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  1. Take away the snacks until they show some development
  2. Didn't he retire because his OL let him die out there. HE was always running always hit. Could happen with Zach.
  3. We are top 10 every year. Makes no difference. Every year we are playing for a top 5 pick and nothing to show
  4. This team is trash. Every week they make you think things night get better but they recede
  5. Just have to say this is one of my fav shows and his best character
  6. We have been in a rebuild every year since the AFC championship games. We tear it down and rebuild but we never rebuild it right. Not sure if it's coaching or talent, but players go to other teams and have success. Not sure what it is but this organization is missing what the rest of the NFL has/had.
  7. Lmao. Not to be negative, don't know what Wilson and co can do, but we are always in rebuild
  8. Agreed. But we dealt with others. Sanchez was not good. Geno was not good. Even favre was not what he was on other teams. Granted he was older but he was better on other teams.
  9. And they don't realize different teams, different schemes just work for them. Look at tannehill. Didn't work out in Miami but worked in Tennessee. We just can't find a good fit. Idk what Wilson will turn into but we haven't had someone fit this team.
  10. Can anyone else be as bad or worse? Put white in just hand off the ball every play. Maybe the rb will make some plays
  11. Both would not do well here. Doesn't matter who is under center. The team can't get it done. Seven if the jets drafted Manning. He wouldn't have the career he had. This team has under lying problems that don't seem to be fixed and the rebuild cycle continues every 4 years
  12. Year after year hearing rebuild, this is our qb, our year. I'm tired of hearing it. The jets have sucked all the excitement of the game out of me. Used to watch RedZone. Now I don't even care to watch. It's sickening every year.
  13. EXCLUSIVE CONTENT New York Jets' 53-man roster projection: Plenty of moving parts, trade rumors play Stephen A. picks the most impressive rookie QB debut (1:48) 11:00 PM ET Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- The New York Jets open the 2021 NFL regular season against the Carolina Panthers on Sept. 12 at Bank of America Stadium. The Jets are coming off a 2-14 season, a last-place finish in the AFC East, and their 10th consecutive year out of the playoffs, the longest active drought
  14. Works fine for me with fake gps. Do you pay the $5? Is there another way to get more than 20 min of screen time. After 20 it turns black and you have to back out and go back in to get another 20 min.
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