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  1. Lots and lots of yards. Thursday’s game will be over by halftime. But it’s OK cause half our team is injured - even if they weren’t it wouldn’t matter. Running QBs kill us.
  2. Darnold made some good plays and he made some bad plays and a few bad throws and missed a few open receivers. He made just enough plays to get us a win. Darnold is far from a finished product but the potential is there.
  3. I agree. We would of won the Super Bowl if we won that mud bowl. We had a great team back then - just that season the Dolphins had our number.
  4. Sam had a couple of chances to run today but he decided to throw incomplete passes. Whats his hesitation to take 5-10 yards when its there?
  5. We need to keep Harrison and draft a center. When the draftee becomes better than Harrison then the draftee starts and Harrison becomes the backup. Either way at this point we play better with Harrison at center than any other center Darnold has had so we keep him. It’s not rocket science.
  6. As much as I want buffalo to lose that should’ve been a penalty on Dallas For late hit on a sliding QB
  7. Im Jealous! No really he played all day in the cold and rain then he went out drinking half the night and then coke of the chicks butt - Yeah he's a mess still recovering from his overnight cold but recovery period from a long night of rutting is about 5 days so he will be good by game time Sunday!
  8. I guarantee the Patriots are cheating somehow someway - cause thats what they do! Yes I would also say somehow they got the refs to call them tripping penalties at inopportune times for the Cowgirls. This one yard stick move is nothing compared to their Large Network of Cheating Accomplishes and the numerous ways they cheat and cover up their cheating ways.
  9. All I ask for is a win and we're in scenario last game of the season. If the Bills lose their next 4 games - which is entirely possible and the Jets somehow win our next 4 then the last game against Buffalo could be that win and we're in game. It didnt work out with Bowles and that game was the day I wrote off Bowles but I would love a second chance against them Bills!
  10. Good Job Greenbean! Hope u color that beard Green for our home games! Go Jets!
  11. So your saying we have a FQB. Then protect his ass! OL, OL, OL, OL, OL! Our first 5 picks!
  12. Pats fans will never admit anything to that nature! They will deny till the day they die. I was watching the game and I guess the second one late in the game really cost the Cowboys big time. It wasn't even close to tripping. I didn't even see a leg extended. These refs should be looked at. Check their bank accounts - nah Patriots are too smart for that. They pay cash.
  13. Broken rib and punctured lung - sounds like he got hit by a car or truck for that matter. Hope he’s OK though. Don’t wish any harm but yeah sounds like a car accident.
  14. The rest of the NFL caught up to them or the Patriots showed the world how to stop them in the Super Bowl or a little of both. Also as we Jet fans know well but haven’t seen if you want a consistent winner you have to draft well and keep replenishing the offensive line. I don’t think you can just trade away your top draft picks for very good players that teams trade away because the players want the big money. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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