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  1. My randomly scrambled thought: It appears that this coaching staff has no favorite players except the players that are playing the best in practice and games - example James Robinson take a seat for Bam Knight, Zach take a seat Ogbuehi take a seat. If your playing better in practice you could very well take someones place - no favorites - except C.J. Mosely of course. Play the players that are playing the best - simple but not always done in this league.
  2. The question is can Mike White continue to play this good? In all fairness it was against a sh*tty defense - now this has nothing to do with Zach because no way does Zach have that good of a game against anybody right now but this is about Mike White. Does he implode against a good defense or can he hang in the pocket and make throws without getting himself killed. He needs to continue his good play and stay healthy. I’m not so sure he can do it but I guess we will find out.
  3. If Streveler was taking second team reps - I would vote for Streveler - but he's not so therefore my pick right now is Mike White Im sad to say. Lets see what White can do with a good defense - he's won before or once I guess.
  4. Would be nice but there's no way Buffalo is losing this game just no way. Also just when I thought Cleveland might be a decent team they got pummeled by the fish.
  5. I can’t even see this on CBS Sports. Could be fake. Just saying.
  6. Zach is getting better. I think the New England game showed what he really needed to work on - getting the ball out quick and not participating in a Chinese fire drill when he has to scramble. Have a plan when u scramble and the plan is find a gap and run forward for a 1st down. Zach played correctly in the Buffalo game. Now he knows how he has to play - conservative and smart but ready to let it fly when it’s appropriate.
  7. Oh I agree. Wayne Hunter was hated! He was the original turnstile! Most all Jet fans knew how bad he was for the Jets!
  8. Not to mention Tomlinson at guard. Now I know your snorting something. We had guards that were waaay better than 9 games of Tomlinson when 8 of those games he sucked. I think Brandon Moore might have a slight edge on Tomlinson or the left guard I guess a guy named Alan Faneca!
  9. Nice try. I see a W Hunter up there at RT and I’m not exactly liking that pick too much. U failed!
  10. Nope. Make great draft picks and keep the pipeline of good young players coming in!
  11. I love Zach but Im realistic. If someone is going to compare his interceptions then his lack of TDs should also be mentioned also but honestly none of it matters. Zach is doing what's asked of him and that's being a game manager at this point and it works for the team so it works for me. The only stat I care about is wins and he's 5-1 baby!
  12. Good read! Im glad we have this guy on our side. I think this guy basically tells LaFluer when we should be running more or passing more based on how much time left in the game and the situation of the game. Its kind of hard to believe that with 8 min left in the Buffalo game he's thinking and preaching don't go all out to score quickly - what we need is a 7 min drive to basically win the game so run run run - but that's what the Jets did and I believe he had a part in it.
  13. Yeah but I can count Zach's TD passes on 1 hand!
  14. Buffalo has a great defense but it’s apparently more predictable than New England’s defense. Apparently New England was showing one defense then switching to another the second the play began confusing Zach and taking away a lot of these short game control throws making Zach have to beat them with explosives if he can hang in the pocket that long. Zach and the Jets have not figured out how to beat New England’s defense yet. The Bills don’t play a confuse the QB game. They flat out play hard nosed football and are pretty darn good at it but if the Jets didn’t turn the ball over and took what Buffalo was giving and if the Jets called and played almost the perfect game they could possibly win and they did and it worked. Great game plan.
  15. First and foremost was Zach playing a great game. He took what the defense gave him and he did a good job at it. He's 5-1 as a starter this season. He is our franchise QB. Maybe when our O Line gives him more time and we have Cory and Breese and AVT back he can hit for more explosives but its not by chance that the Jets are 5-1 behind Zach. Secondly our defense beat up one of the best offenses and maybe the best QB in football. Thirdly the Jets didn't cave or get down after the first 2 plays of the game - bad kickoff then an explosive against Sauce. This team doesn't quit and they expect to win and those expectations are actually paying off with complete games and wins. There is no doubt in my mind that this team is not only headed in the right direction but they are a force right now!
  16. Zach was 4-0 then he lost his 2 best playmakers and his best o lineman - give the kid a break. Zach isn’t going anywhere - he will learn to make plays with who he has to work with now. It unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight for Zach.
  17. Jets just lost 3 of their best players to injury 2 weeks ago. It sucks but they can’t make up for those losses. Fully healthy I give the Jets a very good chance. Without AVT and Hall and Davis the Bills will be too much for the Jets. Sure they have a punchers chance and I think they will cover the spread but I see them falling a little short. Hope I’m wrong!
  18. Mims Mims Mims. Mims is everyone’s favorite underdog. We Jet fans love the underdog. He’s been a disappointment and he wasn’t ready for big boy ball and he wasn’t ready for a coaching staff to hold him accountable on every single play but now maybe he is. He hasn’t done sh*t yet. I don’t think we should be praising him because he’s ready to contribute. We can praise him when he starts catching 1st down passes and TDS. Yeah he had a nice long catch and run last game with what 3 min left and the game basically decided. That’s not enough for me to jump on his bandwagon I want more from him and I will be a huge fan. A QB that can get him the ball would help also - go win us a game Mr. Mims and u will have a fan for as long as your a Jet.
  19. Don’t tell me that. That late hit penalty changed everything. It changed my mindset. I just knew after that pick six didn’t count that the Jets would fall apart and sure enough it happened. I think the players and fans at the game all had the same feeling. It just sucks that the penalty happened. If it wasn’t a pick 6 and just an incomplete pass and the penalty happened I don’t think it effects the game and mindsets as much if at all. The fact that it was a pick 6 derailed everything!
  20. Ok Ok so lets see what our defense can bring on Sunday against the Bills. Make their beast of a QB afraid to run cause that's how he's going to beat us or at least try. Hit him hard and often. He does fumble on occasion and he will throw an interception but its his running that scares me and usually makes the difference. Obviously Zach is going to try and be more careful with the ball so I dont expect another 3 turnovers but we are probably looking at a lot of 3 and outs and sacks - so if our defense can create a few turnovers and keep hitting the QB we might give them a game.
  21. Can the Jets - missing their 3 best players on offense beat the Bills. I’m gonna say if we had Hall and Cory Davis and AVT the Jets could definitely win this game. Without those studs it’s just gonna be too difficult. Jets can run and play conservative on offense and try not to turnover the ball but how much can we score - maybe 10 points. Our defense could play great and the Bills will still put up 20. It would be a minor miracle for the Jets to win this game.
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