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  1. This is why you can't say do you think (insert QB name) would be good/bad on the jets. I think even Brady, manning o nthe jets wouldn't be as successful. I think they find ways to get the ball out and maybe make some plays we haven't seen from our QB, but ultimately the talent and coaching is not there. We saw Casse; and brisset go other places and not do as well. Jimmy G is an ok QB, but would be crap on the jets.
  2. I will give you those players hands down. Not much from the rest of the team. Jfm finally showed something albeit to a bad team, let's see if it continues. We are halfway through the season and I don't see much progression like we thought we would see, like our coaches keep saying. I also hate saying we need to lose to draft first. We need progression and start drafting in the middle at least
  3. The closer we get to draft there will be at least 5 qbs that no one will shut up about. Plus we have another pick we can trade if someone wants a little later pick
  4. I always look at players like Larry Fitzgerald. He would score and just run to the bench. Celebrate on the bench keep the game going
  5. Are you guys blind. We have a top 10 defense. Dominating games. It's the offense losing us games. LOL
  6. Where to begin. starting a QB who won't be her next year because you are afraid the backup could have a big game and you don't want controversy. Not placing Zach on IR (I could let that slide since they thought he'd be fine) No in game or halftime adjustments.
  7. Key is annoying when you hear him talk. Even when he used to call Michael Key, it semeed like he had no idea what he was talking about, but I think he's annoying because when people talk to him, he acts like he's the toughest guy in the room. He might be, but he lets everyone know it.
  8. Mike white had a bad day against a top defense. Unless he's injured, why isn't he starting. You need to see Mike if he's going to be your backup of the future. Flacco is probably gone after the season. Makes no sense. Don't say he gives the best chance to win, that line has been played out by the Jets.
  9. Ira from Staten Island. Always calls Michael Kay, and this season he seems like he's giving up.
  10. I agree with you, now, but back in 2009 there were Mets fans burning jerseys and giving up left and right. I also agree, especially for Thanksgiving, I am thankful we have the lions and we aren't the worst.
  11. Rex also said when he was on the 49ers he had 1 good year. Rex was very angry this morning.
  12. Didn't everyone. I'm a yankee fan but all mets fans were happy you might get deep pockets like the Yankees and get big time free agents, and he did nothing.
  13. It's sickening to watch this team. I've only been watching since the 90s but year after year after year we re in rebuild. They never get it right, whether it be talent and/or coaching. We had 2 good years under Rex, but that was because of the defense and running game. I understand we are young, so maybe I give them some more time, but personally, I haven't watched a complete game all season, I used to watch redzone but when your team loses year after year and not even competitive, it drains all the joy of the game from you. The jets killed Ira and now I'm on the fence.
  14. I see the jets being like the Mets soon. No one wants that GM job, soon no one will want the Jets coaching job. Even Rex said this morning, he's been blown out before but not 4 games in a row. Yet we keep hiring rookie HC (we'll skip Gase).
  15. We have adults who can't be rational and civilized after sports, elections, anything really. It's not going to change unfortunately
  16. Just like baseball, you go with the hot hand.
  17. As coach said it's going to be a roller coaster. Happened with the Islanders and they look better. Rangers are building. Knicks are somewhat young. I don't expect much this season but this game was very entertaining and I actually watched the entire game
  18. He had a better chance of starting in Philly. He will never start in NY. I would take my time coming here too, or announce my retirement before leaving.
  19. Lmao. Only way Jets win, is if the bengals treat this as a trap game. But then again the Jets will find every opportunity to lose the game.
  20. I agree the team is run by non football intelligent people, but careful what you wish for. I only say this because look at the Mets and mets fans. Mets fans were so happy the team was sold. They were promised they would spend money and acquire new players. The team and the front office are still jokes.
  21. Why would it get better. More people (racists) are inside on their computers
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