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  1. Joe Benigno: "Qwinnin...Kinnen? I don't know how to pronounce his name, all I know is that between him and Dee Milliner, the NY Jets are the ONLY team able to find the ONLY 2 guys coming out of Alabama who can't play football"....hahaha
  2. I saw all his snaps when he played his rookie year in AZ. The kid makes Ken O'Brien look like Michael Vick in the pocket. I know that Rosen was in the SAME awful predicament Darnold has been in since Day 1. Virtually zero NFL talent around them, starting with the OL, but there are so many times Darnold has been able to escape and make a play all on his own...Rosen can NEVER do that. He also has great difficulty making ANY plays "off-schedule". Also, and this surprised me, since Rosen does have a nice arm and was touted as the most pro ready coming out...he is not all that accurate, at least at the highest level.
  3. Awwww man, you know you're right. I actually didn't even think of that. ESPN can't team Romo with someone who will add even more logic and depth to the broadcast, better to bring in some carnival barker trying to do schtick (and failing miserably...but is it really failing if ESPN will never fire them?). Now my spidey senses are telling me they team Romo with that woman who worked Darnold's very first game in the NFL in Detroit. The one who constantly tries to sound like a dude hahaha. I'd actually rather have her get the job than Stephen A Smith (you believe that idiot parlayed his schtick into 8mill a year? Yeah I just read that somewhere. What a great country, America).
  4. The Bengals, almost to a man, and although winless at that point in the season, had a better roster than the 2019 Maccagnans. They played many tough teams very close before getting their first win against the Jets. Flores got Miami playing way way better, they actually knocked New England out of the top perch in the division last week of the season. Tired of hearing “they lost to these 2 winless teams” incessantly.
  5. Tessitore is boring and also annoying. Wouldn’t make sense to bring Romo in also keep him I would think.
  6. Mahomes is the MVP this year (Although they’ll give it to Jackson) and probably every year for the next 10. He is a real QB whereas Lamar Jackson is a RB playing one.
  7. All you have to do is look at that footage of Darnold off of Twitter that was posted yesterday. Lots of very “special” throws that most QBs can NOT make. Done without a single NFL player on his OL (maybe Beachum, but he would t start at LT for most teams), WRs who rarely get separation and a running game that can’t even average 3.5 a carry.
  8. He’s too f**kin stupid to even be a witness...no jury would buy anything from him.
  9. No one knows where he is...since he was finally Fired (3 years too late)....kind of like Sasquatch.
  10. Not Maccagnan’s fault..for taking the job, stealing money and maybe setting the Jets back 10 years, even though he only had the job 5. This is on Jet ownership. The stupidest owners in the league, who would not own ANYTHING if they had any other last name. It’s on them for not doing any due diligence. That Stumblebum Maccagnan, who was about to be fired in Houston, was even dumber than he looks.
  11. I basically said the same thing in another thread. Jackson was exposed yesterday. MAKE HIM stay in the pocket and you know "play QB", it's not all that easy. Why? Because the guy is not all that accurate. Which was the reason there were many QBs selected ahead of him. His situation that he walked into in Baltimore is the very antithesis of what Sam Darnold walked into. Great (ie smart) HC...revamps entire offense to fit his skill set Best OL in the NFL 2 outstanding TE's as security blankets Heavy duty running game with Ingram Burners and big receivers gotten immediately for him who can either get great separation or fight for contested balls, when throws aren't all that accurate.
  12. Many of Jackson's throws last night were DUCKS ie awful looking throws, while he was under pressure. Makes you wonder what his completion % would be if he stepped into Darnold's shoes and had to hit throws to receivers who at best give you the window the size of thimble since they never get separation, and those are the ONLY type of receivers Darnold has ever known his first 2 years. Then again Jackson would probably have had each of his legs broken playing behind a Jet "OL" that does not contain a single lineman of NFL quality, instead of probably behind the BEST OL in football, which is Baltimores. It made you harp back to what NFL talent evaluators saw when they picked many QBs ahead of him. I was not impressed in the least with Jackson's "500 yards" last night since most of it came in garbage time with Tennessee letting them run out the clock and being in Prevent. When the NFL's "MVP" Jackson was called on to convert MULTIPLE "4th and 1's".....He did not. Not an MVP in my book. He was just exposed last night. MAKE HIM stay in the pocket and be, you know, a real QB.....and there are problems. Throw his stats out from yesterday's game because the game was a BLOW OUT played in Baltimore's home park. Jackson, and this is no fault of his own, has been extremely lucky to be placed in a situation where he immediately has a very smart HC who revamped the entire Offense to suit his skill-set, the best OL in the league. 2 excellent TE's as security blankets. They got him receviers right off the bat who can either burn or get contested balls on throws that you know, might not be all that accurate. If Jackson is "1 and Done" next year the play-offs again....there are going to be lots of questions starting to get asked.
  13. I saw ANOTHER commercial for a different product with him yesterday that I had never seen before. Jeez, this kid (actually can’t call him a kid soon, he’s getting old) really should be reading more of his playbook instead of trying to launch some half-as*ed acting career.
  14. "Wait....you mean RB's and QB's need something called an Oline?"......M. Maccagnan, location Unknown (if the Jets didn't have the stupidest owner in the NFL, who would own NOTHING if not for his last name, I would not even be a Janitor)
  15. Darnold...Top Rated Passer in the NFL, last 4 games of 2018. Darnold...10th Rated Passer in the NFL over the last 8 games of 2019. I realize that "cherry picking" isn't the purest way to try to project a Qb's career and there is downside to it, but in Darnold's case at least it is something and there have been enough outstanding throws (along with some awful ones) that are flashes that tell you there is a chance he can be very good QB in the NFL, for a long time, provided he finally gets more talent around him, starting with real NFL players on his OL (even if they are average, at least NFL quality), a #1 WR if possible and some burst at RB. The "cherry picked" stats above?....you could almost never do that for Sanchez and Pennington over any 2 consecutive game stretch.
  16. I started a thread a few days ago...the 2019 NY Jets OL was HISTORICALLY BAD...one of only 3 OL’s in league history to: 1. Give up 50+ Sacks 2. Have the Run game average < 3.5 yards/carry. Prior to drafting Darnold, the entire world knew the Jets needed a QB, so why would a GM continue to draft defense? Amazing Darnold completed over 60% with that line, running for his life virtually every play. Sanchez wouldn’t have hit 40% and it’s doubtful he would have won 2 games in 2 years with receivers never getting separation either.
  17. Hahahaha...exactly what I was writing about, but even better, as “a picture is worth 1,000 words”.....hey you’d almost mistake their sudden 20 year dominance with the QB who throws a ball 20 yards farther at 40 years old than he did at 20 years....with the NY Yankees...hahaha....they won’t win again in 200 years.
  18. Makes sense. In keeping with tradition they have to make sure there is NOTHING Italian about their pizza hahaha
  19. Agreed. Those low IQ types, which comprise most of the Patriot fan base, due to generations of inbreeding, tend to ALWAYS pick the team that wins the Championship every year as their favorite team. Their “favorite” team usually changes a lot. Inbred or not.
  20. Did you see any of the games McCown played in when Darnold went down in his rookie year? McCown looked like the field was the last place he wanted to be on earth. Nice making 10 mill and cracking jokes on the sidelines. Being on the field especially with that Jet so called OL..not much fun. if Wentz does not come back, this game is already over with Seattle up 3-0. McCown vs Seattle D? Yikes.

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