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  1. Where there is smoke there is fire - and there is PLENTY OF SMOKE! This is the beginning of the end for Gase!
  2. The only thing Douglas has to do to tank is keep Gase as head coach. See above - works like a charm!
  3. How is Berrios and Davis now on the injury report? They appeared fine last game. Davis barely played. Your gonna tell me these injuries occured at practice? We barely practice hard. Every week another 2 or 3 players go down at practice - that's inexcusable.
  4. Gase apparently lets the defense dictate what plays he runs on offense. Hmmmm. That doesn’t seem like an effective plan to me. How about your offense dictating how they set up their defense. How about some imagination, trickery, misdirection. When’s the last time we saw a fake run one way the pitch the other way. Has Darnold ever pitched the ball to a back trying to run around the edge? WTF is Gase doing. He’s toast. He burnt. He needs to be gone!
  5. Jets are experts in the wide receiver department!
  6. Could this little guy be maybe a secret weapon? He seemed to have a decent game last week. He seems to make plays whenever we see him on offense. How about a flea flicker deep to Berrios for a long TD? Take a chance Gase. Open up the field you puxxxxy! Your going 3 and out anyway Gase - might as well try and open up the field with more than 1 long pass attempt early in the game - 1 out of 5 chance we hit one but there's a chance! Maybe a PI call who knows?
  7. Braden Mann is the Mann! A sixth round pick starting right off the bat for the Jets - you don't see that every day!
  8. So Douglas can’t walk down to practice and light a fire under these guys. WTF is going on with this team?
  9. The worse thing Douglas has done is not have Gase fired yet. Sure Gase reports to Chris Johnson but Im betting right now Douglas has Chris' ear. If Douglas tells Chris Johnson to fire Gase Im betting it will get done - and I think its coming but Douglas is gonna let the ship sink a little deeper first. It will happen at the end of the season with the Jets at 2-14 if they can win 2 games. Might as well go 0-16 I don't care at this point - whatever it takes to get Gase fired. Its obvious at this point that he is useless.
  10. Have u seen his highlights. Looks to me like he broke some long runs for TD's. In either case he's young and strong and probably the best RB we have right now.
  11. Jets aren't going anywhere near the playoffs next few years even with Jamal so take the draft picks and be happy we don't have a Mal content superstar on our hands complaining and pouting every day about how bad our team is. We already know how bad we are.
  12. If our 2 receivers would of blocked like they were supposed to we might have gotten 2 or 3 more yards out of that play - could of been a big difference in the game.
  13. Yes they are his fault. He should of hired a new trainer with a new training system after last season - but he promoted one. Anyway do you really think if we had all those players healthy it would make a difference?

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