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  1. For a player who not only his starting job is in jeopardy but his career is in jeopardy and his future potential earnings - Yes you go to practice. I've had 3 kids and after each child I was back at work the next day - or maybe even the same day and I owned my own business. Once the baby is born and the Mom is OK its go time! Babies sleep a lot and dad will probably have a few more in the years to come. No reason for Dad to be around the house all day - any smart mommy would kick him out anyway and tell him to go make your millions. Something else stinks here and Im not buying this new baby excuse.
  2. No its flag football. The Pro Bowl isn't football anymore - it is entertainment. In those flag games the players will go all out to win and they can do that without getting hurt. They will want the trophy. It will create some good competition and a good show for the fans. Thats all you can ask for anymore. There can and maybe should be other kinds of competitions also but a game or some games are also needed.
  3. Players don’t want to risk millions of dollars with a possible injury so you can’t play normal football. 7 on 7 flag football make 4 teams. 2 games in 1st round them a championship game. It could work!
  4. So where the heck is the Big Cricket #77? Some news or explanation would be nice! Do they owe us an explanation probably not but still it would be nice to hear some news regarding our franchise left tackle.
  5. Yessss! I like having practice with the Falcons. Build up our confidence a little bit!
  6. Lol. Thats what I'm talking about. Mims is coming along. Catching a ball in practice is a big step for him!
  7. Zach - throw E the damn ball! Also Mims actually caught the ball thrown to him - you can't see it but you can see the ball thrown back at the very end and Mims must have caught it and chucked it back just like E did. Way to go Mims!
  8. What goes up too quickly comes back down even quicker. Bengals will come back to earth this year. Ravens, Browns, Bengals, Steelers.
  9. Yeah its not a great throw and yes I hate the Dolphins and I don't think that Hill is going to push them over the top but to make a big deal over some throw in early spring practice is basically just boredom. We are all bored - looking for any thread of football news to amuse ourselves. I can't see dolphin fans falling apart over one throw on u tube but if it makes them lose sleep then let them squirm.
  10. I’ve tried to watch this guys vlogs several times and each time I shut it off after about 2 min. I can’t take it. Nothing personal but I just can’t take it. I almost want to shoot myself after about 1 min but I give him 1 more minute to say something interesting and it just never comes. Maybe your a numbers guy Frankie but a vlogger - nope.
  11. At least Salad has plenty of time to prepare the defense for Lamar Jackson and our legs should be fresh and we got a decent box safety now to help contain LJ. My question is which QB is gonna run the scout team that week - hopefully not Joe Flacco.
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