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  1. These damn announcers are telling the truth. How does Gase not know this?
  2. I could see the Bengals winning 3 more games. I can also see us losing out. Top 3 draft pick is not out of the question.
  3. Look at the bright side, maybe we still have a chance for the #1 draft pick.
  4. Welp, time to switch to NFL red zone. Can't believe I started Nick Foles today.
  5. I have zero confidence that Gase can make the proper halftime adjustments. He'll bury his head in his playcard for the rest of the game.
  6. Defense will have to step up big in this one. Offense is a little flat so far.
  7. Johnson won't fire Gase during the season. He doesn't have it in him. Let Gase lead us to 1-15 so that we can clean house in the off-season. Then hire a new competent coach and give him some good young talent to work with.
  8. Gase get your damn head out of your stupid play sheets and coach you dumb bastard!!!

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