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  1. I'm drinking the same cool-aid as LBell. Hopefully this interview will go a long way to repair Gase's reputation. That said, I find it funny that the same complaints Bell has about Tomlin, Landry said almost the same things about Gase. In Landry's case (as well as Ajayi), it looks like Gase was right. Landry's production fell off some even with a superior QB. Who still complains after having 114 catches in a season? Landry did. Ajayi is still looking to sign with his third team in three years. Time will tell but the fact that Le'veon is buying in early is a good sign. Can't wait to see what Gase has in store for him.
  2. In any trade with the Giants or Redskins, I want their #1 next year because there's a good chance that will be picking somewhere in the top 10 in 2020. With the amount of high quality QBs coming through in 2020, we could be in the same position to fleece another team in 2020 with an Xtra first.
  3. Kingsbury will want his own guy to groom at QB. He had been on borrowed time from the second he signed that contract. He has to make an impact right away. I do think we might be able to squeeze the Raiders for a day 2 pick and maybe their starting center (who they owe $10M on the last year of his deal) if the right player drops.
  4. He definitely fell off hard from his previous years so hopefully you're right. But the penalties, especially mental errors, are inexcusable given the limited amount of snaps he gets. Either way, I'm sure they will bring in others to compete with him during camp.
  5. Tomlinson literally has one job to do but still commits the dumbest penalties in the worse situations. Hope he takes advantage of this second chance. I thought for sure he was headed to the AAF or XFL.
  6. tdoublee

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    I have low confidence that Wisniewski will be an effective center for us, but it would be great to have his veteran presence on the bench along with Compton.
  7. tdoublee

    OL Tom Compton signs with Jets

    Good depth and experience, especially on the right side. He graded out as average last season so that's not bad at all for a backup. Winters will need to earn that $6.5M starting spot this year or he could end up the chopping block.
  8. tdoublee

    Justin Houston

    Just for kicks, I did a quick comp between Jonathan Abraham and Justin Houston's first 8 seasons thru age 29. Jonathan Abraham 67.5 sacks/ 87 starts Justin Houston: 78.5 sacks/ 98 starts Abraham age 30-35: 66 sacks/ 87 starts Abe virtually matched his previous sack production in three fewer years. Some of the best sack artists have hit their prime at 30. Strahan set the sack record at 30. James Harrison had best season at 30 with 16 sacks. Its a gamble due to previous injuries, but someone will eventually pay Houston's price. I'm still a little salty we traded Abe in his prime.
  9. tdoublee

    Johnny Lam Jones passes away.

    He was drafted around the same time I became a Jets fan. So sad to hear he passed. RIP.
  10. Like it or not, I know for a fact that every NFL team uses PFF. Not the publicly available version that we see, but a licensed, souped up version that offers more features/analytics and costs a lot more. It's just a tool for the front office toolkit, but it would be foolish to discredit it entirely when NFL scouting departments use it. That said, I recently heard a rumour that some players pay a decent amount of money under the table to "boost" their grades. Who knows if this is true or not, but it is an unregulated company and they obviously have a lot of influence around the league (and this forum).
  11. Love how Prez represents his team. Dude earns his pay and then some. I feel the momentum swinging in our favor. We are bringing in legit All-Pro, future HOF talent under the age of 30!
  12. So is this really a 2yr/$30M deal? He gets $26M + the remaining $4M signing bonus is accelerated if released after 2 years. I see a lot of these TV analysts saying $13M AAV but it's not that simple with these contacts. This contract gives him fair pay and both sides options to move on or renegotiate at age 30.
  13. tdoublee

    Trading out making less sense

    If Allen and Bosa are there at #3, the only team I trade down with is the Raiders at #4. I ask for their late first (would settle for their 2nd rd pick), their center Hudson, and our 5th round pick back. I think Chicago gave up three picks to move up one slot for Trubiski a couple years back.
  14. tdoublee

    Andre Roberts to Bills

    Sometimes the small school guys need a year or so to adjust. Hopefully we don't treat Cannon like we did Danny Woodhead and feed him to the Patriots because we were too impatient to develop him.
  15. tdoublee

    Darryl Roberts Staying

    Buster's AAV was 6.25M and he got that contract four years ago. Roberts ranked #43 on PFF last season (above average). This is a very fair deal. What's interesting is Williams is keeping a lot of the guys around from last year. Our defense has talent, they just needed better coaching.

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