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  1. Give Dallas this many opportunities and eventually they will burn you
  2. Gase needs to wake up and coach! Dummy missed a face mask
  3. Vontez Burfect ejected again for a dirty hit. Seriously, how is he still allowed to play football? NFL hipocracy at it's best.
  4. Haskins in for Keenum, looked decent in his first drive.
  5. He's coaching like he coached in Miami, with less talent (except for RB). He's not creative at all, in fact he's predictable. He's young, but he coaches like an old timer who is out of touch with modern day offenses.
  6. When was the fastest we dumped a first year head coach? Was it Al Groh? Whoever it was, we need to break that record with Gase.
  7. For real. He is getting blown up out there. What more do they need to see.
  8. Getting my ass kicked on draft kings. Bad day all around.
  9. Wow I thought the Miami game would be a blowout. Close game so far.
  10. 9 quarters of football, 8 points by the offense. Yeah but Gase is a genius.
  11. Everything every dolphins fan has told me about Gase is true. This guy is a joke.
  12. Welp, tank for Tua and then sell to the highest bidder.

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