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  1. Wow - you think the Jets win 3 games? Thats a 50% improvement from last season. Pretty optimistic for you sir!
  2. One major problem is that the Jets don't create any mismatches - that I can see anyway. I guess that might be because they don't have any. You need Mims on the field maybe even in the slot to create an advantage. Our tight ends are so bad that the defense has a mismatch against our offense. This offense is pretty much a disaster and I blame LaFluer - should never have a rookie OC teamed with a rookie QB - not a recipe for success.
  3. I understand your points and they seem valid but are you telling me that the Jets defensive staff - that gets paid millions of dollars - couldn't think of these answers or didn't consider the points that you are telling me?
  4. Weed then yard work. Helps me forget about what just happened!
  5. In all honesty they should be using him like they did last season but they aren't - still the eye test says he sukks right now for sure!
  6. Holy Crap Adams looks totally lost! Toast! Either they are using him wrong or he's packed it in!
  7. What Zack did last week was something I haven't seen from a Jet QB like forever! Can he do those things week after week is the big question now - but it should be fun watching him try.
  8. Great Post but don't tell them kids out there that this is all about next season. They are gonna be out there fighting for wins every single game this season - and they might just win more than a few.
  9. I went with Fatukasi for the same reason with Hall in 2nd gaining ground.
  10. Well I guess that's better than if he visited Boston College.
  11. Wow - you have to figure that Maye would take a smaller contract to get a deal done with this pending situation especially if the Jets and the NFL didn’t know about it. But then again maybe he would of taken a smaller contract but he wanted some language in the contract that he wouldn’t lose pay if suspended or something like that. In either event JD didn’t fall for it. I forgive Maye though.
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