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  1. They shouldn't have won the first game. I know they did but we were winning every side of the ball, until the 2nd half. We have excuses that mean nothing, but just pointing out they are not an automatic sweep
  2. And look what happened to Bell. Pittsburgh did not budge and he settled for less money and years on a team that isn't using him the way Pittsburgh was. It's ridiculous that anyone at any job can hold out for more money. If the average person does that we are fired and have to look for a new job and have to explain what happened. Not sure what the resolution will be. If you give him money then it's doing everyone they can do this, if you trade him, everyone thinks they can do this to get their way.
  3. I got Klecko's signature at the game in the vip section. Too bad I didn't have his jersey to sign, I was wearing someone else.
  4. I just left NY, but the majority of fans moved to NJ. The only ny fans we had were Staten island and some of Brooklyn.
  5. No need to be sorry, it's still a good show i just have to wait until I get to work to get the headphones. It might work better playing it from the forums. Maybe it's Google music compressing it. It was on the Jamal adams contract And free agents show
  6. I have to try and listen with headphones. I put it on Android auto in volume 30 and it was very hard to hear

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