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  1. Rosen is Mike Glennon II. He is immobile and stiff. Hes got a nice arm but so does Hackenberg. Don't see Rosen lasting long in the league.
  2. If the QB that the Jets really want isn't there at 3 they could then get a small ransom for that pick. More than what they traded away for it for sure.
  3. And who paid you to post this?
  4. Bowles will keep him away from the Jets. Do you think he wants to play for a relative? What if he's late for a meeting? Will Bowles pull another Wilkerson and sit him half the season? I don't see any of Bowles ex players lining up to play for him. He couldn't recruit a puppy.
  5. Well we got him for 5 mil not 15 mil so we got that going for us. If he's totally healthy he is our starting QB. Hope so.
  6. STH

    We got Josh McClown. At least we will have a lead going into the 4th quarter in most games before he implodes - like he always does late in games. We have that going for us.
  7. MacCagnan is not a bad GM I agree. Pen in one hand and fist full of money in the other but nobody wants to play for Bowles.
  8. I can't even....

    I'm not gonna blame our GM. He's standing there in his office pen in one hand fist full of money in the other willing to overpay and sign any player that will take our money. Apparently our head coach has bad body odor or some kind of active repellant!
  9. Try calling the 800 number on the board you want to rent.
  10. Where is the list of players that want to play for Bowles? Ooops. There is none! Bowles seems more like a hinderance than any type of help. Isn't recruitment part of a head coaches job? Recruitment - a fairly important skill I would think. I don't see any players coming to the Jets because they played for Bowles in the past. Boles is silently killing this team. A head coach has to have a personality and has to be able to bring in top players to be successful. Bowles does neither.
  11. Screw Kirk Cousins. Do we really want a player coming here just for more money or do we want players that want to be Jets and want to play for us. Sure the Jets are gonna have to overpay probably to sign some free agents but there has to be some degree of interest on the players part wanting to be part of this team. If Cousins wants 10 million more per year to sign with us over the Vikings do we really want a player with that attitude? Also he hasn't even agreed to visit with us yet! You would think our GM would have known this by now. Our GM is gonna blow this free agency and draft this year. I see it coming. He's gonna sit on his hands and think one of the top 4 QBs is gonna fall to us at 6. It could happen but it could also backfire and we are stuck with another cornerback/safety. He might have a plan but can he execute it properly. I hope so!
  12. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.