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  1. Looks to me that you are curled up in a fetal position worried about this post Mr. Mad newbie. I simply elaborated on that video that you probably didn't watch. Its about entertainment bro not berating fellow posters for their thoughts but you opened the door so go back to where you came from Please!
  2. The NFL is big big business. What comes with big business? Plenty of cheating. Plenty of smokescreens, payoffs, spying, bluffing, lying, con games and etc. If you don't think any of this really happens you haven't been watching the Patriots for the past 20 years. It is possible that the 49ers really want Zack Wilson and are trying to convince the Jets that they really want Justin Fields so maybe the Jets start thinking about taking Fields or maybe the 49ers really want Justin Fields so they tried to convince the Jets that they want Zack Wilson to get the Jets headed in Zack Wilsons direction s
  3. I cant see many star QBs hoping they get picked in the bottom half of the 7th round. So yeah top of the first round has a nice jingle to to.
  4. The Jets playbook isn’t ready yet. Joe Douglas is holding out for a better deal on I pads - playbooks are now on laptops or I pads I believe. Anyway Douglas is holding strong. He wants to wait for the Apple Memorial Day sale - it’s a good one.
  5. My stance is I would never get a tattoo until the Jets win a Super Bowl so the answer is Yes! I also can’t die until they win a Super Bowl so I might have to live till 150.
  6. Your pushing it but OK! Douglas gonna get some heat from that.
  7. I do not want Hoyer. It’s another automatic loss if Hoyer starts a game for us. Trade for one that might become available but not Hoyer!
  8. Yeah it’s a reach I admitt but there has been a lot of noise from Joe Montana and others associated with the 49ers that they love Wilson. So why are we hearing that noise? The 49ers leaked it out that they really like him. Why would they do that?
  9. Why would the 49ers come out and say they love Zack Wilson and then trade up to 3 knowing that the Jets are already most likely picking him at 2? Because the 49ers really want Justin Fields not Zack Wilson. 49ers are not picking Mac Jones so lets close that book. The 49ers want Fields over Zack and they want to make sure the Jets don't take Fields so they say they are in love with Zack. Thats what I think. I think the Jets really like Wilson better. I like Wilson better. Fields obviously will be a better runner and is probably stronger and tougher but I think Zack will be able to read defenses
  10. What number wife is that for Zack? Number 5 I think. You should see number 4.......
  11. Last thing we want is Dollar Store Douglas’ head on a stick but if he drafts Mac Jones at number 2 that’s where his head will be.
  12. Feeney was very poorly rated but the guy had the most snaps out of all o -lineman in the NFL last season or close to it. That’s got to mean something right? At least he’s dependably bad.
  13. If Maye did in fact complain then he is just costing himself a lot of money and yes we don’t keep complainers around long.
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