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  1. I think Darren Lee had like 2 or 3 more highlights than Dylan Donahue but not any more than that!
  2. Hey Greenbean - now that you've made nice with a Bills fan I think its time for some foul play. Nothing major like peeing on her tent when she's sleeping or lighting fire to her Bills gear. Maybe slip a couple frogs or harmless snakes into her tent or camper. Get that on video - would be funny - start a tradition. Don't forget we can be friends but in the long run any Bills fan is the Enemy!
  3. The Bills got extremely lucky last season I think in 3 games that they shouldn't of won - the Jet game included. Also Diggs is a diva Im hearing always crying for the ball - I can see Josh Allen forcing some passes his way causing a few xtra INTs. Sure the Bills are a decent team and shouldn't be overlooked but they are nothing special and a Jets win to start the season wouldn't surprise me.
  4. Maybe we can put Bell Gore and Perrine all in the backfield at the same time - that would really confuse the defense. We can play hide the ball. Or maybe pass it to "Blueberry Muffin Hands". lol. Creative post so please can I have some of what u were smoking?
  5. I like the pick but Im not gonna get too excited until I see some punts from our end zone in bad weather. When we are backed up to our 3 yard line and punting and this guy can kick the other team to their side of the field then I might get excited. Until then just shove him in a locker.
  6. Stay the course! Stay the course! Stay the course! Stay the course! Stay the course! Stay the course! F@%K the course - I want wins and lots of them!
  7. I thought Bell got the yards that were there. I certainly didn't see anything special. He was decent as a receiver out of the backfield. Jets need more out of him for the money he's making.
  8. Im sure a compromise can be reached somehow. Give Jamal am few xtra million for this season and work out a long term deal next offseason or don't. The squeaky wheel gets the grease so grease him a little until its time for the long term deal.
  9. How dare you rain on our parade! No seriously big Joe has the experience. He was tutored and trained by some of the best in the business. He was the right hire by Chris Johnson and the results will be obvious pretty quickly Im thinking.
  10. I think Q Williams is gonna be a heck of a player but it gets me sick that McCoffee didn't draft Josh Allen. Both players were ranked as top 10 picks - so you go with the player at a position of need. Duh! Don't think he will be getting even a scouting job after his disastrous run as Jets GM. Hopefully after next season we are all saying Q was the better pick but not yet for sure.
  11. Very good move. If Darnold goes out for 1 reason or another Jets actually have a QB that can win some games. Me happy. Me wantem season to startem.
  12. Im against it. The current rule is after a TD you kick the ball to the other team. You can't take that away. Go back to the old onside kick rules where the kicking teams a better chance. Either that or make it 25 yards. Either way the team in need of the ball back will go for it. Longer yards just reduces the chance that a team that just scored and has the defense reeling will keep trying for the 15 yards.
  13. Wow - a hot drunk pilled out female mistaked Tom Shane for a football player - and I guess she thought Tom was an easy score - well he showed her that's for sure.
  14. I want some Waffles and syrup and maybe butter. And hash browns. And bacon. And OJ. A nice big Cracker Barrel Breakfast. Spare the face mask.

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