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  1. But you see I listened and though my interpretation may be subjective I found the arguments made in the podcast to be very well thought out and therefore highly persuasive therefore you wouldn’t compare it to a “earth is flat” podcast. You didn’t listen to it so you can either trust what I’m saying or you don’t have to, and what I heard was close to an air-right case that Maccagnan happens to probably be the worst guy to have been mistakenly given a GM job in NFL history. And this is subjective again. I wouldn’t hire Maccagnan to catch the drip that stinks coming off the back of a garbage truck, at least Idzik supposedly has some math skills. Both horrible supposed Front Office personnel beyond words.....but Maccagnan is the Worst.
  2. Guy did an analysis, was on a podcast. Was totally logical. Idzik edged Maccagnan out because basically Idzik was trying to save cap space most of the time and not looking to make a big splash. Basically every time Maccagnan wrote a big check from the Jets account it was tons of money flushed down the toilet ie Wilkerson and on and on....then on to his drafts where a drunken Monkey who threw sh*t against a wall could have done better.
  3. Sorry but it was already quantified and proven that Maccagnan was in fact worse than Idzik.
  4. That was actually PROVEN. I heard a podcast with this kid Michael Nania who quantified all of Idzik’s and Maccagnan’s decisions a few months ago....Idzik was better. So there you have it...Maccagnan WORST GM in NFL history who was coupled with a mumbler who according to Mike Westhoff in Year 1....”doesn’t know how to make an adjustment...the guy is going to be a Disaster”. And when he wasn’t “not making adjustments” he was playing a so-called Center, FOR 9 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS, who was firing snaps over, under and to the side of virtually the ONLY player that mattered on the Roster, risking serious injury to said player. “Always play the Vet” Bowles...protecting that job. Like dressing up 30-zip deficits by running out the FG unit...”least we didn’t lose by 30”. Things can ONLY be looking up for the Jets at this point now that those 2 are finally gone.
  5. Disgusting. I wonder if there’s some kind of class-action suit fans can do against someone for trying to impersonate a GM. These are pretty much his results EVERY draft he was unfortunately involved with.
  6. Maccagnan was about to be FIRED in Houston. That is now known. How he was Upped to a GM job, only God knows. That fact was made public after he was finally fired by the Jets. Very similar to the fact that Westhoff was quoted in Bowles 1st year as HC as saying,"the guy doesn't even know how to make adjustments...he is going to be a Disaster"....quote TOTALLY suppressed by the Media until the very end. Quote was bullseye accurate. Yeah probably 10 years of Winovich making the Jets miserable coming up. Where is Maccagnan now? In some basement with a red stapler like in "Office Space"? That's who he reminded me of.
  7. I'm totally disgusted that this below average never was, who would have been a long shot to be a 3rd string QB in the 1970's is just so arrogant, has cashed 10's of millions in paychecks (when I could probably throw a ball farther than him) and refuses to give back to teams gracious or you might say stupid enough to play him due to the league being virtually QB depleted most of his career (what a surprise, he could only exist in the era he played in). When I heard he wouldn't give Petty and Hackenberg even the time of day I almost felt ill, and wanted him cut from the team the next day. I cringed the day Maccagnan brought him to NY in the first place, knowing he would waste everyones time and the Jets would never see a playoff game, which happened. If not for Marshall and Decker snagging tons of inaccurate throws his initial Jet season against the weakest powder puff schedule the NFL has ever seen he would not have received a 2nd contract (well with Maccagnan who knows).
  8. Maccagnan was the same as Bowles, perfect for the adage “better to keep your mouth shut and just be thought of as an Idiot, than to open it and remove all doubt”.
  9. Yeah I already knew that, having fun with a rhetorical question. If not for Arians Bowles would be Out of the league also, unless of course he would take multi steps down to be a d backs coach again, like he was for over 20 years on multiple teams, NONE of whom saw real coaching potential to even up him to DC...again, 5 or 6 different teams he was a d backs coach for over 20 years. Mike Westhoff In Bowles 1st year...”the guy doesn’t even know how to make adjustments...he’s going to be a disaster”. Media buried that quote until he was finally fired.
