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  1. And just think - these guys are smarter than Bowles. Maybe. Maybe not?
  2. I agree. Put this guy out of his misery already. But after reading Pepper Johnson's interview the inflexible Bowles is getting what he deserves. Screw him and screw the Johnson's for reacting like nothing's happened - and where is Mac thru all this - the gutless ball sucker? Mac should be telling ownership hes gone unless the change is made. They all sukkk
  3. In Macs defense - what free agent wants to come and play in this mess? In fact they go elsewhere for less money. Higher taxes here and a head coach that probably couldn't coach a pop Warner team. Macs lucky he got Williamson.
  4. Nixhead

    Man blames Jets for DWI arrest...

    All the charges should be dropped if this is his first offense. He has valid reasoning and I believe 100% that that Jets drove him to drink. I got drunk - at home by halftime. This team is very depressing and management is even worse. They don't have a clue and should be fired on the spot.
  5. All those players were on Kotites team? I gotta say he had double the talent this current team has. Maybe he couldn’t coach but he could draft. Fire Mac!
  6. Anytime the Jets face a QB that they haven’t prepared all week for they can’t adjust and get killed. We were beating Cleveland handily then Mayfield comes in and bam we stink up the place. Now this guy from Buffalo. Last season it happened twice I believe also. This shows me that Bowles is not a good coach. Another thing - didn’t we win 2 straight when KC Rogers was sick? Now since he’s been back we have not won. Now I know the defense hasn’t been the major problem every week but in games that were close our defense never made any big stops when we needed it. This is on Bowles. He’s kept KC. Bowles fired Morton. All because he wants his way. Well how is his way working?
  7. The problem is that we don’t know if the offense is totally Bates or has a bunch of Bowles mixed in?
  8. I agree. Make the change right now! Our kicker looks good this year so let the kicking coach run our offense. Anyone but this present regime. Hell I could scratch out better plays on napkins.
  9. McDaniels is a GREAT offensive coordinator. He will not be a great head coach. Not even a good one. He’s an Xs and Os guy. He can’t handle coaching a whole NFL team. Apparently there are not a lot of humans that can be great NFL head coaches because there just aren’t that many of them so it’s not a bad thing. Bowles is good at something - I don’t know what - but he’s also not a good NFL head coach
  10. No matter how inept the Jets are on offense they never try any trickery. They are so very predictable and rarely even use misdirection. Chris Johnson needs to use some misdirection and misdirect Bowles and Bates to the nearest unemployment office.
  11. I would keep Mac - for now - it would be too much to fire him and Bowles today and Bowles wasn’t Macs hire but Yes you are correct - zero benefit to keeping Bowles. He doesn’t even need to be on the plane home - ooops this is a home game. Give him his walking papers tonight. Don’t second guess it - it’s a no brainer.
  12. Who is our head coach for rest of the season? KC Rogers would have to go also. Maybe Kevin Greene?
  13. Please take Bowles out of his misery. Fire him right now.
  14. I hope Chris is there with a few pink slips in his pocket and ready to hand them out after the game.

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