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  1. Old man Ryan put on a clinic today, even made some good throws on the run. Zach needs to take notes.
  2. Zack has to run some to keep the defense honest. I've seen at least 2 plays where he could've tucked and run for a first down.
  3. George Fant - another solid game. Much better at left tackle than right. Currently ranks 22 out of 77 on PFF. The guy
  4. What a game! We got some young STUDS that showed out on defense today!!!
  5. I can no longer defend Joe Douglas and this hot mess he has put together.
  6. What happens first, Zack gets benched or Lafleur gets relieved of play calling duties?
  7. We're so outmatched it's not even funny. Yet we're just one score down. Keep fighting!
  8. Thank goodness Joe D didn't trade Fant. I think he's going to be key for us to keep Zach healthy this year.
  9. Lafleur needs to get his head out of his a$$ and max protect our QB
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