  10. So many assets invested by Maccagnan to “stop the run” in a pass-happy league. F**kin moron...what NFL team does he work for now? I want to send him a letter about my displeasure.
  11. Isn’t that amazing? There is no debating it either. It is True. I also heard an interesting podcast a few months ago. The guy quantified all of Idzik’s and Maccagnan’s decisions...Maccagnan was worse. So maybe the worst GM in NFL history no longer works for the Jets, which can mean only good things. Also, and statistically this is almost impossible to do, like flipping a coin and have it land Tails 10 consecutive times, we just had the worst “GM” in the league coupled with the worst “Head Coach”. That’s why all arrows point up right now. The Jets were at hands down Rock Bottom from their so-called Front Office to their so-called Coaching Staff....it could never get worse than it has been over the last 4 years. Exhibit A was Bowles playing a Center that risked virtually the ONLY player on the squad that matters and have him getting “Andrew Lucked” for 9 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS. What did he care? He’d always play the Vet for a built in excuse “GM paid him I play him...not my fault”, even when EVERYONE could see he was risking the Franchise QB.
  12. Jax gave Idzik a job because at least he knows how to count. I don’t think Jax is stupid enough to think that Maccagnan won’t mess up their coffee runs.
  13. Hahahahaha...the more I think about it, the guy just reminds me of someone who escaped from some assisted living facility, walked in the Jet building, was never questioned, opened the door that said General Manager on it, no one was sitting in the chair at the time, he sat down, a secretary walked in and asked if he wanted "some coffee".....and the rest is History haha. Which begs the question...where is he today hahaha?
  14. When all is said and done in Darnold’s career he will lead the league in hitting dime throws over everyone else. Not much to talk about regarding Darnold and accuracy...and he’s still only learning at 22.
  15. Allen’s arm talent is off the charts but the fact is is that he had trouble reading Div III D’s at Wyoming, was inaccurate and for all the hype never even put up many points in college big plays here and there aside. I’m pretty sure he’d be the Jet QB right now if the Giants picked Darnold. I just don’t think Woody would have wanted Rosen based on his political leanings. So very good chance, if Allen busts, that the 3 #2’a shipped to the Colts by what’s-his-name? Mac something would be swirling around the same septic tank containing over 90% of Mac-something’s other decisions made for the Jets. I would have rather Allen have happened than if Mac-something’s Plan A had gone through, emptying the Jet vault for a guy who is 4-26 against teams with Winning records, Cousins...but Mac-something probably didn’t even know that haha. Again, where is he? Season about to start. Anyone offer him a Janitor’s job?
  16. What if I want to hate on Ed (his shtick is old) AND Beningo? (his pony doesn't know 1/2 a trick anymore and he will be eating serious crow re: Adam Gase). What if I told you something so deep it will take up your entire weekend to think about? Beningo is a wannabe Fireman Ed, although he came on the scene BEFORE Fireman Ed...(might they be related? And don't even know it)
  17. Just terrible to hear that. But not unexpected. That Maccagnan was just sooo bad it’s virtually probably difficult to be that bad if you tried. But it’s in the past. If not for Maccagnan there is no Darnold and without Darnold there is no Joe Douglas (probably even be saying that about Adam Gase too)
  18. Yeah but the only problem for Maccagnan is that the moron had played his "super-safe" consensus, protect my job, player selection for 4 consecutive years until now his back was to the wall and he knew Ownership and Fan base had a "bring me a Franchise QB" mandate or turn in your key card immediately, which is why he desperately tried to sign Cousins (which of course would have been an unmitigated disaster, you'd get at best an 8-8 season over 3 years, a drained bank account, and a back to the drawing board QB search after 3 years), to of course AGAIN try to protect his job.....so even if Barkeley was a guaranteed Barry Sanders didn't matter Maccagnan had to go QB.....and if not for the Giants he ends up with Rosen, who can't feel a rush or get out of one when he does, or Josh Allen who had trouble reading Div III D's...would probably have been Rosen, was the "safest" QB if both Mayfield and Darnold were off the board.
