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  1. A 22 year old Darnold vs Cousins? I will take Darnold every single day even when he has mono!
  2. Jamal Adams is Happy! LSU won yesterday - beat the Gators!
  3. AB is a handful and not a good guy but if we could get a "Happy to be on the Jets" and play football AB for not a kings ransom then Id be for signing him. Somehow it just aint in the cards though.
  4. Heres the truth of it all - NE with the same head coach and same starting QB and basically the same system for what 18 years? There is NO WAY a team with a new head coach and new GM and new offensive and defensive systems can compete against 18 years of continuity. There is no way. It will take time 3-4 years minimum. The Chiefs have a few seasons going in their favor. The Ravens The Saints The Eagles The Cowboys The SeaHawks all have the same head coach and systems in place for several years - I think the Bills and Rams are on year 3 of their present systems. It takes time unless your the new coach of Green Bay and walk into a team with a hall of fame QB but I don't think they could be the Patriots right now. Not only does it take some time but you don't know how good your GM and new Head coach are for a year or 2 so it takes time and diligence and some luck.
  5. This is actually a big game for the Jets. We are at home. We have a young decent upcoming QB. If Gase can pull some plays out his ass like last weeks one touchdown maybe we can keep them off balance. Jets are gonna want this game more. Dallas might be missing a few players also. This is a winnable game. Win this game and we have the Pats coming into town and maybe we are a bit healthier. We need our O line to suddenly jell. Stranger things have happened. We've had all the bad luck so far - but luck can change on a dime. Lets just take it 1 game at a time but if the Jets can resemble an NFL team and pull out a win it would be huge!
  6. If Im the Jets and the O Line keeps playing this bad I would trade away if possible 3 or even 4 of the oldest lineman we have that stink and pull 4 youngsters that have potential off practice squads and plug them in for the remainder of the season. You can bet that out of 300 or so current practice squad players there are 3 or 4 lineman in that group that not only have potential but can currently play at the level that our line plays. Of course keep Alex Lewis.
  7. Darnold could die of a head injury or break his back at anytime playing football so if he's cleared by his Doctor then its GO TIME!
  8. If we got everyone back and healthy and they stayed healthy I could see 7 wins. Who can really say that we are any better than any of the other crappy teams so if we stay par on our course with multiple starters out then we may just split games with the lousy teams so in that case 3-4 wins.
  9. So we had this stud sitting on our bench for 3 games and he just comes in now ? Who is watching our O line practice? Keep him in and get Shell back out there and maybe Harrison at center and maybe we will have the resemblance of an average O Line which is good enough for me at this point.
  10. If Wisniewski is any good for the Chiefs somebody in the Jets organization is gonna have 1 strike against them.
  11. There is a reason why the Jets receivers have a good open percentage - because other teams and loading up the box for run and pass blitzing knowing all along that there is almost no way the Jets 4th string QB can hit the open receiver in the tenth of a second he has to make that decision with 3 unblocked rushers about to crush him. Its just not gonna happen. There won't be so many open receivers with Darnold QB because the opposition will respect Darnolds passing ability a bit more. Might open up the running game a bit.
  12. Yeah I don't see him making it back this week if he hasn't been on the practice field yet. Yes it sucks but our defense has been average without him. If we can get some offensive help maybe our defense will see less time on the field and play a little better.
  13. If Darnold plays and plays well against the Cowboys we will be thanking Gase for Darnolds reps this past week. Any amount of reps this week would of not helped Falk. We need one of them running QBs for our main backup so when our QB goes down again at least it would be nice to have a QB that can make plays on his own - because any back-up QB for the Jets is alone back there.

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