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  1. Well I wouldn't go that far but this is the Jets we are talking about.
  2. Thats what I'm saying - he was effective - at least he did the handoffs without a hitch!
  3. I'm trying hard to come up with reasons why we can say at least say: Zach seems effective - so here are some of my reasons: 1) We won the game - gotta give me that one 2) Zach had a couple nice 20 yard passes to Moore - hopefully the start of something big 3) Zach only turned the ball over once - I will take once in a game for sure! 4) Zach didn't try to do too much - he pretty much stayed within the offense 5) Zach had a nice run for a TD - I don't see Flacco making that play. Good decision by Zach 6) Zach threw for 145 yards and zero TD's - well its a team e
  4. Its just one thing after another with Mims. Get what you can for him this offseason JD .
  5. True but at least he's played in most games. Jarred Davis has been a bigger disappointment - but not as big of a contract obviously. Joe D goes after these second tier free agents maybe coming off their rookie contract that their original drafting team doesn't seem to want to give them big paydays. Its not been working out great so far.
  6. Nobody was afraid of a young Brady either. I hate Mac Jones already!
  7. Morgan released - didn’t see that coming. They kept him long enough just so it wasn’t obvious why they brought him in.
  8. Nobody will be complaining when Mims is inactive for more games this season. Its always something with this guy. Next time another team wants to trade for Mims I think JD might listen.
  9. At least our coaches were smart enough to know the Mike White was a much better prospect and backup than El Capitan Morgan.
  10. Cant Joe Douglas call his agent and see how he feels about coming to the Jets? Hey Mr. Agent this is JD with the Jets. Our TEs suck. Your boy Fells should get some playing time and might have some decent stats if we get awarded the claim. How would he feel about coming to the Jets? Mr Agent - is your head coach still Adam Gase? Nope! OK. He’s in! There - done deal!
  11. Safeties aren't important - or so Ive heard 1000 times on this site. Put everyones number in a hat pull 2 numbers out and shazzam there are your safeties for this week!
  12. Yeah I have to mostly agree. When your going for a loose ball and an opposing player is about to pick it up you can hold, push, pull, grab, punch at the ball - but I would say you can't trip with your legs and you can't kick a player or do other personal foul things. As far a hold back or hold down - as long as its not a personal foul I think its fair. Now I dont like Mac Jones but he does seem to be a competitor - but I definitely dont like him!
  13. Josh Allen looked like a bust today. As a franchise QB - Yes at this point Sam is a bust. Now if Sam would just play like Mike White he might have a chance to be decent. If Zach plays like Mike White he could be top 5 QB. Mike White is the new standard!
  14. A lot of us Jet fans and the media have stated that they don't care so much about wins and losses but they want the Jets to be competitive and develop as a young team. So which losses do you feel good about and maybe helped the Jets develop the most towards a bright future? Honestly I dont think any of our losses helped our team out in any way - they all sucked in their own way. The only games we were really competitive in we won. If I had to pick one I would say this last game showed Elijah Moore's development and he was an important pick. Thats it. Maybe u guys think we developed more in a d
  15. Salad's defensives were normally sieves except for the 1 Super Bowl season and anybody from the Falcons can't rightly know what they are doing - in other words Salad needs a new D Coordinator with a different scheme.
  16. Jets need linebackers big time! Their all gas no breaks defense doesn't seem to work when the opposition does a little misdirection and simply teams are using our aggressiveness against us. Yes the Jets need linebackers but also our scheme seems pretty beatable.
  17. The Jets had to win that game against the Bengals! For the fans, for the players, for the coaches and for the world! That Bengal game meant a lot for the whole program just to reinforce that we are maybe headed in the right direction. So yes Mike White gets my vote 100%. Imagine if White and the Jets beat the Colts and MFW plays great? The Mike White story will grow and grow and the Buffalo game will be a madhouse! By the way MFW for anybody that aint figured it out yet is Mike Fukin White!
  18. Damn - I bought a bunch of Zach Wilson rookie cards for like 2$ a piece. Now I have to buy some Mike White rookie cards but I just checked on COMC and some of his cards are over $1000 dollars already. Think I will pass on that investment for now.
  19. Agreed! One more thing - when you put the ball up 45 times your gonna have an interception or 2 - but I will take that every time along with the 37 completions. Wasn't Mike White also a pitcher in college? I think he had a pretty good fastball. His arm might not be on the level of a Josh Allen but I'm betting he's got pretty decent arm talent. Also who's to say you can't win in the NFL dinking passes? The Jets just did it. The Pats do it. Its apparently hard to stop.
  20. Correction - White has played 1.75 games. He's for real!
  21. Watch the first 10 min - about White and the Jets. I agreed with Simms about drafting Zach but I think there is more to what happened Sunday than what Simms is preaching here.
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