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  1. Yes Bates is to blame also. Jets should of never fired Morton. He had our offense doing great until McCown went down. Bates must of got in Bowles ear saying he would run more. I’m sick to my stomach over these guys.
  2. This irates me to no end. I saw the Jets running into loaded boxes all game. I blame Bowles and his conservative no lose theories. Well how did it work out Todd? Please lord - I know u delivered a QB - I have 1 more small favor. We need a new offensive head coach. A good coach with some brains. Please. Thank you !
  3. Jet Message is : “we don’t want to be the ones to lose to the Browns” - that’s Bowles message to the team. He Sukks! That’s kinda message doesn’t work. How about Let’s go out and win this friggin game! Bowles plays and coaches not to lose. That’s his personality. It shows. You gotta go all out to win in this league. Try to score on every drive. Rules favor the offense and passing game. Score points and more points. But Bowles is gonna play not to lose. That’s old Bill Parcells stuff. It worked 30 yrs ago. Not now. You gotta go for it. This attitude lost us the last game of the season against Buffalo 3 yrs ago. Ugggh
  4. Nixhead

    Bowles is not suited to be Head Coach

    I don’t even want him as our DC. Rex much better. I’d take Rob Ryan over Bowles. I’d take just about any position coach in the league over Bowles as our DC and he’s our head coach. Sad!
  5. Nixhead

    Jets vs Browns Final Injury Report

    Didn’t Landry kill us when he was on the Fins? Now they slam us without him. Now we got to face him on another team. We’re in trouble.
  6. Nevertheless Jets getting slammed Thursday night. Bad matchup.
  7. Exactly - a good game plan with the proper plays that counter act their defense. That would help a lot. Also I’m not confident in our coaches. They just seem to do nothing.
  8. Nixhead

    Bowles is not suited to be Head Coach

    We just lost to Miami in our home opener. The place was packed. Our fans were pumped. Our team came out flat - yet again with this head coach. No playoffs with Bowles. It just ain’t gonna happen. Sorry to step on your parade.
  9. Todd Bowles. He’s certainly not a head coach so he must be a player.
  10. Nixhead

    Jeremy Kerley

    Isn’t Kerley available. I thought he played well for us last season. He knows some of our offense. If Kearse isn’t 100 percent bring in Kerley. Another target for Darnold for time being.
  11. Bowles has no identity. No direction. What does he stand for. The team will take on his identity and he has none. I think he tries to be like Belichick by saying almost nothing - because he can’t be himself - he doesn’t have confidence to be himself because there is nothing there. He’s overmatched.
  12. Thank You! You said it better than I could.
  13. Alright - I didn’t look up the stats for what they did on every first down play but it seemed to me that they were running an awful lot when they should of been passing in my opinion. I didn’t like the play calling. They weren’t using a lot of misdirection. No trick plays - it wouldn’t kill them to try something different like a flea flicker once in a while. Go ahead and slam me for not knowing the play percentages - and maybe you liked the play calling but I think it kinda bogged them down a bit. The field position didn’t help - that’s for sure. Seems like we are always going against the best punter in the league.
  14. How about consistently running on 1st down again and again when the run game obviously wasn’t working. They basically set up the play action for on first down but they never went to it. Just kept running and running for short yardage on 1st down. That put Darnold in a lot of 2nd and long - all game - and he came thru a lot but mix it up AHole! on 1st downs. What is Bowles good at? Being drole! Nothing else. He’s good at nothing!

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