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  1. Well he needs to make 1 move and do it quickly - get Q Williams signed and into camp! I didn't bother to read all the posts in this thread so maybe this was said already but first things first - get our boy in camp!
  2. History sais that the Jets win at least 9 games in 2019. Just look at the 1st season for the past 5 new head coaches of the Jets. 9 wins minimum. Playoffs in 3 of those 5 seasons. This year will be no different. At least 9 wins.
  3. The answer to this issue is very simple. Greg Williams is our defensive coordinator this upcoming season. The opposition won't be scoring many points against our newly great defense so there isn't much need for a kick returner any longer. Once a game for sure to start the game or halftime and maybe once more per game and chances are the ball gets kicked into the end zone where we won't run it out anyway. S0 you wanna pay a player 4 mil to maybe run the ball out once a game? Pass!
  4. Fact is Hackenberg probably didn't ask to come to the Jets. Mac drafted him. Did the Jets draft him? Im gonna say NO! Mac drafted him and paid him with the Jets money and we couldn't stop it - because I would have tried if Id known. This one is on Mac and it took another fired coach to point out how bad our bad GM really was - and he was bad!
  5. Spotted him at a FoodTown bagging groceries last week wearing a T-Shirt that read: "Thanks Mike!".
  6. Well almost every single sports news show said wrong timing. They couldn’t all be wrong - could they?🤪
  7. Claibornes PFF for 2018 was 62.7 which is pretty average. Im sure the Jets don't wanna pay his price for average but it might come down to necessity.
  8. I agree with just about all said in this video. Shepard was just another lousy Mac pick. Way too early. He’s a perfect 5th or 6th rounder. Especially with all the D line talent we have. Maybe we can get a 7th for Shep but seems like he’s a goner. Cannon is out also. Don’t see him sticking. I think both the corners Jones and Clark have a good chance to stick but I’m thinking 1 might be gone not both. Any of these cuts wouldn’t really be a surprise but I’m betting there will be a real surprise cut sometime this summer. Who I don’t know but it will be another Mac wasted pick.
  9. Easy question. Answer is only if it helps the Jets make the playoffs period. End of story!
  10. My pick is Chase Winovich because Mac passed on him and the Pats picked him. It just figures. Do I want this to happen - hell no! It’s just par for the course.
  11. I don’t know. I just don’t friggin know how Gase is gonna play it. Attack their weaknesses. Do what they don’t want u to do. Mix it up. Do what Darnold is good at. Anything is better than our 1st drives of the game last season but I just don’t know!
  12. Did Joe Namath retire? I must of missed that one. But I see his picture everywhere?
  13. Robbie needs to keep running them straight lines. Jets tried him across the middle early last season and what happened? The defense held him up and ripped out the ball - didn't take much. The sideline is his friend and the long pass. Over the middle where linebackers can rip him apart - no thanks!
  14. Jets would of won that game except for that field. The Jets had speed - Freeman McNeil, Wesley Walker, Bruce Harper. Shula pulled the tarp off to slow down the Jets and it worked.

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