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  1. Jazy8ball

    Jets Sign Pair of UDFA Linebackers

    So he is through to OTA?
  2. Jazy8ball

    Jets Sign Pair of UDFA Linebackers

    I’m confused. If he was a UDFA, why was he not there this weekend?
  3. I don’t think he was drafted to get many carries.. KR/PR. IMO
  4. Jazy8ball

    Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    If he’s releasing the ball quick and throwing screens and slants..... Isn’t that similar to the WCO that we will be running? Honest question
  5. But the best QB in the draft is Allen....
  6. Jazy8ball

    How do you pass on Josh Allen?

    I am not hating on your opinion at all.. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.. I would be fine with any of the 4. I'm not an expert but I just did a quick search of the top completion percentage in college. Here are the top 5. My question is, if completion percentage is so important and Allen is going to be a bust because his is below 60%, why are these guys not all pro players? I'm just having a conversation please don't take this a confrontational. 1 Colt Brennan* 70.39 2005 2007 Hawaii 2 Colt McCoy* 70.33 2006 2009 Texas 3 Kellen Moore* 69.78 2008 2011 Boise State 4 Graham Harrell* 69.77 2005 2008 Texas Tech 5 Brandon Weeden* 69.54 2008 2011 Oklahoma Stat
  7. Jazy8ball

    How do you pass on Josh Allen?

    What QB is a consensus home run?
  8. Jazy8ball

    How do you pass on Josh Allen?

    Allen missed time with concussions?
  9. Jazy8ball

    Tony Pauline shares one team's big board

    I get that.. But the Hack comparisons to Allen are mind boggling. I will personally be happy with any of the 4.
  10. Jazy8ball

    Tony Pauline shares one team's big board

    This board is so down on Allen its crazy.. I personally don't understand it. MANY draft evaluators have Allen ranked in the top 3, but people on this message board know more. For some reason they compare Allen to Hack, which is laughable.
  11. I’m not even a little upset we gave up picks to move to 3. And I don’t care what QB of the 4 we get - realistic chance if we didn’t trade up w colts someone else would have not to mention if the giants trade down. All 4 QB’s could of been gone whe the 6th pick came around - the fact we still have our 1 next year is a huge win
  12. Allen will be awful? Huh?
  13. Jazy8ball

    IF Jets sign Suh.......

    I think they traded to a perfect spot. Any higher and it probably will cost next years 1.

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