated Passer in the NFL over the last 8 games MIGHT mean he is trending in a positive direction. It’s actually a miracle, playing with the 2019 Jets. If Douglas is able to put some pros around Darnold it’ll be crystal clear why he was drafted where he was.
  5. You’re right. The only point I’m trying to make is that the trajectory in Darnold’s play MIGHT be trending up. Which would be a good thing.
  6. Baltimore was DOWN close to 3 TDs near the end of the 3rd Qtr. AT HOME, playing against a “run first” team. Up until that point Jackson had failed and failed and then failed some more. I don’t care if he threw for 1,000 yards in that game, almost all in the 4th Qtr, with the outcome of the game long since decided. Tennessee proved the kid has a very serious leak in his game. Namely when forced to stay in the pocket and you know “play QB” he can have some problems that are unrecoverable from. And now it’s ALL on tape.
  7. No. Watch the game again. EVERY TIME Baltimore needed Jackson to make a play over close to 3 quarters, he failed. And that included multiple 4th and 1’s. I’ll never say the guy doesn’t make exciting plays. But I can foresee him always having problems in the playoffs when going against Top D’s due to accuracy.
  8. Let’s see how Adam Gase’s offense performs with some real NFL players on the OL. The consecutive string of Opening Drive TDs was very impressive running I think it was 6 weeks (1 TD called back on a bad penalty call). That’s more Opening Drive TDs than Mark Sanchez put up in entire first half’s over 5 years.
  9. After the Khalil disaster was over and the Jet OL was able to perform just a scintilla better (although still historically terrible), Darnold was able to parlay that very slight uptick in play into being the 10th Rated Passer in the league over the last 8 games, putting up multiple 30+ point games during that stretch. The sample size is significant enough to believe that at 22 years old, Darnold’s game is trending up. Also seen in the 7-5 record he posted after having mono on Opening Day. I wonder how Jackson would have played had he been in Darnold’s shoes. Not only was Jackson given probably the BEST OL in the NFL. Baltimore was also able to give him some receivers that often are running free by 5-10 yards (Hollywood Brown and such). Darnold has never played with a receiver that gets more than 5 centimeters of separation...over his entire first 2 years.
  10. Who knows? But you'll have to put more NFL players on the 53 man "Maccagnan's"....there currently are maybe 5 or 6. That isn't Darnold's fault. That's what he has had to work with for his first 2 years.
  11. Great song...brings you back to your childhood. Rare you hear it...got a smile when it was played all of a sudden in “Reservoir Dogs”.
  12. Mahomes is a QB in every sense of the word. He can also put a ball in the air over 90 yards, with accuracy. He can hit ANY kind of throw...frozen ropes, touch passes you name it. You need him to play school yard ball? He can do that too. And last but not least the kid is supposedly brilliant intellectually. Photographic memory who sees plays before they develop. Lamar Jackson is a RB playing QB. That will become more and more apparent in the future. Stop posting his stats from his awful playoff game that sent his team home...sent them home pronto. They were garbage time stats. He let his team basically be blown out of their own building, down by what? About 3 TDs late into the 3rd Qtr, by that offensive juggernaut, Tennessee. He couldn’t even convert multiple 4th and 1s. Now I see that embarrassing “accuracy” performance posted on Twitter...you can have him as your QB. Glad he’s not a Jet. And I say that not because I think he won’t make exciting plays...with his LEGS...I say that because I don’t see the guy ever winning a SB because he’s not a QB. And winning a SB is what it’s all about.
  13. I was yelling from the rooftops for the Jets to draft Mahomes. Posted it on these boards at before he was drafted. For any gamblers out there this is why I think KC winning the SB next week is almost a certainty, just for the fact that if I were Jet GM Mahomes would have been drafted and after he’s a 1st ballot Hall of Famer with multiple SB rings Jet fans can think of what might have been. Then again I wanted Marino drafted in ‘83....Marino and Mahomes...don’t even need an IQ that hit 100, to have made those decisions....Jet history would have been slightly better.
