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  1. Wilson took some time to get the BYU offense down pat - like 2 years - I hope it doesn't take him that long at the NFL level but he should know what he has to do in order to achieve that high level of play since he's done it once before so it shouldn't take that long.
  2. Joe D's 1st draft looks worse and worse - Saleh might have saved Big Joes job.
  3. These 2 bozo’s have been to all the meetings and the mini camps and the OTA’s and have studied the playbook for months. If they aren’t showing anything still then I think we have our answer. They suck. But if the Jets release them you know the Patriots will pick one up just for info on our playbook and maybe even Carolina would do that also. Still better to discard one of them now rather than in 2 or 3 weeks.
  4. This could of easily been done a few days ago. Salah wanted to get a good look at Morgan and White and see which one was more prepared in Zacks absence. Now fairly soon I fully expect the Jets to bring in a veteran or maybe another youngster and kick one of those guys to the curb.
  5. Maybe just maybe this is all planned. We know the Jets need a veteran QB on this team - so maybe they want to see which of the 2 bozo's they are going to keep along with the Vet so they are giving the bozo's a few days of 1/2 the reps to see which one they like better.
  6. The Jets most likely could of signed Nelson if they wanted to. Obviously they didn't want to - they have other plans and I'm fine with that.
  7. So bring in a capable backup and see how fast Zack signs! We need one anyway.
  8. Some of that list is going to come true - some won’t. Chris Herndon would be the biggest surprise for me. I expect the rest!
  9. Right off the bat Moses is our best offensive lineman arguably. Potentially Becton and AVT can be better but we got a good one in Moses.
  10. When there is a tough catch to be made Berrios is there but doesn't catch the ball. I guess he is good in small doses. He does seem to get involved in some elaborate plays and when the ball is right to him he makes the play but when that elaborate play results in running, reaching and jumping on the run Berrios can't make that catch - not that its a super easy catch but a good solid receiver would make some catches that Berrios doesn't.
  11. Home Ice advantage was lost when we lost game 3 - we are gonna have to win another in Tampa. Islanders kinda snuck up on them game 1 . I was at game 2 in Tampa and Tampa out played us. Game 3 pretty even. We started imposing our will on Tampa last night late in the 1st period. We eased up a bit in the 3rd with a 3 goal lead. I expect this to go 7 games.
  12. You can be sure that he is a lier. Didn't like his interview. I didn't expect him to give his exact weight but not to totally lie like he did - he needs some interview preperation for sure. Just didn't like the way he came off. He can change.
  13. Robbie's being Robby. Apparently Sam is being Sam - either that or the Panthers have the best defense on the planet which I kind of doubt.
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