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  1. This seems about right. Nothing less!
  2. Just because it says he's retired doesn't mean he can't unretire - but who really cares anyway? I googled his name and the first thing that came up on my computer was his PFF score. It was easier than going into the Wiki. Anyway enough with this guy. Don't care!
  3. My bad! I must of missed the retirement news conference. Did he resign with the Jets for a day so he could retire a Jet? lol. No need to answer that.
  4. Your kidding right?
  5. Matt Slauson - remember him? He had a pff grade of 66.8 last season. Not as bad a grade as our lineman.
  6. Post of the week - Yes. Nothing else. Dumbass of the week would just be won by a certain someone every single week and we don’t want any hard feelings so let’s just stick with Post of the week!
  7. He’s in like Flint!
  8. Nixhead

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Big big day for the Jets - signing a beast or Bigfoot of a tight end and a tattooed arm guy at guard. This rivals the big O-Line signings of last season - Spencer Long and Travis Swanson. My lord we were all hyped for Long and Swanson - they couldn't even make it on a 4-12 team. Now we got Brown and Compton. Compton and Brown. The new law firm.
  9. Nixhead

    Jets sign TE Daniel Brown

    Damn. U beat me to it. I didn’t see your picture. Took me 20 min to find it and another 30 min to get it on this site.
  10. No way Seattle trades a Super Bowl winning QB in his prime. What kind of message would that send to their fans and players let alone setting that Franchise back 5 years. Not gonna happen.
  11. If I could go back to the live draftcast and see who Kiper had as best available before each Jet pick I would - but that chore should go to someone more tech saavy than me like anybody else. Lol
  12. Nixhead

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Your right - my bad! Last years 60.6 pff grade was an improvement over his past 2 seasons and thru all that upheaval that happened mainly because Minnesota signed Cousins which I didn’t consider he could actually be a good signing. Really. His yearly PFF grades (with the usual public service announcement that PFF isn't the be-all and end-all): 2013: 62.1 2014: 53.1  2015: 60.6  2016: 53.3  2017: 45.7 2018: 60.6

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