  19. I know I've posted on this topic before but reading this just brought the memory back. I was listening to Sirius NFL Radio a few years ago and Pat Kirwan, who used to work for the Jets, took a ride out to Jet training camp the year Gholston was drafted and within 1 minute of watching him practice he said to his friend,"He CAN'T play in this league"....not "he can't start"..."he needs some work"......F**KIN wild.....and he was right. He said it was all about him not being able to move his hips. I don't have much hope for Polite after what has already being reported, and being that he is a Maccagnan pick clinches that he probably will be totally out of the league in under 12 months....meanwhile Chase Winovich will probably be causing the Jets grief for around 10 years. Thank you Maccagnan. By the way if you're reading this...where are you?
  20. Moderators, can you please create some type of double or triple "laughing" emoji? Because I still am. 1 laughing emoji does not do this post justice.
  21. Too conservative...your estimates. Next year he won't even need any coaches, but I digress, now I'm getting ahead of myself...that's next year.
  22. Did you catch what Mike Westoff said during Bowles 1ST YEAR? I recently did, never knowing that he ever said it. ”The guy does not know how to make ANY adjustments.....he is going to be a Disaster”. And Westoff was proven right on all counts. How that guy was ever given a HC job is as much a travesty as Maccagnan given a GM job.
  23. Exactly, the guy is total idiot, and you know what? He himself KNOWS it. His Modus Operandi was to ALWAYS go with the safe pick that would first and foremost protect the job he never deserved and if he strayed even slightly from that route he would make sure he had a “built in excuse” ready. Hackenberg becomes one of the worst 2nd Rd picks in NFL history? “That’s ok, at least he wasn’t 1st Rd, John Elway has done plenty of them”, and if he hits that lottery ticket the Idiot now looks like a Genius to all. I knew he’d never trade down. Why? Because I know he doesn’t even trust himself making a pick outside the Top 3. I know it’s an impossibility but I would have LOVED to see Maccagnan inside the Jet War Room if Gettleman would have done the smart thing and drafted Darnold, what the hell would Maccagnan have done then? He would have been sweating for sure having probably p*ssed away 3 #2’s, to pick whom? Can’t take Barkley because he knew either he brings in a Franchise QB or he loses his job. He had consistently played the SAME weak cards ie making scared, safe roster decisions, over and over until now his back was to the wall. He didn’t trust himself to draft a QB so he made a play to dump lots of the Jet bank account on Cousins, who might put up numbers against bad teams, but he never wins against good ones, 4-26.
  24. I wasn’t trying to be “over the top”. I only want to show that Maccagnan, a huge percentage of the time made “scared, safe moves”, moves that usually had a built in buffer from criticism, and that’s why he no longer has a job in the NFL in any capacity as of today. Anyone can see the guy was trying to first and foremost protect his own job at the expense of the Franchise. Even the Hackenberg pick was equipped with the excuse, and he actually used it, “well at least it wasn’t a 1st Rd QB miss”...I’m sure he thought the following way in his 1 step, 1 move at a time mind...”If I hit this Hackenberg lottery ticket, I’m a genius, even though I myself know I’m an idiot, and I’m collecting GM checks for another 15 years, he whiffs? Then “oh well, at least he wasn’t a 1st Rd Miss, John Elway has a bunch of those, at least I don’t”. I actually have even more confidence in Gase seeing how quickly he got this bumbling fool bounced in a time so quick I wouldn’t have dreamed of it. As far as this year’s draft goes I only hope you’re right and I only wish the best for it, but based on Maccagnan’s track record, I don’t have high hopes.
  25. 4-26 vs Winning Teams really does qualify as "terrible"....good for you.

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