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  1. All of these writers are just trying to outdo each other for the "hottest take" at this point. It's getting silly and overblown. Can't wait until camp officially starts so we can focus on football again.
  2. It just occurred to me that CJ is only in year 2 of being handed the keys to this job. Makes sense that he just now is discovering what Macc really was or wasn't doing behind the scenes. He has actually been more involved with this team from an operational standing than Woody ever was. Kudos to him for making a tough, controversial decision.
  3. Didn't know this... Heard Lee could be a douche, this confirms it.
  4. Well he's 24 years old and at the risk of referring to PFF, he was ranked as the 24th best linebacker and an above average rating. He did play well in the beginning of last season, scored a TD and 3 INTs in 12 games. I'm not a Lee fan at all, but this guy Gase is a piece of work. Hopefully Lee doesn't suddenly ball out in KC and make this organization look even worse. What a day lol.
  5. Could've at least made it a conditional pick that can turn into a 5th based on production. Gase is all emotion, I hope we get a competent GM in here ASAP.
  6. Gase immediately getting fleeced lol. Couldn't move him fast enough. I wonder who is next?
  7. Reading between the lines... It's becoming clear why Macc didn't get fired with Bowles... By kissing CJs ass and/or throwing Bowles entirely under the bus as the scapegoat. Next there's Heimerdinger, who sees right through Macc's ineptitude. Heimerdinger gains support from scouting team and others, then he tries to throw a coup. CJ watches it all unfold... he probably has a spy or two in the building. He assesses that the dysfunction is too deep and far gone so he pulls the weeds out by the roots. I'm pretty sure CJ would have rather waited or wish he could've notice it earlier, but in the end he made a command decision to move on. Kudos. Hopefully we hire a GM that can get Gase under control. He seems too immature to be a leader of men. Stop whining, stay in your lane and win us some games.
  8. Bart Scott for GM please! Would love to see Gase try to yell at Bart like he did to the Dolphins GM lol
  9. A good GM with leadership skills fixes this crap and gets everyone in line or else. But if Douglas is already best buds with Gase then Greg Williams will be a one year hire at most.
  10. Is there anyone out there that could be a Coach/GM for us? I'd love to demote Gase to OC right about now after this sh*t show.
  11. Our draft picks have been better since Heimerdinger was promoted. Even so, I bet the Macc vs Heimerdinger rift was all about the pics Macc made (or didn't make) in this year's draft.
  12. I gotta defend the timing of Johnson's decision for a minute. From CJ's perspective, a little over a year ago Mac pulled off the perhaps the most important trade and pick in Jets history. That move alone brought him at least a year. Franchise QB. I feel like there was a plan going into this year's draft and Macc flat out blew it (maybe intentionally) in CJ and Gase's eyes. So do you ride it out another year knowing that you're going to fire him anyway or do you fix it now? I'm ok with better late than never. Now making Gase the interim was really the dumb move and only adds fuel to the fire. Just keep Heimerdinger as the interim and fire him later if needed. Gase hasn't proven crap in this league and should never have a GM title attached to his name, temporary our not.
  13. I can't get enough of this kid and his interviews. He's one of those rare dudes that instantly puts you in a good mood when you see him. I was meh on the pick at first, but I'm thinking he could be a game changer on so many levels. What a breath of fresh air.
  14. Cashman reminds me of the last LB JAG that we picked whose name I have already forgotten because, well, he's gone.
  15. Maybe Macc is targeting Jordan and knows that no other teams need a center right now?
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