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  1. Every year we think we are better right after the draft and then we are usually let down after the first month. Let's get to the season and hope for a leap forward. We had that run with Rex, we weren't the same old Jets, then we reverted back. Don't mean to be a Debbie downer, just want to be realistic and not get disappointed again.
  2. Whoa lets not say any of us can't walk off the street and be better than Sam.
  3. Would anyone believe him that he didn't do anything if he sued all these women? I personally find it hard that 22 women are lying. Maybe a few are but not all 22
  4. The NFL has to do something about players who don't look at big markets because of taxes. Don't know if Hill put this in his decision but if you were being paid millions would you rather pay 9% tax or have no state tax?
  5. They said on ESPN we offered 2 2's and a 4th and KC was ready to make the deal.
  6. They have that saying draft a QB every year until you get it right. We can move that to the next position while we evaluate QB
  7. Give it 1 loss and people will flock back to it
  8. lol listen to him everyday and forgot about him.
  9. No one with the name Johnson has worked out here. Trumaine, Woody, Chris
  10. I haven't come to grips with this guy following me from NY to Tampa lol
  11. I'm not gonna jump on the hate wagon, but Brady and most other QB's would not survive the NFL if it still was played the way young, marino, aikman, played the game.
  12. If the team believes they are the future, you can't bench them. They need as many reps and game reps they can get. Other rookies not names Zach, need a chance to grow and prove to the CS that they should be here next year. Some of these guys don't want to lose because they are fighting to keep their jobs.
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