  14. He’s not MVP even if they give it to him. Pat Mahomes is.
  15. Good dude Darnold. If it were me I’d probably give them some Subway plastic bread sandwiches, if that. Nothing but the best for Mike Maccagnan’s “OLine”. ”Gee thanks guys...you gave me 1.81 seconds in the pocket in 2019 compared to the 1.8 in 2018”. To watch the Final 4 teams play in the 2019 playoffs and see the amount of time afforded each QB is truly sickening in comparison to the Jets.
  16. Garbage time stats. He was awful for close to 3 quarters. When they needed a play from Jackson he was AWOL. Even on multiple 4th and 1’s. This isn’t even worth arguing about. Wonder what your excuses will be for him next year? You can use some from the pariah Mayfield’s bag.
  17. Not hating. Don’t you think the “MVP” of the the NFL, means you’re the best football player in a world of 7 billion people, should you know be a little more accurate? That was an embarrassing display. I won’t wait for ESPN to ever show it either.
  18. I think Deshaun Watson is 10x the QB that Jackson is....although I don’t ever see him in an AFC Championship Game....therefore I never see that for Jackson either.
  19. What insecurity? As a post above correctly mentioned, once Jackson loses 1/2 a step he is going to have a big problem because he can’t play QB in the pocket. That will become more and more apparent. There would be no MVP talk had Jackson been saddled with the same personnel Darnold has unfortunately had his first 2 years. In fact both his legs would probably have been broken. Darnold has hit many throws that Jackson could not if you gave him 100 years. If Douglas acquires some NFL talent to put around Darnold, that 10th Ranked NFL Passer Rating that Darnold had over the final 8 games will trend even higher. When taking a long view, I think the Jets have a better chance of going further (provided there are talent upgrades around Darnold, that is never a given with the Jets and it will always be worrisome as long as the 2 least intelligent owners in the NFL still own them, nothing you can do about that) Darnold than Baltimore does with Jackson. Darnold will prove he is best in class in time. The current trajectory of 10th Rated Passer when having to play with Mike Maccagnan’s garbage for 2 years....that’s a start, wouldn’t you agree?
  20. I don’t see many deep playoff runs from this guy. Force him to play QB by keeping him in the pocket. Just like Tennessee did.
  21. You make a very good point, I just got caught up with that 32nd ranking that includes lots of Luke Falk data, for a moment. I’m also the biggest Darnold fan out there. Im the one who projected a string of 30+ point games out of Darnold before last season started, with a good portion of that reasoning being he’d now be free from the Bowles regime. I just never imagined the OL would be that putrid and historically bad (2019 Jet OL one of only 3 in NFL history giving up 50+ Sacks and not having a running game that eclipsed 3.5 yards a carry) to the extent it made Darnold run for his life so much of the time...the SAME way it did for his Rookie season. Will be much fairer to evaluate EVERYONE (Loggains, Gase, and especially Sam Darnold) if the Jets are lucky enough to have Douglas get some REAL NFL talent to surround Darnold. And there actually were a number of 30+ point games put up by Darnold even when playing with the unit he was forced to play with again. More than I can remember...for a long time. I stand by an earlier statement I made. I’m not sure Mark Sanchez would have won 2 games in 2 years playing with what they gave Darnold, much less put up any 30 point games.
  22. If Loggains, upon meeting him for the very first time, told you he was involved in football, on ANY level, you wouldn’t believe him. Because there is no way the guy EVER played football. Would have to have been the LAST guy picked on a city street pick up game. 32nd and LAST ranked Offense in the NFL and ZERO heads roll. Gase is not getting fired, so Loggains has to go, just to send a message about accountability, It’s just un-f**ckin-believable..You know why? ”NY Jets Mom & Pop Shop”....Open since the day Leon Hess bought the team until this very day...On vacation the short period Bill Parcells coached”... Organization enveloped by at the very best mediocrity with must also be just many flat out stupid people employed there. With Mike Maccagnan the Poster Child for it all.....and they ALL play CYA...the worst being GMs who draft “scared” because currently the Jets have the least intelligent owners in the NFL. There is no debating that fact.
  23. Jet fans are like battered wives at this point. The bar is so low they get happy when a Kyle Wilson sees the field as a #1 draft pick. When a Calvin "the Hitman" Pryor plays.

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