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  1. I will agree with that. Do u really think Joe pestered her everyday? I highly doubt it .
  2. What’s wrong with Joe asking another female to join a threesome? She says no and that’s that. It’s not against the law to ask. Also this girl obviously didn’t make a big deal over any of this before she was fired. It seems that she was a part of it. Sounds like a great work place to me. Now if she really was harassed and fired because she wouldn’t join a threesome then that’s an issue but it sounds like she brought a guy to an event who started a fight and they fired her. Give her 6 mths severance pay and be done with her.
  3. I thought the topic of this thread was Devin Smith - well he’s done, toast, caput! Does anyone think that he will suddenly become injury free and stand out in camp? Lol no way. But since we r also bashing Bowles in this thread I will also take my turn. No matter what players Rex Ryan had he defense was always at least in the top half of the league. Bowles is supposed to be a defensive specialist and he’s horrible. How do the Jets keep a defensive minded head coach who doesn’t know a thing about offense but also sukks at coaching defense?????
  4. The Bills seem to be a mess on offense but their defense will keep them in games. Also their head coach somehow got that team to the playoffs last season so he must know how to coach - that being said I don’t think they win any more than 6 games this season. 5 seems about right.
  5. Why do u keep asking who? I gave u my answer - I don’t know who. If I did I would be GM. All I’m saying is I would rather the Jets sign an undrated O Lineman verses a safety. Is that complaining that we picked up a safety - no. Am I talking to Todd Bowles? Enough on this topic. You got your safety.
  6. I don’t know who but you can bet there are some big boys out there willing to fight for an O Line job on the team with the 32nd rated O Line in football. I would rather stockpile a few of those hungry beasts than safetys. Am I wrong? When is the last time an unrestricted free agent lineman made the Jets team? We sign unrestricted receivers and some make the team. We sign unrestricted defenders and some make the team. We need unrestricted free agent Lineman over safety’s is my point. Again 5 Lineman start verses 2 safety’s. Logic says u pick up more Lineman.
  7. The player we signed was an unrestricted free agent. He didn’t get picked in the supplemental draft. There are plenty of unrestricted free agent O Lineman. It’s just my opinion that we need more O Lineman not safety’s.
  8. How about an O Lineman. We have 5 positions there. 2 positions at safety and we have more back up safety’s than backup O Lineman.
  9. We need an O lineman!
  10. Nixhead

    Jets Odds To Make The Playoffs.

    Bet 100 on Jets and 100 on Arizona. If either one makes the playoffs you make money. It’s probably 50/50 that one of the 2 teams make it in so it’s a great value bet.
  11. I’m all in with “N.Y. Darnolds”. Lol.
  12. I’ve always said that I can’t die until the Jets win a Super Bowl. I figure I’m gonna live to 100 but somehow I’m getting a feeling that I might not make it that long. I’m 54 now.
  13. I don’t expect anything from Pryor. Nothing! If we get something then good but my expectations for Pryor is injured most of season .
  14. I can’t vote. Not enough wins on the board. He’s gonna need 8 wins to keep his job believe me. This team just added a new franchise QB. They need the right head coach to go forward with Darnold. If Bowles goes 7-9 I think he’s gone. Jets added some good players and 2 decent drafts in a row. It’s now or never for Bowles. 8 wins gives him another year. 6-10 See Ya!