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  1. I have no idea how to feel. We tried bringing in big names for a few years didn't work. We can't build through the draft unless we start making some smarter decisions than we did the last few years. I think all the first and 2nd rounders from previous regime are gone, except Darnold, Maye and QW. We all got hype when big names like plax, santonio, favre have all come as FAs. We made the playoffs with them but never got to the big game.
  2. Can we get back on track. We need to fire gase now lol
  3. He is a character lol. Probably rooting for the jets to always lose so he can be the only winner there.
  4. No. Don't take that away from the jets. It's all we have lol
  5. Honestly. He ended right as I started being a fan. But he's a big reason I am a fan. Was also a big Thomas Jones fan. If we move down the list. Namath is always running his mouth. Put your money where your mouth is. Make him an advisor or something. Klecko, Westoff (other than coaching), there's so many that could move in and change the team. Even rex said if they call he'd go back.
  6. Why isn't Chrebet helping in some way, like Ward, a non Jet, was helping during the off season. I know he's older but to your point, he was a Jet, they never treat their players right.
  7. With the way the jets have acted the past few years, what makes you think Sam is gone. This team has stood by bad/mediocre players for 2-3 years longer than needed. Also, you get a new qb and now what. Back to where we were just a different face. I don't follow college, but I see sanchez didn't work, tebow, Geno. None of them worked. Usually players look good when on another team but none of these QBs worked out in the NFL.
  8. I can see not firing him losing 12 straight, because maybe you wish for him to lose out. I think there will be a new coach, but gase is going to coach the last game. He's on payroll and the jets will gain nothing nor lose anything. They lost the first pick. The most that can and probably will happen, is they win and get knocked out of the 2nd pick.
  9. Exactly. Other things come into factor, does he want to stay near his family, does he like cold or warmer weather. Everyone said he could pull an Eli. What if he pulls an Eli to play in NY? Far fetched but just saying
  10. This is tough because idzik did this too, but we also have picked early and missed. I have no idea what to think of darnold. We see flashes of good but then the bad comes. He hasn't been healthy in his pro career.
  11. What's the number 2 pick worth? lol. Is there value in trading back? Will anyone even trade up, if everyone is saying the 2nd best QB isn't worth it?
  12. Was about to say this. Also, the jags have an easier up swing. I say this being an annoyed fan for years and watch them rebuild after rebuild only to fail, and other teams become better.
  13. He wasn't fired he was removed from the beet. Not sure why they won't get rid of this guy. Nothing but issues for a decade.
  14. The excuse is a dilemma though. We always use the excuse about coaching. That's part to blame. The FO is trash. Every year we say omg we'll be first pick let's get the QB. How do we know trevor won't be like darnold because of the FO and JD not building around him. They did the same with sanchez, that team was only built to run. This team can't even take the best QB. You put tom brady, mahomes, brees on this team and their passer rating drops significantly. I don't know about JD yet because it's a weird year. Let's see if he starts building this team. I honestly b
  15. He put people in place to run the rangers not the Knicks. But jets are the worst franchise in NY
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