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  1. I feel like it's too little too late for Houston to hire Bieniemy in order to convince Watson to stay. I think Watson's mind is made up and he is all but gone and all signs point to NY.
  2. Sam's window with the Jets is just about closed. We really don't know what we have in him and he's getting close to extension time. Do we extend or franchise Sam down the road, spending millions while passing up the opportunity to pick from a pretty good QB group in next year's draft? Or does Joe Douglas cut ties and start fresh with his choice of QB? It's a shame, but we know how this story goes. And honestly, with Sam still making the same poor decisions in year 3 he did as a rook, I can't blame Douglas if he wants to turn the page. Poor kid never had a chance with the bad coaching he's
  3. Let's stop kidding ourselves, Sam's days were numbered the day Joe Douglas became the new GM. He's gonna want to pick his own QB and Gase will throw Sam under the bus to save his job. Don't get me wrong, I like Sam but this is not going to end well for him. He has no weapons and a bum coach who was allowed to hire his homey as the GM.
  4. Facts! Damn Lev is a real one. Jamal did recruit LB with his usual rah rah shtick and then bounced a season later.
  5. Good save JD. Please nver say you want anyone to be a "Jet for life" ever again. IDC how good he is.
  6. I hope they stick with this kid. He kinda flashed last year unexpectedly. He has all the tools and attitude to do some damage.
  7. Healthy Cam on a mission to prove haters wrong with the best coach of all time also on a mission to prove he can win without the goat. I don't see any reason to celebrate this move.
  8. Jamal has reduced himself to troll status at this point. Sad.
  9. Joe D is playing this right. Let Jamal whine and moan all he wants. He has no leverage. No one is going to pay the price to trade for him. No team is going to give him big money this year when the salary cap may decrease next season. Unfortunately, Jamal is screwed. Jamal will come crawling back a few games into the season when he realizes he needs that 4th year credit for FA and a pay check. And when he does come back, rip that "C" off of his chest. He doesn't deserve it.
  10. This is what disappoints me more than anything... Jamal is not the leader he wants everyone to believe he is. With his pedigree, I expected a lot more from him.
  11. I have high hopes for him as well. Seattle would've brought him back if they could afford him, he was being groomed to be their future LT but Brown is still playing at a pro bowl level. I don't think people realize how talented he is. Going from basketball to OL is not easy, just putting on the weight and adjusting to it takes time. He has the playing experience of a redshirt college senior at the position, yet he's out there handling stud NFL edge rushers on the regular JD had shown to be frugal with his money so he must be really high on Fant. Camp will be interesting. I think he's going t
  12. I don't think he's done yet. Let's see what happens between June 1st and the end of TC cuts.
  13. Brady makes a birdie and now he's talking trash. [emoji23] Low key this is a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be.
  14. And yet people are still somehow complaining about the Morgan pick. This ain't Mac playing checkers, Joe is playing chess. Each move he's made has a purpose, short and long term. Smart move. We are set at QB for the season.
  15. Well we know JD won't cave into a handing out a crazy contract, so Jamal needs to decide if he really wants to be here. Personally, I don't think Jamal can endure another losing season here without flipping his lid. This needs to be resolved before the season starts. JD will make the right decision.
  16. I see it this way as well. When you throw out the line "gotta do what's best for my family" it's usually because he wants more money. If nothing else, JD sticks to his value of a player. Besides, Ryan is a luxury, not necessarily a necessity signing at this point.
  17. Bilal was underappreciated. I hope he signs with a contender, he deserves a shot to earn a ring as someone's backup. Would love to see him go back home to Tampa.
  18. I wonder if some people on this board understand what Douglas is doing to build culture. Who is that vet that will look LeVeon in the eyes and hold him accountable the next time he decides to go bowling the night before missing a game with the flu? Who else knows and can explain why Gase does things a certain way maybe even better than his own coaches? A guy who tore both ACLs in college but is still playing 16 years later? A Miami legend that can set a positive example for a locker room full of young Gators? "OG" Gore brings certain intangibles that you can't measure with statistics.
  19. Gase desperately needs this guy in his locker room. Sometimes it's the little moves like this that create a winning culture. Who's to say he didn't do that with Buffalo last season? I like this move. Hopefully Bilal can find a team as well.
  20. The new CBA expanded the rosters so now we can carry 3 QBs. This is a developmental guy Gase wants to groom. . They will sign a vet as soon as they are allowed to do physicals again. Gase likely wants Siemian back as the #2 behind Sam.
  21. His strength coach said he carried 17% body fat last season. He has over 300lbs of lean muscle mass, which explains his 40 time among other things. The kid is just different on many levels.
  22. As crazy as it sounds, Gase needs someone to tell him what to do on offense. Peyton was the only one that did it with success. Sam is starting to do that now. Notice how Gase gets excited when Sam tells him what he wants to do. Without QB input Gase's game plans are predictable and have no rhythm. Our head coach is surrounded by everything it takes to be successful at this point. Improved roster, strong leadership in Williams and Douglas, and a hungry Sam. Gase and his flunkie Dowell both need to get their acts together and bring us a better offense and a winning season.
  23. He will end up on the Jags with his old off coordinator Jay Gruden. I think we have our backup, like it or not.
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