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  1. tdoublee

    Sign Tony Romo to Off Coordiinator

    I think there are a lot of competent DCs that can call the offensive plays pre-snap the way that Romo does. I'm sure Greg Williams was sitting on the couch doing the same thing. Only the best DCs can come up with a game plan that enables the players to recognize and defend those plays. As for Romo, he's not leaving the booth, but I'd pay him top dollar to spend a few days mentoring Sam this off-season.
  2. tdoublee

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Yep. And he has a man crush on Darnold. Pats are pretty predictable in certain down and distance situations, yet they still burn defenses year after year SMH.
  3. tdoublee

    mmm tacos...

    I can't stop watching this [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Macc next to him looking like what the hell is wrong with this guy?!?
  4. I hope he's not that insecure, but then again he did pick two first time DCs in Miami with Joseph and Burke...
  5. I'm glad to hear that he is doing due diligence. Williams has red flags and there may be better options available. This is arguably his most important hire so he can't screw it up.
  6. tdoublee

    Press Conference

    Hope is not a method. I need the leadership to be a little more confident in their abilities.
  7. Thanks, I had to look this up... So they were 20th in weighted defense which is supposed to reflect how the defense performed toward the end of the season. Their overall DVOA rank is 12th. The drop off could have been due to Williams taking over as HC -- more responsibilities and less time to focus on defense. IMO, this is a more accurate reflection of defense performance than looking at conventional stats. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamdef
  8. I like this move but now more than ever we need a football guy as vice president of football operations. Someone who can keep these two in line if things start to get a little messy. A Bill Parcells type of leader. Macc and CJ ain't built for this life. With these two personalities, this will either turn out really, really good for us or it will implode at epic proportions.
  9. tdoublee

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Exactly. The only other DC to win that award so far is Wade Phillips who has been a HC/Interim HC 6 times. Even though Phillips has a winning record as a HC, his true calling is as a DC. I'm happy for Bowles to get back to his passion. I think a few years as DC back under BA is just what he needs right now. I think those two will turn that team around.
  10. tdoublee

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Todd Bowles is a brilliant defensive coordinator, his work with the Cardinals D is undeniable. Now as a HC it was a different story. He was loyal to a fault with Kacey Rodgers who should've been fired or demoted long ago. Yes the defense was terrible at times and that ultimately falls on the HC, but that's not what Schein said. Now that Bowles is a DC again and he doesn't have to manage the million other responsibilities he had as HC, I think he will put together a top ranked defense for Tampa Bay.
  11. tdoublee

    Offensive Coordinator

    Well he gets coaches fired, so there's that. Munchack in Tennessee in 2014 and John Fox in Chicago. The guy sucks as an OC. And he's 5'6".
  12. tdoublee

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Smart guy but comes off as immature. Hopefully he has grown from this experience.
  13. Mac has turned into the second coming of Terry Bradway. The Johnsons will never get rid of this guy.
  14. I think McCarthy is straight forward take it or leave it. He has his staff intact and ready to go to work. My guess is Rhule is busy recruiting coordinators to show that he can put together a competent staff. Pure speculation, but that would be a deal breaker if it were me. I wanted them to hire Monken and his staff to implement that high octane offense but I guess that's out of the picture.
  15. For some reason I can't convince myself to want this guy. I want a modern offense and/or an inspiring leader. Not getting the vibe that he is either. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk

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